Good Morning! I am just giving you a gentle nudge to remind you that you still get the April Paper Pumpkin kit (THAT HAS AN ADDITIONAL FREE STAMP SET) in celebration of the programs 3rd B-day….but you need to sign up by April 10th. (the 10th of the month is always the magical date with Paper Pumpkin)






Please here me out…how can you lose?

Simple, YOU CAN’T. Just give it a try for just this one month – it is just $19.95 and that includes shipping (as I do feel that there is going to be something super special with the additional stamp set) and then if it is not for you….no worries…YOU ARE DONE!



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Below are cards from the March Kit (I think that they are super sweet) that I CASED from the Stampin’ Up! Paper Pumpkin Blog….adorable and oh how simple! The Apple of my Eye stamp set worked out perfectly for a quick and fun sentiment!

I think that you will agree…you would smile if you received this sweet card. I think part of the fun with the Paper Pumpkin Program is that we have exclusive stamp set that can be used over and over….and each kit comes with a stampin’ spot cube of ink…. 🙂








I know that we all get super busy and then all of a sudden…..the 10th (which is Sunday) will pass and then you will have missed this opportunity to get this SPECIAL….ONE OF A KIND kit that will have (2) stamps sets in it.

I decided to blog about it today as I know you wouldn’t want our 2 day weekend post to get off track! 🙂  So……the moral of the story is click the Paper Pumpkin Box in the shopping area and get this kit for April…for $19.95, how can you go wrong ~ heck we usually pay that for a stamp set! (remember, shipping is included)




I am super excited to see what will be in our little box this month….but I can bet that it will be extra special…we all know when we are celebrating something – that is special in itself, but getting an extra stamp set…WOW…I am excited! 🙂

Get ready for our weekend posts….hopefully you will find them fun. Thanks for your time, thanks for your support….please share my blog with your friends and if you are not a subscriber…please do so…I wouldn’t want you to miss some good old stampin’ fun!

p.s. – Here is a great idea….do you have a friend that you would love to have some “me time” with and just do something fun together….either share this post with her and let her see that she can have stampin’ fun with you for $19.95 or these make a super gift….and do something rewarding together!


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