Good Morning! I hope that you had a great weekend, I sure did!

I have a post for you that I hope you will let “sink in” and see if it is something that you can see the benefits from. You know me well enough, I like to share with you “real things” that I use for myself, my family and friends.

I know that you all are familiar with the Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin Program. It’s the little box of surprise that comes delivered to your door each month. The cost of it is $20.00 (unless they are running a special) and each month it is a total mystery what is inside.

I admit….sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t. The beauty of the program is you can sign up anytime you want… You can drop it anytime you want… You can actually put it on pause if you want to take a break from it for a month or two.

The magical date of ordering the paper pumpkin program is the 10th of each month.

That is the date that you can make a decision to pause it or cancel it. When you are a paper pumpkin subscriber you have the opportunity to purchase past kit refills If they become available, and that’s what this post is about!

The paper pumpkin kit for September is called Layered Leaves.With being limited with my hand I decided to open it up and put it together exactly as the kit was intended. Many months, I have tried to reinvent the wheel and do something different than what the suggested instructions are from Stampin’ Up!.







This month,I did it straight from the book.I absolutely enjoyed the experience of putting this kit together and I was so excited with the possibilities.My fingers have been crossed that they would be offering the kit refills and today, my wishes have come true.

In the below picture you will see all of the elements that are included in the refill kit for just $8. I realize that the refill kit does not come with a stamp set but I am sure you have many stamps that you could stamp a sentiment on to create in amazing project…we all know how to make things “work” for what we have.






After having so much fun and feeling so rewarded by putting this Kit together I was thinking… if refills become available I will not only continue to make fall projects… What about things for Christmas! In the picture you can below you can see what I have come up with.







With a refill kit coming with eight of the pillow boxes… These are perfect for holiday gift giving. I also do several craft shows and I thought these would be a great offering.

The only catch about being able to purchase these refill kits is… You need to be a current paper pumpkin subscriber. This is what I would do– if you are interested I would purchase the paper pumpkin for one month.

This way you would be able to get the kit for next month (which is also supposed to be super special as it is geared for the holidays) and then you would be able to pick up this refill kit or two.

Here is a quick video of the upcoming promotion.





After you receive your paper pumpkin kit and  if you feel like you do want to not continue… No worries– all you need to do is cancel your subscription by the 10th of the month. (I don’t think you’re going to want to as this upcoming two months are to coordinate together for the holidays.)

Here is another peak of the Kit put together. What am I going to do with mine? Well… In a couple of weeks John and I are taking the peeps away for a beautiful fall weekend in the mountains.

I plan to use the pillow boxes as a part of my weekend fun with my children.I am going to use them on the table for our dinner one evening and tuck a special note inside of each one’s boxes with some yummy chocolates.

Wouldn’t these be wonderful for Thanksgiving?





Think about this….let it soak in and then hopefully that you will see that not only being able to purchase this refill kit will be fantastic, but seeing and getting a “feel” for the next kit will be exciting as well.

Enjoy your day and let’s all get this week rolling….Remember, these refills are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and yep, mine are already on order!





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