Hello and I have a FUN one for you! This week it is the SUPER talented Debbie Henderson from Debbie’s Designs with a fast and easy project that has a huge wow factor! Not only will you be able to print off a free PDF with all of the dimensions and super pictures to guide you through with ease ….Debbie has a Video that I am super happy to share with you as well!

Below you will see the lineup of Debbie’s beauties and then you will see mine with MR. FROG!!!! He is back and ready to make you smile! You can clearly see that they are soooooo different in the feel….but they have the one same common thing – SUPER CUTE and EASY to make!

I think many of you are hesitant to do 3 D projects…but I invite you to get out of the box that you are in and give it a whirl! A project like this is easy, very inexpensive to make and the end result is a KEEPER!









Trust me, I GET IT….as I am a total You Tube lover and that is the way that I learn, get inspired as well! I am also sharing with you one that I made from Debbie’s great directions with my wonderful friend, Mr. Frog! You can easily see that these take minimal supplies and my hunch is….you already have a tin of product right in front of you that you could use…..






I know that you all love pictures…and I am the exact same was as being able to visualize something makes me get excited to re-create! Enjoy and now I know what you need to do next is…..go to the Grocery Store and get the Chocolate Hearts!

If you are anything like me…when I am out and about shopping…I always snatch up seasonally treats as we all know…. is is FUN to make someones day with something a little special!













Here is my little frog! I used the paper from the Broadway Bound Collection…..remember…LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE…..it only takes a minimal amount of supplies……and also, please do not limit yourself to a Valentine theme – this little project could brighten anyones day!









Here is the PDF from Debbie (click the image below)…..have fun and remember….we are ALL SPECIAL ,,,so go get some chocolates, whip up some and pop a treat in your mouth as you make them….you deserve it!!!




Now go have a GREAT DAY….make someone smile and more importantly….YOU SMILE as you matter! I am meeting some friends today to do a bit of “coloring therapy” ….a perfect way to spend a Winter Day!





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