HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you!


WOW, this has been one hot and long day and I have a story to share with you that will make you giggle inside!


Before we get to that….I have a FORMULA CARD for those times that your “creative juices” are just not flowing or also a great one to use when you are short of time!





For those of you that are new…WELCOME – when I loosely use the phrase “formula card” I am referring to the fact that you can take a super simple layout and use it OVER and OVER changing up the papers and stamps and BAM…you are good to go and no one would ever say….she made this again as truth be told, it will look different!






This is how I roll as trust me, I get it that there is nothing like going to layouts that you like and make them your own. I do this all of the time and I can say that at first I felt a bit guilty but that quickly passed as this whole stampin’ journey is to be FUN and when a time crunch gets in your way and you have intentions to get a card completed and out the door….I say, it is a perfect option!


Right out of the gate….here is this super simple formula!

  • Cover card front in DSP
  • Stamp images on a  3 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ piece of scraps
  • Cut (2) colors of squares to 3 3/4″ X 3 3/4″

I told you it was easy…..but please read on!

Do you remember that last year my dear and sweet Aunt Jean celebrated her 90th Birthday? Well….another year has rolled around and she is still such an inspiration to me. She doesn’t like to have people say the “number of her age” which I do guess that bothers some….so I just wanted to make a super simple, colorful and fun card….just like her!




I am using the Birthday Stamp, Picture Perfect Birthday. This was carried over and is on page 76 in the Annual Catalog! Confessions of an honest stamper….I did not purchase and new Birthday Stamps from the Annual Catalog as I just LOVE this one! There are a couple of reasons that I like it so much….

  • The price point is great – just $17.00
  • It is a Photopolymer Stamp….make me giddy as they are soooooo darn easy to have great placement
  • I can easily use the Stamparatus and whip out a bunch of the stamped bases

I think that you can see where I am going….it is a keeper! I have shared that I am becoming super selective with my stamps that I buy and heck – there are soooooo many things that we can buy…so why not focus on the ones that right out of the gateyou can envision what to create!






Because this card is so darn basic…I did decide to fru-fru it up a wee bit with the Silver Thread behind the square images. This is sooooo simple to do and I laugh at myself when I first tried to do it eons ago….and I admit, I have had a tangled mess before…..but not anymore!

All I do is wrap the thread around my hand or just 3 fingers depending on the size of the loops….just wrap it around 4,5, or 6 times (remember, no rules or being right or wrong) and then cut it….and slap it on the back of the squares that have adhesive on. AFTER you get the hot mess of thread slapped on….you can flip it over and fuss with it a bit to get the loops where you want them to be!

The other thing that I did to add a bit of pizzazz for my dear Aunt Jean was to make my own envelope out of the SUPER YUMMY Lovely Lipstick Card Stock. Isn’t that color just the BEST! This is just a little switch up from the regular white envelope. I do not do this all of the time but when I do, I smile as it really does add some simple POP!





In case some of you are wondering why in the heck did I use the Lemon Lime Twist to do the flames…easy – it is in the  Broadway Bound DSP! You know me….I like to carry the theme all of the way! Also, Lemon Lime Twist is one of my all time favorite colors but I admit, whenever I use it I think of the one and only Chris R. from Iowa as she is NOT a fan of that color and we tease each other about it!



So….I say – WHY NOT???



Why not use a formula? There is NOTHING WRONG with taking just a matter of minutes to make a card! Remember, it ALWAYS goes back to the one thing I say over and over….get the BASICS….the TRUE BLUE tools that make this whole card-making process fun and rewarding! I know that we ALL HAVE the stamps and if you are like me….many stamps have never been inked up!

Let’s all get used to using the basic tools….if you do not already have a Stamparatus or another stamp alignment tool…than THAT is a focus item that Santa need to bring to you in August….It is a game changer and look at this card – the candles are perfectly lined up. There would be no way that I could do that with such speed.






Also remember….the house glass has turned for the Bonus Days to come to an end. You have just until Friday evening to take advantage of the $5.00 coupon to be used in September (woot-woot) – the new catalog as well for every increment of $50.00! Please just remember to keep the EMAIL that Stampin’ Up! will send to you after you place your order!

All of the products that I used for this simple card are at the end of the post as usual. The Bonus Days are also a great time to stock up on the items that you know that you use all of the time….envelopes, cardstock, adhesives, dimensionals….the way that Iook at it is..it I know that I am going to use them…..why NOT stock up now and take advantage of the $5.00 off. It all adds up!






Now to a funny…..many of you know that I have a pig…aka, Daisy. I love Daisy and most of my family do not see the same beauty and love that I do for my beautiful swine! She brings me joy and for those of you that do not realize this….pigs are SUPER SMART and they are SUPER CLEAN animals!



(Look at my girl following her sister….carrots do the trick!)


Daisy does not go off of our property often….well – the last time was probably 3 years ago. Hannah is home just until Friday and Daisy really needed to go to the Vets for a check up….shots & vaccines and to get her feet trimmed….I guess you could call if a back to school physical that we did with our kids when they were grasshoppers!



(look at the boys….Oscar and Colin were so nosey – we put the tack trunk towards the back so she wouldn’t fall as we were driving!)


Daisy does like Hannah and actually Hannah has really started to take a liking to her. When John and I were away I think they bonded! (Hannah wouldn’t admit this though) The problem is that there are no vets in our area that will work with pigs. The closest one is in Virginia, about 1 1/2 hours away. That is where I have always took her since she was a baby……so just like we do with our doctor choices….why should I switch?

Well, I needed hep as my little girl has gotten too big for my VW’s back seat and trust me…..PIGS ARE VERY VOCAL when you try to pick them up. It truly is the most piecing noise that they make.

She was PERFECT getting onto our trailer this morning….now mind you – our appt was at 7 a.m. this morning so we were up and ready to rumble early and it was a family affair! In the pictures below you can see the horses running over to the fence and being nosey…..like saying – what the heck is she doing in our car!!!!



(that purple blanket and ball are her favorites)


We got there…the vet came onto the trailer and said, I think we need to sedate her but unfortunately I am concerned about the heat. I would like to sedate her and bring her in the clinic and then keep her here until her vitals are ok and she comes out of the anesthesia. I thought….ok – that makes sense as after all, she is my girl!

They sedated her and then there was a THUMP.…she tipped over and then I thought I was watching a MASH TV show…they brought a gurney out and rolled her on it and off they went! He said – give me about 2-3 hours and she should be good…..well – it was LONGER than 3 hours but we did errands in the area….grabbed some food (mind you….we also had the trailer) I could only find parking on the street and we took up 3 spaces and I had to feed all 3 meters!






Daisy was GREAT and he said that she was a perfect piggy!!! The one thing Hannah and I thought was…..she was sedated going in….how in the heck are we going to get her out and in the trailer? Now THIS WAS A 3 RING CIRCUS as she was totally stressed and screamed/squealed so loud that you thought she was being murdered!

I wish that I could figure out how to upload a video in the body of this post….you would CRACK UP to hear the noise that she made and then Hannah saying, MOM….you are not helping matters right now!

What a drama queen! We got her back in…..flipped up the back of the trailer and off we went….they Mother/Daughter dynamic duo team…..Hannah “get’s me” and she also laughs at me….she truly loves my passion for our animals as she is exactly the same!

As we left….the vet said, please keep her in and preferably in air conditioning for the next 24 hours….I laughed as yep, Daisy’s Apartment has AC and heat! The vet knew that she lived in the house with us and now has her own “digs” in the barn…we call it Daisy’s Apartment…..darn, she is one lucky pig!

Now have a GREAT EVENING….and try to find 15 minutes of ME TIME and create this formula!!! You know what I say….make one up…even if you do not have all of the products that I have used…this way you will get the feel of it and I would write down the measurements for the future!

Stampin’ hugs…..see you Friday!




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