Happy Monday…..sorry for the late start but I think that this quick post will make you see why I say….SINGLE stamps are SUPER! For those of you that have followed my blog for a while you know I love single stamps!

WHY? – Well….they usually carry a BIG PUNCH and they are affordable. Right off the bat, 2 stamps that are singles that have been retired but will always live on Randall Lane are Vivid Vases and the Watercolor “Thank You” (do you remember these keepers?)

Halloween is right around the corner but you still have time to order this stamp and make a super cute yet fun project like I am showcasing today! Let me shed some light as to the method of my madness (YIKES – when you hear it… will see why I needed something easy and fast) I made this super easy and just stamped it with one color, Pumpkin Pie!





Are you ready for this?!?!?!?! I am on a Board of Directors for a local Cemetery. My Dad is also on the board and he was very proud and honored when I accepted the position. This Thursday, the cemetery is having its 150th year celebration (and it is a big deal). It is going to be a wonderful event as we are also breaking ground for a new garden which will add so much to the history that is already there.

For probably the past 8 Wednesdays, I have had a meeting at 1:45 to go over details (John teases me on Wednesday mornings…..don’t forget your meeting) 🙂 The Governor is coming and is the key note speaker and drawing point. Right across the street is an Elementary School and the president of the Board thought that it would be a great idea to have some kids come and sing a song to open up the event!

We all agreed and it was fine with the principal. I said, I think that we need to have a little something for the kids as a that you (they are 4th graders) and I volunteered to do so . Last Wednesday at our meeting I asked, do we have a number of kids that are coming? – READY FOR THIS…..she looked at me with a cute face and said between 60 – 70.




Plan B needed to go into place and that is what this post is about! I still knew that I want to do something fun and festive that they would like but I needed to make it easy on me as YIKES – this many?

The moral of the story is….this was doable. I actually did them all last night while watching the debate! I am sharing this with you because if you participate in Treat or Treat in your neighborhood, or take treats in for a school party, or even take a big basket into your office to spread some unexpected Halloween FUN, these are fun to do and soooooooo affordable!






I did purchase the dot glassine bags when they were on clearance (love them – I think I bought them all up as they are perfect for BIG cookies) 🙂 but have no fear, we still sell glassine bags.

I was able to use up scraps of white paper to do the stamping…a quick fussy cut and onto a 2 3/4″ square – DONE!!!!! (you can get 12 black squares out of one sheet of paper) I used the envelope punch board end to round the corners (I think that is the best corner rounder we have)

In the bags I put a small snack size bag of pretzels and then a Rice Krispie Treat – this is a perfect “little something” and they will like it! It was super affordable all the way around and I am sure that there will be smiles! The quick and simple bow made the perfect finishing touch!





That’s it for today…I hope that I have shown you that making a difference does not have to be fussy, time consuming or expensive. It is all about the thought and I also am a HUGE believer about how it is presented – a fun and festive presentation always set the stage!

See you tomorrow….I have a Tuesday Tip for you that is an important one!


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