I adore Lucy and Ethel and this just makes me giggle and trust me, at this time of the year I think we all can need a well needed chuckle! I am quickly popping in to give you a HEADS UP!

I totally know that this is a SUPER BUSY time of the year….but lets face it….. there are times that a girl has to do what a girl needs to do and here is your chance!







Now you better not dilly-dally in getting there and take advantage of the deals as it is TOTALLY an EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM as we all know from the past….when they are gone….your lower lip will be down!

Have FUN….

Are you wondering what some of the things that make me perk up?



Clean & Classic for the Pals Hop!



Welcome to the Pals monthly blog hop. We’re so glad you’re here! December is time for glitz and bling with  “All that Sparkles & Shines”. Today we feature projects that sparkle or shine. Maybe even a little of both.


You may be starting the hop here or coming from a previous Pal’s blog. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the the full line-up below to help you move, or “hop” along from Pal to Pal.






I have a fun, clean and special card for you today! If you are new to my Blog….WELCOME but for those good old faithfuls….I have a double whammy for you today!


A “keeper” and a “formula”…


For you newbies….you might be sayin’ what the heck is she talking about? Well a “keeper” to me is something that is timeless, a true blue classic and a “formula”….well that is, a layout that you can use OVER and OVER with many stamps and papers you already have…for countless card themes….one for you to jot down the measurements and file for the future!


Let’s get going! This card is showcased with the stunning Dashing Deer Bundle and YES….it is being carried over so pull out your chair and do a little dance as this is one versatile and classic offering!

Remember, you will ONLY GET THE 10% DISCOUNT NOW as after this catalog it will not be a bundled price and heck, that is $5.00 so why not – helps towards shipping!






I hope that you can see the detail of the stamp. I was just THRILLED with how this stamped and I love the fine details that the framelits give! It is details like this that you say to yourself after you run it through the Big Shot…WOW – I did that…..and it was so easy yet so WOW!

I was not happy with the way my photos turned out as it is so hard to capture the sheer elegance of the gold foil paper so you are going to have to trust me…it is one classic that I would be SUPER proud to send!






I just adore using lots of paper with layers. It is a simple but always effective way to showcase a clean and simple card…my favorite type of card to make! I have several “close-up” shots for you so I hope that you find them helpful in getting the feel of the card.

Another thing that I adore to do is score! I always use the Simply Scored when doing so as I feel it gives you a much deeper score line …look below at the way the gold foil paper was scored….I think it is STUNNING and just the right amount of bling to make the card have that WOW feel!






I am not a card maker that uses a bunch of sparkle and shine to my cards but I will say, the holidays are a time that I do enjoy using it and the overall effect that it brings is just the “right touch” With that said….here is a GREAT TIP for you….

I would make sure that you have the Foil Sheets in your stash as there is nothing worse than working on a project and saying….now a bit gold or silver would do the trick and then for you to find out….you are out!

I have listed at the end of the post the (4) different offerings that Stampin’ Up! offers in the Foil Papers…they are a great price point and you only get 2 sheets so it is not like you have a big worry of storage of MORE PAPER…trust me on this one,,,you will be happy that you have them for when you need that extra special touch!







Now for what I know you all want…..THE FORMULA! Well…here you go and I do hope that you will copy this down and then make one! When I blog about “formula cards” I always encourage my blog readers to go NOW to their craft area and make one up….even if you do not have these exact products….

This way you will be able to reference right back to the pictures. This formula is a great way to use up paper and also a way to minimize the amount of DSP that you use.







  • Card Base – a regular A-2 Card….4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″


  • The Gold Foil Piece is 2 3/4″ X 5 1/2″ and then scored at 1/4″ and 1/2″ on each sides….(long side) and then on the (short sides), score at 3/8″ and 1/2″ on both ends. Adhere to base of card. (If you have the little markers for the Simply Scored…just put them on the Simply Scored as it makes it super fast and easy to remember where to score)


  • The solid piece of cardstock is 2 1/2″ X 4″ and then the DSP is the same. Adhere over the gold with tilting the Solid rectangle as shown.


  • Add the focal element to the card…for today, I used the deer and then popped it up with some slivers of dimensionals to give it a lift! A wee gold bow adhered with a simple glue dot was the perfect bling for this classic Holiday card!


  • Add a sentiment across the middle on a strip of paper. I think an element like this is the icing on the card as it creates an interest to the eye without being super distracted! I also like to only cut one end of the sentiment strip and also extend it over the rectangles…



There you GO!!!! I hope that these directions are a great help to you and I also hope that you will make this layout up! I am all about making multiple cards up and with the Stamparaus….it is a breeze to do so! I hope that card touched your heart and has inspired you to get inky today!

More inspiration awaits! Use the Blog Hop Line-up below to visit the rest of this month’s hoppers. My fellow Pals are excited to show you what they’ve created. Don’t forget to show us some love by commenting on our creations.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 9, 2019 when our Hoppin’ Pals share projects “From the Heart”. Don’t miss the fun.




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You have a bunch of hopping to do so you better HOP AWAY! I thank you for hopping in today – it feesl great to be back hopping with the PALS! Be a sponge and soak up all of the inspiration that you will find with this hop…

‘Tis the season for all of us to sparkle and shine and with that said….enjoy this wonderful and oh so special Holiday Season that is quickly coming upon us!






‘Tis the Season….it’s SALE TIME!


I have a BUNCH to help you understand….a BUNCH of Stampin’ Up! stuff….hope it helps!


Happy Friday to all and I hope that you have had a great week! It is super chilly on the East Coast but the sun is just beautiful and doing its best to warm things up! Trust me, I have ONE GRUMPY PIG as she does NOT like the cold whatsoever!

There has been so much going on this week with Stampin’ Up!… We all know that the Holiday Catalog will be wrapping up January 2nd and there will be a NEW KID ON THE BLOCK starting January 3rd…PLUS SALE-A-BRATION(aka, the sweetest time of the year with Stampin’ Up! )



I have waited until today to post about the End of the Year Closeout Sale that Stampin’ Up! is having as truth be told…I found it to be SUPER confusing and I waited until the dust settled and I was able to grasp it (I think I’ve got it now!) You know me and my “simple brain”…I had to be sure I understood it before I asked you to!

I am the very first to admit that we can continue to get more and more “stuff” (as I like to call it) and trust me, I love my STUFF but I encourage you to really think before you go button happy. To me, the MAIN GOAL is for you to be happy with your purchases!


With that being said…there will be many products that will be a “should I or shouldn’t I” thought. Only you can make that decision.


Let me explain as I think many of you get confused:

  • When Stampin’ Up! offers a bundle in a given catalog….it is only being offered AT THE BUNDLED PRICE OF 10% OFF through the lifespan of that specific catalog.
  • IF Stampin’ Up! decides to continue to carry that specific product (basically think of it this way – it has another life line)…than it will carry over but you will NOT be able to purchase it at the discounted price!


We have (5) CURRENT BUNDLES in the Holiday Catalog that are sticking around! Below you will see them and as always, at the end of my post you will see the images that you can directly click and purchase.

  • Merry Christmas to All (page 5)
  • Making Spirits Bright (page 6)
  • Dashing Deer (page 9)
  • Winter Woods (page 27)
  • First Frost (page 37)


WHEW…I hope that explanation helps you!!!

I find it to be very confusing and I really want you to only make a purchase what you want…rather than aimlessly spending money and getting more “stuff” as I know what happens….you get that internal feeling of CALGON…take me AWAY and then you are overwhelmed….again, I get it!










Stampin’ Up! also has products that are DISCOUNTED. Now we ALL know what that word means!!!







WHEW AGAIN, I hope that this is helping you all better understand!

I have (2) more things for you that I think will be super helpful to you at a glance. I took the time to type up a list of the items in the current Holiday Catalog that will be hanging on…..I find this to be helpful and please feel free to reach out to me if I can explain anything else!


You can click here – Stampin Up! Carried Over List from Holiday 2018 Catalog for the list that I created of the products that will be carrying over.

Also…we know that Stampin’ Up! is always adding more colors of the Blends into the Product Line. Personally, I find it frustrating not to have a simple & clean list off all of the current ones. You can click here – Stampin’ Blends Colors as of December 2018 

I hope that you will find the key useful in seeing what you already have and also…there are more being added as listed with the Occasions Catalog!






Now a confession….you know that I love to say….the confessions of an honest stamper and yep, here you go! I totally pre-judged the fact that I was not going to like the Take Your Pick Tool….





WHY???? Easy-peasy = I have many other gadgets that are similar to this and thought….hmmm, stampin’ Up! was too late to the party on this one! Well, I was wrong, totally wrong. I was given one on the Alaska Cruise and probably did not even attempt to use it for several months.

I COULD NOT find my stylus for my Simply Scored Board anywhere and I was in the middle of doing a bunch of cards! Well, I wasted so much time trying to “un-earth”  this missing stylus: I thought…..give that thing, the Take Your Pick tool a try and guess what, I LOVED IT!

I have no problem in admitting that I was wrong and I do encourage you to give it a try! It is so darn handy having everything together. I have even loved to use the spatula side to lift up areas that I have stuck down and then changed my mind! (I am sure you have been there as well)

For orders placed with me this month that are over $75.00 I will gladly send to you this Take You Pick Tool. I know that there are several of you that have already ordered this month so I have you covered! Please use the HOSTESS CODE of N42M7VP3.

Thanks for hanging in there today and I hope that I was clear in helping you better understand the End of the Year Stuff!

There are several more new promotions going on….but we can talk about them at another time…..TOO  MUCH INFO in one week puts me on overload and if I feel it…than I know you feel it. I just want you to be an informed Happy Stamper!

Those products will be there for a while so I will post on them soon but if you are curious I have them in the below line up and yes, I have both and I love both and highly recommend them! Until later..I hope you can get inky!




Bring on the OREO’S!!!


Hello and Happy Thursday! It is 3-D Thursday and today is is the super talented Sarah Wills turn to wow us with a fun 3-D project and I would say…..


She did and “ELF” of a good job!!




I’m sure that you are like me and smiling as it is just adorable and who doesn’t love a good old fashion Oreo Cookie! Do you have a favorite?… I am the classic gal of the Chocolate with the Double Stuff….but here is a fun fact for you…there are 32 different flavors of Oreos! Naturally I have to google it but YEP…check it out here for yourself!

I always think it is super fun to have a sweet project like this to pull out to make someone smile! And the best thing is…Sarah has provided for you the instructions as well as a template for you to recreate this yourself!






Sarah made hers with the Peppermint Bark Oreos….(that is a new one for me….and she found them at Target) Well….I will be on the HUNT for this flavor as it does sound yummy lending itself to the season!

Sarah’s Tip:  to keep the filling of the cookies from marking the inside of your cello bag whilst you fill it, put your cookies into the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm up that filling and voila!   They are much easier to stack  in the bags!

I loved the fact that she did use Glimmer Paper but if you do not have that….you could easily substitute it with white and wouldn’t it be just adorable to put a big Jingle Bell on the tip of his shoe?







You guys know me by now…little projects like this are right up my Simple One-Way Alley as this would be easy to make and a guaranteed smile would be on anyones face! Heck, you could also add a Peppermint Stick to it as well.

Sara used the sentiment from the Takeout Treats Bundle…that is being retired but I would take a peek at this one as I think the variety of Occasions and the fun box are just too cute for words! If the framelit part is not for you….do not overlook this stamp set as you could easoly use a punch or snips to cut an image out!







I am sure that you have also felt the amazing love, compassion and simple sense of respect and peace that our Country has been having this week as we mourn the loss of George Bush!

The below picture just about did me in. You know how I feel about my animals and this sums it up! Animals teach us so much and they also love us so unconditionally. What a blessing it is that these trained animals can have the heart and dedication to help aid and protect someone in need.





Now go and download and print off Sarah’s AMAZING and OH SO CLEAR directions ( I soooo appreciate them) – then hop to the grocery store and get yourself some Oreos!

Here you go… ElfShoeTemplate…..have FUN and here is the FABULOUS directions for the entire project!





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