Good Morning! I loved your comments yesterday and YEP…I am in my glory – there is nothing like crisp and early mornings at the barn and taking in fresh air….playing with any dog that will talk to you….seeing beautiful horses and still being able to catch a special time with Aunt Jean (89 yrs. old) & my Dad is here (85 yrs. old)

We have been meeting for lunch ……but let me tell you – these 85+ year olds…they like L O N G lunches – yesterday was almost 3 hours!!!! It is always a fun time to be together but I was itchin’ to get back to the barn!

Please make sure that you read to the end of the post because I have another super special card that will touch your heartstrings.

One question I am asked a bunch, is it ok to CASE a card….here you go – YEP….it is.To me, this is a natural way to get creative ideas rockin’ and rollin’ when we are stumped and the way I also look at it – WHAT A HUGE COMPLIMENT!

Today’s card is a CASE from the below swap card from Carol in Ohio….do you remember I said, keep your eye on this card. The minute I saw it, I know that the layout was a keeper and I hope that I have shown you today that you can make it work for you.





You can see that the card is in the “same church….just a different pew” – I just loved it when I opened up the envelope and  I liked it so much, I used it as my Shoebox Swap at World Card Making Day in Atlanta and it was a big hit! I encourage you to remember this layout and use it for a card….it is a keeper and by changing up the sentiment…you have a NEW card!






The sentiment was stamped on a piece of scrap paper and then cut out with an oval framelit. The “Susan dots” added that little extra touch to make it POP. I know that many of you are skeptical of doing this, here is a tip – JUST DO IT….do not over think it as you will drive yourself NUTS!

To me, something so simple, just works! Make it easy on yourself! 😀






Let’s have a chat about the picture below. Did you notice that I scored the leaves? I decided not to stamp them even though there is a stamp that matches is…I just wanted some fun texture for you!

Did you notice that I have added (2) different  threads? I know that they are complete opposites but they work! I admit, this copper thread can be a frustrating thing to work with but I think that I have a tip for you!

I wrap it around my hand several times and then worked it off of my hand (keeping it in a circle) and then slapped it on the back of the leaves that already had fast fuse on it.

Trust me…if you stress about it, your will get frustrated and pull it off…..just stick it down and then play around to move the threads to give it a bit more movement. The linen thread – good old linen thread – always does the trick!






Now how about this envelope? Pretty, right!!!??? This DSP is just gorgeous, it has the copper thru it making it a fun and special paper!

I have no idea why this picture looks funny but I did use Very Vanilla for both the card and the envelope. (to me it looks wonky, I wish that you could see how I “scout out” places to take pictures!






Here is you 411 – Pin picture. I added the basic dimensions for you. I hope that this is a help and makes you smile! Now to a real smile maker… picture!






Now to something that I think will bring a big smile to your face. Well, if you follow my blog than you know that my hubby’s name is John and he is wonderful….simply wonderful and I can honestly say ~ it was the BEST blind date I was ever on!

I have been gone for what seems like forever, actually since October 26th and even though I have been having a great time filled with lots of adventures, I miss home, I miss John, I miss the dogs, I miss the other horses, I miss my bed.

Look what arrived yesterday…is this the sweetest or what! John made this card for me and when I called him he said….your craft room is lonely and I went upstairs and played!

I asked him if this was the 1st try….he said yes – I honestly am not sure of the stamps but I was all smiles! He said, hurry home….my stamps were getting dusty and my room is sad!





He is my biggest fan and he is so happy that I am here with Hannah right now…..heading home on Sunday and then WOW – back to reality and back to getting LOTS back in place! I am looking forward to putting my suitcase away!

Well I hope that you enjoyed today’s post….I love this card (BOTH of them) and I hope that you can go make someones day!

Until tomorrow…..SIMPLE SATURDAY….woot-woot!






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