‘Tis the week of sales!


The reality is….one of the BEST days of the year is upon us this week.


Thanksgiving…Turkey Day… Family Day – whatever you call it is is “all good” but the other thing that happens starting this week is HOLIDAY SALES!


Stampin’ Up! is no different and today starts their traditional sale that will run from today thru November 26th…..and then on the 27th – there will be one final 24 hour sale (but we’ll find out more about that later!)


BUT THERE IS A CATCH…and that is a  24 HOUR FLASH SALE…just for TODAY – November 20th!


(click the image below and it will take you to all of the stamp sets that are 20% off today)




There are all sorts of goodies for us to take advantage of during this sale but remember, it is while supplies last soooooo we all know the moral of that sad story that can happens to us…please do not be disappointed, be the early bird so you do not miss out!


(click on each of the images below and it will take you to all of the savings for each category)







While your clickin’ away….don’t forget to be in the habit of looking into the clearance rack….you never know when there is something in there that you “just need to have” and the 2 thing that are in there that are keepers are….



(click on each of the image below)



  • The Gold Satin Ribbon – what can I say but WOW – what a classic! This makes any package sooooooo special and the tone of gold goes with so many papers we wrap our packages with!



Well…there you go! Lots to take in….I know that this is a super busy week but remember, it is to be a FUN WEEK as well! The traditions that surround this week are priceless to me and it will be great to have the “peeps” in the house!

I hope you can find a “cup of joe” some “me time”  to SHOP and grab some of these deals!


Stamping with ease and precision…Woot-woot!


SOLD OUT….. (in 15 minutes)

The next date to reserve is December 5th!


Good Afternoon and today is a very special day for Stampin’ Up! It is the day that YOU can reserve your Stamparatus.

I know that the “BLOG WAVES” have all been streaming loud and clear about this new product and I do think that it will be a game changer for all of us in many ways.

As I have posted….I already have many positioners but THIS ONE….. it’s simple – it’s a GAME CHANGER and I admit I had a “closed thought process”… the LIGHT and the TRUTH of it is….WOW… you will be doing the happy dance!




Seeing it in operation at On Stage did it for me and I know that it will do it for you! 



Reservations opens up at 2 p.m. (Central)/ 4 p.m. (Eastern)…..BE READY as we know that there are going to be a HUGE cyber rush to take advantage of reserving one!

CLICK HERE and it will take you right to my online store and you can get all signed up. You will see a HUGE Stamparatus promo….that is where you can click and reserve yours! Remember, this will not go on until 2 p.m. central……


Stampin’ Up! has 27,000 of these today and I will bet that they will be SOLD OUT by the end of the day!


After you reserve yours…..Stampin’ Up! WILL SEND YOU (not me) a confirmation that they received your Stamparatus Reservation.

After you get that…..PLEASE EMAIL ME….and I want to send you some stampin’ dimensions as a thank you….cause we are “stickin’ together” but remember…..I have no idea unless you email me.







  • Reservation quantities are while supplies last. Again, I am sure they will FLY OUT by the end of the day!
  • 1 tool per customer.
  • In order to reserve your Stamparatus, you are required to provide your credit card information. ****Make sure your expiration date of the card is not about to expire****
  • Credit cards will not be charged until the Stamparatus ships from the Stampin’ Up! facility (approximately Feb 1st). When you close your order (In Feb), be sure to verify that your credit card and shipping information is correct and you will also have the opportunity to add to your order….great idea in time for Sale-A-Bration



Please feel free to EMAIL ME if you have any questions. Here are some links that might help answer any questions!



Good luck….I’ll be right where you are…..ready to click away!!!!



Stampin’ hugs to all……this is just ONE FANTASTIC TOOL and opportunity for Stampin’ Up but more importantly in my eyes…. a great opportunity for US – WOOT-WOOT!



Super sweet…simple & special!



Happy HUMP DAY…..I have a SSS card for you that hopefully will make you smile! What the heck is an SSS Card?


Sweet…Simple & Special(my kinda card if I must say so myself)


This is the card that I made for our Swap at convention when the PALS were together Friday evening. With the limitations of mobility with my hand I knew that I needed to create a card that would be do-able to mass produce but also reflect my style…I think I accomplished that!

Many of you know that I love to make kits and that kits are a big part of my Stampin’ Fun Business….and it is always a treat for me to “hunt out” the perfect stamp set that I want to showcase for a kit

I admit, when I saw the Holiday Catalog…this bundle, Hearts Come Home was definitely going to be a pick for a kit….but then I broke my wrist….oh well!






Here is a little secret and tip….this IS being carried over BUT remember when it gets carried over, it will not be a bundle then….meaning that you will have to purchase the stamp and framelits separately which means it will be more expensive….so the moral of this story is, I would get it now as face it – it’s a classic!







It simply cannot be any easier than this. I personally love to put Very Vanilla and White together….so rich and classic. How about you?

I am sure that you have seen many samples on the internet using these framelits and people put color behind the windows…(I say wow….you have patience) but to me, it can stand on its own like you see here.

Clean, classic ….CRISP! I took a scrap of Garden Green and using the framelit I just popped out the green tree and used green glue to adhere it . (Makes a BIG different…..right???)







Do you remember what I blogged about yesterday?….CLICK HERE to see it as it is was all about our new stamp positioning tool, STAMPARATUS……

While we do not have this gem yet….(but TOMORROW you can reserve yours) I do have a MISTI that I use. A stamp positioning tool is a HUGE help with stamping clean and straight sentiments each and every time….

When I did this I stamped the sentiment (using the MISTI) and then took it to the Big Shot with the framelit and PRESTO…..a beautiful and special element!

Are you wondering where the Red Rhinestone came from? EASY – I took a Red Sharpie and simply colored it….POOF…a special embellishment!







Lastly you can see this beauty all pulled together! I adore this card and YEP, it is going to be one that I will make more of and send. Using the Quilted Christmas DSP Stack was a perfect choice for a POP to this classic.

There are so many paper choices in this 6 X 6 pack….you can’t go wrong! Even though this is a 4 1/4″ square card….you CAN use one of our regular envelopes to mail this but you know me…I adore making my own envelopes!







There you go! I can’t wait to hear how you like this super simple card. I was tickled as it is right up my alley in my style. I am just goo-goo over using 2 neutrals together, so classic!

I will pop on tomorrow to remind you about RESERVING YOUR STAMPARATUS……I will be “johnny on the spot”  at 2 p.m. (Central) / 4 p.m. my time (EASTERN)





Enjoy the day…this week is zooming by and I feel like a 3 armed paper hanger trying to get caught up on “stuff”…all in good time! I admit, I missed my fur babies while I was gone…..

Milo has been attached to me since I returned home….next time – I might just sneak him as I had so many people ask me, “How is Milo”….my answer….PERFECT, thanks!








Hello and Happy Monday… I’m so confused with what the day is… I think it’s Monday?!?!?!



I have just returned home from being in Salt Lake City. I had so darn much fun being in Utah that I did not get a post in but trust me….I have a TON to share in upcoming posts!

Being with my team and all of the amazing PALS was super fun and seeing the new catalog and Sale-A-Bration Catalog was the best “Adult Christmas Wish Book List “ to see….(trust me  – my list is LONG)

Do you remember when you were a grasshopper and flipped through the Sears Catalog looking for the goodies that you wanted Santa to bring you???…..GREAT MEMORIES…..This is how I have felt the past several days! 🙂


Well hang on your hat because Stampin’ Up! has just unveiled a Stamp Positioner Tool.


I am SUPER-DE-DUPER excited and to be totally honest with you…..I did not think that I would be as excited as I am until I saw it “in action” being demonstrated over the weekend.






Grab something to drink and sit back and watch….trust me, you will see why this is exciting! I think that you will see why it has its own “unique” differences in comparison to other stamp postitioners….I am just thrilled!





Exciting…right? I know that there is a bunch to try to visualize but trust me…just think of the possibilities. I feel like Fred Flintstone kickin’ my heels! (Yabba Dabba Doo!!!)

Here are some images of the Stamparatus – trust me, there will be a ton more BUZZ about this new tool but I am doing my best to share.





Now to the question that I know you have…..When can I get it?



Well…this Thursday you will be able to preorder it. I will have more on my Blog sharing with you the “HOW’S and WHEN’S” but if it makes you feel any better…..I do not even have it….actually  – none of us do!

I just wanted to share the news to you as I am pleasantly surprised  with this exciting tool. You all know that I adore making cards in the “masses” and I have used stamp positioners for a long time….but the Stampin’ Up! Stamparatus is just the “icing on the cake”

I invite you to re-watch the video and take it all in and trust me, I will have more to share to make sure that it is “loud and clear” to you for the pre-order on Thursday. We all know that it is going to be hot!





Thursday starts the 1st wave of pre-orders and the Stamparatus will ship approximately February 1st. Again, more details to follow…I just had to hop on and share!

Gotta run….I haven’t even seen my hubby since last Tuesday and he will be walking in the door any minute….it was a GREAT time in Salt Lake City and I am super excited!

My cast is off and I am down to a brace….therapy is in swing and hopefully this “Simple Susan” will be rockin’ and rollin’……(I am really not a good candidate to be slowed down)


Please leave me a comment and let’s get some chattering going about this new kid on the block!


**WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM????? – read below…..it is cute!**


Stamp: To impress a pattern or mark (especially an official one) on a surface, object, or document using an engraved or inked block or die or other instrument

Apparatus: The technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose


Stamp + Apparatus = Stamparatus   🙂 


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