Good Tuesday to all!

Well I think it is fair to say that we had a FUN week last week with not only fun posts…..but a week long of Blog Candy! Woot-woot to all of the winners but the reality is….you ALL are winners in my eyes as I deeply thank you for popping on and sharing!

There are times that I think back when I started my blog….(now that was a technological challenge within itself) that I would have never dreamed that I would enjoy the “sharing” aspect of it and with that “sharing” comes the “community” that we have! There are days that I feel like I am in the “Cheers” TV Show as we are a family of cyber friends!

We need to do our computer stretch time…..because we have 1 more winner and that is going to be ONE LUCKY STAMPER because she won the LAST BLOG CANDY of our weeklong fun… push back that chair….stand up and stretch!!!



If your name is Peggy Hendricks then you need to squeal so loud

that I can hear you in Williamsport, MD!


Woot-woot to you and here is Peggy’s comment on why she loves stamping! This just made my heart skip many beats! I encourage you to pop back to Sundays post and not only enjoy the super sweet card…but to take an extra cup of coffee and read through the comments….they are just wonderful!

Please email me and I will get your HAPPY MAIL to you!


Now to MY answers to the week long questions!

Tuesday’s ? – Do you like Christmas in July? Yes and No….I totally “get it” that we all get caught by that calendar rolling way too fast and it is a great way to have incentives and also get you thinking ahead….but it really, REALLY saddens me to go into retail stores in July and already see Christmas items…..really??? what happen to the days of anticipation…the days of waiting for the seasons to change!



Wednesday’s? – Do you condition your stamps? – YEP, you betcha! It truly is one of those “habit things” you need to get into. I will say that I have many, many stamps sets that are on the shelf that are not conditioned and when I go to pull it off and stamp…I can tell right away. I have really tried to discipline myself to do this step of conditioning…..I guess you can say that I am rather “Type A” in having clean and crisp stamped images!



Thursday’s ? – How were you introduced to Stampin’ Up! ? – A longtime friend Margie Wight introduced me to Stampin’ Up! when we were both Creative Memories Consultants. (yikes, it had to have been over 15 years ago at least). Margie took me to one of her customers home that was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and I had soooooo much fun! I can remember that my first real “in the trenches project” that I tackled was to make Easter Cards! The best thing is….Margie is now a SUD and on my team under Jeanie….all 3 of us were CMC in the day!



Friday’s ? – When you make a boo-boo…how do you handle it? – WELL….now this is a loaded question – usually I tuck a “little something” to hide it – that is why I LOVE little images to tuck here and there but also….out comes the Bakers Twine….this is a fabulous way to hide boo-boo’s and my trio dots…they are another way to hide things! I also have a container by my work area that I toss things to re-purpose for a project….you will be amazed how many times you will reach for things that have already been cut out for you!



Saturday’s ? – What is your Stampin’ style and what technique would you like to master? – I consider myself a clean and simple card-maker. I am a big fan of clean and crisp lines….lots of white space…and I adore great sentiments & fonts! Polka dots, stripes and plaids make my heart skip a beat…I am fascinated with coloring….this is the one area that I never get tired of watching videos….exploring new mediums…and just practicing! I have learned to love my Aqua Painter and I also have many other non Stampin’ Up! coloring mediums that I love to play around with. I have learned that we all start somewhere and with practice…it just gets better and better!



Sunday’s ? – I love Stamping because…. – I love Stamping for sooooooo many reasons but on the tops of my list it is because: Stamping is rewarding. Stamping  is relaxing. Stamping gives me my own “me time” to feel creative. Stamping  makes me happy. Stamping  makes me proud of myself. Stamping  makes me feel good making someones day. Stamping always amazes me what you can do with something so basic as paper, stamps & ink. Stamping is the best therapy one could have. Stamping is handmade. Stamping is made from my heart. Stamping is a journey of life. Stamping allows me to meet people from all over. Stamping makes me laugh and makes me complete.



Well..there you go! I hope that you enjoy finding a bit more about me and what makes me roll!



Today is the 1st day that SUD’s can order from the NEW Upcoming Catalog. I know that you all are going to be excited to see and purchase the new kids on the block….My catalogs are on order and if you have placed a $50.00 + order from since January…then be on the look out for HAPPY MAIL from MD! 


I love to tuck in a little goodie for you that will make you smile…and I know you will!


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I have blogged many cards using this. It is just elegant and I think my favorite is when it is embossed in white – oh so classic! Make sure that you watch the Stampin’ Up! Video on the “how to’s” in using this Textured Folder….your “sandwich” for Mr Big is different!






Enjoy your Tuesday and a BIG WOOT -WOOT to all of you for a FUN week! See you tomorrow!