It’s Sunday and that means that it is time for us to Step It Up a bit from yesterdays card. As the saying goes...”there are always 2 ways to skin a cat” (actually that is a icky saying…but I think you get it!)

You will see below where the inspiration came from. For me, the minute I saw this card I smiled as not only do I love yellow….I knew that this would be one of those “formulas” as I like to call it that I can use over and over! I love her style and I knew that I could try to make a CASE that would work for my project.






For those of you that are new to my blog…..WELCOME and I hope that you find it inspiring and just darn FUN! In the below photo you will see the cards side by side and then you can decided which one works for you! (I have no idea why the white on the left card did not come out the best…sorry) but if you go to yesterdays post you can see all of the scoop!





As I shared yesterday (and actually endless times below) that using simple shape can make a card in a snap but it still will provide you a fun card. The way that I look at it is….that darn time thing gets in the way all of the time and I am sure if I have a time thing going on, chnces are you do as well!

You can see from a quick visual that I just twisted it around a bit and allowed the mixing bowl to be inside the circle I cut . I wish that you could see and hold this in person as darn it, there are times that you just need to see it up close and feel the card.





As I thought….many of you tried to guess what I was going to do and one thing you nailed was the dots and dashed! I love to do this and I am hoping that many of you do it as well as it is the fastest and easiest way to add some quick love to a card.

I doubled up the stampin’ dimensionals under the bowl and I purposely took this angle of the card so you can see the “lift”. From the start, I adhered the white onto the pacific point and then cut out the circle with the BIg Shot.

I also took a square of fun foam to cut out a circle and adhere that to lift this section up from the card base. I recommend using fast fuse or pieces of Tear-n-Tape when using fun foam! For me, I find it to be super easy and it makes the card feel super solid.





The other finishing touch that makes an INSTANT WOW are those simple little enamel shapes! They scream fun and they are in all color collections, a great accent to have in your stash!

In a nut shell….I like both cards. I think the one factor that I like is the instant POP of fun color but then the nest is that it is a square card. This is a 4 1/4″ square card and IF I did not want to make a custom envelope, this would fit into one of our regular A-2 envelopes. (but…you know me, I would make an envelope….just sayin’)





There you go….a FUN stamp set, a FUN card…..and one that would bring a smile to any one! I encourage you to use what you have….play with shapes and papers….this is the BEST way for you to have fun and let that creativity out!

I know that it is in there….let it OUT!!!! Enjoy your day…..see you in the morning!




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