I’m back with a winner of a card!!!




Happy Tuesday to you and I admit….I was fearful that I was going to forget how to blog!!! I think that this is the absolute longest that I have gone from blogging but please do not think that I have not been busy…as the Product Share Orders kept me full time each day and they are all complete and OUT THE DOOR! (whew, a great feeling !!!)

Life on Randall Lane has been busy and I feel like there are sooooooo many “funnies” to share with you and I will on another day as I think you will laugh….BIG TIME with some of the shenanigans that have been going on with the critters!  Poor Daisy Mae…she is a grumpy piggy with the heat and my family thinks I spoil her with air conditioning….heck I say – a girl has to do what a girl needs to do! I promise I will share as I know you enjoy my animal stories!

Today I have for you a card that I think is going to make you smile, well at least I hope so! When I am woking on Product Shares, I get to know the new products really well! I watch sooooo many videos while cutting and sorting! It is funny, products that I did not give much emphasis to clearly make me look at it differently and this bundle is one that perked my interest…the Serene Garden Bundle.






You have heard me blog about this before but here it is again…I adore looking at the catalog for inspiration as the amazing pictures of projects in the catalog will make you have a “spring board” to start your creative juices to flow! (page 166) I think the thing that intrigued me about attempting to make todays card was the Pool Party pop of color around the stamped image.

The coloring on this card was all done with the Stampin’ Blends. They make coloring a breeze. One question I am asked many times is…what colors do I need? Hang tight as you might think I am being over board on this one but here you go….YOU NEED THEM ALL! Yep, you heard me…you need them all as I just cannot imagine sitting down to work on a project and being limited to waht you can do and what you cannot do because of the color options!

The Blends (page page 205) are an alcohol based marker that makes coloring as fun as the day when you were a “grasshopper” and got the new box of Crayola Crayons (now THIS IS a great memory as getting a new box felt like you hit the jackpot). They come in a light and a dark but I would just look at the column on the right and purchase them as a combo pack as you DO WANT both the light and dark of each coloring offering!

WHY DID THEY DO THIS LIKE THIS??? Easy….you will see that you will gravitate and use certain colors more than others, just like we do with our cardstock and stamps that we use. The great thing is that YOU WILL be able to purchase just what you need in case you have to reorder on one Blend….not having to get it as a set.

Using an alcohol based marker allows you to color without marker streaks and here is a myth…as many of you think that you need to understand the whole blending and shading scoop…NOPE – you can get GREAT results without knowing any of this stuff! I did all of this with straight forward putting the Blend to the paper! Once you get comfy with the Blends, then you can experiment with shading etc….






There is SOOOOOO much to chat about this new catalog and darn it, I wish that we all lived in the same town so we could chat in person (the reality is…our families would NEVER see us cause’ we would have a BIG OLD TIME together) But for me, a NEW CATALOG takes time to settle in and get to know! I am looking so forward to sharing you things that I love in a clean and simple way!

One thing that is FOR SURE is…



Stampin’ Up! ROCKS IT with DSP and the color coordination across the entire product line!



I am just goo-goo over the Garden Impressions DSP Stack! It is just over the top beautiful and truth be told, I am drawn more to the flip side of this paper that I am using today but I wanted to stretch my comfort zone and use this side…and I learned a lesson – I loved the end result!!! When I showed my best critic (my sweet hubby John) he smiled and said – this is great and what makes it is that background! (and then I smiled)







I often like to cover the entire panel of a card front. To me, it makes an instant impact. Speaking of impact…the new color of Gray Granite is my new favorite Neutral! I invite you to play with this color as it is one that makes a subtle project rock, a bold project rock etc…I did a wee mat of it around the focal portion of the card today! Just a little goes a long way and IT’S WORTH IT!

You just cannot go wrong with paper…I love to layer, I love to pop up – taking that extra step, taking that extra time will clearly show up in the end result. I like to look at layering as an accessory…just like when we dress ourselves, a scarf can make a fun outfit a wow outfit…just like paper does with our card designs!

Speaking of extra touches…how about this Linen Thread? It’s like a crisp white blouse in your closet…you ALWAYS need this! I love to wrapped several strands of the Linen Thread around when I create as I think the texture and effect makes a difference.

I like to run my Linen Thread (and also I do this with Bakers Twine) through a Bees Wax thingie???? (I have linked it for you from Jo Ann’s Fabric) but I am sure you can get them many places….I might be creative but I cannot sew worth a lick! I do this because it make the thin stands “behave and make a perfect bow with both texture and substance” I secure my bows with a simple glue dot – works every time!








The sentiment….super cute, right?!?! The font is right up my alley and this is from the amazing bundle, Varied Vases! I wish that Stampin’ Up! would share with us what products are on the tops but I would wagger to say that this one…has to be in the top 3! It is super special as not only is is a clean and oh so versatile bundle but the price point is perfect!

I know that you all have seen many amazing projects with this set and it is one that will be a classic through the test of time! Perfect for all occasions…and paper piecing….one of my favorite techniques to do (watch for future posts with this technique). I am also super “family proud” as this bundle was created by my upline, Mary Fish for becoming a million dollar SU seller….you can see her clean and classic style! I guess I could say, I’m proud of my SU Mama!







I simply took a 1/2″ piece of Calypso Coral cardstock and heat embossed it with white embossing powder. This IS a technique that I never get tired of as the WOW comes back to you just as it was the first time you did it! This is funny….I can remember that after I purchased the Heat Tool I could hardly wait for John to get home to show him the magic! (kinda silly that as an adult things like this makes us feel giddy)

The 2 most important tips I can give you for great Heat Embossing results are….get the Heat Tool good and hot before you bring it to the project to set…and you DO NEED the embossing buddy…this helps with stray pieces of embossing powder to your area that you are heat setting. Both of these products are a one time investment!

I often get emails about how do I get the embossing powder off of my darker cardstock after heat embossing. Here you go – I keep Swifter Clothes in my work area and use them often! (You can get them at any Grocery Store but I linked you to Amazon for convenience) and I cut them into smaller sizes and use them for many things….cleaning off the white reside from the embossing buddy…removing any excess embossing powder that is on my work area etc….



I love the look of white embossing on a color cardstock…clean and classic!







Speaking of things I love…I love my envelopes!



This is something that I do with each and every card I send out… to me, it is all about first impressions and when you receive a card in the mail and see some envelope love to it….I know what happens, you smile! Trust me, I “get it” as I am the same way and it is funny that when John brings the mail in and sees that I have some “happy mail” from someone….he will SPOT OUT THE ENVELOPE and say….this will make you smile – it’s a pretty envelope!

With this card today I wasn’t feeling the love to put this DSP on the outer flap like I usually do so I thought – make your own envelope in Pool Party to pull it all together! This IS a great example of envelope love! There is an instant WOW with a colorful envelope and making one with the envelope punch board is a cinch. (you have heard me say this….but this IS the best piece of plastic you can buy for $20.00) 

It just took an 8″ X 8″ square of cardstock to create this smile! For those of you that like to make square cards like I do…you can easily whip up any size using the trusty guide on the front.

Are you hanging in there???? I am sorry that my posts are so darn long but I cannot help it sometimes – it is always my goal to inspire you and help you “see where I am coming from” with my projects! Remember, it’s ME…..SIMPLE SUSAN so I do not showcase anything that I do not like personally and I am just who I am with my style of blogging!

I am sooooo happy that many of you enjoyed the Blog Post of how I organize my Cardstock….I am going to pop in there today and respond to your comments! Being organized just makes this whole process of this “addiction we have” so much more enjoyable and it also allows us not to over buy.

The next post I am going to do is how I organize my Designer Series Paper! Trust me, you will be SHOCKED with how little room it takes up and I have every offering that Stampin’ Up! has! It is all about the process and all about having the right products!

Enjoy the day and I am sooooo hoping to have more “me time” today in my studio! I just wanna play with the new kids on the block! All of the products that I used to create this sweet card will be found below!!! See you soon!






What can I say but this time of the year is exciting, simply exciting! I know, I know….it takes time to let the new things settle and sink in….and that’s ok! I am in the same boat as you are!LE

The NEW CATALOG launched on Friday but because of way that the calendar fell…NO NEW ORDERS are even starting to be shipped until tomorrow (Monday) so please…do not feel that you are late!!! Heck…we’ve got this catalog for a whole darn year so please…take it all in and enjoy the journey!

I love to share tips & tricks that make things easier and when it comes to ORGANIZING I know that when we have a system that works – we are happy stampers!




Let’s DIVE IN to the sea of getting ORGANIZED!


This post is one for you to sit back and take in…one for you to reread and revisit…and this post clearly is tips & tricks that have worked for me and by no means am I suggesting for you to change if you have a system that works perfectly fine for you.

That is what is great about this fun thing that we do…we always see things in different ways and the ultimate goal is to have a system that allows you to continue to create with ease and by all means, not to feel stressed over something that I am sure we have said to ourselves….”What the heck to I do with ALL OF THIS!”

Before we continue forward with this post I need to be upfront and say this…I know that my posts are very long (a bunch of times) and for those that like short and sweet, (I’m sorry) but I just have to be “me” and when I started this journey with Stampin’ Up! 6 years ago…the LAST THING that I ever thought that I would be doing is blogging and also –  actually still being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator as I was just joining to get a discount and then OUT THE DOOR! They make it just too easy to continue to get a discount and the reality is I love the people I have met and touched my life….so I guess you can say – your stuck with me!

Let’s get this going and I will say…this took me a LONG TIME to compile as I have hyperlinked many items for you to help “make sense” for you to understand what I am trying to convey. Darn, I wish that we all lived in the same town and I could just show you in person what I am trying to say convey!



There are 3 things that need to be organized –  Paper, Ink and Stamps…



Trust me, there are a bunch more but lets start with these 3 things as if these areas are total chaos for you… you are NOT going to have a fun stampin’ experience and we need to do something about that! Today is all about Paper Storage….something that ALWAYS seems to perk you up and always ask questions!

YEARS AGO….I did a blog post about paper storage (click here and then here is another one) and I will say…I still believe in it. Since that post I have invested in some custom cabinets in my craft area so I have tweaked my personal area but this system that I will highlight below is a PERFECT one for a crafter.

Get 1 or 2 storage bins that are similar to the ones that I have pictured below. The reason that you might need 2 is simply for the fact that you might have more paper and also depending on the amount of scraps you put into it. Personally, I only keep the current Stampin’ Up! colors in it but again, do what works for you!




I am linking things for you from many different sources so please, just do what works for you – we all live all over the place so many people feel comfortable with certain retail places. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that make sure it works for your needs with the space you have dedicated to. There is nothing more frustrating than starting something to only figure out you are saying – “Now where in the heck am I going to put it”

I think it is ket to have the option to have a lid. WHY? Well for starters…many of us like an option to stack to minimize space. Personally, I keep my 2 bins behind a cabinet door so my lids are not on them but if I were ever to go somewhere and take these bins…you bet that I would put the lids on them!

Here you go with some links / options…..


Next, file folders….I use a separate file folder for every color. I know that some might be thinking. THAT’S A LOT OF FILE FOLDERS and YEP, it is but it is worth it and you can and will always use file folders!

  • Here is a link for the File Folders
  • Here is a link for the 3 1/2″ clear tabs that will hold the actual card stock and label on. I really like this longer length (3 1/2″) as it allows more of the color of paper to show after you will put your label with the color name on it.
  • Here is a link for the labels – I will say this – when it comes to labels, buy the Avery Brand. It is well worth the extra money as the labels stick well. Heck, I am one that always loves to save when I can…but this brands really is the best.


WHEW….how are you doing? Hanging in there?


I feel bad that this post is sooo darn wordy but I truly am trying my best to share and paint the picture of organization for you! You can do this and I know that IF you have a workable system than you are more likely to enjoy the journey a bit better!


CLICK HERE for all of the Stampin’ Up! Colors for you to get organized!


Next, we need to add card stock and label them. I cut a 3 1/2″ X 1 1/4″ piece of the card stock and then score it at 5/8″…the reason that I do it this way is that I have found that sometime the card stock paper will fall down if I make it 5/8″ X 3 1/2″ (and that makes me grumpy) so if it is a bit thicker (being scored and folded in 1/2…it stays put). Add the specific color label of the card stock and SMILE! (you’re getting there)





I know that there is going to be someone asking this question….How do you organize your colors? Here’s my answer…I organize them by the color families.In one bin I have the BRIGHTS, REGALS and SUBTLES together…and in the other bin I have the NEUTRALS and IN COLORS.

If you do it this way and if you also have retired Stampin’ Up! colors…you can easily add more folders to your 2nd bin. I know that some people organize by the color of the rainbow but for me, my simple brain works better this way!

I have shared with you that I use these bins for my scraps because I have a built in paper cubbies for all of my full sheets of paper (and I will share that with you in a later post) but here is an idea of how to incorporate your full sheets of paper to keep them both clean & organized.

You can actually do 3 things….please read them below and then let them “sink in” and you decide how it works best for you.

  • Add an additional file folder to your bins and place it in front of the one that has the tab scraps like we did above.
  • Add the full sheets of the card stock behind all of your scraps as described above.
  • Put your full sheets of Card Stock in a Job Ticket Holder and then slide this in the scraps folder.


Let me explain…I like to use these pouches to keep my Non-Stampin’ Up! Paper in when I purchase it full packs of paper, just like we can do with our Stampin’ Up! Paper. A full pack of 24 sheets can easily fit into a Job Ticket Holder. I totally realize that many of you do not purchase full packs of every color…but I am just trying to share with you another way to stay organized.





I guess you could say I am a bit picky about the way that I like my products to be kept…nice and neat….with no chances of getting the tips bent etc…so these works for me. Just as I shared above with the labels, I would buy the Avery Brand for these as the quality is stellar – they are super heavy gauge vinyl that truly hold a bunch. These pouches WILL fit in the file folders.

We are just about done…..(well heck, I could go on for HOURS about this topic) but I will try to wrap it up! On the outside of the Job Ticket Holder I use the label maker to identify what is inside the Job Ticket. In the picture below you will see that I have the Company Name on line #1 and then underneath it I put the product color.

I have blogged about this a BUNCH but I think a label maker is a MUST HAVE – we use it all over the house! Here is a link for the Brothers P Touch Label Maker….this is  “go-to” in my home! I can tell you that the price fluctuates a bunch in Amazon and also in stores… but seriously, if you do not have it…I would treat yourself.

As for the refills…always have refills because when you are in a groove in making labels…nothing is more frustrating than running out. For this…I do buy a knock off brand from Amazon and they work GREAT….I would make sure you have both widths.

  • Here is a link for the 1/2″ width (I use this size more than the 1/4″ as I like to get either 2 lines of text on it and also I like the font to be super large if I am just labeling something with one word)
  • Here is a link for the 1/4″ width – I do think that it is wise to have this width as well because I use this to label my punches and also to label my non stampin’ up! ink pads ….I just think you will be amazed with how you will use the narrower width (I also use this for my spices in the kitchen)

When I can save money, I do…(heck, that’s why I signed up to be a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator) and I will say….buying an off brand for the tape for you Label Maker IS the way to go. The quality is just fine and there is a HUGE difference in the Brothers Label Refill price.

Now we are going to touch on what I truly think IS THE BEST OPTION for you to me on the “New Track of the Stampin’ Up! Color Revamp” Chances are you already have many of the Stampin’ Up! Colors but I think that at the beginning of a NEW CATALOG YEAR the best and most economical thing to do is purchase the collections of the card stocks.

This way, you will have (2) sheets of EACH COLOR of EVERY SOLID COLOR of paper (4 of the In Colors) that we have and then you will be able to get a feel to what colors you gravitate to – this way you will start to see a pattern in your style and then perhaps purchase full packs of 24 sheets of a given color. At the end of this post you will see all of the Collection Lines Up! in the Product Line up!

The other thing that I would do is…purchase one of my Card Stock on a Ring Swatch Books that I have made up! This is a must have and actually I would have (2) – one to keep at home and another to keep with you in case you are somewhere and are trying to match up something and use a current color that we have.




I have had to re-order on them as they seem to be “hot cakes” and to me, there is nothing like seeing and feeling the actual card stock in your own hands. Each swatch is professionally printed with the Color Name and Color Family it comes from. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONE and in the SUBJECT LINE PLEASE PUT, Card Stock Swatches.

How are you scratching your head as to what and where do the new COLOR FAMILY called BASICS fit in? (page184) First – I am THRILLED that stampin’ up! has pulled out the old faithfuls and made a new sub-section for them. I am talking about Whisper White, Very Vanilla and Basic Black. All of these are in my swatch book so you can feel the difference on the weights between the thick and the regular.

Again, you will see them in the product line up at the end but we all need full packs of these papers as they are just as they are called, the BASICS.  I always use the Thick Weight for my card bases and then the regular weight gets used for the inside layer as well as for when I stamp an image and want to use the blends or copics with it.

You can put them in your bins just like I have outlined above but here I am going to share with you what I call a GAME CHANGER for me in my work area. I use the Whisper White and also the Very Vanilla ALL THE TIME and honestly because I reach for them quite often, I keep my scraps of these in the AMAZING stacking containers that are SUPER AFFORDABLE.

You can CLICK HERE to see where I purchased them but truthfully you can find something in a store that would probably work but I honestly think these are the best because of the price and also because of the quality. They are SUPER STRONG as we know sometimes we get things that are nothing more than cheap plastic.




I do love the Container Store and in future posts you will see more Items I get there in keeping me organized! You want to make sure that the container you use is long enough to have the scraps lay flat. These stack perfectly and the quality  – fabulous! I often go ahead and precut strips of paper in the basics so when I am creating, I can reach in and pull out a strip that is 1″ .

You can see that I labeled them with my P-Touch Label Maker and it is super easy for me to read and use….hence saving a bunch of full sheets as I think when we cannot find something easily – we just grab a full sheet. (does this sound familiar to anyone)

WHEW….this has taken me FOREVER TO DO and I do hope that you have enjoyed it, found it helpful and can see the vision as to where I am going for you in being organized. Please feel free to leave me a comment. I will continue to explore more organizational ideas on the future if you enjoy these.

Please know….if you want to get into the 1st wave of the PROJECT SHARE for this new catalog….you can! The cut off for WAVE 1 is this Wednesday, June 6th and then I will do another wave of product shares but that will not be until towards the end of the month.


The cut off for the 1st wave of the product share is WEDNESDAY, June 6th.


I am excited to hear and see what products tickle your fancy from the newbie. The BEST ADVICE I can give you is…look….look…and then look again. Take sometime to let it sink in and then take an inventory of the stamps you already have. There are some new and exciting products and some that I think you will be able to use a bunch in conjunction with things you already have!

With the NEW goes the retired…and yep, I have deeply discounted my RETIRED STAMPS/BUNDLES from the past Catalog. They are all at least 50% off and you can find them under the Blog Header/Shop…and it is the 4th down – RETIRED SU Product. All of them are on a 1st come basis so take a look to take advantage of a great deal!

Enjoy the afternoon and on the East Coast….I think we are all about to swim away as we have had rain, rain and MORE RAIN! This is the time of the year that I adore to pick Strawberries…but with all of the rain we have been having…it has really put a damper on the local farmers.

Please let me know if this blog post helps you and if YES  – I will share more…and if NOT – no worries….it would save me a bunch of time! I do love sharing with you as this little thing that I do is soooo much more than selling….it’s about a journey of love and passion that I have with some AMAZING PEOPLE….like YOU!




Never a dull moment…on Randall Lane!


Good Monday…oops Tuesday morning to you! I hope that everyone had a fabulous Holiday Weekend and if you are like me….when a Holiday falls on a Monday and John is off from work, I am confused as to what day it is all week long! One thing that will WHIP MY MEMORY to be on track is….this Friday is NEW CATALOG DAY – yippee skippee!

Hang tight with me today as there actually IS a bit about stampin’ (and I know that it will make you smile) and also a video for you that is super short but one that you need to watch as it is just FABULOUS in teaching a super fun technique…..so grab a cup of “whatever” and take all of this fun in!

Whew, we had a bunch going on and you know me, I love to share with you all of the crazy things that happen as I just love life! I had great intentions to do certain things (I love to work from a list) and then LIFE happened and took me to other paths but it all worked out! It ended up to be a super productive weekend but I need to be honest with you…

My wonderful, sweet and kind husband had his tail between his legs when I came home and left him in charge of 6 dogs….yep, this is where the stories begin! First…I need to back up as I did not share this with you before but now it has happened TWICE and as the saying goes… you just can’t make this stuff up!

I love to cook and one thing that makes me super happy to to continue to learn about cooking and techniques so here is a little tidbit you might not know about me but….I volunteer as needed at this amazing Kitchen Studio where they teach all different cooking classes. It is a win-win for me as I adore to learn and explore with food and I adore to be around “foodies” as just like stamping – it is great to be with peolple that share the same passion as you do!

Well…on Friday, May 18th I went to the cooking school and left John at home with 6 dogs (we were babysitting James & Ashleigh’s 3 dogs for the weekend) and John was looking forward to a “guy night” and being able to eat things that I am not a fan of….and watch a “guy movie” which again, I am not a fan of…

I did my thing and it was a FANTASTIC menu and on my way home John called me which I thought was a bit unusual as he knows how long it takes etc….he said – just checking in to see how your evening was and I bet you are on the way home (it is about a 40 minute drive) and I said yep – it was great…how’s everything at the house?

I came in the door…the kitchen was spotless (which is normal for him as he is the best) and then the TV was turned to Shark Tank (a show that I ADORE)… I knew something was up….WHY???? I know him well enough as when he has the opportunity to watch a good guy movie without any comments from the peanut gallery – that would be ME  he usually will say hi – glad your home and never look up to see if it was actually me that walked in the door!

He went through all of the guilty things one could say….like – tell me about the menu…..how many people were there……what did you learn…..and then I did the count….1 -2- 3- 4 -5 …..and said – WHERE’S MILO? He said – he went back to bed but I need to tell you something. Naturally my heart sank!

This is his story…..While I was cooking…I had the tv turned up….. and all 6 of the dogs were playing with toys in the family room….(we have this huge crock in the corner of our family room that has all sorts of dog toys from animals that are missing arms….to the classic rubber chicken to the “wrecking ball” – we named it that as it is a HUGE BALL with a rope attached to it that they love to play and tug on and when one lets go..the wrecking ball goes flying across the room!)

He continued saying that the dogs were all playing like normal and they must have gotten carried away…..and then he said – Milo had a little mishap! Again, my heart sank and I went back towards our room and he said – NO WAIT….he is ok – let me finish. I did and he continued in saying that he fixed dinner (and it was great) and then he sat down to relax….. Milo was sitting with him in his chair watching “the guys movie” and all of the others were there as well…..

To fill you in….MILO is a PERFECT dog that we rescued and a dog that you would say “fills my heart” after loosing my dear Eddie 2 years ago….and just as most dachshunds do…they love to be patted and when you stop, they nudge you with their nose. In hindsight I can see this whole thing as when John gets engrossed with a movie…the volume on the TV goes UP and it is like a bomb could go off and he wouldn’t notice…


Well, he noticed! The bottom part of Milos ear was dangling…


I actually would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see his face and truthfully hear what he said to the other dogs…..I am sure it was something like this…..OH MY GOSH….Milo – what happened….then it was probably something like….ok guys (to the other dogs) when did this happen…..LIKE SOMEONE IS REALLY GOING TO CONFESS….to thinking OMG….this isn’t going to go well with Susan!

He said – there was no blood  and I have no idea when it happened but he seems fine….and tomorrow we will take him to the vets…..then this was THE BEST COMMENT…… – I think we should put Neosporin on it and wrap it up to help it grow back!







I agree…Milo seemed fine, there was a wee bit of blood but nothing that I would have noticed if I was home but one thing I would have noticed was that my sweet MILO’S ear was dangling! Milo slept well that night, poor John did not. The next morning we went to the Vets (John as like Cinderella as he was just waiting for the clock to hit the magic time…. 7 a.m.) TOGETHER we went as you bet I wanted to know the scoop!

Milo stayed for the day and they sedated him…..ending up getting 9 stitches and came home with the “CONE OF SHAME” on his sweet head. We all know how we feel sorry for a dogs when that have to wear those silly cones!

Dr. Hurry’s instructions were….keep the cone on Milo for a week and then when he comes back we can see if it is going to “take” His concern was that the area of the tear there was not a bunch of blood vessels and he didn’t know if it would heal.

I was a bit miffed and said – ok….what happens if it doesn’t take? His response was – we will just have to remove that section of his ear and Milo will be just fine. My Vet is a HUGE man….about as tall as John (6’5″) but much larger and he is from Scotland so he has this amazing British accent…..again, my heart sank and he said in the sweetest way – it will be ok…I know…you love your dogs but he will be just fine!

Off we went and John was so helpful with me the remainder of the weekend…(hmmmmmm, interesting how husbands can touch your heart strings!!!) but honestly, he felt bad….really bad. Milo was happy and honestly he was fine except with that darn cone. Dogs have a great way of becoming adjusted with wearing the cone and whenever we were with Milo, we would take it off as he was really great about not trying to scratch his ear!







Well….it continues….5 days later I popped off to Yoga and John was mowing. Our dogs LOVE to be outside while he mows and it is super funny to see how they follow him – (Jack always loves to sit on the mower) and then John said, I felt bad for Milo with his cone on so I took it off as I thought that I would be right there to see him…yada – yada-yada….and then it happened! Milo darted off to go after a squirrel and he ripped his stitches……


I get home and sweet John has EGG ALL OVER HIS FACE


Back to the vet we go and Dr. Hurry said, “I’m glad I don’t live at your house!!!” John face was priceless and the vet said, bring him back tomorrow and we will go ahead and clean his teeth and I will remove that section…

Then he continued to say…if it makes you feel any better, it didn’t look like it was taking hold. I’m sure that was music to John’s ears!











I made this card and had it on John’s side of the bed….just a little note from Milo still saying….it’s ok Dad – I still love you! I just adore this technique and when I saw this video a while back – I instantly knew that I was going to make it as what a PERFECT layout! Please, please take the time to watch this video as it is really great. This was part of a Stamparatus Blog Hop that was fantastic to see how so many talented stampers helped to demonstrate different techniques!







It was a cinch to do and this was a one take card! The directions that Allison shared were SPOT ON and it was super easy! I am just BANANAS over the new ink pads….I only have a couple of them (until Friday) but they stamp like butter! The coverage is just stellar. This is the new In Color, Blueberry Bushel and I thought that it would be great to just use one color and I was thrilled with the end result!






You know that I adore square cards (this is a 4 1/4″ square) and then using a great DSP(the tutti fruitti DSP stack) as the focal backdrop make it come together like “peanut butter and jelly”. The sentiment came from a My Favorite Things Stamp, Four-Legged Friends…a stamp that I reach for often with my endless love for dogs!

It thought that it was just PERFECT for this “situation”……it is so simple yet so effective. I invite you to look at your stamps and look for small images that you could stamp over and over to create a perfect circle! It could be a heart like this from the retiring Heart Happiness Stamp Set or a flower, a star…endless possibilities!

Also…look at sentiments and let them pop off of a card! I just adore the look of white heat embossing when it is stamped on a dark piece of card stock – to me, it really makes a POP STATEMENT!







The moral of this long story is… life is great on Randall Lane….Milo is great….John is great and he promised me that he will NOT TAKE OFF THE CONE…even IF Milo flashes those pathetic eyes at him. When I went back in to get him on Friday Dr. Hurry came out and said to me…

Here is the story“Milo went with you to the beach and while he was watching you in the water he saw a shark coming right towards you…..he LEAPED INTO the ocean and wrestled with a shark to save you….and he has the scare to prove it!”…we both laughed and then he said….”You all do love your animals and if I was an animal, I would want to live on Randall Lane!”

Life is great, my heart is happy and now…..I need to get to the computer and get things done! Here is to a great week ahead! Remember – there are only 4 days left to snatch up retiring goodies and also remember….there are some great things in the new Stampin’ Up! Sea that will be here on Friday! 🙂






They might be little, but they are WOW!



I have a blog post for you today that I think many of you will be doing the happy dance about as so many of you adore these little narrow notecards and envelopes! You can click here to see the post that I did about them and with the way that you all LOVED them…I know that you are going to adore these!

This post is not only “super cute….in my stampin’ opinion”….but I will be using 3 stamps that are WALKING THE DREADED PLANK into the Stampin’ Up! Sea of Products that will be leaving us! Let’s move on cause’ these are fun!

I just love it when I get surprised with how much I grow to love a product and these narrow notecards and envelopes are truly one of them! Has that ever happened to you? These little gems made their debut in the Occasions Catalog and WOOT-WOOT…..they are staying with us in the NEW upcoming Catalog that comes out on Friday, June 1st!

I think I was a bit skeptical about them as they are an odd size but once I looked at simple and classic images….played around with them – I fell in love!. They are perfect for little “tuck in’s” to gifts, little baked goods that I like to give and as a gift of enclosure for friends! So fun and useful and an end result that will surely bring a smile to you!






I have lots of pictures for you today and yep….am sure you will want to make some of these gems up! My main point that you get from this posting today is to THINK OUT OF THE BOX! I know that we all have so many different stamp sets at our homes that would be just perfect for this! They are just so darn cute!

You have been hearing me blog about being more selective on my purchases of stamps lately as heck – I am just like you….I have sooooooo many stamps sets that do not get used as much as I thought I would and this stamp set that I am using today is one that was TOTALLY OFF of my RADAR when I looked through the Occasions Catalog and then another Occasions beauty that was TOTALLY ON my RADAR when I saw it!

The “off one” is called A Mother’s Flair and I think that I passed right by it because I looked at it as a “Mothers Day Stamp Set” and with my Mom gone…and I have no daughter-in-laws…..I just thought that it was not for me. Then something happened….I saw Mary Fish’s Blog Post using it and thought – what stamp set is that???…it taught me a lesson and that was….look deeper than the intentional use! (I hope that make sense)

Remember this…do not over look “little image stamps” as many times they are just the perfect touch of wow to make a project sparkle. As this post shows you….it is done in a classic way! I look at my dear little Milo…he might be little but he is mighty!







The other reason that I think that these fun and flirty little cards are so fun is because you can jazz them up in both the horizontal and the vertical orientation.  You can easily do a project like this with the stamp-a-ma-jig. Let’s face it – we will ALWAYS have times that we need the stamp-a-ma-jig.

I admit, I simply am SHOCKED that Stampin’ Up! is discontinuing the Stamp- a -ma- jig and true….the BIG BOY, the Stamparatus is going to be here on Friday and YES, that is a great and needed tool for perfect stamping for both coverage and placement but there are many times that I feel that the “jig” gets the job done!








You will see in the example that I have taken some sentiments from other stamp sets….a perfect way to look at what you have and re-purpose them in a different way. I do not know about you but I just smile when things like this happen. I think that most of us have Teeny Tiny Wishes, a good old stand by that is an old faithful to us (but again, it is leaving) and then Friendships Sweetest Thoughts….this is the one that was immediately on my radar from the Occasions Catalog…..click here to see a super sweet card that I blogged about last month.

You can see how I just went to town and had FUN with a variety of stamps…using a variety of sentiments. I encourage you to look at what ou have and start to identify the “keepers” that will always be good old faithfuls. This type of project you could do over and over again, year after year and always get rave reviews from family and friends!







I hope that you enjoy seeing the examples that I have (I know its a bunch) but you will see at the bottom of the post, the line up of products that I used and yep, I did heat emboss them with the clear embossing powder…and it is WELL WORTH THE EFFORT. It truly makes this little gems stand up and be “might big” with the impact that they make. I still get those butterflies of wow – joy….when I heat emboss – just magical! Please remember to use the embossing buddy when you emboss….it is a great habit to always get into!

I used super simple coloring on these little guys….and yep – Aqua Painter to the rescue. I simply cannot imagine not having this in my stash….it is not only easy to use but it gives us the ability to color with whatever ink pad that we have. Simply squeeze the ink pad to get ink on the top and then just dip a bit of color onto the Aqua Painter and go to town!







The best tip I can give you is to just be patient and get the feel of what level of moisture you like in the brush. I truly do vary the water amount as there are times that I like the “water-colored look” and then there are times (like today) that I just want color! You never need to “squeeze ” the barrel of the aqua painter as if you do……you will get a puddle of water and then trust me….you will get grumpy!

I know that this is another product that many of you get shy of…but the aqua painter is one of those must have’s for our addiction…just practice, practice…practice and you will love the ease! I always have a paper towel handy…as this is what makes using the aqua painter a pleasant time!!! 🙂







In the below picture you can see how I had FUN with scoring lines – don’t you think that just adds that little….something – something???? Can you see how I varied the scoring around the sentiment – something super easy yet super interesting to the end product.

By now you know me, I love clean & simple with a classic flair and this project is right up the alley. It is sometimes so hard to put into words how to do things…and I realize that I am all over the place….but I do hope that you can see the sheer FUN in this project!








Have a FABULOUS day….be safe…make some memories and I am OFF TO YOGA! I know that you are as excited as I am for the NEW Catalog to be here…and the countdown is on! This is always an exciting time for all of us!

Please remember that if you want to get into the Product Share…..1st wave,  EMAIL ME and I will gladly add you to the list. To date, I have sent out confirmations to all that have already requested a Product Share…..you can CLICK HERE and see the Product Share Post that I did last week with the various offerings!

I truly LOVE to do these shares as it makes me SUPER HAPPY that you all can get a taste of it all without breaking the bank! We know the catalog is GREAT…but the pictures (especially the Designer Series Papers) do not do them justice!

I take great pride in my shares….I would get in this 1st wave so you do not have to wait for my next wave of these shares to open in the middle of June! I turn my shares around in a jif….so hop on the Product Share Train NOW!!!









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