I have a tip for you today about storing your DSP. I have shared ideas in the past but today I also have a video for you to see how I like to use the P-Touch Label Maker. I know that many of you have this label maker and if you do not, I would highly recommend to get one as you will be amazed at how handy this is all over your house!

One thing that I gets comments about is the fact that you do not like the excess waste there is with making labels and I used to feel your frustration as I felt the same way…..but there is a way to do so with little waste!

I have a bunch of links for you and to just make it easier, I have them all linked to Amazon. I know that there are some that are not huge fans of Amazon….but they do have all of the products that I used.


  • Paper Holder – I use just (1) for the Annual Catalog but if I were you I would get (2) so you can easily add the Holiday Paper and Occasions paper in. It truly makes it so easy to have the 12 X 12 sheets in one place!
  • Paper Files – I know that these are a bit pricey but they do keep me organized and as I have said, being able to use them each year – a huge bonus!
  • Dividers for the Files – These are the ones that I put the dsp and then the word scraps – I keep all of my full sheets and I do also but 1/2 sheets (6″ X 12″) but once I cut them any smaller, they go behind the divider  – just makes it super easy to find a scrap in a jif!


  • Brothers P-Touch Label Maker – This is truly my friend. I adore this and I will say that I use it all the time! Just love it and it is a great gift to give to just about anyone. (even my peeps that used to make fun of me with this…..now find it handy!)
  • Tape – white tape with black letters
  • Off Brand Tape – I have used this and it works just as well and the price – WOW!


Please remember, there are soooooo many different ways to organize  – this is just a system that works for me with DSP’s that Stampin’ Up! offers. With the new catalog coming down the pike, here is a great way for you to be ahead of the game. I re-use and re-use these pockets…I probably have had them for 10+years…..you can see on the video how easy the labels peel of and POOF – print and put a new one on!

Here is a video for you to see how I like to use the label maker to my advantage to save tape. Trust me, I was on the other side before being so frustrated with simply wasting tape….no more – this is a great tip and I figured that you would like to see it in action!










PLEASE ….reach out to me if you need further explanation….and also – leave me a comment with how you like this method and/or share something that works for you! I have tried many, many different ways but I always go back to this – I am all about having a system that works but does not take up much room.

I also like the ability to grab them off of my shelf and go…..being able to have something that is portable yet still will keep the product clean and in perfect condition – a WIN-WIN all that way around! (and THAT MAKES ME HAPPY) 😀




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