Happy Friday…happy Weekend! I do not know about you but this week has ZOOMED by!

In less than 3 weeks the new Holiday Catalog will be live and that means it is time for another Product Share.

When there is a new catalog the best way to get a taste and feel for it is to take part in a PRODUCT SHARE.

It is as simple as this….you look at the below offerings and decide what you want…email me to save your share and then I get to do the work in ordering, dividing and creating!

I know that this time of the year that life just becomes “crazy”! If you are anything like me we have great intentions to “be on top of it” and not let the calendar get to us….and then IT HAPPENS(fingers crossed that this year might be different)

That darn calendar turns to September…and we walk around saying…where did the summer go…kids back to school...and then October…yikes – Halloween….and then… the upcoming “biggies” of Thanksgiving and  Christmas….CALGON, take me away! It is all in great intentions as we love to create and make things for our family and friend, trust me, I GET IT!

I know many of you are nodding you heads as it happens, each and every year. This new catalog will go live on Wednesday, September 5th and I will have these shares in and out the door in a jif as I know I was in your shoes before…you want the “goods…and you want them now” (kinda like the girl in the Willy Wonka)

The BEST part about this Holiday Catalog is….that the most time consuming part for me with the shares is making up the  DSP swatch books (share #1) and as a Demonstrator I have been able to order a wee bit of all of the paper, and trust me, I have been making these up!


Let’s get to it…..here are the Product Shares that I have for you!


All I ask from you is…EMAIL ME and put in the subject line…HOLIDAY PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it and get the list going! Please let me know what shares you wish to preorder and ALSO your address. I know that there are sooooo many of you that have been ordering shares from me for years (thank you)…but it makes it super easy for me to just copy and paste all of your info…..(thanks!)



Share #1 – DSP Swatch Books – $17.50 – These are a MUST HAVE Stampin’ Aid to have at your work space!

These gems are a VERY VALUABLE piece of Real-Estate in your craft space. These along with below ADD ON OFFERING Share #1 will have you SET and all ORGANIZED. There is no need to DRAG OUT lots of paper to see what will work for you.

These are a true “labor of crazy love” to make but they are sooooo worth it. You will thank me each and every day you use them! They have all of the important information on them to see at a glance – trust me, once you get these….you will always get them each catalog.



There will be 7 swatch-books – all from the collections of paper that I am offering in the next share.



Share #2 – DSP Paper Share – $25.00 (7 DSP paper collections below)…a total of (44) pieces of 6″ X 12″ paper/

  • All Is Bright, Festive Farmhouse, Santa’s Workshop, Joyous Noel, Frosted Floral, Country Lane, Toil & Trouble 
  • (1) 6” X 12” piece of the Galvanized Metallic Paper 
  • (1) 6 “ X 12” piece of Black Foil Paper 




Share #3 Tis’ the Season to Shimmer – $9.00… The fall and Holiday Season lends itself to some glimmer and bling…7 different colors to add that special little touch! In total you will receive (14) pieces of glimmer.

There us no doubt that a bit of glimmer is a perfect “something-something” to jazz our projects and Stampin’ Up! has redesigned the glimmer paper and the “glittery goodness” does not come off!

  • (2) 6 “ X 6” of EACH Glimmer Paper in Copper, Merry Merlot and Tranquil Tide, Gold, Rose, Silver & Sparkle 





Share #4 – Ribbon Shares – $15.00 You will get 2 1/2 yards of EACH of the ribbons below

Stampin’ Up! offers super… classic offerings of their ribbon to coordinate beautifully with our Product Line. I wish that you could be here to see the assembly line we have with ribbon! It becomes a whomever is in the house affair!!!

I take everything off on the kitchen island and put pieces of Washi Tape on our Kitchen Counter….get a pair of Ribbon Scissors for John or my Dad… and say – HAVE FUN! They hang the ribbon on all of the Kitchen Cabinet Knobs for me to separate and package!

  • 3/8” Real Red Mixed Satin Ribbon
  • 5/8” Striped Burlap Trim
  • ½” Poppy Parade Textured Weaved Ribbon
  • 5/8” Merry Merlot & Copper Reversible Ribbon
  • ¼” Tranquil Tide Velvet Ribbon
  • 3/16” Braided Linen Trim
  • 3/8” Black Glittered Organdy Ribbon




Share #5– Embellishments – $20.00

WOWZA – It is always hard for me to pick out the goodies to put in the Embellishment Shares. I have narrowed it down to the “keepers” in my eyes and trust me, I only put products in my shares that I love and stand behind as after all, if I am not a fan of it….chances are you are not going to be happy with it as well!

I  think think that you will be supper happy with these picks… again, I tried to pick the must haves in my SIMPLE opinion!

  • All is Bright Paper Clips –  5 each of Star and Tree (classic shapes for the classic Holiday we all love!!!)
  • 6 Galvanized Buttons(These super thin buttons will be a perfect accent to adhere a bow without the bulk!)
  • Santa’s Workshop Enamel Shapes – 60 in total (we all love enamel do-dad’s…the colors are Garden Green, Poppy Parade & White)
  • Frosted & Clear Epoxy Droplets – ½ sheet – 48 in total (these will be a GO-TO all year as they are that simple WOW)
  • Galvanized Clips – 6 clips (LOVE the thinness of these, a sweet and perfect little accent)
  • Chicken Wire Elements – 2 per share (This is NOT wire…actually it is a super fun accent that silver on 1 and the other is white…your choice in how you want to accent a project…a perfect little “something-something” to add to a card, I’m excited to use these!)
  • Spider Trinkets – 3 trinkets per share (these are just too sweet as a perfect little accent even for those people that are not a fan of Halloween)



Now for the fun part…what Shares do you want?


If you are like me, how can you not just WANT IT ALL! That FOMO  (Fear Of Missing Out) gets us all of the time but I am being 100% honest and say…what I am offering are all things that I use in my Clean and Simple way of Crafting. YEP, even those glimmer papers for the Holidays….there is just something about them in “little bits” that works for my style of card making.




I Want It All is $ 86.50

(I always tuck in a sweet treat for those whom get that I WANT IT ALL….and here it is….)

You will receive a 25 yard spool of the NEW Garden Green/White Bakers Twine, it is super and it is practical! It is a thick Bakers Twine and perfect for you to use all year long PLUS (3) 6 ” X 12″  pieces of the limited edition Holiday DSP, Dashing Along…


Shipping: This is always so hard to figure, but please know that I take great pride in the packing and making sure you are getting the best pricing…as I GET IT – shipping is expensive! Feel free to email me if you need further clarification.

  • Share #1 only is $4.00
  • Share #2 only and also if combined with any other share is $7.00 (because of the length of the paper 6” 12” – it has to go Priority Mail Legal Size which is a flat $7.00)
  • Any combination of 2 or more shares NOT including share #2 is $5.50
  • I want it all is $12.50 (you will have 2 packages coming to you, one in the Priority Mail Legal $7.00 and also a bubble mailer, $5.50)


For Example:

  • If you want share #1 only it will be $4.00 for shipping
  • If you want share #2 and share #4 the shipping is $7.00
  • If you want shares 1,3 & 4…the shipping is $5.50




Image result for snoopy images of but wait - there's more

NOW TO THE “ADD ONS”  FOR PRODUCT SHARES!!! (hang in there!!!)

I am offering (2) additional Product Shares that have been SUPER HOT and I have had many request for….Please let me know if you would like to add any of these on with your Product share….or perhaps you just want one of these add on’s and nothing from the above offerings….that is PERFECT with me!


ADD ON #1 –  Card Stock Swatches on a Ring – $10.00 

These are a MUST HAVE in my stampin’ opinion! I blogged and offered them earlier in the month, click here and MANY of you have already ordered them and they are a HIT! You will have ALL of the solid cardstock paper that Stampin’ Up! offers in one handy ring…all labeled for you





I am on BATCH #4 of these gems! People JUST LOVE THEM and trust me, I get it as it is a super practical and handy tool to have! Having all of the paper on a ring makes it a breeze to use different color combinations, The paper color and the color family are all printed on the pieces of cardstock in a super heavy and crisp font taking the guess work out of what color you need for a project!

These make a FANTASTIC gift to give to your favorite stamper…and for those Demonstrators out there…these are perfect for your customers, open houses, downline etc….and if you order 10+ the shipping is FREE on them. I have had many Demonstrators order them and have their team/customers simply reimburse the demo…..and that is totally fine with me….the feedback of how thrilled people are with them makes me smile from ear to ear!



ADD ON #2  –  Paper Share – Color Collections – $35.00(6″ X 6″ sheets of the DSP Families) in polka dots and stripes!)

I am just “over the moon happy” that Stampin’ Up! has these!!!.  These 6″ X 6″ sheets in each and every color that we have. This new offering from the Annual Catalog that launched in June was one of the KEY ADDITIONS to the Stampin’ Up! Catalog

I also love the basic designs of the stripes and dots….classic all the way – below you can see an image but remember, this offering will include a FULL 6″ X 6″ sheet of each color in each collection – 6 collection in total= a total of (100) 6″ X 6″ sheets!

  • Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals, In Color 2017 – 2019 and In Color 2018 – 2020




I am still playing catch up on emails, mailings of Cardstock Swatches on a Ring (add on #1) and by the end of the weekend I am hoping to be caught up! I had 17 orders go out yesterday and I was in disbelief that I needed to reorder on them again!

These have been so well received and I bet about every 2-3 orders I hear….why doesn’t Stampin’ Up! carry these……well…I am really not sure – they use to have that wonderful Color Coach but still…I think that there is NOTHING LIKE HAVING AN ACTUAL PIECE OF CARDSTOCK in your hand!

For those of you that are waiting…the wait will be caught up by Mondays mail! I am home for the weekend and getting caught up and actually looking forward to a PJ type of weekend just hanging around!

There you go….I know this was super long but then again, you know that I take great pride on my shares! I truly love to do them and I will say…it brings me joy to package and present them to you….Happy Mail from Maryland!

Email me and let me know what share I can put aside for you!!!!





Have a fantastic weekend and do not forget about the Bonus Days this Month….you will get a $5.00 coupon to use next month for every $50.00 you spend. his is a great time to stock up on the products that you use all year long….paper, adhesives, Inks etc….as you know that they will go to use throughout the year and then next month you can shop for the NEW GOODIES and have some $$$$ to put towards it!




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