Good Morning and if you are anything like me, you will be so confused all week with what day of the week it is! I adore the holidays but I always think I am on another day!


The countdown has begun…the NEW – AMAZING – FUN Catalog will be available one week from today! I say WOOT-WOOT and YIPPEE SKIPPEE but one thing that I know will make you super happy is to be organized and ready for the new catalog.

WHY??? I want you to have fun with the new goodies, but I also want you to make sure that you know what you have already and I know personally, if I am organized and know what I have – I make better choices and am not so overwhelmed (and also do not over spend!!!)


In yesterdays comments, Nancy asked for me to share with you my craft space. I will be happy to do a post on it and once the new catalog rolls out I will. It has been a "learn by trial and error" but it works for me!

I have a question for you…(now I am talking about your craft area)

What does being organized mean to you?

Here are a couple of thoughts that I have and perhaps they will ring a bell with you as well!

  • CHANGE – we all seems to struggle with change but ultimately we embrace it and accept it…this will happen with the new catalog as well. We will be saying good-bye to some of our "old faithfuls" but also saying "hello" to some new friends.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your old friends (we know that sometimes they are the best….for me, I would not part with Petal Potpourri and also So You…just 2 of my best friends)


Because I am a demonstrator, I do separate the stamps that are being discontinued and I will pick the ones that I really, really like, and then the others, I separate and will sell them (I kinda feel like the movie Toy Story when Buzz Light Year was sold)

  • PAPER – we all seem to have LOTS of paper….we LOVE our paper…we find it hard to PART with our PAPER….but here is a system that works for me and I hope that you find these tips helpful.

I do have a permanent section in my craft area for full sheets of paper but before I had them built in, this is what I used and I still use it for my scraps! Most of you can get by with 1 bin but I always found that I needed 2 when using it for both full sheets and for scraps.

Below you will see a bin that I am talking about. You can buy them at any office supply store, probably Walmart as well but I know that the office stores have them. You can see that hanging file folders fit right in. (There is also a lid that snaps on that will not crunch your paper, I never used that unless I was lugging my paper somewhere for a workshop etc…..)


Now my full sheets are in their "special homes" but I use these bins for my scraps. You can see that I put a piece of the specific color of paper in the file tab and then used the sticker with the corresponding name on it to label it.

You can click this – Download Stampin' Up! Color Files June 2015 that I have created for you. I hope that you find them helpful and you will see other ways that I use the labels for other products.

I use the Avery Labels #8167 (they are the return address size)…I love the easy of creating and printing from home! Please feel free to email me if you need to. You can see that I have added just about everything in the catalog that I would find labels to be handy for! (I told you I was type A)



I am a stickler for storage saving tips and tricks. I think that we often receive products that can be re-used again and again. I love the little plastic containers our buttons come in…in the below picture you can see how I have used them with the labels I made.


I like to use the 2 1/2" circle punch to pop out a color that coordinates with the product inside, and then use the 2" circle punch to pop out a white circle and then pop a label on it! In the catalog we have a catty that would hold all of these (I do not have it as I keep them out of sight in a drawer) but this would be super handy if you are short of space.

I will share with you in another post about how I like to store my 12 X 12 Designer Series Paper…..I am sorry that this post is so long…

I truly believe that if you find a system that works for you…than you will not only be happier, you will be more productive – and to me = a total WIN-WIN! It sometimes takes many tries on finding out what works…but to me, that is life!

It's TUESDAY and that means the WEEKLY DEALS click here to see the goodies!!!! Please feel free to email me if you need any help!

I hope that you can pop back tomorrow as you will see who won the Monday Challenge as well as see the offerings I am doing for the Project Shares for the new catalog….there will be paper swatches, paper shares, ribbon shares and a fun card for YOU!


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