Hello and I hope that you are doing well! I bet you have thought that I was lost somewhere in cyber space…well  – nope!!! I shared with you on Monday that I was going to the Doctors on Tuesday to hopefully have Mr. Green Bean removed.

Well….he is gone…… but Black Beauty is the new color. Needless to say I am sad, (actually very sad) but I know that this will pass. I chose “black” for obvious reasons….and I have 3 more weeks.







I wish that you all could be with me on Randall Lane for the pity party that I have been hosting…..unfortunately only the dogs have chose to join the fun. It takes a couple of days to get the new cast a bit comfy (if that it possible) but as promised –






Over the weekend I shared with you that I was going to play with the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK….the Stampin’ Blends and yep, they have gone for a spin….actually a BIG SPIN as I purchased several of these below kits, Color Me Happy Project Kit.

These are NOT yet available for you to purchase (just for demos and new demos just until this Sunday, October 15th) but as I said… I purchased several to not only put together to get practice but to share for blog candy and also I’m sending a finished card to my downline so they can see first hand the fun kit and the stampin’ blends in action.







Does this below picture just make you smile…It sure made me smile. I have to say as an adult I think it is just fabulous that we get excited seeing something like this. You can never be too old to still have fun and simple joy in your life! New products bring me joy and I know it brings you joy as well!

I will do further posts on my thoughts and comments about the stamping blends… but I can honestly say… I love them. I am also a COPIC girl at heart but I knew when stamping up would come out with their own alcohol-based markers I had to have each and every color as they match our palette perfectly.







In the picture below you will see all of the contents of the kit.The kits will allow you to make 16 fabulous cards and I invite you to check out the envelopes… are they over-the-top or what? You all know that a beautiful envelope makes my heart pitter patter and this kit surely has done that!

What I will be giving away for blog candy today is…a completed card (4 in total) of each below and and a memento ink pad. You do need to use the Memento black ink when using an alcohol-based marker.I use this ink pad when I color with my COPIC markers so it was a easy transition for me.

How do you win? Easy… Just leave a comment and let me know how you feel about Stampin’ Up! having alcohol-based markers once again.

I am super excited to hear peoples thoughts and comments.Trust me, I realize that new products are not for everyone but I do love to hear your feedback.

I think that many people are intimidated that they feel that an alcohol-based marker means that you have to understand artistic techniques as well as light source/shading….I am here to tell you that is simply not true.

The main reason that I enjoy working with them is the fact that they just glide over your paper and their are no rough edges from where you stop and start using the same color.Honestly, they are perfect to use just as coloring and image in using one marker.

Enjoy the pictures…and on Saturday morning I will pop it back in and announce the winner along with a special that I am hosting Sunday through Tuesday just on my blog. (here’s a hint…..if you need to order, I would wait until Saturday to hear why)








This is the stamp set that I used to complete this Kit. When stamping up offers this as a product for everyone to purchase… It will be available as a bundle and then you will also be able to purchase additional kits if desired.I truly had fun coloring and trying to get to know and use these markers to my abilities.






















I hope you enjoyed seeing this kit in action. It truly is stunning and when you hold one of these cards in your hand you just beam with pride – they are fun to put together and they are super practical cards . I admit, these color combinations that they put together I would not have come up with but when they’re all together I stood back and said WOW!

Enjoy your day… And please leave a comment …and on Saturday morning the winner will be announced as well as you will see the little something special that I have in store for you for Sunday –  Monday and Tuesday.

If you are just itchin’ to get these super markers….email me – I would love to share with you the ease of getting them in your starter kit, the Ultimate Bundle…..






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