Happy HUMP Day (Wednesday) and I am happy to continue the week of “practical posts” for you….for those last minute ideas! I know that these are ones that you have seen…ones that are super easy but I say – they are classics so why not show them again!

I was thinking when I was preparing for this post….there are always NEW people that hop on the fun train of paper-crafting! I ask you to remember when you started…how you felt when you learned something and this week of posts I hope are useful and helpful to you!

I love your feedback and I smile with each and every comment that you leave as I feel like “our community” of sheer fun is just soooo darn unique and I thank you for stopping in….sharing….ordering….please know that sharing handmade kindness matters – BIG TIME!

I have a TON of pictures for you…so I hope that they help and please do not hesitate to email me if you need further help. This post is about how to give a fun & festive way to give a check or cash….as we all know, tis’ the season!

Today Is all about that and also all about doing “surgery” on this single stamp….I blogged about it over the weekend and yep, I am guilty as charged – I have (2) of them ~ one for the single stamp that it is intended and then the other, SURGERY – as I cut it into 11 stamps!







Below you will see a parade of pictures but I know what you want…the dimensions – “I GET IT” and trust me. when I caught the stampin’ bug…..I was always sooo appreciative of dimensions!

Here you go! So simple, so easy to duplicate and yep…tomorrow I will show you another way to make a check/cash fun!


  • The base is a 7″ X 7″ square
  • Score at 1 1/4″ X 4 1 /4″
  • Punch a circle (whatever you have) in the middle before you adhere – see the picture below to find the middle
  • Use tear-n-tape for the edges
  • The belly band ~ 6 3/4″ X 1 1/4″ and then if you add an accent color like I did – that is 6 3/4″ X 1″.  (make sure that you do not make the belly band too tight ~ you need that “wiggle room”


I say…just have FUN with decorating with what you have! I know that YOU have a TON of stash….I say, USE WHAT YOU HAVE. My feeling is at this time of the year, we always get sooooooo stressed – just do what you can….and then be proud!












You can see that I have used this stamp to my advantage….I loved it soooooo much that it was easy to buy (2) of them and now that they are on sale…I say a BIG WOOT~ WOOT ~ how can you go wrong!?!?!?!






Embossing was fun…and I say ~ there is something magical about seeing the transformation of seeing a simple “powder” turn to sheer beauty! THIS IS the TECHNIQUE that always WOWS all!








Have a fabulous day and I hope to see you tomorrow have another version for a check/cash for you! I ask you….HOW ARE YOU DOING WITH THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING?

The calendar is rolling but I truly thing that we can only do what we can do….enjoy the journey…and do not stress yourself ~ I am super proud that as I have “grown in age” – I do not let the little stuff bother me!



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