YIPPEE…it’s the WEEKEND! I have a super fun…clean & simple card for you to CASE away! One theme that we all seem to need ideas for are BIRTHDAY CARDS…and this is a stamp – Big on Birthdays, that is not only a keeper….but it is a stamp set that produces beautiful clean & simple cards in a jif!

I have blogged about this stamp set many times before and I was tickled that it was carried over. I know…I know – there are many of you that do not card for that one sentiment and I get it….but I think that it is super fair to say that the other elements are AMAZING so just forget about that one cause” – YOU ARE PRETTY!!!!





This would be a card that my Mom would have asked me for a dozen of. She would have liked everything about it….the color, the big nad bold sentiment, the DSP, the little touch of ribbon yada…yada….

I will share with you the measurements as I truly hope that the LIGHTBULB is on for you to make this gem. This is a great card to use up DSP that you have just a wee bit of and also you can easily make substitutions here and there….let’s get going!







I have used this DSP, Pick a Pattern already so much….it is funny, when you see it in the catalog it looks SO BUSY and at a glance you might think that it is juvenile with the prints but trust me on this one….it is a classic! True the whimsical prints are just that….whimsical but that is what makes them so FUN and FRESH but the flip sides……can you say CLASSIC…..







  • The Card Base is an A-2 in Emerald Envy, 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The DSP pieces are 1 1/4″ in width
  • The White piece that the sentiment is on is 3″ X 3 1/2″. I stamped it twice to get a good rich color and then sprinkled Clear Embossing Powder on and heat set it (you could easily skip this heat embossing but I love the little extra sheen it gives)
  • The White under the sentiment is 3 1/4″ X 3 3/4″ and before I adhered it to the card I added a piece of the Emerald Envy Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon to it!







Here you go…a couple of thoughts about this card and then we will touch on Mr. Perfect, Milo!…

  • The embossing does take this super simple card and make it go WOW! When you hold it in your hand and then run your fingers over the embossing….trust me, the WOW happens so I say – DO IT….well worth the extra step. You can do this with any of our inks… just work quick to get the clear embossing powder on and you are good to go! Would you like a video of this?
  • Ribbon….we all love our ribbon and this new catalog the ribbon is absolutely crazy beautiful! This “crinkled seam binding” is so easy to work with and tying the Bakers Twine is so fun and easy! I say buy all the Bakers Twine…YES – you heard me right….Bakers Twine is SOOOOOO affordable and it is a perfect accent for projects!







Well….thoughts? I hope that this perky little card is a formula that you will use over and over. Depending on the sentiment you choose….you can easily change the cards orientation and also layering 2 different DSP’S would be fun as well….I say …




I have had emails that people are starting to get the new product that you have ordered from the new catalog….but for those of you that are waiting….I thought – show a stamp that many of you probably already have and if you do not….I would jot this down for your next order as it really is a great stamp.

In our collection of stamps…we all need keepers in a variety of categories…and for Birthdays – this is a great one!







Now to Mr. Perfect…well he still is that –  PERFECT! I was able to connect with the Vet in South Carolina that originally did his surgery for his shattered leg. They had his x-rays and graciously shared them with my vet. The great news is the piece that is fractured was there when we rescued him 2 1/2 years ago and with that said …we are going wait to go to the orthopedics for at least another 10 days to see if he just “ouched himself” badly from sprinting for that darn squirrel.

He is amazing, a true gift and I wish that you would see the people at the vets perk up when they see him – there is always a big HERE IS MILO…..and his big ears perk up! He is not liking the “stay in and rest” rules as he would much rather be out and running but rest is what he needs….Until we go back on Tuesday!

The moral of the story is that the rescue where is came from is AMAZING and the vets that saved him in South Carolina are also amazing. Many offices would not talk to a person after so many years….but this vet also kept Milo for 9 months and the office became very attached to him. When I called and identified the dog – there was an instant….oh we remember Milo….(I just can’t figure out why someone there did not rescue him) but I am thankful that he moved to Maryland and became an Itell.







Now…let’s ALL have a great and safe weekend! Kindness is all around us and also kindness is so easy to give….whether you are making a simple card for someone…..to picking up the phone and say hi to someone….to helping an animal that can use it….we all have that inner gift within – I invite you to share your kindness….it is a WIN-WIN all the way around!





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