Do you realize that we have a full 24 hours extra this year….yep, it is a Leap Year and so I ask you….what are you going to do today with your extra day of the year? Hannah and I are going to Florida!!! (that sounds so funny but it is true) Monday’s are “down days” at horse shows so we will go out and see Stanley and walk him a bit…graze him….but then we are hittin’ the road to Pensacola to see my brother for the day!




In honor of Leap Year…I am wishing any of you that celebrate a Birthday today…a Happy one because – I think that it is so funny that you are only 10 but you are really 40…..wouldn’t that be a hoot! I am also playing along with the The Paper Players this week….Claire Broadwater came up with this fabulous sketch and I just adore Claire and her work so I decided to play along…it is a SUPER FUN sketch!




Let’s get going…..I know that many time we get stumped with making masculine birthday cards but the minute I saw this sketch I knew exactly what I was going to do! Truth be told, my brothers Birthday is next week and I knew I needed to whip up a super quick card as I was pooped from the day so I put my thoughts into action and BAM it worked!




I have shared with you that while I am away, I am trying to use stamp sets that I have not used a bunch to STRETCH myself…( I know I preach that to you so I should do it as well) – This stamp set, Endless Wishes is just fabulous and fun! I adore that it is a photopolymer and I adore the fun and flirty fonts!




I know that many of us are afraid of using “shapes” on a card….do me a favor, give it a try! If you have time today….just do it – go to your craft area and give this sketch a try…this is a great one to help build your confidence up. I literally picked the colors that I wanted….then picked a DSP and just went for it – and you know what….I think it worked!




Silly Susan….I totally forgot to list (3) items in the lineup at the end of the post that I used for this card (you can tell I am tired as I was too lazy to go back and re-do the list of supplies). I used (2) circle punches….the 1 3/4″ circle punch and the 2″ circle punch and then I also used the decorative dots embossing folder – I thought that it gave it a fun texture.

I decided not to add any color to the cake area and keep it super clean and simple….sometimes you need to just stop and let the card set the tone without making it too colorful. (there already has a lot of fun color going on)




You know me…I love my dashes and dots – a simple a very quick “little something” …that just adds a bit of fun and so fast. Just think of the endless color combinations you could do with the layout! You could also easily change the whole theme with a different stamp set and DSP!




The finale – the lined envelope…I must say, Hannah and I are very tired! I literally whipped this card up in 10 minutes tops and I hope that I was able to inspire you today! I was going to showcase you with a bunch of pictures from our 1st week here at the show but honestly, I just ran out of steam to edit my photos for you!

I will leave you with a funny….do you remember waiting and waiting at the pediatricians office waiting with your children….well now that I am WAY PAST that stage in my life, I had to laugh yesterday….after Hannah competed….Stanley needed to get new shoes ( a every 6 week thing that still makes John scratch his head) but being that we were in a strange place…I just simply could not leave him with a stranger…so I sat in a chair watching him get a “pedicure” (ha-ha) 🙂 The ferrier said, you can come back in an hour….(I thought – no way….I would not leave my darling baby)!!!!




Can’t you just picture me sitting in a chair watching like a concerned Mom! Below is a sweet picture of Hannah and Stanley. I feel super blessed that we have the great opportunity to spend this time together. To think that her passion and love she has for the horses is still so strong…..her Senior Year Spring Break….spent with her Mom….it doesn’t get better than that!




Enjoy your EXTRA day of the year….my son will has a friend that has a birthday today….she is 7 and also 28!!!! It is so funny…..We are entering the last full month of Sale-A-bration….this IS the most exciting time of the year and I hope that you see the fun of shopping for your basics that you know you will use…and get a FREEBIE along the way!

Tomorrow is my Tips and Tricks blog posting….I have some new picks for you to make this fun that we do even better….you will smile, trust me! Enjoy the day, I know that we will….Milo is excited to go to another state!!!! He is an AMAZING dog….such a good boy!



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