Woot-Woot….it is the weekend and I have a cutie for you today and guess what? This layout is one of those “formula types” that I love and try to encourage you to make! WHY? Well, there are a bunch of reasons but the one that comes to mind instantly is…they make card making super easy as all you have to do is find the formula…and adjust your stamp and color combination to whatever stamp set you are working with!

Easy and DONE! As I have blogged…I have become very picky about my purchases as let’s face it….there are soooooo many amazing crafting products out there…… that we just cannot have it all so my shopping the new catalog was very selective!

This stamp set, Accented Blooms is a keeper. I knew the minute I saw it….it would be living on Randall Lane. WHY? Well…..H E L L O….Look at that image…look at that FUN and LARGE “hello and thank you”….look at the sweet sentiments….the price is right and lastly – you see those 2 little stamps – the leaf and the flower….well I have an idea for them! (I think that it will make you smile!!!)






Today I used the Blends to color the image. Blends are the quickest method of coloring for me to do in a jif and when I made this card…I made 6 of them so I simply stamped the images out using the Stamparatus and then colored the image in when I was watching a show that I am kinda hooked on, Shark Tank!

I admit that it drives me kinda bonkers that there is just not one simple click of a button to get the blends….and/or a button to get the new ones that were just released. Oh well….(got that off my chest) – I am asked time and time again….what colors of Blends do I need…and I hold true to my answer – ALL OF THEM!

Hang tight here…..I know that you are thinking – WOWthey are expensive…and YEP, they are an investment but I was asked and I gave  my opinion. The reason I say this is…it is such a hard decision to narrow it down as it all depends on the image you are coloring. One thing I will say FOR SURE is….if you are ordering them here and there….always order the combo pack (Blends are on page 205) as you really want the light and the dark of each color.






Now HOLD ON…..I am sure that many of you are thinking …I do not know how to blend!?!? Please do not think of them in this way as true…they DO have the ability to blend seamlessly but think of them just like they sound a LIGHT and a DARK….so…(2) markers in the same family but one is lighter than the other.

The moral of this story is (look at the leaf part of this card)…you cannot go wrong with putting the light color down first (light Granny Apple Green) and then where you have the lines that are on the stamp go over it with the dark one (dark Granny Apple Green) and then guess what? – YOU DID IT….as you become more and more comfortable you will begin to “be that turtle sticking your head out”  and experiment with “blending” but we are not even going to go there today!

I always forget to mention this…you know that I am a BIG FAN of the Thick White Card Stock and yep, I do use that for all of my card bases but when I am using the Blends, I prefer to use the Regular White Card Stock to stamp the image on that I am coloring. I think that the thinner weight of the paper takes the markers easier and remember, the bleeding through the back of the paper is TOTALLY OK – that is what happens with alcohol based markers like the Blends are!

Whew…enough jabbering….let’s get to it! I know…I know – I am way too wordy but I am what I am! It is always my goal/intention to make sure you understand and feel comfortable with products. Trust me, I get it as we all learn from trial and error and as anything in life…it takes practice, practice and then more practice! That is exactly why I made so many of these sweet cards….I knew that the more I played with coloring this image, the more likely I would feel comfortable and have a great project!


Click on the below image to take you to all of the offerings!


Designer Series Paper Sale



As always, at the end of my post you will see the line-up of products that I used for the card. I want to remind you about the Buy 3, get 1 Free Designer Series Paper Sale that is going on for the month of July. This DSP that I used for todays card is from the Animal Expedition Paper. Great deal to stack up on the new paper….an instant $11.00 savings!

I love this pattern as it is very versatile but I was also excited to show you a practical card using this DSP Collection.  Many at 1st glance think that this is a juvenile/kiddo paper…but as we all know….there are 2 sides to every paper! (ha-ha) I love it that one side is whimsical and then other…a fun clean and classic print!






Here are the dimensions for todays card. As I say with the formulas….I would make the time to make up a card using this formula even if you do not have this specific stamp….true you might need to tweak the measurements to adjust to whatever stamp you are using….but this way you will have PRACTICE (remember that IS that little thing that we need to do in life) and also write down the dimensions you used so you can quickly refer to it in the future!






Without further yada….yada…..







There you go my wonderful cyber friends! I do hope that this made you smile….made you look at the fact that it is TOTALLY OK to use your DSP to cover the whole front of a card and then PRESTO…with layers of paper and the texture from the Embossing Folder…BINGO…you have one beautiful card!

Below is this embossing folder! You will be seeing me use it a bunch this catalog…My guess is that many of you BREEZED right by it in the catalog. Please do not overlook the effect a simple embossing folder can give you. They so affordable and make a big impact!







If you are new to my Blog, 1st…WELCOME….but I also do invite you to check out my very generous rewards program that I offer when you place an order with me. Remember…..I too was a customer and I totally “get it” when you have opportunities to get a FREE STAMP! Those 2 words make my heart pitter-patter every time….FREE STAMP!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and please feel free to email me and leave a comment sharing how you like this formula…..I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE THE DSP……no more hoarding…pull it out and USE IT UP!!! 🙂






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