HHD (Happy Hump Day) to all! On Monday I shared with you a super fun card using the Tropical Escape Bundle from the Annual Catalog (page 121) and today I have another clean and classic one to make you take a deep breath and sigh with a smile!

I admit, when I first saw this bundle in the catalog I thought – hmmm…..I do not know and I actually waited a wee bit before hitting that button and having it come to Randall Lane! What was the turning point for me to hit that button???….


The samples in the catalog and the gorgeous font


Yep, that’s the truth and I just was itchin’ to try try the card that I CASED today! On Monday I used bolder colors and it looked great and today I switched it up using softer tones and yep, I think it looks great again…what do you think? I did use the Tropical Textures DSP Stack for today (as I adore these colors and designs) but keep reading as I have other thoughts for you regarding colors.





I also want you to think about this…in all reality we can make a card ANY color we want as many time….our cards are from a “total imaginary card land”…and wouldn’t this be yummy with Navy, Sahara Sand and White – this would also be a SUPER way to use up DSP that is a pretty busy print and then take the colors from the DSP to tone it down…I just that what I am trying to say is, there are so many options…just do not limit yourself to certain colors!

Here is another great idea….with the BONUS DAYS being this month, You could grab this bundle and this DSP Stack(that would = $55.00 and then you will get a $5.00 off for next month). As always, all of the products I am using today will be at the end of this blog post in the line up!






One thing that I have shared many time is…I forget to use Embossing Folders on a regular basis and that is SIMPLY SILLY as these gems have a BIG CREATE WOW FACTOR with minimal effort and the price point it BINGO…..heck – you could get this bundle and this embossing folder (that would = $54.00 and you would see be at that “sweet spot” to get the $5.00 off for next month)

Take a look at the below picture and I want to point out to you how I used this embossing folder. In a nut shell, I ran it through Mr. BIG twice…rotating the direction of the paper to give it a super soft and doubly textured (in both directions) cardstock that truly makes it feel like linen.

Look right under the watermark and you will see it. It is just amazing and it also stays so subtle and you can clearly see how flat a layering piece of paper will adhere to it. I point that out as I tend to get a bit grumpy when paper does not lay super flat!!!









I also used the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets to adhere the die cut tropical-like square image to the piece of Shaded Spruce. Here is another tip that is pretty nifty about this particular die…You can basically make this any size as the “cut size” will be whatever the size of paper you are using. For today, I just used a piece of 3 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ square of Soft Sea Foam and then it was a cinch to adhere it to the piece of Shaded Spruce as the adhesive was already on!

Remember, I am offering the Adhesive Sheets and also a very delicate and detailed die with the adhesive already on so you can see how easy it is to just “peel off” the release sheet and then use it right away as there will be no sticky fingers and/or oozing adhesive this month for my gift with purchase.





I have a question for you as I am just giddy about this card. It is just one of those “sunshine and smiles” cards for me when I see it…


Doesn’t basic shapes and layers of paper just add so much?


In the below picture I wanted to point out the fun envelope. I do love my envies! For this one….I really wanted to have fun and play up the color with the card so this time I used a 1/2″ strip of the pink (also with the texturing from the embossing folder) and then a sliver of the Soft Sea Foam along with the DSP. Yep, it does take a wee bit more time to do but there is no doubt that the end result is worth it!






There really is not much to the layout of this card, just a simple use of the basics that I love and use so much.There is one thing that I wanted to share but it is totally no imperative to do….

I am just lovin’ the new stamp pads as they truly do give you such a clean, crisp and solid image and because I never put away my clear embossing powder from the other day I thought – what the heck….go ahead and sprinkle some clear embossing powder over top of the stamped sentiment and heat set it.

There is just nothing like the look and feel of an embossed sentiment, truly the icing on the cake. I think that it make the sentiment even stand out more enhancing the meaning!





That’s all I have for you today….but I think that it is one of those “keepers” that I just love to make. Colors and layers make such an impact with such a little effort. We all seem to get in moods gravitating to certain colors but I invite you to challenge yourself any go out of the “standard box” we tend to get into and try the idea I said with using DSP that we have around.

The one thing that I think that we all seem to know is that Stampin’ Up! does a fantastic job in the color coordination across the entire line. From cardstock to DSP….the inks…to the ribbon offerings, we always know that they will match. That in itself is a godsend not having to worry about “is this going to match”

Have a wonderful HUMP DAY and I will see you on Friday with the offerings I have for you in another Product Shares showcasing the upcoming new Holiday Catalog!

I will be offering a couple of things from the last one as I have had requests for them. Products are the BEST WAY to get a taste without breaking your Daisy bank….speaking of Miss Daisy, she is a bit grumpy with the heat the East Coast is having!




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