SUPER Simple…and a keeper of a bundle!


Hello and Happy Thursday! I have a super sweet card for  you today and I knew the minute I saw this bundle….I needed it! I bet by now you can guess why?

  • Super cute and unique for Stampin’ Up!, especially since there are matching framelits that will cut out the intricate shape of the flower clusters
  • I enjoy coloring and this is a fun one to add color to…
  • The sentiments – BINGO!!!….love them as they are super bold and just plain FUN!!!
  • The overall design of this bundle lends itself to a quick Clean and Simple Card….right up my SIMPLE alley!!!


I think that you can clearly see that this card is a “keeper” one and also one that is super easy to mass produce! When I made this card….I made 15 of them as I knew it would be a perfect one to reach for when you need a card quick!






I will break down some of the simple elements that I did for the card and I hope that you can see that is is an easy one with a big bunch! I know that I say this over and over but here you go again…


The basics will never let you down – and this card screams the basics!


At the end of the post you will see the line up of basics that I used to make this care come to life…it all comes down to a great stamp set….and the basics to make the card making process one that brings you joy and to me even just as importantly….bring you a feeling of self accomplishment!

I have shared that I have become very selective with the stamps/bundles I purchase as I really need to look at them and determine if it will be a good investment. I am sure that you will smile with this statement….


It’s super easy to buy stamps…but that darn time thing always happens…so be selective!


I also use a Scan n Cut and love it….so I am even pickier when it comes to purchasing framelits/dies……but this bundle is an example that I would purchase it as a bundle and it would be super hard for the Scan n Cut to cut out these floral images. I am getting pretty good at seeing which will work and which would not work.

Take a peek below and just gander at these AMAZING card that the home office took (page 131)….aren’t they just beautiful! Here you can clearly see the fact that they used not only the stamping as a back drop on the card bases but then they also cut out the images and popped them up using the diecuts!

I totally plan to CASE these gems…and I also encourage you to always look at the samples in the catalog….there are some AMAZING samples! I particularly love the yellow one (to the left)





Let’s chat about the Blends…..these are the easiest way to color this image and I used very few markers. Please do not  think that you need to have a “high degree in blending” to make these “do their thing” – remember…


We do all of this to have FUN…not to be stressed

Using an alcohol marker is the quickest way to have coloring fun!




Even though I did not use the matching framelits for this card…you can easily see that the basics made this card happen! Here are some tips for you that might help you on seeing how it came together!


  • I used the Subtles Embossing Folder of the Gray Granite Cardstock. To me, this color is one of my most used Neutral (besides white of course) that I go to…if you have not tried this great color…I encourage you to do so….it is great with a POP of color and works well with many color schemes!
  • When I used the Subtles Embossing Folder…I ran it through twice on both directions – this really makes the paper look interesting.



  • Keep the focal part super clean and simple….let that part shine to make the impact – a quick mat behind makes the POP happen!
  • It is super hard to tell in the pictures….but in the centers of the flowers I added a swipe of Wink of Stella to them – this simple addition makes a HUGE difference….I highly encourage you to always have one of them on hand, especially with the holidays coming!


There you go…some simple whys from me to share with you how a card like this makes my heart pitter patter! I do hope that you will give this sweet and practical bundle a look! On the inside of the card I stamped the sentiment of  “thank you from the bottom of my heart” – also from the same bundle and added a sweet little purple heart from a punch!


Again, simple little touches that add a big impact…

and really – it does not take much time at all!


You know me…I love to try all types of different techniques on cards….sometimes it is fun to do something more time consuming and a bit out of the box….but when it comes down to it – there is nothing like a great clean and simple card!





Tomorrow, Friday I will be sending out the email confirmations to all of those that have already put in a request for a product share! That calendar will be rolling around fast but if you have not already reserved a share… worries – you still have plenty of time to get one!




Enjoy the day… is super hot here in Maryland….and we lost internet, tv and phones since Saturday…..our internet came back yesterday,,,,but still no phones – I am kinda liking the peace and quiet!






I’m back & It’s Holiday Product Share time!!!

Do that dance….I am back!….and I have your Product Share Scoop!!!


I do not know what you might be happier about….the fact that I am back and blogging….or that it’s that time again….PRODUCT SHARE TIME from the Holiday Catalog and trust me, this will make you skip with joy as there are some super cute products in this catalog!

First…I must say – as I scrolled through emails I would see subject lines of….“I miss you”….”Are you ok?”…etc and I deeply thank you! I literally have a ca-zillion emails to go through but as I learned on the trip….Rome wasn’t built in a day….and one by one….I will plug through the emails!

I feel like I have been stretched between 2 continents…and heck, I kinda – sorta was! John and I added 5 days before the cruise and then a full week after the cruise so we were gone a super long time and it was great! I think I will share a bunch of pictures I took for you to enjoy as it was just a beautiful time!

I must have caught a cold on the plane coming home…and was sick for a week….

Then….we had a bunch of old landscaping ripped out and re-planted….there goes another week….

Then….I had to clean and get ready for a mini retreat at my house that was fun…(over the top fun) and that ended yesterday!

WHEW – I have been busy but I am here for you today!

I have so much to catch up with you on….but let’s get to the Product Share Offering! (I also saw many emails with subject lines of….Are you doing a Product Share?”….and by now you know that I love doing the shares and yes….here are the offerings!

I was able to pre-order and I already have the DSP swatch books cut and ready to rumble….and the new DSP Offerings are STELLAR… my simple stampin’ opinion! We have 8 new DSP’s for this catalog and they are just beautiful.

There is only one that I was not crazy about as it has the photo images on it…but I flipped the paper over and I fell in love… as the flip side is all soooooo classic with White and Silver patterns that will not only take you through the holidays….but also all year as there are stripes, polka dots etc….SU really nailed the paper and in a nut shell….I am THRILLED with this new catalog!

This catalog goes live on Wednesday, September 4th (I am tickled that it is on HUMP DAY as I will be able to expedite the order and have the weekend to work on it) It is always my goal to turn your product shares around to you within a week of me receiving “the goods” from Stampin’ Up! I take great pride in my shares and I know that you will love this offering!


Naturally the easiest share to order is the I WANT IT ALL SHARE…as there is nothing like making it super easy and knowing that you are getting the ultimate buffet of new products!  = ( You are a Smart Stamper)

For the “SMARTIES” that are ordering the I WANT IT ALL SHARE ….I will add a pack of the NEW Black Stampin’ Dimensionals Combo Pack!

Yep, that’s right…..Stampin’ Up has the popular dimensionals now in Black and the other GREAT THING IS….it is a COMBO PACK…so you will get (2) sheets of the mini’s and also (2) sheets of the regular size!!!



The I WANT IT ALL is $101.50 plus the shipping of $7.65 = $109.15

( I know…I know – you could have added it all up yourself…..

but remember, you will also receive a full pack of the new Black Dimensionals!!!)



Now to the Product Share offerings!


Share #1 – DSP Swatch Books – $20.00


These are a MUST HAVE Stampin’ Aid to have at your work space! This catalog there are 8 DSP Offerings.These gems are a VERY VALUABLE piece of Real-Estate in your craft space. There is no need to DRAG OUT lots of paper to see what will work for you.

These are a true “labor of crazy love” to make but they are sooooo worth it. You will thank me each and every day you use them! They have all of the important information on them to see at a glance – trust me, once you get these….you will always get them each catalog.

There will be 8 swatch-books for the Annual Catalog:

  • Toile Tidings
  • Wrapped In Plaid
  • Let It Snow
  • Night Before Christmas
  • Brightly Gleaming
  • Feels Like Frost
  • Come To Gather
  • Monster Bash


Share #2 – Paper Shares – Designer Series Papers:  $30.00

Let’s face it….we all have issues when it comes to paper but THIS IS the way to get it without breaking the “daisy bank”! There are 8 DSP’s that I am offering along with a NEW and simply STUNNING Mercury Glass Acetate (this will be gorgeous layered over a solid piece of cardstock and/or as a decorative layer to a clean and simple layout)

Stampin’ Up! does paper well – actually…VERY WELL…..but one thing that ALWAYS SEEMS TO HAPPEN is….the pictures in catalog does not do them justice. They try but we all know that it looks so much better in person!

My Shares are all 6″ X 12″ so you can get a great feel of the paper, having an ample amount to do more than 1 project. We also have (3) 6″ X 6″ offerings with this catalog and I will give you a full sheet of those.

The offerings are the same DSP Collections as I have listed above as well as the Mercury Glass Acetate.


Share #3 –  Holiday Bling Share : $12.50

The Holidays are coming (YIKES) and we know that we all like a little bling to make our projects …even I do and I think that I am about as clean and simple as it comes!

I know that because I like little snippets here and there when it come to bling…glimmer and glitz….I always include this share at the holidays and it always is well received.

The Foil Sheets and Glimmer Paper are the Holiday Sparkle that we all love. Speaking of loving….remember, the Stampin’ Up! Glimmer Paper was reformulated several years ago so there is NO SPARKLE RESIDUE coming off the Glimmer….(aka – no glitter falling all over the place)

You will get a 1/2 sheet of Foil (6 ” X 12″ ) in each of the below colors….

  • Black
  • Champagne
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Silver


You will get a 1/2 sheet of Glimmer Paper (6 ” X 12″ ) in each of the below colors….

  • Gold
  • Rose
  • Silver
  • Sparkle
  • Red



Share #4  – Ribbon Shares – $18.75



Now here is another thing that Stampin’ Up! does well…. RibbonI know, I know…this is another area where we all have  issues – remember, I GET IT as I am the exact same way! (and to make matters worse – we have a Ribbon Outlet in our town)

Remember….I am SIMPLE – I just take a roll and cut it into quarters…. (John can handle this job….I actually I put pieces of Washi Tape on our Kitchen Counter….get a pair of Ribbon Scissors for him and say – HAVE FUN!)

You will get 2 1/2 yards of each of the offerings (8 in total) and *** See the last offering….it’s a combo offering.

  • 3/8″ Double Stitched Ribbon in Garden Green
  • 1″ Ruched Ribbon in Real Red
  • 3/8″ Striped Ribbon in Shaded Spruced and Gold
  • 1/8″ Curly Ribbon in Real Red
  • 3/8″ Diagonal Stripe Ribbon in Cherry Cobbler
  • 1/2″ Classic Weave Ribbon in Very Vanilla with Copper Words
  • 1/4″ Metallic Ribbon in Seaside Spray
  • 3/8″ Scalloped Edge Ribbon in  Basic Black
  • ***Come to Gather Combo Pack Ribbon – (I usually do not include these in my share offerings but I just HAD TO as it is just gorgeous) You will get 1 1/2 yards of the 5/8″ Crumb Cake Ribbon with a Satin Edge AND 2 yards of Cajun Craze Linen Thread)



Share #5–  Embellishments – $20.25




WOWZA – now this is another SUPER HARD thing to pick out without going overboard. I think that you will be super happy with the offerings…I am just TICKLED PINK with the embellishments in this catalog…..getting Embellishments in a share is always the best as let’s face it, it gets so hard to use up a whole pack…..

Please know…I only share with my Product Shares products that I love and would use. I am always upfront and honest with you if there was a product that doesn’t make me do the happy dance!

I tried to pick the must haves in my SIMPLE opinion!

  • Toile Tidings Glitter Dots →  Garden Green and Real Red (you will get a half of pack = 80 in total)
  • Jingle Bells (Tiny and soooo cute!)→ Cherry Cobbler, Gold and Shaded Spruce (you will get 2 bells in each of the colors)
  • Gold Mini Pizza Boxes – ( you will get 2 boxes)
  • Star Designer Elements(you will get 1/4 of pack = 10 in total)
  • Tags & Feather Elements –  (you will get 3 tags, 2 large feathers & 2 small feathers) 
  • Monster Bash Enamel Shapes(you will get a half of pack = 40 in total) 
  • Coffin Treat Boxes(you will get 3 in total) These truly are one of my favorites in the catalog….so well made and all you have to do is fold on the score lines – adhere and presto, you have an adorable box/coffin!
  • Holiday Rhinestone Jewels(you will get a half of pack = 70 in total) → Cherry Cobbler, Coastal Cabana, Night of Navy, Pumpkin Pie, Shaded Spruce. These are STUNNING and a must have!



Shipping Charges:

This part of HAPPY MAIL is always a pain 😥 but I do my very best to offer you the BEST OPTIONS that the dear old Post Office gives to me… many things, the prices on Priority Mail have gone up this year but it is the best way to ship….very fast and very efficient.

If at all possible that I can use bubble mailers and it is not over the 13 oz. limit, I will use them… I guess you can say…the moral of this postal story is….I AM VERY FAIR in making sure that you get the best possible rates with the best service…as I know how important it is! (just ask my ladies at the Post Office….I drive them crazy but I also shower them with goodies!!!)


SHARE #1Swatch Books only – $3.00 (Order 5 sets or more…shipping is FREE – I have many SUD’s order them for Club Members/Customers as they truly are a fabulous too)

SHARE #2  – DSP Papers  –  $7.65 (That is the USPS Priority Mail fee)

SHARE #3Holiday Bling Papers – $7.65 (That is the USPS Priority Mail fee)

SHARES #4  – Ribbons – $4.00

Share #5 – Embellishments – $4.00

SHARE –  I WANT IT ALL – $7.65 ( I feel confident that I can get everything in a Priority Mail Envelope)


****PLEASE NOTE – if you are getting ANY combination of shares that includes share #2 and/or #3….the shipping is a flat $7.65….as the paper will only fit into a Priority Mail Envelope…..******

***If you are ordering multiple shares….I will combine your shares to help with the cost of shipping….but just know if you are ordering either the share #2 (DSP) or the share #3 (Holiday Bling) – they automatically fall into the flat rate of $7.65 (aka…the Priority Mail Price as that is my only option for shipping paper at the 6″ X 12″ measurement)***

If you have any questions about your shipping price….please email me and I will be happy to help you out. I know it is confusing and trust me….I get confused myself!!!)




PLEASE CLICK HERE (this should be just an email to me back) and put in the subject line – NEW CATALOG PRODUCT SHARE so I can SPOT IT and let me know what share numbers you are interested in.

Please put in your email request for shares your NAME & ADDRESS (pretty please) so all I need to do is copy and paste it to get labels ready before September rolls around! I will start billing via Pay Pal on Sunday September 1st.

If you would rather pay me by check, please email me and we can work it out! I have several customers that prefer writing a check…so please feel free to reach out.


WHEW……that was a BUNCH TO PUT TOGETHER but I think that you all know that I love to be as clear as possible with the Product Share offerings! I thank you for hanging in there and please shoot me an email and let me know if you want a Product Share.

I will only be doing 1 Holiday Product Share so please do not wait to order. I will be traveling to Texas later in September to an annual retreat that I go to so if I were you…..I would order your share now!

Hugs to all and I will be back to share with you some pictures and happenings of what I have been up to!








Good Morning!

I am doing a POP IN to let you know that the clearance rack has been stocked with something that Stampin’ Up! has never done….and that is to add




YEP, that is right and by now you know that I POP on and SHARE NEWS that I believe in and also NEWS that will continue to help you have “great basics….KEEPERS” in your stash!




Before you get “click happy”...(ha-ha…as I know what happens with the ease of clickin’ shoppin’)…take a DEEP BREATH and ask yourself….does it tickle my heartstrings….can I envision projects using it….Just because it is ON SALE….doesn’t mean that you just HAVE TO HAVE IT!

I know to some, that statement may come as a surprise…but I hope that you know that my goal in doing this wonderful thing that I do….is to


INSPIRE YOU…EDUCATE YOU….and let the authentic ME be your guide…


So….with that said….you can CLICK HERE to see the CLEARANCE RACK in all IT’S GLORY….I scrolled through the offerings this morning and I have picked out 6 stamp sets that will always be on Randall Lane….as they are KEEPERS!

Several weeks ago my sweet friend Jeanie came over as she wanted to borrow a stamp set that I thought I had….when we were doing a search and rescue I said to her….these are the stamps sets that I have separated that I will not part with…..she was shocked as there really were not as many as you would think I would keep….and YEP, these stamps below are a part of that keepers!

They are in no particular order….well except the 1st one….as to me…THIS IS THE PERFECT STAMP SET and one that was soooooo overlooked when it was out! (heck – it was a limited edition offering so this is even SWEETER that it is on sale!)





This card is probably easily on the top 3 of my favorite cards that I have ever made….This stamp set was a limited edition one…and I adapted the card from a CASE from Mary Fish…and is screams my name!


It is CLEAN….it is CLASSIC and it is a KEEPER! (simple as that!!!)


I always have several of these on hand …and then when I need a quick card that is beautiful…I just stamp the sentiment that is appropriate for the occasion….and BAM….I know that I will make someone smile!

It is a breeze to whip up in any color combination with the help of the STAMPARATUS….now listen crafters…if you do not own a stamp positioner….than before you spend any more money on this thing that we do….than YOU NEED THIS !

I have them all…the MISTI, Tim Holtz….yada-yada…but when SU came out with this tool, the STAMPARAUS…..they hit it out of the park! If you have another brand…great but having a stamp positioner in your stash is just a necessitty!




WHY??? Nothing more to say than WHY NOT….it is the best!





WHY? I adore the FONT and the sentiments are just super!




WHY? These are just the CUTEST Snowmen EVER and that font….LOVE IT!





WHY? A classic and one that was a sleeper to many…it goes past the holidays!




WHY? Again, the sentiments (classics) and the images are a breeze to color!

(this would also pair beautifully with the NEW BUNDLE we have….the Free as a Bird Bundle)




WHY? This is the PERFECT….classic Fall Stamp Set that one could own!



Well…there you go! I quick POP IN and share my thoughts! I am honestly in the same boat that you are in….the boat of…HOW MANY STAMPS CAN WE POSSIBLY HAVE BOAT! Trust me….I get it! ( you should see how many stamps I need to part with)

It is for this reason that I only share with you products and ideas that are true to my heart….

It really pains me to hear people spend money on products that they look at and now say…..why did I buy that???? and you know what – I GET THAT as well as that is exactly what I always did when a new catalog came out.

I have really, really cut back in my purchasing of Stampin’ Up! Stamps that I get on a whim as I think they are cute….please buy what speaks to you…and what is practical for your style!

In closing….the next time I pop on I will share with you the ADORABLE notecards that I made with the Scalloped Note Cards & Envelopes…I just love them and these will be my FREEBIE to YOU for any orders of $75.00 or more.

Please use the Hostess Code of XGQWVURP to your order and I will send you a pack of these sweet must have notecards! (The current Host code is ALWAYS to the right side bar of my post, just copy and paste it)


Here is the easiest way to get to all of THE GOODS…..

HIT THAT PAW PRINT BELOW and then go right to the Clearance rack!





PALS Blog Hop…Anything with Wings!


Welcome to the Pals’ June  Blog Hop. We’re so glad you’re here because we made some great projects using “Anything with Wings” You may be starting the hop here or coming from a previous Pal’s blog. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the full line-up below to help you move, or “hop” along from Pal to Pal.







This is a fun theme for this months hop and I knew the “cutie” I was going to use right out of the gate! I can still remember when this single stamp made its debut to the Stampin’ Up! Catalog (2 years ago)…I instantly LOVED it at first glance and I still love it today!


I call this a Peanut Butter & Jelly kinda card….WHAT???


Easy…it is super easy to use…it is always in style…and it is one that I say – “When in doubt…pull it out!!!” as this stamped image will always not only make YOU smile – but the recipient will do the same when they get this super sweet card!

Kinda like Peanut Butter & Jelly…when in doubt …pull it out! We loved it as kids and it still is super yummy as adults!





There is not a bunch to chat about in making this cards as it is super straight forward but I will point out a couple of tips that make a simple and basic card….stand out a bit more!

You all know that I love clean and simple cards and I am also a firm believer that one needs the basic staples of tools to make clean and simple cards. The Simply Scored Tool is just a must have in my opinion! I often do this…a simple score of the cardstock to add some fun!





After Stampin’ my image using the MUST HAVE Stamparatus I used the Blends to color in this fun image. It took literally minutes as the ink just glides on and gives perfect coverage!

After I colored it I thought to myself – I should have used clear embossing powder to make a bit of shine and then PLAN B went into effect…I never took the stamp out of the Stamparatus so PRESTO….

I placed it back in….stamped it again with the black ink and then quickly added clear embossing powder over it and heat set it. Worked like a charm and actually worked like I have planned to do it that way from out of the gate!





I am the very first one that agrees that the time element in life gets the best of us…but this is a super example of why I am a HUGE FAN of a card like this…


It is fast to make…It is rewarding…and it is a keeper!


I invite you to look at the “stuff” you have in your stash and then take inventory of the basics… I am all about these things as you need them 1st to create classics and then add to the inventory as you are able to do so….







To me…the basics in this project are…The Stamparatus…the Simply Scored Tool…The Heat Tool…The Blends and a great Black Ink! As far as Embossing Powders go…the 3 that I use the most are clear, gold and white…again, clean and simple!

OK  – that is it for me today as you have a BUNCH OF HOPPIN’ to do and be inspired by. I thank you for popping by (or shall I say buzzin’ by) and I hope this sweet card brought a smile to your face!

More inspiration awaits! Use the Blog Hop Line-up below to visit the rest of this month’s Design Team. My fellow Pals are excited to show you what they’ve created! Don’t forget to show us some love by commenting on our creations. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 10, 2019 when our Hoppin’ Pals share their “Mixing It Up” projects. Don’t miss the fun!









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