I know that you all enjoyed last Tuesday when we worked with Paper Storage and I am thrilled that many of you enjoy getting “TIPS” to help you with organizing and also making the whole process of crafting more enjoyable.

I have shared this tip before but sometimes you just can’t see certain things too many times…and I hope that this post does inspire you to do this!

Before we get the the pictures, let’s chat about are ink refills necessary? To me, I say yes. WHY? Easy = if you have an ink pad than I say FOR SURE get the refill. When I first started stamping I did not “drink the Kool-Aid” and I can remember working on a card and getting so frustrated that I was not getting an even, deep and rich stamp.

I learned my lesson and I have never regretted purchasing them. When you stop and think about it….we put lots of money into our stamps ….our papers, tools, framlits etc….so don’t you think that the small investment in an ink refill is worth making your projects look the best!

O.k. – enough chattering, the secret to my organizing today is a hand held punch and glue dots! YEP, that’s it – simply use the coordinating paper to punch out a sample cardstock and simply pop it on the top of the ink refill!

Enjoy the pictures, I think that they will be helpful! Next Tuesday I have TIPS for you with your 6 X 6 paper storage!!!








I had many comments and emails about that many of you have been working in your craft areas. YIPPEE – me too! It feels so good to get things in place. I know that I am “happier” when things are in order….it just is a more “pleasant experience” having your tools and products in order.

Here is another tip…and one that you might think is silly – have a piece of paper with things to order next time….I cannot tell you how many times I have ran low on something and I did not write it down. If you are anything like me….if it is not written down….I forget!

This is that last week for you to get your (2) Free stamp sets of your choice with the “Ultimate Bundle” – nothing to lose with no obligations! Email me, I would love to explain and listen to your questions!


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