April 1st! It’s cold.The trees are blooming, the daffodils are confused and again, it is cold. (well to me it is) When I hear the word April I do a happy dance gig because in my pea brain I say – WINTER IS OVER….and then I ask myself – why is it cold?!?! This will all change in a snap but using the words snap – this card comes together in a SNAP….

This is the way that I like my cards…this is the way I roll with my stampin’ – I am super happy to say that I did finish the kit using this stamp set and one would think I would be sick and tired of it because I have used it soooooooo many times working on the kits that I just couldn’t help myself to use it for you this weekend as I do love this bundle.

For those of you that purchased the kit…here is another great way to use this stamp set and amazing bundles. Let’s chat about this bundle.There are (2) things that I really like about this bundle…

  • The framelits are amazing and oh so unique. There are so many things that you can do with them because it cuts out the shape like out framelits usually do, but it also cuts out the detailed part without cutting it into a small shape (just watch this short video and you wil get it – it is very unique and versatile – WAY TO GO SU for the design.
  • You know that I am the “clean gal” – well I admit – I like these stamps as they have a rustic, distressed feel to them as you can see that they are not perfectly smooth images. To me, this gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.



I am trying to take your advice and use the Tip Top Taupe color more before it is retired. You all are right – it is a fabulous neutral. I hav a trio of great close up pictures for you to gander at.

In the background you can see how I used the die actually cutting it twice and the end result a beautiful, lacy looking flower that I anchored down with some tear and tape hidden under the other flower. (I just love to find ways to hide adhesives and still let the natural curve of the flower do its thing!)

Below you can see that I used something that I rarely do – use a decorative ribbon as a focal point on a card. This is a ribbon that I have not seen for a while but here is a heads up….IF and WHEN this ribbon goes to clearance because it is a retiring in color item….I would snatch it up if the price is right!

WHY??? It is so easy to work with and it makes gifts and boxes look great. You can make a simple flat knot bow and it looks like a dream! Today I simply anchored it across the card and ran a strip of Tear & Tape across.

Look at the picture and you can see how nice and flat it lays. I think we forget about using ribbon like this (well I know I forget) but when I see the whole picture together – I love it!

Below you will see that I did a quick fussy cut on the flower (top one) and adhered that to the larger one below. Doing this is easy but more importantly, it gives depth and feel – this is what adds that special touch.

I sure am hoping that Stampin’ Up! continues to carry the paper in all of the collections of paper stacks. I just think that it is great that when you need a certain color to work with a project – PRESTO….you will have it!

If they get carried over in the next catalog, you know that I will offer them – I just love them.

Well, there you go! Still no word about the potential NEW Itell….I am hoping that we get a call today – it really has mad me sad but as long as the animal has a great home….that is all that matters.

So glad that you enjoyed Milo’s picture…the band-aids are still on and he is “milking the attention” – animals are so funny.

Many thanks for  a wonderful and fun SAB. The 3 months zoomed by. It brings me happiness and joy to see so many of you get excited. I hope that you have a fantastic day and I look forward to stepping it up for YOU tomorrow!

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