Good Morning and I am sure that you are in the same camp with me….the camp of “People are so darn Creative”…. I am always amazed at the creativity and endless ideas people come up with and this project is no different!

This time….it was Twila’s Davis from Stamp a Little Longer (isn’t that a great blog name) turn and just look at this super sweet project!

Let’s face it…it is a smile maker and you can see that once again…the concept comes together with a great product that we all need to have on hand….Clear Tiny Boxes!

True, you could make up your own boxes but having these on hand truly is a lifesaver when that calendar rolls forward! I always have many little containers on hand…just in case!

The thing I love about them is that they are super sturdy and if you choose to add paper like Twila did….great – if not….the boxes are crystal clear and you can see right thru them!

Enjoy the pictures and then the BEST PART…..a FREE PDF is at the end of the post for you! When you see the step by step how easy it is to create this – you will say, “I could do this” and here is the BEST TIP I can give you…it you have a punch that is remotely around the same size….USE IT – please do not stress if you do not have the exact…use what you have!!!












Here you go….the SCOOP on this cutie is below! I will be back on Monday as I have EASTER THINGS that I have been working my Bunny Tail off in making and they are SUPER CUTE…..I know that the countdown is on for Easter but these are SUPER easy to mass produce!

They are small little somethings that make a BIG DIFFERENCE to someone….trust me, they are the BEST things in life….the little things!








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