Good Monday to you! Did you miss me, did you think that I walked the plank?


All I can say is a big deep breath and let it all out! In a quick nut shell….Dad is good (in and out of the hospital)…John is hanging in there (one more day of tax season)…Peeps are great….Pups are enjoying the spring weather and Daisy…well, she’s not looking too pretty as she has scratched off hair off of both sides but I still love my piggy!

Ok…let’s MOVE ON! Yesterday…(Sunday) I told John that I was not doing anything…not going anywhere until I had some “me time” to go through the retired list and mark off the catalog! True, I have glanced at it but I have never taken a “block of time” to cross it off and take it all in! Were there surprises? Yep, always are but we all know that this happens and then we all know that new kids will be on the block in no time!

I have yet to unpack from On Stage but today I have my swap card that I made for the event. The card that I made to swap with was made with the Layering Love Stamp Set. This one has been around for a while and it IS walking the plank. I guess it is a no-brainer to you that I love it as the sentiments and boldness of it speaks my simple stampin’ language!






In my posts I have been trying to share with you things that I look at when I purchase a specific stamp. I admit, in the past I was very “hit happy” with the button but what I ended up with is a bunch of stamps that I did not use as much as I thought! Is anyone else on this same island with me?

Even though this stamp has been around for a while I would buy it again for these 2 simple reasons….the sentiments are great with fun fonts and the price….$16.00 is a great price point. I invite you to look and ask questions to yourself as to how much would you use it…and can you make multiple cards from it.

I do hope that you know that I am just like you….a person that loves to craft and also I know that it all adds up really fast! Even if we had an endless pocketbook….we also have another concern to think about – SPACE. I am blessed that I do have a space to craft in but I am always trying to be very honest and upfront to you about making choices!







Yesterday I decided to make up cards using the other 3 stamps that are in the set….to go with the one that I made for my swap! I adored the boldness and clean lines that my swap card was….but I admit, I was on the fence about the white space on the left but I ended up keeping it!

You see…I go through the same things that you do. I decided to leave it as you see it because of the size and crispness of this fun sentiment and let the boldness of the DSP be the WOW factor!  I loved it, and I think that this type of card goes the long haul with many cards we might need to make and send!

The paper collection I used for all 4 cards was from the Tutti Fruiti DSP 6 X 6 stack!







This has been a “go-to” paper choice for me. I think that sometimes we look at papers and see such a distinct pattern that we say to ourselves….“that’s not for me”….but be patient and look at the offering with a different set of eyes… me, I think all of my examples for you today are clean, classic and true blue keepers! Remember, paper does and adds SO MUCH and when you look at it….it is really an affordable part of the card making process…let IT do the work for you!







In making these 4 cards I used the same formula OVER AND OVER for each of them. You know that I am simple so using a great layout is catalyst for making multiples and feeling rewarded with a great end result. I encourage you to make up a card with this formula today even if you do not have the stamp set….

Before we get to the Formula I want you to notice on the cards how I added little touches here and there to make the end result a bit more interesting. There are so many little things that we have – the simply scored tool or embellishments laying around taking up space! I invite you to look and see what you have and USE IT UP!







Here you go….please feel free to email me if you have any questions and also feel free to leave a comment and let everyone know how you like using formulas to make cards!

Before you GASP and see how much paper I am using…always know that you can make adjustments to be more frugal with your paper. I am all about making a nice, heavy card and I also want to use up the DSP I have….cause’ you know what is coming around the corner – NEWBIES and yep, I will be doing a paper share!

  • Card Base – vertical or horizontal in A-2 …4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • Cover the front panel with card stock – 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The white piece that you will stamp on is 2 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The mat behind this is a smidge larger…2 3/8″ X 5 1/2″
  • For the envelopes…the solid piece is 1/2″ wide and the DSP is 1 3/4″


That is basically it – super simple! Now here is the fun part – how you add your touches….you can score…add dots…add embellishments..lift elements up with dimension – the sky is the limit. The only requirement is TO HAVE FUN! Yep, something rather simple to do but also something that many times we forget to do….just enjoy the journey of your card making experience. 

I have a bunch of pictures for you…as I know you love pictures! Enjoy and I hope that you can carve out some time to give this formula a try. It is always so much easier to have a “tried & true” formula that can be used over and over….and your secret is safe with me! 🙂














Remember, the plank walkers are only while supplies last so I would take a peek and see what you cannot live without! Wednesday I am hoping to share with you the ones that I view as “you need to swoop them up” !








Have a fabulous day and let’s all have a great week. I am learning to really embrace that “one day at a time thing”…as even though I attempt to have a “to do list” on my day, there have been many things that have changed my plans. In the end…life is great!





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