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Good morning and here’s to a new week! I have a fun post for you today as it is filled with pictures that will make you smile…make you giggle…make you just say life is great! John and I went away to a county fair near where we live!

I have never been to this fair – it is the Frederick County, Maryland fair. I simply could not get enough of all of the amazing animals that we saw but more importantly my heart was filled with joy seeing so many children and adults having nothing short of good old-fashioned fun!

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with stamping… but this is what I love about having a blog– I am able to share part of my life and my happiness with you! With pinkie still being by my side…my time creating is a little back-burnered right now but taking pictures was a blast!

You all know that I adore my animals and they are huge part of my life… and you also know that I have a pet pig named Daisy Mae! My entire family (with the exception of me naturally) thinks Daisy is huge… but after seeing these pigs in Daisy is very petite!

Enjoy these pictures I have for you showcasing the amazing animals that the children in our area proudly showed. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see children and their parents have such pride and just a wonderful time together.


This MAMA had 13 piglets….these piglets are 4 weeks old. I love the way they snuggle with each other.



Everyone needs a friend….RIGHT!?!?



This super sweet girl was 14 years old and she was snuggling with her pig Wilbur….Wilbur will be leaving to go (you know where) – he has proudly (made the weight)YEEK….I was sicken to hear that….but I guess that is a part of the journey. This pig has had to gain 1.5 pounds per day since June 1st to “make the weight” – heck…we really shouldn’t feel bad putting on an extra 5!



Friends to the end….(these girls have some big hocks)




LOVE THIS PICTURE….this pig was just snoozin’ away….Pigs are really SUPER smart……and SUPER clean!

This is a pretty pig…she looks like Daisy. (but bigger)




Poor Piggie….he isn’t as “pretty” as the others…..(and YES – PIGS get sunburned)



Can you say A D O R A B L E – just too sweet! (she is tired) – Love the ears….




Movin’ onto Sheep….now I thought Hannah and I were a little nuts about horses…but these sheep people….they are serious…ENJOY!








Time for GOATS.…Not to offend anyone… But this is one animal I would never have!

True, they’re super cute but they climb over everything!





Now here we go…help me out – John wants to get a couple of Alpaca’s…..I say no….he really wants them…

(he has a client that raises them)…they are cute……What do you think???? YES or NO?






Now this totally TOUCHES MY HEART-STRINGS…..not only is this cow adorable (3 years old) – this little boy MELTED my heart….he talked and talked….and then talked and talked to me (I was in hog heaven) and every time I would ask him a question he would look at me and say yes ma’am… No ma’am… Yes ma’am!

Just look how proud he is of his cow!

I simply cannot explain how amazing this time was seeing these amazing animals and these amazing children.







Now I just had to take this picture because I swear if I ever was involved with cows I could see this being me holding a cow waiting for one of my kids.This poor lady looks like she is just waiting for someone to come get this cow! TOO FUNNY!


Poor Girl….she is saying, “TAKE ME HOME…I NEED MILKED”





Now to the food….Every fair has great local food…..Just look at these potato chips… We didn’t– I resisted…..


And here are turkey legs… They looked amazing… I resisted….


And there was the pit beef sandwich… We both caved in and enjoyed! SUPER YUM!


You can see it was a wonderful afternoon and as I came home my joy tank was filled to the brim!



In closing here is a picture of my boys as we drove In the driveway…

I love my sweet Oscar and Colin…There is just nothing like the love and joy you get from an animal!



I hope to be enjoyed and smiled a little glimpse of my weekend….Let’s all have a great week!


A Trio of fun with Mr. Pumpkin Chum!





Happy Weekend…I told you that I was going to share some more fun using this bundle so grab a cup of coffee because I have a trio for you! I think I know my customers very well and with that said I know many of you are intimidated by doing 3-D projects.

I hope with all of the pictures that I have for you it will inspire you to think out-of-the-box in give it a try. As I shared in my last post I truly believe this is a very special bundle… and of course you need to get the bundle… as the framelits are wonderful and who doesn’t like to save….I’ll take a 10% discount!







Trust me, everyone that I give something like this to always has a huge smile with a huge thank you! They truly are so easy to put together an once you learn to make them you will use them over and over every year.

We can learn the “how to’s” and then each year pull the same concept…possibly change the stamp and DSP… and presto you have a new project!

Here’s a little secret for you…It might be the same project… On a different year… but those same smiles and thank you’s will be on the recipients faces that are lucky enough to receive them!







You know me by now… I love the watercolor using the aqua painter.Today I chose to heat emboss with black ink and then sprinkled clear embossing powder over and heat set it.

Why? Easy….I wanted to share with you another way that you can watercolor without stressing out.I feel when you emboss an image and then use the aqua painter it is very, very easy to get amazing results.

The reason that it is so easy is the embossed lines create a little “wall for your water and ink” to stay within the lines. In the second picture below you will see is super close up picture of how I use additional layers of ink and you can see the watercolor look and feel it gave!










To make this fun origami style….DSP treat holder… You can click here to an old post that I made making the exact same thing! You can easily see that this is a great example of how I have reused…and repurposed a concept… Just updating it with current product!I

In the picture below you will see that there is a great substitute if you run out of linen thread. Just remember… We always have tricks up our sleeves! I know all of us are you in the same boat…the boat that has way too many products– my biggest tip for you is look at what you have… and use them creatively!!!








Now let’s move to these adorable test tube treat holders…I am just giddy about them and with my daughter Hannah working at a research  lab at Duke University…you better believe that I will be having plenty of test tubes going her way!

These gems are first made their debut in a paper pumpkin kit…You can click here if you are a paper pumpkin subscriber and still buy that kit refill….and Stampin’ up! now sells them as a standalone product – click here to see it from the NEW Catalog! (I think they are just adorable and they are the perfect little sized to put a little something in with a quick little add one of the fru-fru and Bam– you’re done!)







You can clearly see that I have a ton of fun playing with the ribbon! I basically opened up my drawer of ribbon and just pulled anything that I thought would look fabulous with this project… the only color I was missing was pumpkin pie!

I put my thinking cap on and I think I have another fun idea for you.I took a very small sliver of pumpkin pie card stock and then after using the bone folder to soften the papers fibers… I wrapped it around my pokey stick. You could easily use a pencil to get the curls and presto I have a fun ribbon like element!!!







Now let’s touch base on our final project. It is the adorable little container of a box that has the seasonal chum pumpkin on the front and his little bum on the back of the box.

Making a quick and easy box is super easy… The picture below show you exactly how I trimmed the ends to make it form into a box. I did decide to add the polka dot DSP around all four sides but you easily could skip that step if you want.You know me well enough… I love a fun presentation!





To make the box I took a piece of pumpkin pie card stock measuring 4″ x 3″…I scored it at 1 inch all the way around and cut up as shown.I like to use fast fuse adhesive to hold the box together.It is super strong and you know it will stay together forever!

Wouldn’t  this be just adorable to give to an office worker… a teacher…someone in a home to have by their bed…or even a table decoration! I just think little things like this are so much fun!





Well there you go… a post filled with fun ideas for you! I hope I was able to inspire you and I deeply thank you for popping in today!

I am doing well even though I think I over did it a bunch this week. This talking to my computer is a dream in trying to keep my posts going.  I look forward to posting as soon as I can!





Oh so cute…with Mr. Pumpkin Chum!



Good morning! I have another fun post for you today and I have a tip that will make all of you out there that have a Mac computer a very happy person… I think! Hang tight with me  –  we will get to the fun card today – but…

I have one week under my belt with Ms. Pinkie and five more to go… I am doing great but the restriction of not having two hands is the pits! I have shared with you before the the typing is the thing that really bothers my hand.Wait to you see what I found!

I just have to share this with you before we get to this fun post because I was super excited! You know that I feel that I’m very technologically challenged…well –

I drive my kids nuts as I use Siri all the time for text messages (and as they say most of the time they make no sense).Look below with what I found! Needless to say I was doing the happy dance…I highly recommend this YouTube channel as I find their instructions incredibly clear and concise.






Okay… Now let’s get to this fun card!I was so excited that in the new holiday catalog Stampin’ Up out came out with another fabulous stamp set that has images in the both front and back that make tags. It is appropriately called Seasonal Chums! There are so many things you can do with these besides tags.

The minute I saw this sweet pumpkin image I knew that I wanted to make a suspension card. You are know that I adore Square cards and today is no different!

This is one that you just have to purchase as a bundle! The framelits are over-the-top and just look at the extra framelits you get to coordinate with the Larger tags… I will be using them later on a post! EEK – Look at that adorable spiderweb and bat!






The overall size of this card is a 4 1/4 ” card.I will have to be honest and share…I made a huge mistake but I was able to make “lemonade out of my lemons”! When I point it out to you you are will totally laugh…but in hindsight it actually worked to my advantage… Let’s get going!

The elements of this card is all about using the basics…Naturally you need the trimmer… the big shot with the circle framelits and a wee bit of patience and creativity! You are know how I feel about the basics… They will never let you down!






Start by using the aqua painters and coloring the images as you desire. You can see in the picture below it is so much easier just to go ahead and do several at one time as you will have many cards at your fingertips!







Use the coordinating framelits to cut the images out. Because it was super hard to try to hold the thread down with Ms. Pinkie I used washi tape to help anchor it to my work surface.

The best tip I can give to you is make sure that it is very taunt and also that you use a good strong adhesive to hold the images together.You can simply snip off the hole punch area where it was meant to be a tag.

For this card I actually used some fishing line.You could easily use silver thread or white Bakers twine if you wish – I just wanted to be clear.






Here comes the funny of my post.I thought I was so on top of it but I totally forgot that this piece should have been ON THE CARD FRONT…and I should have cut it out. SILLY SUSAN….

PLAN B – I just went ahead and adhered this to my square card base and took a pencil to draw a line as to where I needed to cut a circle.

You can see in the below picture that I placed a very small piece of tear n tape.I adhered my fishing line and pumpkin image to it and snipped it off.






I actually like the way “my fix” looks better than what my original intention was.You can see that I used the Circle framelit as well as a scallop framelit to make a ring around the opening! It worked out perfectly.

You will need to make two with these as you will also want to cover the inside circle of the card so when the recipient opens it it looks clean and finished. Adhere these rings over the front and back and add white dots for some simple bling.

The sentiment is very straightforward. I simply stamped it on a scrap piece of paper trim the ends and added a wee little bakers twine bow.








Here is one more look at this sweet card.What do you think?I just love the uniqueness and being able to spin a little pumpkin around…..It is cards like this that make you feel so good inside as you know you will make the recipient smile!

Remember… This card would easily fit into one of our regular envelopes but you know me– out came the envelope punch board. It is the perfect finishing touch for a special card.







Before we leave I just had to share this picture.Jack came up to my work area and I could not resist.He is such a good boy – You can see he has that one I open keeping a watchful eye over me!

Enjoy your day and I can’t wait to share with you two more projects using this same pumpkin framelit. We can see how fast the calendar is rolling…I am showcasing Halloween to let you see how fun this stamp set is.You can clearly see that it will be useful later on this holiday season as well.







Have a great day…look at that calendar and if you are wanting to make some goodies for Halloween…..get your products ordered….it will ZOOM by fast~

Shopping in your pajamas’s fun …shopping in your pajamas is in style ….shopping in your pajamas is super easy!






Color Block FUN that is oh, so fresh!





Hello and here is to a NEW week……Hen peckin’ pinkie here! Now I have a WOWZER for you today (and I hope that you feel the same) I am trying to focus a bit more on “techniques” to teach you and I hope that you are a sponge and soak this up!

I will be limited on words but I have some great pictures for you! Please feel free to leave a comment – I do hope that you try this as it if not only FUN but it is something that you can do with so many framelits…..

This bundle, Colorful Seasons is truly one for ALL seasons. I know that this has been blogged a bunch when it first came out… I waited until I had a WOW and I really like this fun and modern layout.







The layout is one that you can use with soooooo many colors and soooooo many different themes but here are (2) key products to make this a fun process.

1 – The Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets – why? – I adhere the card stock to it and then trimmed off the excess. This made it so easy to adhere it all to 1 piece. I first added the adhesive sheet to a piece of printer paper (that was 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″) because it was super thin and I knew that I needed to cut through the cardstock, the printer paper and the adhesive sheet with the die cut.

2 – The Grid Paper – After I exposed the sticky side that was on the printer paper….I could use the grid paper to line up the card stock to ensure the lines would be straight….

You can see that I made (2) of these cards….and I tried to make the color scheme very different and unique….To me, it still is super clean but there is a fun and unique twist.







The other learning curve is the embossing. I love to heat emboss and I know that the WOW is always there with you as well, it is magic! The key is to heat emboss 2 times .I tried 3 and it was a mess…the details of this die cut were just too intricate. Trust me on this one. Below is a collage that I put together for you.

You will see that in the last picture they are warped…no worries – just put them in a book and they will get flat in no time. By doing many layers of embossing…the effect turns into a totally different look and feel of how we regularly emboss…making it an embellishment of metal fun!







I know that I am jumping ahead but can you see that I put vellum behind the leaves? Yep, I did.  I truly wish that you could hold this in your hand as the vellum is stunning …I used tear -n-tape to adhere/anchor it to the color block card stock fun.

Adhering it this way it was not only easy (as we all know that the trick with vellum is the adhering part) so you do not see your adhesive. Having this wee bit of vellum really is stunning behind the leaves. It just gives a softness that does make a statement.

The fabulous sentiment, “just breathe” is also on vellum and heat set with the copper. I matted it with the vanilla (cause’ John said so) to make it show and pop! I carefully added some adhesive on the backside of some of the letters –  again to hide the adhesive but the copper adhesive dots were the big help to hold the vellum.

For this card I used fun foam to raise the whole panel (the die will easily cut through the fun foam). Fun Foam is so inexpensive and you use every little piece to the end (just like stampin’ dimensionals)…I highly recommend you having a couple of sheets i your craft room…’ll be happy to have it on hand.








Let’s move to the other color combination. The colors I used are in the line up at the end of the post. You can clearly see the sky is the limit with color options…Have fun! ****(I noticed after I published this ,,,I have the wrong green listed – it should be Tranquil Tide…..NOT Emerald Envy)

In the second picture, you will see that I adhered this card panel to the card base making it flat. I couldn’t tell which one I liked better, do you have a preference…? They both work great but I think that I like the effect of the whole panel raised as it makes the vellum more noticeable!







Let’s chat about an envelope… I decided to do something total different and heat emboss the envelope. I was super happy with the end result and the envelope laid perfectly my surprise!

I was scratching my head as what to do for an envelope – why not, jazz up the front!







Now to another fun tip… As I am sure you have many embellishments that you simply do not use. As you can see in the picture below, I took VersaMark and applied to the embellishments and sprinkled the embossing powder over top and heat set them. Presto… a fun embellishment that works perfectly with this card.







There you go, a fun card that I hope that you can see….is doable and different. Please let me know what you think and which one is your favorite.

My thoughts and prayers are with all that are affected by the hurricane. Our Country sure has dealt with a bunch as it is so scary!

Enjoy the day and I hope this post has inspired you to take something that is very simple and add a fun twist to make a WOW! It was not only FUN but it was a great experience learning a different technique…






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