Happy Tuesday and you know what today is – a tip! We have all heard the expression….if you are given lemons….find away to make Lemonade!




Know you know me by now…I am very honest an up front about how I like products, what products do I not care for and other products than Stampin’ Up! products that I find to make my Stampin’ experience better! The main thing is….to have fun and it is as simple as that!

I am going to be totally upfront….the Paper Pumpkin Kit for December was not my cup of tea….(no nasty mail please) but I found a way to make it work for ME! (I did love and appreciate the black marker…..just saying!) 😛 I like to create my families memories in a different way but I say – WOOT-WOOT as there was a BUNCH of stuff to “re-purpose”

Because we all know that Sale-A-Bration is the sweetest time of the year…..this is also a GREAT time to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin and earn Sale-A-Bration Items!

Now you might be scratching your head and saying – WHY IN THE WORLD would Susan be blogging about this if she was not crazy about what she received for a month! I say EASY ANSWERS….

  • We can’t have it “our way” all of the time, people all have different tastes…
  • Paper Pumpkin is a solid program that is delivered to your door every month and if you do not like it…there are ways to make it “work for you”…just like I did today.
  • Paper Pumpkin is a PERFECT gift to “gift” to someone…anytime! It is a complete kit so you can have some “me time” and have fun!


During Sale-a-Bration is a perfect time to sign up for an extended membership so you can earn FREEBIES! We all love FREEBIES and there is nothing like opening up your mailbox and see that box…and then it happens…..HURRY – GET TO YOUR “SPACE” and take it ALL IN! Trust me, this happens each and every month!

Grab that next cup of coffee and watch this video….



Now  is YOUR turn to see a parade of pictures on how I made this work for me. There are ALWAYS ways to make it work for you and I hope that this post not only made you smile….but also when you clicked on and saw the initial card…and then thought = Oh my, where did this come from….

I do not use the “Neutrals a bunch” as a base color (well….naturally I do use white and vanilla) but I will say, I do love Early Espresso. It is a great and solid brown that “just works” – Do you have a favorite color collection? I seem to go back and forth from the Regals to the Brights!

So I guess the moral of this Tuesday Story is…we need to make the best out of what we have.

I hope that you understand where I am coming from as there are ALWAYS ways to look at something and make it work! I am a HUGE proponent of USING WHAT YOU HAVE.…and this is what I did with this specific kit.

I will also give you an idea….IF you a Paper Pumpkin Kit that is “just not you” – donate it to a Girls Club or a Nursing Home…trust me, the joy in your heart and the smile that you will make to someone will make you easily forget that you were not a fan of that certain month….

In my opinion, Stampin’ Up! does a great job with this program and we can’t get it right all of the time….(but I will say – I LOVE JANUARY’S KIT)…..so go for it – get the rewards with the FREEBIES of Sale-A Bration……you will be a happy stamper!

The other great option with Paper Pumpkin is if you need to skip a month because “life/vacation” gets in the way – you can pause it for a month and then when you are ready….get right back where you left off! This program sure has come A LONG WAY and all in all – I say it’s a great glass of Lemonade! 😀

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