Halloween Mini Card Kits!!! – SOLD OUT!!!

BOO to you and Happy Fall!
AS of SUNDAY morning at 10 a.m. 
these are SOLD OUT!
I have no idea why this post is all jumbled together…sorry as I know it looks terrible! (darn computers 😡 )
I have some super cute Halloween Cards Kits!
I hope that this post you well and healthy – I keep saying, it is a great thing that we love doing what we do in crafting….as it is not only a great time filler for us, but it does make a difference!
I personally have sent out more cards and not only does it make me feel fulfilled and happy to put a card together, I am enjoying the process of writing a quick note to just say….I’m thinking of you – it DOES matter
I know that there are many that do not send Halloween Cards and I get it….but I just love FUN and CUTE Halloween cards as it brings out that inner child in me of great memories of swapping at school and then coming home and going through the stack that I received….fun and great memories!
Please take a peek of what I have ready to rumble and I know that the calendar is rolling fast….these orders will go out Tuesday so you will have time to put your cards together and make someone smile!
You all know by now….my kits are so easy yet rewarding to sit down and put together…and there is just nothing like making someone know that you are thinking of them!
Same drill as always……card kits are $4.00 a piece and it is limited quantities as I have more Fall/Thanksgiving Cards to come but I just had to share these sweet cards with you! October is always a super busy month for me as it seems like I have a ca-zillion Birthdays and then Halloween…
I am not one that likes the scary/dark side of Halloween and I send so many sweets and treats to my friends adult children…my friends and also my 4 legged friends…..I guess you could say – I just love a holiday so I can make fun and sweet cards plus make yummy treats!
Here you so….so darn tootin’ cute! I have some amazing layers, embossing and also I did some distressed oxide blending behind the ghost….a little something of many different mediums  to share and teach you how they can work with clean and simple cards (just like I like)
How do you take advantage of these kits? CLICK HERE and put in the subject line Halloween Card Kits and then let me know what you want and I will make it happen! It is as easy as that!!!! Please also give me your mailing address and also if you want me to Pay Pal you or if you would rather send me a check.
Remember, I only have limited quantities and when they are gone…they are gone as I only have so much DSP and honestly – so much time! I need to get busy with Fall/Thanksgiving cards and I always love to do a fun inspirational card to get us thru these crazy times…..so this Halloween offering is just thru Sunday night or until they are sold out!
Card #1  – Ghost 
 SOOOOOO cute – a spider web that is embossed and then the diagonal stripes( it’s a stencil) –  I used a distressed oxide ink. If you are not familiar with it….it is great and such a  smooth medium that I know that you will run your fingers over and say wow….this is great!
inside sentiment – being your friend is a treat
Card #2 – Happy Halloween
I just squeal when I see this sweet BOO…..and let’s chat about that rick-rack – sooooooo fun and you know me, clean and simple with layers! I will provide fun foam and detail in how you can POP this up to make a focal impact!
inside sentiment–  Hope your day is spooktacular
Card #3 – SPOOKY
This is just such a “Susan Card”!!! The picture is not the best but it is a white card and the sentiment…..just LOVE it…..check out the envelope…. I always love to show you that it is a cinch to take a great anchor (the sentiment here) and then add some little touches to take it to the next level!
inside sentiment–  You’re a spooktacular friend, happy halloween!
There you go….please let me know what cards you would like and also how many….and I will make it happen!

Again, the price for each card kit is $4.00 and the shipping is as follows….(basically) – $1.00 per card)

1 card – $1.00        2 cards = $2.00        3 cards = $3.00        4 cards = $4.00      5 or more cards = flat fee of $5.00




It’s MINI KIT TIME…sorry – they are SOLD OUT!

Happy Friday and  3 CHEERS to the weekend!

All KITS are SOLD OUT!!!


Today I am sharing an offering of (3) different mini kits for you to grab and have fun with! Many of you know that one of my loves is making kits that you can snatch up and have some “me time” and complete the kits and then do the next fun part…sitting down and reaching out to someone and write them a note to make them smile!

I look at it as a win/win all the way around as you will feel great about yourself being able to sit down and complete projects without getting a ton of product out as I have that all covered for you and then you will be able to touch someone by sending a card to them! Anyone loves HAPPY MAIL,heck your mailman will even smile with the fun envelope! 😛

I have limited quantities available as here is the way that I handle my Mini Kits….I first offer my offerings to the people that purchased a kit from the previous month and then what I have left over….I will put it on my blog so here you go  – see if something “sparks joy” to your creative heart!

All cards are just $4.00 each and I have done all of the stamping and cutting of paper for you. This month…actually all 3 cards have heat embossing done on them and yep, I have done that for you and a card from me would not be the same without a fun envelope!

I will provide for you directions and tips as you will need to do some minimal coloring (if that’s your jam) and possibly some trimming, and then adhering …to make your finished card!


Card #1 – Thank You     SOLD OUT – Do you all remember this sweet image from Stampin’ Up!? I loved it the first time I saw it and this is one stamp that will always have a home with me!

I did heat emboss the “thanks” image in case you wanted to watercolor in the letters but as you can see below….no need to if that is not your thing! I did some super quick coloring of the leaves and bee….but again, this is your card so you make it how you want it!

This card also will inspire you to score on your cards (again, if that is what you want) but in the instructions I will share with you the how to’s! I have left this card blank in the inside!






Card #2 – Hang in There  SOLD OUT– OK  – I am just putting this out there…I love this card! I love the layout and I love the message that it sends! The arms are actual die-cuts so you will be able to color the arms in any flesh color you choose or you can keep it simple as shown and leave them white – again, it will be your card so do as you please! In the instructions you will learn and see how you can cut paper, layer it on your card with other simple/basic shapes and come out with a Blue Ribbon Winner of a layout and card!

The inside message is:        That’s as close as I can get to hugging you right now






Card #3 – Ice Cream   SOLD OUT  – Is this the sweetest or what! Again, another great and classic layout that will inspire you to use patterned paper to make clean and simple cards! You will get a HUGE smile when you create this sweetie….and this could also be a great birthday, thank you…..or even tuck a gift certificate inside! You could easily stamp a sup sentiment under the inside sentiment!

The inside message is:         You’re the sweetest!



Well….there you go! If you want to snag any of these sweet cards please email me and put in the subject line – Mini Card Kits and then let me know the card #’s (1,2 or 3) that you want and also the amount of each card….along with your name and address to where I will be shipping them to and if you wish to pay by check or Pay Pal.

I have them all ready to go so they will ship tomorrow and please remember, there is just a limited amount of them so when they are gone, they are gone and this time I will try to remember to pop back on the blog and let you know if they were sold out!


Again, the price for each card kit is $4.00 and the shipping is as follows….(basically) – $1.00 per card)

1 card – $1.00        2 cards = $2.00        3 cards = $3.00        4 cards = $4.00      5 or more cards = flat fee of $5.00


For those of you that have already received these kits or even other kits from me from the past…I would love it if you would chime in and let people know how you like them…etc! I do take great pride in my workmanship and kits to make sure that you are fulfilled with your purchase!

I am working on the next batch of kits and I think that there is a great assortment of ideas….I am going to hit fall, breast cancer, halloween and other things up my sleeve!

I love creating and I love inspiring! Have a great weekend and please do not forget that all you have to do is CLICK HERE to email me with what your little crafty heart desires!


Be safe, be kind and always find something to smile about!


I am MAD about this PLAID DIE!

Good Morning stampers….I hope that this finds you well and in great health! I have been doing the happy fall dance this week as it as been soooo much cooler in Maryland and the kind of weather that the air conditioning has been off and the windows are open!


What are we going to do with 2020!


Just when you think that something else cannot happen, it does. My heart and prayers continue to go out to the West Coast with the fires and now Florida and many other states have been slammed with Hurricane Sally. My brother lives in Pensacola and although he is fine…his office was downtown and he said that it is a flood zone! Such scary times for so many.

As much as we all know that 2020 is like no other…I hope that you stop and see that there are some “good things” that people are doing…I am one that tries to stay away from the news as it just brings me down but here and there I see and hear of some absolutely great things that people are doing in risking their lives, showing kindness and compassion…we all can do little things to make a difference!

Today I have a card for you that I hope will make you smile! When I saw the new Stampin’ Up! catalog I knew that that this die set would be coming to live with me! It is the Best Plaid Builder and wow – that is properly named as it is a blue ribbon! I always have and always will love plaids – WHY? Easy = Plaids are just a classic and we all know that a great classic is timeless and will never be out of style!




My sweet friend, Michelle Gleeson sent this to me after Wes was born and I just beamed! If you do not know of Michelle’s work, you need to and you can find her here at Stampin’ Mojo! This card that she sent to me is such a “Susan Card” and I have it in my work area and smile!



Today I am giving you another twist to my favorite color of navy and I am sure that you are going to smile as well! I just love the combination of Navy and White and then when you put in a POP of a fun color, I ask you, How could you go wrong!

We all know that I am rather type A in my card mechanics to always have a clean and crisp result…here is a tip that helped me make this layout picture perfect as I made up many of this card to send to family and friends. It is using this low tack spray called Pixie Spray.



I sprayed a light mist over the white cut out piece that allowed me to position it over the pink plaid piece to give it a temporary hold so I would have perfect placement to add the liquid adhesive before I flipped it over the navy front panel. I hope that this makes sense and helps you as at first I thought….how can I be assured of a perfect placement as I want to to be against the navy front!

Let’s chat about this heart and sentiment….I just LOVE it, especially for the times that we are going through and I heat embossed the sentiment and then the arms were diecut to give this heart a hug! You could easily color the arms in whichever shin tones that you would like…but I just kept it super clean and crisp (just how I like my cards) and then the inside of the card….it says  –


“that’s as close as I can get to hugging you right now”


This stamp/bundle is from Honey Bee Stamps and it is called Paper Hugs. It is filled with great sentiments and I sure have used the heck out of it! If you like this heart/hug….please check back tomorrow as this is showcased in a card kit that I have made up and it sure has been a hit!

The sentiment that I stamped and heart embossed on the back of the envelope (you know that I love my envelopes) is also from the same stamp set! When Michelle sent me my card, she did an adorable plaid and I had to give it a whirl myself – what do you think? I think that it is just PERFECT to pair up with this fun die set. It is from Concord & 9th!



Yep, I am back to doing monthly card kits and I am calling them mini card kits but I am sure that they will make you smile! Here is the scoop….I share my offerings first to  the people that bought kits from me the previous month and then I offer them on my blog but they are in limited quantities so if you want one…..GRAB THEM QUICK!

I have 3 offerings and this theme of the heart hug is one one of them and I know that you will smile! Please check back tomorrow and you will see the (3) keeper of offerings that I have for you!

Have a great day and please continue to be safe. One thing that we all can do is be patient and also to be kind. Many of us have been home bound and it is a great thing that we love crafting…..so make someone’s day and send a card to them….it’s what I call a double whammy – you will be happy and smiling and so will the recipient!

I just have to share some Wes pictures….I am still in the clouds with my little bundle of joy and the kids came down about 2 weeks ago and I hope that you smile! He continues to make my heart skip beats!


Have a special day…we all have so much to be grateful for!

Mini Card Kits….they will make you happy!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! As promised yesterday I am offering (3) new Mini Card Kits for you! I am still in the groove of making “happy/smile cards” as I think that we all can use these types of cards to send to family and friends!


If you are new to my Mini Card Kits…here’s the scoop! Each card is $4.00 each and everything that you need is included in the mini kit…all you need to do is find some well deserved “me time” – put them together and then grab yourself something to drink and write to a friend and make their day!

Many of you know that my kits were always a huge part of my love when I was with Stampin’ Up! I still feel the same as I totally “get it” – and that is that I realize what a super rewarding feeling it is to be able to sit down and be creative and finish a project in one sitting!

I am the very first to admit…that we all are so darn hard on ourselves…but trust me, you will love my kits!

Please email me ASAP if you are interested in a kit. There are a first come basis and I would REALLY APPRECIATE when you EMAIL ME BACK to put in the subject line MINI KITS so I can spot your request! I am more than happy to have you send a check or I can pay pal you…..please make sure in your request that you let me know your prefered payment method!


If the cards sell out….I will come back on this post and make note of a specific card being sold out! I hope that you enjoy my happy and uplifting cards that I created for this months offerings…please make sure that I have your mailing address and also the quantity of each card that you wish to reserve!
























Please do not forget to EMAIL ME with your Card Requests (Please put the CARD # and the quantity) and put in the subject line MINI CARD KITS so I can SPOT IT….and of course, your address!




SHIPPING SCOOP!!! ( I am totally fine with accepting checks and if that is the way you would like to pay….please send your check to me at: Susan Itell     P.O.Box 76     Oxford, MD 21654) or I can Pay Pal you! When you respond to me with your Kit Requests, Please let me know how you would like to pay for your kits!


As for the shipping….I am always so fair and super picky/type A  about how I ship goodies as again, I get it and I know how excited you are to get happy mail so I do take great pride in my shipping and handling of your precious “goods”

Each Card is $4.00 each and shipping as follows: (basically $1.00 a kit 🙂 )

(1) card kit  = shipping is $1.00  •  (2) card kits = $2.00  • (3) card kits = $3.00  • (4) card kits = $4.00  • (5 – 7) card kits – $5.00 …anymore than 7…we’ll talk!


To end this post…how about a couple of super cute dog pictures as we all know that these 4 legged loves of ours…make our hearts go pitter-patter! All of our dogs are rescues….and they love and sooooo appreciate a great home!