I do not know about you….but when a holiday is on a Monday – I am always saying “what day is it?” – it totally messes me up but I will take the “mess up” as it was a fabulous time with the peeps!

Today is a Tuesday Tip for you and one that I hope helps you as it is a LIFESAVER for me. Please remember, if it works for me…it might not work for you and guess what ~ that is TOTALLY o.k. as when it comes to organizing, we are all different!

One thing that I will say…if you have a method that works for you – please leave a comment so we all can share and learn…and perhaps I will swoop it up and change what I am doing currently. That is what I love about what we do, help ~ learn~ share & grow!

Stampin’ Up! has paper in a 6″ X 6″ size and in the Annual Catalog there are (3) offerings ~ A Little Foxy , Playful Palette & Serene Scenery. I am sure, (well I am hoping) that there will be more additions in the upcoming Holiday Catalog so I really feel the need to have a system for this size to “WORKS FOR ME”

In addition to this type of paper, I like to cut my DSP paper Stacks into the 6″ X 6′ size as that is a perfect size for me to work with as I use this a bunch with envelopes. I adore this paper and it is always so popular with my Product Shares….if you missed the Annual Catalog share – I will offer the Paper Stacks when the Holiday Catalog rolls around!

I admit, I will share/show you (2) different containers for the 6″ X 6″ paper…one that is very affordable, the other more pricey…it is all about options.







We all know that there are certain times of the year that certain retail items are on sale….so be on the “LOOK OUT” for BACK TO SCHOOL” sales as this post is one that it pertains to.






I have both and I use them for different things but I will say that the clear acrylic one I have on my shelves as it matched the other containers that I have in my work area.


Here is the “low down”

The dividers that I use are plastic/vinyl folders that I purchased at Office Max (you will find them at many stores) and yesterday I “scouted” them out and they were 60 cents piece. I cut the to “work” for me.

I cut them to 7″ X 6 1/2″ and this fits perfect in both containers. I can get (2) per folder and you might think – “you are wasting a lot” but the way that I look at it is…it is an investment to helping me stay organized and being organized….makes me happy 🙂

I used (2) different colors to help me in a glance see what I am looking for. The one color (yellow) is for the paper and the other (blue) is for the scraps! The P-Touch Label Maker is my “true blue friend”

We need to be organized to make what we do work with ease….(o.k – Chris R. ~ I am sure that you have a “funny” comment for us) but seriously folks, we are all happier when we have a system.

The Clear ones are from a Company called InterDesign and you can find them at Bed, Bath & Beyond…the Container Store and yep, good old Amazon….Here is the one that I have. They are basically Refrigerator/Pantry organizers but I love the durability if them, very high quality.

The Black one I picked up at Walmart and if you go in a couple of weeks when it is Back to School, you will find them in all sorts of fun colors and I have seen them for $1.00 a piece when running a great sale. The also can be found in the storage/office section and I am sorry….I tried to find a link for you but I am not finding one anywhere 🙁

I know that this post is long (and I am sorry) but I just want to try to help you stay organized! As I said above, I use the clear one but I do have several of the Black ones as I love the fact that you can stack them on top of each other and they are a perfect solution for “stashing” things and using minimal storage space.

For those of you that have purchased my shares before, I have the black ones to keep my ribbon organized and clean after I wrap it around the white chipboard, when I am working on my monthly kits, I use them for each card etc…..what I am trying to say is…these are a very affordable option for you!

For those of you that missed the post yesterday…here is another “fur baby” picture for you. John put a bird feeder out to be nice to the birds and we have squirrels ….and more squirrels! We usually do not have a problem with them because of the dogs chasing them but now they have become “SMART SQUIRRELS”

Look at poor Charlie, (I do not think his elevator goes all the way up) but he is patiently waiting for his squirrel friends to make a wrong move!



Update on Milo – I had several emails about this one….I was SHOCKED, he is up about 7 feet. He is so funny. To date, he has proudly caught 2 squirrels…he was very proud of himself, the squirrel not as happy.

He was like a little kid that was given a new toy…..he graciously brought his “manly work” to the back door….I screamed, he dropped the victims! I wasn’t sure if I was to say, “good boy” or not….poor squirrel! 🙁



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