Well…I told you….I said that you will see a difference with today’s card that was soooo simple yet sooooo effective! I know that this is a stamp that could easily be brushed over but step back and look at it – it really is fun and different with all of the different “thanks” in different languages.




Here you can see them side by side and I think that you will like today’s version….having that “little extra sentiment” tips it up and over! In getting back to our little talk the other day about where do we come up with ideas…’s card was inspired to me by my dear friend and downline, Jeanie. She sent me this card with the concept of the extra sentiment and I have always kept it.

When I see a card that I really like….I keep it…sketch it down….or have a file in my computer. I encourage you to do this….there are times that you can go back to ones that “touched your heart” and either case it….or make some simple changes and roll with it!





To me, the heat embossing with the clear powder makes this card. Embossing with clear powder is such a classic touch and it gives that tone on tone WOW that is simple, yet effective.

Today I trimmed down the embossed area and matted it on very vanilla that was just a wee bit larger. To this, I cut a piece of white fun foam to lift it up – I am lovin’ this as when you hold a card in your hand…it is super solid – just a great feel!




This sentiment is from “one of the great ones” from the Annual Catalog…..Something to Say Stamp Set. I invite you to look at sentiments that you have and see how you can add it to a card to give a different twist like I shared with you today!




You’ve heard me time and time again….use what you have….look at what you have and then see how you can it work in a different, non traditional way! Punches are our friends…they are our speed tools and you can see how a quick POP out…layer them together and BAM!!!

You can see on this stamp set that it also coordinates with the MUST HAVE Itty Bitty Accent Punches….these are just wonderful for little accents. Today, I did not use the flower stamp….I just punched it out of the card stock!

It is funny…..It was very hard fro me to decide what products to take with me while in Gulf Port…and yep…this trio and the scalloped punch made it in the truck. WHY??? The are great basics and staples to have to make clean and simple cards!




The envelope, the same from yesterday is a classic cutie. When you do an envelope like this…You can get 3 envelopes lined like this from a 6×6 piece of DSP stack. I simply cut it into 2″ pieces and then when you add a 1/4″ of the solid card stock …BAM – sit back and smile!

One question I get asked often, how to I adhere my envelopes…GREEN GLUE. it works…it is easy …it is fast! Remember, if you get too much out…no worries, just let it “set up” for a couple of minutes and then add the paper. After I adhere them I take my craft scissors and cut away the excess!




I “THANK YOU” for popping in and I think that you all enjoy the clear embossing. Embossing is always a WOW….always a smile maker!. I strongly think that using the embossing buddy is KEY for clean embossing….there is nothing worse than going through the heat process to find that you have stray embossing!

I do plan to do a video on embossing…I know that many of you would like to see the process. You have heard me say this as well before a bunch! We are ALL at different levels of paper crafting. Some are new kids on the block and then there are others that have been around a while…My hopes for you and my blog is to be able to walk away inspired and also be able to teach you. I am sure that there are many that have never heat embossed….a video will help you see the fun!




Yesterday was a settle in day…..Stanley is great….Milo is great….Susan is great… life is pretty great! All is great on the home front….Eddie is eating up a storm (I was worried that he might slip back a bit but quite the contrary) and John has promised me that he is being nice to Daisy Mae.

Get ready for SPRING tomorrow – I have a fun uplifting card for you…..I think that a bunch of the country had a beautiful day of weather yesterday….and it “sparked” a blast from the past that always is a hit….I know that you will love it….COME ON SPRING!


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