Hello and Happy Tuesday! As promised yesterday I am offering (3) new Mini Card Kits for you! I am still in the groove of making “happy/smile cards” as I think that we all can use these types of cards to send to family and friends!


If you are new to my Mini Card Kits…here’s the scoop! Each card is $4.00 each and everything that you need is included in the mini kit…all you need to do is find some well deserved “me time” – put them together and then grab yourself something to drink and write to a friend and make their day!

Many of you know that my kits were always a huge part of my love when I was with Stampin’ Up! I still feel the same as I totally “get it” – and that is that I realize what a super rewarding feeling it is to be able to sit down and be creative and finish a project in one sitting!

I am the very first to admit…that we all are so darn hard on ourselves…but trust me, you will love my kits!

Please email me ASAP if you are interested in a kit. There are a first come basis and I would REALLY APPRECIATE when you EMAIL ME BACK to put in the subject line MINI KITS so I can spot your request! I am more than happy to have you send a check or I can pay pal you…..please make sure in your request that you let me know your prefered payment method!


If the cards sell out….I will come back on this post and make note of a specific card being sold out! I hope that you enjoy my happy and uplifting cards that I created for this months offerings…please make sure that I have your mailing address and also the quantity of each card that you wish to reserve!
























Please do not forget to EMAIL ME with your Card Requests (Please put the CARD # and the quantity) and put in the subject line MINI CARD KITS so I can SPOT IT….and of course, your address!




SHIPPING SCOOP!!! ( I am totally fine with accepting checks and if that is the way you would like to pay….please send your check to me at: Susan Itell     P.O.Box 76     Oxford, MD 21654) or I can Pay Pal you! When you respond to me with your Kit Requests, Please let me know how you would like to pay for your kits!


As for the shipping….I am always so fair and super picky/type A  about how I ship goodies as again, I get it and I know how excited you are to get happy mail so I do take great pride in my shipping and handling of your precious “goods”

Each Card is $4.00 each and shipping as follows: (basically $1.00 a kit 🙂 )

(1) card kit  = shipping is $1.00  •  (2) card kits = $2.00  • (3) card kits = $3.00  • (4) card kits = $4.00  • (5 – 7) card kits – $5.00 …anymore than 7…we’ll talk!


To end this post…how about a couple of super cute dog pictures as we all know that these 4 legged loves of ours…make our hearts go pitter-patter! All of our dogs are rescues….and they love and sooooo appreciate a great home!