Good Morning… fast as you can blink – this FLASH SALE will be over….so enjoy that cup of coffee and then sign up for Paper Pumpkin…for just a crazy….super crazy deal of just $5.00 – I ask you….what in the world do you have to lose?





To take advantage of this speical…simply CLICK HERE …. purchase and  then enter the promo code ONEDAY0717 from June 29 at 11:59 PM to June 30 at 11:59 PM to get your kit at this incredible price. This FLASH SALE is for 1st time subscribers!






As promised…here is a picture of the bag that I made with the June kit. It is soooo darn sweet and guess what – I have it filled with something other than “Sweets” that we think of…like cookies – candies etc…..



How would you like to win the bag and also the goodies inside?



Easy – leave me a comment as to what you think is inside and I will send it to the lucky winner. If we have multiple winners I will use to pick the winner!

You are going to need some hints….so here you go!

  • It is product
  • I like it….actually a lot!
  • There are several of them


I can’t wait to see the comments! I always think that it is soooo fun to see! Guess what….when you sign up for this flash sale…you will be an official PPP’er = (Paper Pumpkin Person…well at least for a month) so you will be able to go in and order past kits…..






Ordering past kits is a perk for PPP’ers…so if there is something that tickles your fancy….go for it! The June refill kit is now available!

Good luck !



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