Good Morning and happy new week!


Last “Hump Day” did not happen because of “life” (my sweet Dad has been having some health issues) and then I typed up everything for Friday to hit the publish button….and POOF it was all gone…….I was super sad and just tried to shrug it off as I was away and just had to do one of those …..deep breaths….“OH NO” and not let it get the best of me….so the moral of this story is…..I have a cutie for you today!

These hanging basket images are from the Hanging Garden Stamp Set that made it’s Stampin’ Up! debut in the Occasions Catalog! I have been itchin’ to play with it as I knew that it would be a dream to color and today I used the Stampin’ Blends. This image would also be wonderful to use the Aqua Painter with and watercolor but the ease and speed of the blends is what I reached for today!






I used the super affordable Whisper White Notecards & Envelopes to create this sweet card. These truly are a great bang for your buck as you get 20 precut and scored cards & envelopes for just $6.00 and don’t forget…they also come in Very Vanilla!

I like this size of a card as they are a perfect size (3 1/2″ X 5″) to write a quick note. This size also make a fabulous gift to give to someone as a gift. I do not know about you but….if someone gave me some notecards like this….I would not only be touched…I would be doing the happy dance….(BIG time!!!)

You really do not need me today for this card…but hang tight… are going to get me as I have some measurements and ideas for you. I want you to look at this as a “formula”…hang tight and hear me out. You already know that the notecards are super affordable…I invite you to see the impact that paper and layers do to “make” this sweet card special.







Paper DOES make a difference and if you are not comfortable with using paper with layers….I encourage you to have a little chat with yourself….and do it! I know that there are many out there that cringe and say…I feel like I am wasting it. Trust me crafters….we waste MANY, MANY other things and do not think anything about it.

Remember….this is a craft, a FUN thing that we do….so why not make it special and just add layers! It truly is as simple as that as it is an extra touch that takes your card from….a great one to a WOW one.

The other key factor is the sentiment. Choosing the right sentiment also takes a card to a new level. You all know that I am goo-goo over sentiments and truth be told…I often purchase a stamp set JUST BECAUSE of the sentiment and this stamp set, Yay You is a perfect example of that!

This stamp set is a Hostess one…and it is only $10.00 plus it is a photopolymer…..a doubly whammy of goodness! I think that you can easily see the fun and unique stamps and sentiments in this set. I think that it is chocked full of uplifting and unique sentiments….something that we all need more of in this world!







Things to remember if you are going to be CASEING this sweetie….use the Memento Black Ink when using the stampin’ blends! WHY??? Simple – you need to use it because it is formulated to work with an alcohol based marker like the blends. I am giddy about these markers for many reasons but by far the first one is the ease and speed of them.

As I have said many, many times….I get it – you all see the $$$$ of them and are fearful that you would make the investment for them and not know how to use them….and then this one that I hear all of the time…..I do not know how to blend?

Here you go again….YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BLEND….how about this – give yourself a break and be gentle to yourself...just have FUN and color. There is NO BLENDING here at all with this card….I just colored and I had FUN!

Another thing to remember….when you use the blends – IT WILL BLEED through the paper, that it totally normal so you will want to make sure that you have a scratch piece of paper underneath so you do not ruin your work surface!







When you use an alcohol based marker you do not get lines of streaking like you would with the Stampin’ Write Markers. Please do not get me wrong, I have them and I do use them but I would never enjoy coloring with them like I do with these.

Think about it in this way…we all have shoes – we have some shoes that are just the favorites….that when you wear them you could walk and walk…and then there are others that you really like but they just aren’t as comfy…..that’s how I feel about the blends.

For me, coloring is relaxing. Do you remember when you were little and the excitement you have when you got to dive into a NEW box of Crayons? I can still remember the WOW that I saw with all of the pretty colors lined up and I was excited but I didn’t want to mess up the pretty box.

As kids – we got over that and played with the crayons and this is how I look at an alcohol based marker.They just open up a whole new world of fun and YEP, I am happy that Stampin’ Up! has them and I do hope that the continue to come out with more colors.







Right now we have 12 color families. Each marker has a light and a dark. The majority of the time…I just color with the light and if there are any “sketchy” black lines that the stamp has in it….I take the dark marker and use it where the black lines are….that’s MY LEVEL OF BLENDING….

It truly is as simple as that. I have shared with you that I have made the plunge of making an investment with Copic Markers as Stampin’ Up! did not have an Alcohol Based marker until now …and trust me – I have spent a bunch of $$$$$ with them but I can also say…..I do not regret it one bit as I love them.

I have 2 complete sets of the blends as I have one in my work area and another in a grab and go bag that has stamped images in it. I often take that with me if I know that I will be waiting (like at an appt) as practicing is the best way to get comfortable!

You can get the WHOLE complete set right now for just $99 and then pick 2 stamp sets that tickle your fancy……the ultimate bundle during Sale-A-Bration.I know that you get super scared when you hear the word or think about the concept of joining Stamp Up! so how about this….just email me and I will be happy to talk to you about it.



It is nothing more that you taking advantage of a sale.

Yep – all of the Blends for $99 ships for free and you pick any 2 stamps!



Over this past weekend…I spent time with 2 amazing women that also happen to be downline but more importantly, I am proud to call them friends. We stamped….colored….cut….played and just had fun! Below my sweet little Milo went with me and let me tell you….he is amazing….staying up late with us and hearing all of the laughter!







Unfortunately I have had some “trying times” over the past several weeks with my Dad and his health. He is doing better but I knew that I needed this time away and it was the best medicine a doctor could ever order. In reflection as I drove home….I felt very blessed that this wonderful little thing that I do…..called Stampin’ Up! has allowed me to meet people from all over.

In April….there are 7 of us going away for a fun getaway that you would think we are kids going to Disney. Yep, that works for me and I am super excited for our time together!

Back to reality and as I opened up my computer….I saw over 300 emails…..let’s all have a great day and please remember, just have FUN with the wonderful thing that we have in common…..making cards and making people smile.

It DOES make a difference and so do you!










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