Happy Friday….this week has been about Birthday Cards as lets face it…we each have one of those special days each year and we also love to send Birthday Cards…..well, we love to when we have a great idea or a stash ready – but trust me, I get it!

In November when I went to On Stage in Salt Lake City I can remember the first time I saw this kit in the display area…needless to say I was wowed! Not only was I doing a “happy dance” with the sheer beauty of the fun box but it didn’t stop there as when I saw the sheer quality and design of the cards…and then…the monthly dividers – I loved it!


The lightbulb that went off in my head was…WHAT A GREAT GIFT!


Let’s face it, I think that it is pretty fair to say that most of our “WANTS IN LIFE” are very minimal as I think we all feel very blest but I don’t know about you…I love to share my love of crafting with family and friends and what a fabulous gift this would be for that hard to buy for person.

The beauty of this is…it is timeless – being that no matter when you would “gift this” to someone… they can always use it. You could either give the Kit as a gift and have you and your friend put it together for a fun time spent together or go ahead and make it up and give it as a gift!

I have a BUNCH of pictures for you today but before you peek at them….watch this short video that Stampin’ Up! did showcasing this kit and you will see 1st hand what a blue ribbon winner it is!







I always try to give you a “heads up” for tips and tricks when I recommend a product. I followed the instructions to a tee with the exception of the placement of the Dapper Denim Bakers Twine and I also did not use the tassel stickers that were to go onto the balloons. Just some personal preferences in placement.

The kit is VERY generous with the amount of ribbon and twine. You can see in the below pictures that I doubled up on the twine for all of my bows (again, just a personal preference) and I had plenty. I always like to share these tips as I realize how frustrating it is to keep thinking while you are creating….can I use more…or maybe I’ll run out!

Below is a great visual of the kit contents…..








The next several pictures are close-ups of each of the cards that I put together. Not only were they super easy to put together, this are super cute and oh so practical cards!

The stamp set that is used to create these cards is called the Perennial Birthday Stamp Set. THANK YOU Stampin’ Up! for creating not only great outside sentiments….but also the ones that coordinate for the inside of the card. WOOT-WOOT…..we all LOVE that!

Remember, this below stamp set is sold separately from the kit but I think you will see and agree, it’s a keeper! After these photos I will share with you what I did with this kit…and trust me, it has been a huge hit!











Before we get to the last 2 cards let’s peek at the dividers….they ARE key to me…as this will KEEP US FROM MISSING someones Birthday! I just do a little wiggle of excitement when I can be more “on top of it” and having a “key” with Birthdays filled in does it for me!

Even though the kits makes 16 cards….you can easily put more in the box and also throughout the year as you make cards they can be added! I like to think of it as my stash of ready to rumble!






Here are the last 2…they are just adorable and being able to stamp a coordinating sentiment to the inside of the card is a time saver!






Now you know me….I adore my envelopes. To me, the envelope is the FIRST GLIMPSE of the presentation of the card. My Mom always taught me that if you take a bit of time for the presentation of something….than the recipient will feel special from the minute they see it….and let’s face it ladies….we all love to feel special cause’ guess what….WE ARE SPECIAL!

I used the Sweet Soiree DSP to add some love to the envelopes! The colors work perfectly for this kit and it gave me the extra special trademark touch that I love to give.

You can see in the picture below that using my DSP Swatchbook from the Product Shares made the picking out the paper a breeze. To me, they are the 911 when creating!

You can also see that I have a pack of gold candles…I purchased them for a whopping .97 at Walmart along with some simple balloons…after I made up the kit….I also tucked in a pack of candles and the balloons….just another sweet touch that costs sooooo little but will make someone feel super special and add so much!









One last peek of the entire kit and also an idea for you…. and then one from my sweet John…..

After I put together the first kit and saw the WOW of it….I thought – what a perfect gift for my girlfriends. I admit, most of my friends have no clue what I do but they know that I am crafty. (I do not teach locally as the bulk of my Stampin’ Up! fun is cyber) I purchased a bunch of these and had a ball making up these kits! I tied a beautiful white bow around it and strategically placed a long skinny cluster of gold candles thru the bow.

They are all stacked in a closet and PRESTO….a perfect gift that will only be super special and practical to them…but they will see firsthand what I do…. (the truth be told…I have a fear of teaching that I am afraid no one would come) I have already had 3 Birthdays this month with friends…and they have loved the kit!





My sweet John is an Accountant and this is his time of year of craziness. When he saw this kit is was amazed. He was also amazed when I told him that many of my customer simply do not purchase the Stampin’ Up! Kits….he asked me why and I said…..I really do not know as they sure do like my kits…..

He then said – this is perfect….I’ll take 8 of them for my ladies! Every year when it is Business Administrators Day (it is April 25th this year)…John takes the ladies to lunch. It is always a highlight for them as John is great in taking time to make his employees feel special. These people make the whole system work in cranking out the workload and it is his way of saying thanks!

He said… can you put a big bow on each of them and we can put it at their place. (I usually always put a little potted Spring Flower at their place setting) and then I will let them know that at 4 p.m. that day they will be treated to a special time with you in helping them put the kits together! Doesn’t this sound like fun!

I told you he was a keeper (and actually the best blind date I was ever on).….naturally I am THRILLED with the order….but I also know that his ladies will love it as well! The moral of the post is….this IS a keeper kit and it is also priced right!

How perfect to get the kit or kits…..the stamp…take advantage of some FREEBIES from Sale-a-BrationWOOT-WOOT all around!

Have a wonderful weekend…..I have another idea for you on Monday that will make you say….now that is soooo darn cute! Thanks for shoring some time with me and thanks for being YOU!





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