Where has this week gone? My intentions were to be the driver on the Birthday Bus of inspiration but that darn time thing always gets me!

I have so many projects ready to rumble…and I have even taken the photos but the editing and just sitting down and typing is what takes up a bunch of time and truth be told….I am a go-go -go kinda gal and the minute I stop and sit….I FALL ASLEEP! I am sure that there are many of you that can relate to that!

Oh well…there will always be another blog post…and we all know that there will always be more Birthdays so hang tight as I will share them with you! As for the BLOG CANDY….no worries on that front too…as I always love to have blog candy and I will do that as well!

Whew….I have a cutie for you today – this week it is the super talented Debbie Henderson’s turn to share her 3-D talent and get ready for a ….jaw dropping….WOW! Is this adorable or what!!!! ENJOY!








I told you that it is fun…..and I am sure that you are just like me…smiling from ear to ear! I am ALWAYS so AMAZED at the talent people have with coming up with these great ideas! The cup part is using the Sweet Cuts from the Occasions Catalog…I do not have any right now but they are on order and making there way to Randall Lane!

I like the fact that they have a top to it making it a super fun way to “gift” a goodie! I am all about having a “supply of smile makers on hand” – that’s what I refer to as products that all we need to do is add some “fru-fru” and gift it away!







When you see and print off the free PDF that Debbie has for you…you can easily use so many products that you already have to pull off the effect of the project! I will say…punches make a project like this soooooooo much faster and I encourage you to look and see what you have and then play and have fun!

When I saw this project….I thought – wouldn’t this be adorable if you but a “CHICK”  on the top and then keep the eggs in the cup! When I get my order of the cups….I am going to give it a try!






Before I get to the PDF….I want you to think about something I say and share often on my blog….and it is this….


It’s all about the details…the little simple touches….


As in my simple eyes…these letting extra touches and details that we put into something as simple as dressing up some Easter Candy – DOES make a difference and the best part…you will have joy inside when you create it and then it will even grow bigger and bigger when you give it to someone special!

As my Mom always said…it’s those little things that make a difference….and you know what – her wise words were SOOOOOO RIGHT! I am the Queen of gifting the “little things” that make someone smile….as it is NOT about how much it costs….IT’S ABOUT THE THOUGHT….everyone like to feel special!!!



Cadbury Treat Sweet Cup





Have a GREAT weekend and remember…..the hour glass has turned for Sale-A-Bration to be over…..YIKES  – that calendar is on a ROLL!





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