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We are having a beauty of a day here on the East Coast and today….YEP, another excursion with my Dad! We made it through the movies (and I did not fall asleep…something I usually do) and in trying to every-other day adventure with him…..today we are driving to Bedford, PA. This is a charming little town and truth be told – it has one of the BEST Italian Stores there so I figured…a 2 for 1!

There is a bunch of history there so I will be putting on my tourist hat. I will try to snap some pictures. Dad said that it has been over 40 years since he has been there so the drive will be beautiful and he will be happy! A HAPPY Dad + A HAPPY Susan = A GREAT day!  🙂






Last week I shared that I was working on an “all team mailing” that I was doing…and some have received theirs….some still haven’t so here you go….I know that it does not look like much but trust me, these swatch rings are lifesavers!

Many of you know that I always do Product Shares and YEP,  I will be doing them again. Years ago I started to make up these Swatchbooks of every Cardstock we have in the Stampin’ Up! line and now that we have a COMPLETE REVAMP of Colors coming out…..it is time to do a BRAND NEW SWATCHBOOK!

This offering has ALL OF THE CURRENT COLORS that will be out in the New Catalog. If you have bought one of these from me before, please leave a comment sharing your thoughts. I have NEVER (and that is a BIG WORD) had someone say that they were disappointed in them.

Eons ago when I was a Creative Memories Consultant I started making these as I would get people saying…..I need some of that blue that I always use.…and then when I said – what was the color name…they would say, you know the blue I like! (Calgon, take me away!)

I think you get it…..having an actual PHYSICAL SAMPLE of the card stock is a true joy. I use then endlessly to see what color I want to work with and also to come up with different and unique color combinations! They are just a life saver and a go to tool that I consider invaluable!

I am sure that many of you have seen the new colors…..but here are more looks at them! I am over the moon excited for the newbies and also you can see that Stampin’ Up! has moved colors into new families!

This NEW SWATCH BOOK will have all of the updates and new colors. I have many Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators purchase these from me for their personal use and also for team gifts as it is perfect to have everything in one place and be able to actually feel and see them! Also, if you love to stamp with a friend….they would LOVE THIS….anyone that does Stampin’ Up! would appreciate such a useful gift!



The NEW COLOR KIDS on the Stampin’ Up! Block!



WOOT-WOOT…..the Color in all their glory!







Easy…you can CLICK HERE and put in the subject line – CARDSTOCK SWATCHES along with YOUR ADDRESS (pretty please) and how many you want. I will email you back and then send you a Pay Pal invoice for the Card Stock Swatches on a Ring.

In the New Catalog we also have a line Color Family….it is called the BASICS – and yep, I will put them in there as well. I do include both the regular and thick weight of the White and Vanilla in my card stock rings because I think the “feel” helps people see the difference.





Below you can see the piles that I had….I had used my On Stage Preorder to start making them! Last week was an “assembly line” for me and It was an amazing feeling to get it them together! I knew that my team members would LOVE getting this and seeing all of the NEW COLORS!

I do have some ready to ship now and next week when I can order more of the new product (yippee  – a perk for demos) I will continue to fill orders!





This IS one of those “labors of love” that I do but I do it…because – I GET IT….when something is a HUGE HELP to you I am all for it! I figured that I put 3,720 labels on last week! I felt like Lucy and Ethel at the Candy Store but Ethel didn’t show up to help!!!!


The cost of the swatch books are $10.00 each.

(Trust me, this will be the best $10.00 you spend! Shipping will be as follows)

  • If you order 1 or 2 of the Swatch Rings…the shipping is $4.00
  • Any more that 2+ Swatch Rings….the weight goes over to Priority Mail….the shipping will be $6.75
  • If you order 10+ the shipping is FREE….on me!


I do have many people order large quantities of them as they are they are perfect for Stamp Clubs and also for friends and perks! I am really hoping to get these going and OUT THE DOOR before the other Product Share offerings I offer. This is a super exciting time for us as we adore the new catalog offerings.

Because Stampin’ Up! did a TOTAL REVAMP…this is the perfect time to get an updated, new swatch-book. Again, if you want to get one of these gems….. CLICK HERE and put in the subject line – CARDSTOCK SWATCHES along with YOUR ADDRESS  and how many you want. I will email you back and then send you a Pay Pal invoice for the Card – Stock Swatches on a Ring.

Don’t forget….retired products are going down….here is the most up to date list of things that are gone!









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