Hello and get ready for some inspiration that is going to make you say….now this is a FUN IDEA! I am tellin’ you…these ladies are just too darn tootin’ creative!

Today’s inspiration comes from the talented Sarah Wills….and did she make me think and make a list of all of the people that I know that would adore this concept!

Heck….who wouldn’t love a yummy cake in a mug…sweet and easy….but also fun, different and yummy!!!



Below I have some pictures that Sarah provided showcasing this adorable and fun project and at the end you will be able to do what I know you all love to do…..CLICK A FREE PDF that you can go back and reference to!



I know that many of you will say….where in the world can I get these cake mixes?



Well…here you go! First they should might be in the baking aisle at your grocery store or if all else fails, AMAZON to the rescue!!!! Here is a link that will at least let you see what to search for when you are at the grocery store!

These are super little and you can clearly see in the pictures that Sarah provide that they are a super gift to give to someone and I can almost guarantee that the recipient would say….THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!


Here you go….

It is a SINGLE serving cake in a Mug

and just look how sweet this is packaged!



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My head is already swimming with finding the perfect Coffee Mug to add to this super idea! This is just a fun and oh so different gift to give…. truly the sky is the limit for “gifting these gems” 

I just adore how well this sentiment works with this project…..it is from the Coffee Cafe Photopolymer Stamp Set….this was a carried over item that when it came out….it was such a hit and just look how Sarah worked the coffee sentiment into this fun project!

This is what I love about photopolymer stamps…they make is easy to alter and just image how you could also easily use the word of “SOUP” and put a soup mix in the Pillow Box!!!




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If you are looking at this and do not have all of the extra supplies…now worries – my bet is that you already have MANY things that you can fru-fru up with…the main concept is the sweet Pillow Box and the idea of it being a “single serving”



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Ready for the PDF…..here is is – CLICK HERE and then go to the grocery store!


You know what I always say about a project….go ahead and try it! while it is fresh in your head! If you do not have a stash of these Pillow Boxes, than you need to CLICK HERE and order some PRONTO as they came in sooooo handy for a quick gift!

You know that I am all about packaging and doing things that are fun & different….simple & practical….in summary – a KEEPER! I will be whopping some of these up when I get home and I will share with you my take!

I am still out of town with my Dad but heading home tomorrow (fingers crossed) Milo the perfect is with me and we are both anxious to get home before snow is to come later in the weekend but truth be told….I want a schedule and my own bed back!

Have a great day and who knows….maybe I will post over the weekend…..!!!!




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