Good Morning and here is to a start of the weekend…woot-woot for so many reasons…first it is the weekend but this is the best part…we are going to be having some WARM WEATHER on the East Coast…a totally welcomed bit of news for me and trust me…I have had one super grumpy pig as Miss Daisy just is not a fan of the cold!




As I shared yesterday…I have some wonderful customers that just love kits…and trust me – I GET IT!




On yesterdays post…I showcased a sentiment from this kit to make yesterdays sweet card and today…it is all about this kit. I truly think that this kit is just breezed over in the annual catalog (page 15) as you all flip right to the stamps and leave the Stampin’ Up! kits to a “thought for the perhaps future” and stampers….let me tell you – this IS a keeper!

After I had a date with this product I am showcasing today…it was a joy and a rewarding feeling to be able to sit down and have all of the products needed in one box and complete a kit with the end result of 20 completed cards plus I have a great photopolymer stamp set that has fun and useful sentiments that will be used for other projects!

Here is a video that Stampin’ Up! did that showcases this products…its a great overview but trust me…this is so straight forward and I love the saying…of Stamp and Stick! – cause’ lets face it – there are times that we just simply do not want to think but we want to craft and create with completed results…that is exactly what this kit will do for you!






I have had this kit sitting in the super cute box that it comes in for some time…and all it was doing was collecting dust. Well….I had someone remind me about this kit as she was ordering one and I thought…I need to put this together myself and that is what I did!

Here are some of the thoughts that I had through the journey in putting it together and I will tell you right off the bat…I am NOT the best in following directions as I am one of those just DIVE IN and DO kinda person….

  • I loved the fact that everything that you need is all in one place
  • Even though they were supplied in the box, I used my own ink (in the full size) and I prefer my acrylic blocks and also the glue dots that are on the roll – just a personal preference but all of these are supplied in a kit version and heck – we all keep the stampin’ spots!
  • I actually enjoyed the fact that the sizes of the cards varied – it was great to have that assortment to grab and go!
  • I was happy that the color choices of the designs were so bright and vibrant…a super fun POP with each and every design
  • I think the price is extremely fair. $35.00 for the whole kit and the stamp set….a keeper that will get lots of use and the best ….it is a photopolymer!


Below you can see this stamp set. As you recall…I try to “condition” my stamp sets as I go to use them for the 1st time. It is a great habit to get into and then I stamp a full image of the stamp set to store with the stamp. I personally condition my stamps with Black ink and I can hear many of you gasping but I like to see the images…really cuts down the search and rescue on my work space.







Now grab that cup of coffee and get ready for 4 great pictures that showcase each of the cards. I grouped them together as by the size of the cards and one thing that I did not show is….the envelopes – the envelopes are all in a kraft paper and a fun change from white!

I have not jazzed up the envelopes (as I usually do) and I am really not sure if I will as the cards are just so fun and fresh! After all…this is one of the things that people struggle with….time and thinking what to do….and this kit is all about….getting it done – feeling confident!



Enjoy the pictures…they are fun – RIGHT????












I told you…..they are just super cute…Here is another thought – I know that we are the crazed crafters but I also know that we have many friends and family that are not….


  • maybe it’s because they feel like they aren’t creative…. (this is crazy as we ALL have a creative gift inside)
  • maybe it’s because they don’t have the time…
  • maybe it’s because they say…”I don’t need another hobby”…
  • maybe it’s because they say – “I’m not going to invest in all of THAT STUFF” ….(I think that they are talking about the STUFF that we have and guess what – I LOVE MY STUFF)


I think you know where I am going with this….and guess what  – This kit would be a fabulous and fun time to get together with these kinda people (we all have and know them) and just have fun!

You are just $15.00 away from picking a freebie from the SAB offerings….so I say….no brainer, grab some basics that we use all the time and have a win-win…..20 completed cards that are ready to go when you need one….a great stamp set to use in the future and a FREE Product from Sale-A-Bration….works for me….how about you!

Have a great weekend….be safe, make memories and make someone SMILE!

p.s. – please make sure that you look at the LONG LIST of products that I used to make this post….. (tee-hee-hee)YEP – that is right….JUST ONE THING!!!!!





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