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Good Morning! How we all doing? The calendar is telling us that Christmas is just 10 days away! If you are like me, when you see the 15th….it becomes reality – the hour glass has turned.

As I look at my house with “stuff” here and there I am proud that I am not stressing about the “what still needs to be done” scenario that we often put on ourselves….as on Tuesday my kitchen counter was lined up with Reindeer Tags waiting for their noses to dry and when John came into the kitchen he heard a quick, “Don’t lay anything on the Reindeers”….and then I heard a laugh from him!

I have a bunch of pictures for you today and I hope that I am inspiring you to find some time and just have fun with products that I know you have stashed…that is what is BEST about making tags…you get the best of both worlds…a great finished product and you use up odds and ends that you have!

The tag to the right has the retired wooden snowflakes….I found a package of them and the lightbulb went off….not only did I say USE THEM UP but I was happy with the simplicity of using them – trust me….do a “search and rescue of your stash”….you will be amazed at what you find!

This year I decided to go a bit whimsical with tags as truth be told I wanted to get to know the Stampin’ Blends better so how and what is the best way to accomplish that?



Simple….here is the secretPRACTICE!



Not only did I have fun but it was a learning process and in the end…I had a bunch of tags completed and I learned a bunch! Am I the best at it…NOPE….Did I learn along the way….YEP…I just kept trying a different “touch”…a different “color”…a different “stroke”…I really do not know what I am doing but I just kept practicing and in the end – I had a ton of adorable tags!

At the end of the post today I will share with you my simple formula in making tags…remember, tags can be so many different sizes and shapes. I just tend to stick with one style and let the production line roll!

In the below picture you can see that I colored the reindeer with (2) different main bases for his body. The one on the left the main color is the Ivory Marker and the one on the right is the Light Crumb Cake Marker. I ended up liking the left one better as I preferred the “red – lighter” cast the end result gave. Again, just exploring and practicing….the name of the game!








I shared with you before that I think that this bundle, Seasonal Chums is a keeper one. It is designed with the “back” of the image as well but I just “snipped” it to make it for a tag. Don’t forget – this bundle IS being carried over but it will NOT be in a BUNDLE FORM so if you do not have it….I would SWOOP it up to save the 10% bundle discount.

Just look at these images…true classics and the design of this set is just wonderful! I think that we often forget (I know that I do) to use the other die cut images that are in the die cuts…there are some super shapes that would be great “fillers” for projects!









Here is a super close up picture for you……I truly have no clue what I am doing but I do know one thing….it was FUN! I added a wee bit of Pink to the inside of the ears and cheeks…a quick and easy touch that I do think makes him have character!

What did I do with the nose? Well….I used the Light Cherry Cobbler Blends but then I put some glossy accents over top. I am sure that many of you still have it in your stash from when Stampin’ Up! sold it but I have also linked it for you if not. It is not only a great “glossy shine” it also can be used as an adhesive….(You also can find it in Michaels….Hobby Lobby etc…)








Let’s peek at the adorable snowmen….did you smile? I hope so as they make me smile each time I see them. Let me tell you, these were super fun to color. Remember, NO RULES on what is the right way or wrong way. I just kept picking up markers and went to town….so rewarding and relaxing.

Here is a tip for these little guys…..I used the light Pool Party just around the edge of the snowmen and then used my color lifter to soften the edges…..this gives the little guy a sense of “roundness” and when I put him against the DSP that has Pool Party in it…..(from the Coffee Cafe Collection) it just POPPED!









Pretty in Pink is this little guy. You will see at the end of the post that I used Kraft Wrapping Paper with a simple Red bow for many of my gift wrapping. When it is all said and done….who cares about the colors as after all they are just TAGS…and TAGS are meant to be a “one and done” type of thing….this is why I chose TAGS to be my practice guinea pigs!

Here is a great place to buy fun wrapping paper….Michaels….yep – they have some great papers in bins for just $1.50 each…that is my “stock up” place of choice as not only is it a great price…the selection is usually good (very plain, clean & simple….just like I like it) and the quality to wrap it is super!








For these tags…this is how I rolled…

  • I cut Thick Whisper White to 2″ X 5″ and then used the Banner Triple Punch for the decorative end
  • I stamped the images on scraps if paper….cut them out and colored them with the Blends. Make sure that you use the Memento Ink with the Blends….
  • I cut the DSP a wee bit larger than the image….sometimes it was 2″ and sometimes it was 2 1/4″….just have a little bit on each end to make the image POP and then mat it with a solid piece of cardstock that is a wee bit bigger than the DSP.
  • I popped the images up with Foam Adhesive Strips….I found this to be a perfect choice. I loved that I could “bend” the adhesive but I really….really liked only having to peel off on release paper.


Where did the sentiments come from? Well….“Merry and Bright” was from the November Paper Pumpkin and the “happy holidays” was from a Simon Says Stamp that I have. You know me…..I do love my sentiments and I am always on the lookout for the perfect fit and font for my needs.

The moral to this tag story is…just have fun in creating and making them. Use what you have….tailor it to the color scheme of your papers and ribbons and use up what you have. It truly is as simple as that. As I am finishing them up…I toss them in a container so they are all in one spot….this way I am always “armed and ready for wrapping duty” at anytime.








As you know me as being “SIMPLE SUSAN” you can see from the below picture how I roll for the holidays! I tend to be a Kraft Paper or a simple and fun Polka Dot person with a BIG WIDE BOW….and to me that is both FUN and DONE!

Here is another idea/tip….tags make a fabulous gift to give. I have put tags in a Mason Jar with a spool of Bakers Twine and a pair of Paper Snips….now that is what I call a HOME RUN…not only a great gift but a super practical one!







Happy Weekend to all and if you are starting to travel, please be careful. This is such a busy time of the year and I know that many of my friends “peeps” are rolling in from Colleges now. My oldest peep Will….is leaving today after school (he is a teacher) and spending the holiday traveling Spain…..true I am a bit sad that he will not be home but I am thrilled that he has the time off and ability to see a different country.

I do hope that you can find some time to give making handmade tags a whirl….it is a stress buster as if you are creating….you are having some “me time” and we all love our crafting time!!!

So…what do you think???? Do these tags perk your day up!?!? I sure do hope so….now go make it a FABULOUS day!






Super practical and oh so easy!!!




Happy Hump Day!


As promised, I will continue to share with you ideas that I like to make and ones that are not only super easy to do…you can just go through your stash and have fun!



There is a super funny story about these calendars, I giggle each time I see one of them.



I know that this is a long post but I know that many of you will get a kick out of this story. I will provide for you links to the products that I used….now to the “Tale of the Calendar and the Hershey Kiss…”









Last year during World Card-making Day in Atlanta there was an organized swap (and we knew how many to make) and then there was a 3-D swap that was to be a fun swap….(just bring (1) of a 3-D). This was a total option one to participate in and one that you did not have to sign up for…just bring a 3-D if you wanted to swap!

I was traveling before I flew to Atlanta and I took the 3-D thing literally….something FUN. Well…..let me tell you – the last laugh was on me! I can specifically remember when I was packing I kept saying to myself….don’t stress on the 3-D swap…it is just to be FUN…you have all of your swap cards ready…just look around and grab a 3-D….

Well…my birthday had just passed and Jeanie made me these ADORABLE Hershey Kisses for my Birthday and the LIGHTBULB went on….PERFECT – there is my 3 -D!!! I was super happy that I spotted these on my workspace and I was relieved that it was DONE…another thing to check off my list.

Well…I went to Atlanta…took my swaps and my coveted Birthday Hershey Kiss 3-D swap and as I sat down at the table…Jeanie said – did you make a 3-D swap? I proudly said YEP…with your help as I brought one of those adorable Hershey Kisses that you made me!!! Well, I wish you would have seen her face and then hear her laughter as she thought that I was kidding her.










When she realized that I was serious she said – Go to the back and look at the 3-D’s that people made….and YOU are going to swap with someone that teeny tiny silly Hershey Kiss!?!?!? My answer proudly was YEP….I love it and they are just tooooo sweet not to share!

Well being both the protective and proud stamper with my adorable little Hershey Kiss…I kept my swap with me…..not back at the BIG TABLE with the other BIG SWAPS…when it was time to swap the instructions were – Those of you that are participating in the 3-D swap….go to the back and get your swap and find someone you want to swap with. Well…..let me tell you – there were HUGE  and oh sooooooo detailed 3-D’s and Jeanie sat there laughing the whole time.

As I walked around proudly with my adorable Hershey Kiss…I was having a hard time to find someone to swap with (and trust me….Jeanie was in her glory watching people ditch me when they saw my Hershey Cupcake Kiss)

Low and behold…there was super sweet  Debbie Mageed that had not swapped with anyone yet and she said…Susan, I would love to swap with you (and then there was Jeanie saying….NO, I do not think that you want to swap with her) and true to her word…she saw the little Hershey Kiss….smiled and even chuckled and we swapped, my ADORABLE CUPCAKE KISS for this BEAUTIFUL CALENDAR.









I think of Debbie each and every time I see on of these Calendars. I cannot tell you how many of these I have made. They are super easy to make and they make such a great gift. Hang tight as I will share with you the links to purchase the calendars etc…once you have the product – they are a cinch to make. I have made over 100 of these calendars this year with more of the little calendars on order.

Please don’t fret about finding the EXACT papers that I am showing you….use what you have….the only thing that I think is a necessity to have is a heavier paper for the base. The paper that I used was a SU DSP from last year (Fancy Frost DSP) that went to clearance and I think I bought a bunch of it for this and probably next year….it is perfect. For you paper hoarders out there…the paper that I used was

You need to have a 12 x 12 piece of paper to start with so if you do not have this in your stash I would think that you could go to a store and purchase a heavier weight (than normal card stock) in 12 X 12 sheets. Darn, If our heavy whisper white would come in 12 X 12’s that would be perfect…..of well – you can made do…..



  • The calendar base is 6″ X 12″ and then score at 3″ and 6″. Crease well, especially the 6″ mark.
  • Cut up to the center the right rectangle that is facing you…..(so basically you are cutting off a section that will be 3″ X 6″ = PERFECT as you have a 3 X 3 card)
  • Using whatever DSP your heart desires ( 2 1/2″ X 5 5/8″) and then mat it with a coordinating card stock that is (2 5/8″ X 5 3/4″)
  • Stamp a sentiment a White piece (1 1/2″ X 3 1/2″) and then mat it with a coordinating card stock that is (1 3/4″ X 3 3/4″”). Use the Banner Triple Punch to flag the ends or simply use your scissors.
  • Use Bakers Twine in a complimentary color and adhere with a glue dot.
  • Add Fast Fuse to the bottom of your Post It Note and adhere to the left of the calendar.
  • Add a solid piece of Card Stock ( 3″ X 2 1/2″) to the back of the mini calendar.Add Fast Fuse to the back and adhere to the left “flappy” part. This will be the “bend” to the calendar behind the Post It Note!









THAT IS IT….it really is SUPER FAST to make once you have the “goods” and trust me, these are soooooo practical. I have people that purchase these from my by the dozen as they are just the BEST little something to give to the person that has everything…..

This is a great way to use your DSP and as I make them, I store the finished product in the storage cubes that I have blogged before about…..you can get them at Walmart…they are perfect for these to keep clean and safe from bending!








Here are the links to the products that I used. I know that this is not a Stampin’ Up! Stamp….I just adored the sentiments on this stamp set and when I saw it – I thought…PERFECT for my calendars…..there are PLENTY of Stampin’ Up! Stamps that you could use in place of this one….

Hopefully this helps you…..please leave a comment (or email me) if you need further help! I do recommend using either Fast Fuse or the tear and tape….you want a strong hold as this will get a bunch of use!

  • Stamp Set – Reverse Confetti Posted Notes Sentiments – Click Here for Simon Says or here for Reverse Confetti
  • Post It Notes – Amazon…the fastest and cheapest but still a great quality. Click Here
  • The Calendars – I buy them from Tailored Expressions – Click here – also….this is where I buy felt from when I use felt on a card…the wool felt is the best as it cuts like butter and it also is a dream to cut with the Big Shot.
  • The Bags to package….You know me…I have to have things packaged correctly and these are perfect. I found them at Michaels in the food section/cake decorating….here is a link to give you a packaging reference….use a coupon!!!


WHEW…..this was super long and honestly a bit tricky to put into words. I hope that you are able to follow along with the instructions. I just cannot tell you how easy they are to make and trust me, when you think of all of the people that would enjoy this….you will feel soooooo happy inside because not only will they like it…but you will feel satisfied as well as YOU made it with YOUR hands….

To me, that is ALWAYS the best gift….one made with your own “paws”….If you are thinking that you are short on time….trust me, I get it – but I would not hesitate one bit in sending/giving this to someone in January. If you are like anything like me….the time AFTER the big day is always a time that you enjoy some “me time”…and making these would be perfect!







Again, my apologies for the length of this but I just had to share with you the “funny” in how these came about! As for Jeanie….I showed her how to make them a couple of weeks ago and guess who is laughing now…..SHE LOVED THEM and can’t get over how fast and easy they are to make!!!!

I will see you on Friday and I have some Tags for you….you will smile, PROMISE!!! Have a wonderful day and go make someone smile! I hope you enjoyed this…..I would love to hear your thoughts…..

This just goes to show you…you can be small (just like my Hershey Kiss) and be super special…as trust me, I bet when Debbie sees her swap from me….she still giggles!!! As my middle peep used to say…..“Start Small…Think Big”







Super cute way to send a CHECK!!!




Happy Monday again…I just had to pop back on and post these cuties for you as I honestly had them ready to go for today…this week I am showing you practical ways that make your gift giving that much more special and easier!



(click on the banner to go to the online store)



With today being a FREE SHIPPING DAY for all orders…BIG or SMALL….it is a great time to grab those staples and also the bundles that will be going bye-bye! (a WIN-WIN…..saving 10% on the bundle PLUS another 10% on shipping)

You can click here to see the post that I did last year for these “check holders” and also click here when I did another variation but in a nutshell…these are super cute and super fun to whip up! (darn, a adore those mice)

I always have calls for these as there are still many that would prefer to write an old fashion check than give a gift card. You will see that I have 3 sizes….why? – I had a customer ask for one that was still cute and decorative but she wanted to enclose it in a Christmas Card…that is where the idea of the small one came from!










Here is a quick reference for you. If I were you….I would jot it down and put it somewhere that you go to often because it is little things like this that we can use all year long! I just adore practical ways of “gifting” but still make it super special!

  • Start with a 7″ X 7″ Square, score (I like to use the Score Board as it gives a nice and deep impression) at 1 1/4″ and 4 1/4″ and using the bone folder, crease well.
  • Find the center of your check holder (3 1/2″) and using a small circle punch, pop a 1/2 circle out so it is easier to pull the check out
  • Add tear n tape on the  side edges to adhere
  • Make the belly band – the Solid piece is 6 3/4″ X 1 1/4″ and then the DSP is 6 3/4″ X 1″. I just wrap it around and then take the bone folder to get a good crease, again use a wee bit of tear n tape to hold close.
  • The DSP….for the standard checks….the DSP is 1 1/2″ X 6 3/4″ (bottom one) and the (top one) is 1″ X 6 3/4″ and for “shortie” the DSP on the (bottom one) is 1 1/2″ X 3 1/2″  and 1″ X 3 1/2″ for the (top one)









Remember…do not make the belly band too tight that it is difficult to get on and off… The sky is the limit as to what you can add to jazz up the fronts….you know the main goal…JUST HAVE FUN!

This is a fun project to look through your stash and just go to town. The end result is always a work of art that you will be proud of! I find this process to be fun!









For the “short guys”…..I followed the same formula as above but I just made base 3 3/4″ X 7″ before I scored it like above. They are cute aren’t they? Even if they are “shorties” – they are perfect to fold a check in half!

You can see that the sky is the limit for decorating but hear me out…this is a great way to use your odd sizes of DSP… you can see that I used all sorts of different stamps, used the Stampin’ Blends….just had FUN!

I shared with you last week that the Seasonal Chums IS being carried over but IT IS NOT a bundle after January 2nd….so this is one that I would hop on….it is just adorable and again, Stampin’ Up! did a fantastic job in the design!









I just went to town and had fun putting different paper behind the Crumb Cake Mittens…I am super sad that this bundle, Smitten Mitten is leaving us….as it is just too darn tootin’ cute…..click here to see a post I did on that from Friday! It is sooooooo fun and festive!

In the above photo…can you see that I placed RED teeny tiny rhinestones on the center of the mitten and also on the Elves Hat and Shoes? Easy and quick as I just colored with a red sharpie! You can use the Stampin’ Blends to color them as well….but I thought that the Cherry Cobbler was too dark and I wanted to make sure that you knew that you could use sharpies!

There you go…..I hope that this perked your Monday afternoon up! Remember, free shipping is just through this evening…..call me crazy but I set an alarm to go off at 8:30 tonight as I know me too well….I will get all caught up in watching the Voice and the evening will get away from me…..so this is how I roll….a good old fashion reminder …

I need to stock up on some basics….and FREE SHIPPING makes me skip a beat!





Woot-Woot….FREE SHIPPING, again!





Well…Who would have known!

Stampin’ Up! is having another day of FREE SHIPPING….so yep, that is a win-win for all….time to take advantage of this offering! If you are anything like me….when I hear FREE SHIPPING…..I do a HAPPY DANCE!

But remember…..








No matter how small….or how large…..you will enjoy FREE SHIPPING!!! 🙂 







This week is all about the good old fashion “keepers” of the holiday crunch time…..Wednesday will be inspiration for the “check givers” this holiday season….CLICK HERE to see an old post but I will see you on Wednesday for some new and current inspiration! I know you are out there….there are those of you that love to “write that check” and I have you covered!

I must admit, I am shocked that Stampin’ Up! is offering the FREE SHIPPING again but I’ll take it….it is a GREAT time to stock up on the basics and a great time to take advantage of the retired product that is walking that stampin’ plank…. 🙁





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