Woot-woot…a new week and I think that you are going to love this week! Today I am going to share with you the Product Share that I am offering with the new Occasions Catalog that will be live on January 4th….so I say…. get in with the 1st wave of the product share and then the rest of the week is JUST PLAIN FUN!!!

With how fast the calendar is flying by it will be January in a flash! Trust me, as soon as I am able to order on January 4th I will and then I will be a “Cuttin’….Sortin’…Packaging Person” to turn your shares around for you!

I will do another offering that will mail out in the 3rd week of January but as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm! I have been making swatch books as I have had the opportunity to pre-order paper. (We all LOVE the swatch books) and working on them now has been a time saver…so look the share offerings over and then jump on the Product Share train!

For those of you that are new, WELCOME but for the “mature simple stampin’ followers” ~ you know what Product Shares are…it is a GREAT opportunity for you to “be at the buffet but not have to take it all” 🙂

WHAT??? Yep, it is a way for you to get a “taste” of the NEW PRODUCT in smaller portions! For example, with the new papers (Share #2) – you will get a 1/2 sheet of the papers and if it is a 6″ X 6″ paper stack, you will get the whole sheet…this way YOU can make “play and create” with the new kids on the block without breaking the bank!

Here you go! If you are interested in a Product Share just email me and put in the subject Line PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it and I will email you a confirmations that I received it – and send you an invoice.

Please make sure that you leave me your address….even if I am your very best friend 🙂 , leave me your address as it makes it soooooooo much easier for me to copy & paste for mailing proposes!

I love “I Love Lucy”…and do you remember when Lucy & Ethel worked in the Candy Factory???….this is how I feel when I am in FULL SWING with getting your shares together!





Product Share #1 – Swatch Books – you will receive (7) swatch books…all ready with the “necessities” for you to “get to stampin” ~ $17.50 and ships for FREE!

These are life savers! A tool that I touch each day as it saves me so much time when I am looking for “the right color combination”. I will cut all of the paper so you can flip away and see! On the back, there is the important “411 Directory Assistance” with the colors that coordinate, the item # and price….I guess you can say that they are just the BEST!









Product Shares #2 – New Papers! – $20.00

You will receive 6″ X 12″ of all of the NEW papers (and if there are a specialty paper, you will get a 1/4 sheet of that) PLUS (2) sheets of NEW Glassine Sheets! This catalog, there are 7 New Paper Collections!

The New Papers are: I just love the names….

(1) Party Animal, (2) Cupcakes & Carousels (this is a 6 X 6 paper stack), (3)Sending Love (this is a 6 X 6 paper stack), (4)Succulent Garden, (5)Tasty Treats Specialty, (6)Urban Underground Specialty, and (7) Falling in Love

You know that Stampin’ Up! is always know for their beautiful paper and this offering will save you a TON….getting just a 1/2 sheet. ( I think that you can see from the swatch books…..that there are some GREAT new papers!



Product Share #3 – Ribbon Share – $13.00

We LOVE our ribbon and there are some great offerings this catalog! I am thrilled that Stampin’ Up! is “filling in the gaps” with colors that we need…..I know that you will be smiling!






Product Share #4 – Embellishments – $10.25

In going into the New Year – I have set more Stampin’ Goals for me…I want to show you more embellishments! I know that I am guilty that I do not use them often but I am “all ears” and excited to use them! You all LOVE them and I am happy to offer them to you!

I am not usually a “doilie girl”…but I am going to stretch my simple self and use them! I love the fact that they are white on one side and the other, Very Vanilla!







Product Share #5  – DSP Paper Stacks – $28.00 (page 174 in the annual catalog) – I always offer this Share and you all seem to always LOVE this share! I do it because I TOTALLY believe in it and I realize that if you were to purchase all of these – YIKES….your “Daisy Bank” would be hit hard!!

I say…when in doubt ~ pull the Paper Stacks out as the patterns are fun and face it, there are just times that you need a certain color and having these handy….just works!



SImple Stampin' Project Share, DSP Paper Stacks - Susan Itell-stampinup



For those of you that have purchased my shares before, I think that you know the care and pride I take in putting together your products. If you have purchased from me before, please leave a comment and let me know what you like best of the shares….! ?

I am happy that January 4th is a Wednesday as I will have my order expedited and I will work that weekend to turn this share around for you. I know how exciting it is to get the goodies!



  • SHARE #1 –DSP Swatch Books – $17.50 – FREE SHIPPING!
  • SHARE #2 – 1/2 Sheets of DSP  – $20.00
  • SHARE #3 – Ribbons – $13.00
  • SHARE #4 – Embellishments – $10.25
  • SHARE #5 – 1/2 Sheets of DSP Paper Stacks – $28.00



  • If you are just ordering the  DSP Swatch Books (share #1) – the Shipping is FREE 🙂 
  • If you are ordering the Swatch Books (share #1 and the Ribbons #3 and/or Embellishments#4) – the shipping is $5.00 as I can put them in the same bubble mailer
  • If you are ordering  – anything with (Shares #2 & #5) – your shipping is $6.45 (the standard Priority Mail Shipping fee)


If you WANT IT ALL – the shopping is free plus I will throw in a pack of Stampin Dimenisions….I call them my Stampin’ Vitamins! Product Shares are FUN…Product Shares are SMART!

Email me…and I will get you all “set up”… Please do not forget your address! 😀

I am excited for a week of fun and give-aways! Tomorrow I have a story that will “melt your heart” and “make you smile” – there IS goodness in our world…plus I have a Tuesday Tip that will make the “light turn on”

See you in the morning!


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