Hello and Happy HOT Tuesday! I have a beauty for you today that I had planned for you yesterday but heat, life….and lack of power got in the way! There is no way to sugar-coat this but….it is darn HOT! I know…I know – it is summer but this gal does not like the heat and humidity!

I just have to share this with you as it truly was one of those, “you can’t make this stuff up”  and at the end of this post I will share with you my “funny” of the power going off on Sunday…it teaches you how spoiled we are and how we simply take so much for granted….all is great and I have a fun card for you today!

Let’s start by asking…did you breeze right by this stamp set on page 151 in the New Annual Catalog? It is called All The Good Things and I think it is one of those classics that can go for many card making ideas we need as well as a great masculine card. (They always seem to be tricky to do for most of us!!!)

I would bet that most of us work look at the fish and say – that’s weird but actually if you google it – there are many great meanings – my favoritedetermination and flexibility…I encourage you to take some time and look at the elements of the stamp set…many great potentials! The sentiments are just wonderful and I love the way that they use 2 different fonts (both being clean and simple)








I would call this a “formula type card” – If you are new to my blog….1st, welcome and then a formula is just a layout that you can do over and over with just about any stamp set you have…just change up the stamp and the colors and PRESTO….you have a blue ribbon winner card!

Stop and look at the elements of this card. Very simple and very clean – using your basics will always allow you create over and over without feeling defeated – REMEMBER…..we did this thing we do to HAVE FUN and if it is not FUN…than you will get grumpy, it is as easy as that!

Shapes….be it a rectangle, square, circle or oval will always be your friends as they allow you to create with little fuss and keep it easy on the eye. When you create a card in a simple way…there are some tips and tricks you can do to step it up a bit and later I will share with you the 2 things I did for this simple card.






I am sure that you have seen, heard and already know that Stampin’ Up! is having a promotion on select DSP’s……with the buy 3 and get 1 free offering that will be this whole month (you can click the link) I will be putting a “SU Promotions Tab” on my blog header soon (where the Product Shares is) so it is easy for you to just click and take a look…..it’s just that darn thing called time but it is on my to do’s!

I honestly did not have one full sheet of this paper….just scraps from making up swatch books from the Product Share….but peek at the card and you will see that all I used was a wee bit! This DSP is Tranquil Textures and I think that it can go through a long span of time for projects we make throughout the year. This is just a 1 1/2″ strip of paper but it does the trick!







Do you remember when I said that I have (3) tricks to make this simple card a bit more special…..did you figure out what they were??? Well here you go….always remember that there are super simple things that you can do with little time or effort with a fun and wow end result!

  • I used an Embossing Folder for both the Tranquil Tide on the card as well as the envelope flap! This embossing folder, Subtle Dynamic Textured Impressions is a must have staple for your stash! It produces a very subtle (ha-ha, it’s name) and “non-fuss” feel giving instant texture and depth! I did run it through in both directions……


  • I pulled out the Simply Scored and score the sides of the stamped image piece. I know that it is hard to see in the picture….but doing this little trick always makes a project step up a notch. When I score, I always use the simply scored tool over the trimmer as I think you can get a much deeper impression…


  • I had FUN with the Bakers Twine! You know that I adore Bakers Twine and this offering…..is a home run!!! It is called Natures Twine and you get 4 rolls of twine in a pack in the colors of Blackberry Bliss, Crumb Cake, Grapefruit Grove, and Mint Macaron. I am offering this for the Host Code Gift with Purchase this Month…..(the current host code is always on the right of my blog header…)







If you peek at this picture above you will see all 3 elements! This embossing folder is just wonderful and classic….we all know that there are times that we need a little “something-something” but do not want a bunch of fuss! This DOES the trick!

When you play around with scoring….I always flip the stamped side down as I like the raised potion of the scoring to be visible to the front, but honestly….it is just a personal preference. I also like to go over the scored lines 2 times to get it nice and deep.

Lastly, the Bakers Twine… I first just anchor it down to the back of the card and then come back with the bow/fru-fru etc….a simply glue dot all balled up works like a charm each and every time! I invite you to play around and have FUN with different ways of adding accents to your projects!







Just look….doesn’t it make you smile? I love it when I can create something that it so versatile and also knowing that all I need to do is change the colors and DSP and BAMI will have a totally new card with a new feel! 

This sentiment is right up my simple alley….just having the word “kindness” makes me skip a beat. For this card I am using it as a thank you but look at this sentiment – you could easily use this as a simple “just because” card as who would not beam with joy receiving this?







Before we go…you know me and my envelopes……I adore them! Because I did not have a scrap of this paper wider than a 1 1/2″….I thought, just emboss the back flap! Works for me….and I hope that you will try it as well! I made my very own Soft Sea Foam envelope for this project. I thought that this special card deserved a special envelope!

I have blogged about the time and time again, the envelope punch board is the BEST PIECE OF PLASTIC you will get for $20.00! (ha-ha!!!) It does sooooo much more than envelopes but I make lots of square cards so I make lots of envelopes! It is so easy and for this envelope, it used a 8″ X 8″ piece of card stock.

Once you get the “bug” with how to use this, you will be making your own envelopes all the time…..it just make a difference! Well….that’s it folks! I hope that you enjoyed this project and now I will share with you the “weird funny” that happened to me on Sunday! If you are traveling….please have fun and BE SAFE!

The highway around us has been super busy…we are dog sitting again….but trust me, John and I will be having our time real soon with the Alaska Trip right around the corner. We are happy to help the kids out and would rather the dogs be with us than in the kennel!










Ok – here you go….the “simply sad Susan story of her Sunday” – my lower lip was hanging down…..but it was all good and trust me…there are a ton of other things that could happen, again….we take for granted many of this simple pleasures of dailiness….it was a good reality check but yes, I AM thankful for air conditioning…..enjoy!….


Sunday is a day that I look forward to….I am one of those routine oriented people and I love to start my day off with a cup of good coffee with no agenda….just some good old fashion “me time” to get the day going! It started just like I like it…John left for church around 7:30 a.m. and I was going to leave for yoga around 8:30 a.m……then just as I was going through emails – the power went off, it was around 7:45.

It was a normal day, no storms etc…just hotter than hades and I thought, it will pop back on….well it didn’t! It is funny how we get so conditioned to routine and that is what I continue to do – it was daylight so I just kept doing what I do….got dressed and looking forward to my class….went out to the garage – THE GARAGE DOOR WOULD NOT GO UP….dah – NO POWER SUSAN!

Plan B…..take the pick-up truck…..I went down to the barn and darn…..I forgot that it was hooked up to the trailer….I quickly put the blocks underneath the tires to let the trailer down and went to push the hydraulic lift…..DEAD – the battery was DEAD! I just thought….this is not meant to be!

Back up to the house and I looked at the dogs and they were not coming to my pity party….I looked at them and said – I look soooooooo forward to yoga with Phil on Sundays…..then I go to the Pressed Flour (a little local bakery that is only open on the weekends) to have my weekly indulgence of the best Breakfast Sandwich and then walk around the Farmers Market…to me, a perfect Sunday morning! It just wasn’t happening for me……

John returned home from church…..(I had already texted him to say that the power was out) and said….I called the Power Company and the estimated time for it to be turned back on is 10:30 a.m. – I thought – ok, I can handle that! I knew that there was another yoga class at noon that I could jump into but it wasn’t my routine….PHIL, SANDWICH and FARMERS MARKET!!! I am a creature of habit……I like my routine!

This would mean NO PHIL…a different teacher (but she is also great)….NO SANDWICH (as they sell out usually by 11 and are only opened until the sell out) and NO FARMERS MARKET (as it closes at noon). I go to this amazing little town for yoga that is called Shepherdstown, WV – it is about 30 minutes from my home….and it has become a “happy place for me”

John came home and kinda laughed as he knows how much I look forward to my Sunday mornings…….he said, let’s go to the outlet’s as they opened at 10 and get some things for the trip and then you can go to yoga….hmmmmm……great idea as that meant when I am with him and especially when we have (2) cars….I will leave and he can pick up the tab! It worked just like that……I was happy…we got lots accomplished and off I went to yoga….

After yoga…now its around 1:30 – I text him….is the power on? Sad answer….nope  – they changed it to 3:30 now so back for more retail therapy as the heat and I are not friends…..Texted him around 4:30…..nope – STILL NOT ON…..so went to another area to shop…..I looked terrible but darn, I was cool and I got lots accomplished!

At around 5:50 he text me and said…..you can come home now….the power just came on! I thought whew……PREFECT TIMING as the store had just said, “shoppers…the store closes at 6 p.m.”! Life ended up to be great…..and poor John…HE WAS the one that said, just go shopping so I did what he told me to do!

When I came home I said…how was your afternoon….he looked at me and said HOT…..(well DUH I thought –  I could have told him that myself)…..but he just kept thinking that the power would come on so in his “male brain” – he thought….I will do yard-work and then come in and watch golf…(his Sunday loves to do) …..

He said to me….while you were doing your “peaceful namaste thing”…and then shopping around…. it was eventful around here!

  • the dogs got a groundhog….6 against 1 – the poor guy did not have a chance….
  • the stupid donkey got out of his field and ran around….
  • I ran out of gas on the tractor in the middle of the field…


I immediately said….oh no, how is my perfect Milo?


I wish you all could have seen his face….that wonderful 6’5″ husband of mine looked at me and said, your “little Mr Perfect” has a new name….MILO the MURDERER…..I went to see what all of the barking was about and here is this poor Groundhog….Milo has him by the neck – Leo has his back end….the other dogs are barking and trying to get into the action….and then John looks at me and says, that poor little thing was looking at me with those ugly little teeth and he tried to imitate what the poor groundhog looked like……and all I could do was BUST OUT LAUGHING!!!!


YIKES, I like the way the “female brain thinks”….RETAIL THERAPY!


Oh well….live and learn!!! Hugs to all…and if it is that darn hot where you live….I would say – STAY IN AND STAMP! 





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