Back in February I did this post about organizing paper…

now with the new catalog…the new colors…the colors that were being discontinued

it was time to re-do all of my paper!

Last Sunday I took the plunge and carved the time out to re-do my paper! My Pre-Order arrived last Friday so I had all of the NEW paper and I knew I just had to make the time to do this task!

We all know that once you do something like this…you will be doing the "happy dance" as there is nothing better than having a system that works!

If you would like me to send you the files that have all of the paper color names ,please email me and just put in the subject line


and I will be more than glad to share with you! I used just Avery Labels (#5167) for the small ones and (#8663) for the larger ones!



I will say I am a bit of an organizational freak and I also love to maximize space!

I found this quote and just loved it! I hope it touches
you the way it did me – I think we all get frustrated when we are not

"When it comes to organizing a workspace, relaxation and comfort aren't
the primary goals. Work is about efficiency and productivity. … The
more neat and logically organized your workspace is, the better you will
be at your job."

Peter Walsh

Organizing is something that we ALL struggle with and I find it to be very
interesting that each of us have our own system of being organized!

best thing that I find with organizational systems is…there is no right or wrong way as each of us
need to do what works for us!


is nothing "prettier" than to see my "stampin' area" clean and tidy (
and trust me – that is not very often) but one area that totally sends
me into a tissy is when I have paper and scraps here and there!

I will
say that having my paper in this system makes me use a lot less paper as
I am using my scraps up more efficiently. Before I would just pull
out a new sheet and cut away!

simply went through the catalog and typed out the names of each of the
paper and printed them on Avery labels and POOF – done!

I do keep them
in the "family" as they are in the catalog as I just find that to be
easier for me…ie – subtles…brights…in color etc….. I basically
am making 2 different labels for each color…


  • smaller one for the tab -  ie….Cherry Cobbler – Regals… then placed the label over the actual color of card stock! (the measurements are 1 1/4" X 3 1/2" and then I scored it in half…slid them in the tab – DONE!)
    • larger label for the hanging folder BEHIND my full sheet folder and I label this one ie….Cherry Cobbler Scraps ( These labels are 2" X 4"…so I cut a piece of scrap in the color just 1/4 larger…I would use WHITE labels rather than the clear ones in this picture – I just had the clear ones at home!)

    this all makes sense and please feel free to contact me if you have any
    questions! I love to think that I am an organized person but many times
    I am challenged to find a system that works! This just works for me and I hope you find it helpful!



    Please remember, we all
    need to figure out what works for each of our work spaces. I also think a
    key element in keeping  paper organized is that I am able to keep these
    bins of paper out on a work table!

    I have been asked – where did you get the bins?

    • Go to an office supply store…a Walmart etc… – I have had these for probably 15 year but I know that they are out there!
    • Make sure you get the larger (longer) tabs for your paper colors…makes it easier to see!
    • You can get your labels at the office store as well –
    • For all of our paper colors, I use 2 bins!!!

    Please leave me a comment and share with me how you like this post and also share with me how you organize your paper! I am always "game" to listen to how others do things!

    I am in the middle of organizing my 12 X 12 Designer Series Paper!!! I will share with you in the near future that method as well! I will also share with you the files with the names of the NEW designer series paper!

    Sharing is fun…sharing is kind…sharing helps everyone! I love what I do an I love helping you!

    Have a great day and until




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