2 Days left…you’re gonna smile!




Hello and HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you!!! How is everyone doing?


I survived Thanksgiving and it was an AMAZING one…just like I like it – AT HOME! I feel like these last several months I have been here… there ….and everywhere l but it was all great and I am happy to be home to enjoy the Holiday Season!

If you have followed my blog then you know when the peeps come home…our family loves to do a good 1,000 piece puzzle. We were true to form but the bad news….it isn’t finished. Hannah was not able to come home because of the distance so I say….we had one man down! John and I are still working on it and are determined to finish it!

Did you do any great Black Friday and/or Holiday Shopping? I sure did….from the comfort of my own home and mainly in my jammies…..now that is what I call the way to shop! I have something for you today that you too can order from the comfort of your own home but you need to act FAST as it is only available thru Friday….November 30th!






Well….it is the Snowflake Showcase offering! This is the limited edition offering that Stampin’ Up! has for the month of November. Being totally honest I was NOT going to purchase it but then I caved and I am glad I did…..please continue to read and you will see!

Remember, this will GO AWAY ofter November 30th so I would act now as we know what happens….we get SUPER BUSY this time of year and the reality is…you just have 2 DAYS! Whenever SU has these offerings….I seem to get emails asking….is there anyway that you can get me that….and guess what – the answer is NO but I am sure that you can go to Ebay and pay a CRAZY amount for it! Happens every time!

Ready for what I call…“confessions of an honest stamper”

You know that I am always honest with you about my likes…dislikes…..and I realize that we all have different tastes and styles with our crafting…but I will say….there are (2) keepers in my simple eyes with this promotion! (Please do not shoot me….I do like the Snow is Glistening Stampbut I think that I might get tired of it and the fonts are just to hard for me to read!)

I adore the below (2) offerings and I have blogged here with the Happiness Surrounds Stamp (and you will see it again on Friday) Tomorrow you will see a fun 3-D project that I will be using more of the Snowfall Thinlits with.

I have become very selective with my purchases as let’s face it….there are just so many options out there! I know many of you know exactly what I mean! The thing that gets us is ALWAYS THE TIME…and also…THE EXPENSE!






Take a look at these (2) offerings and then take a minute and just see the versatilely of them and how they can take you well past the Holiday Season. True, the snowflakes are now through the Winter but this offering has 20 dies that also match and work with the Happiness surrounds Stamp set!

That takes care of the TIME factor..as you will be able to use these 2 things for all year long and I am sure if you googled Happiness Surrounds….you will see what I mean as many people have made some great projects!






Next we will get to the EXPENSE factor…but before we do that I want you to peek below at this special stamp set, Beautiful Blizzard. I was very late in the game in purchasing this but it is a part of a bundle, Beautiful Blizzard Bundle. We all know that bundle will save you an instant 10% off but honestly, I would not purchase this as a bundle. I found the die very frustrating to work with and I go back to the focus of “having fun”….well it is not fun when it is super hard to die cut out!

So….the moral of the story is….just purchase the stamp set! We do not know if it is carrying over yet (the retired list comes out on Tuesday the 5th) but that honestly would not have made a difference anyway as SU’s Extravaganza Sale did not include any of the Holiday Products.

These sentiments and this font are just so darn classic  –  I think that they look stunning with these beautiful Snowflakes! To me, this is a perfect clean and simple card that has a sophisticated modern flare to it!








Do you see that super yummy stamping underneath of the ribbon and sentiment? Yep, I LOVE THAT! I did it with the Stamparatus and also with Versamark Ink. I simply used the images on the Happiness Surrounds Stamp (the 4 little florals) and used it with the Stampapratus made it not only a cinch but it was a breeze to do!

Having a Stamp Positioner is just simply a must have. I know that there is a learning curve with getting used to using it but trust me, practice, practice and then practice some more and you ill not only see what a time saver it is….your work will be totally STEPPED UP A KNOTCH with the clean and crisp coverage.

Let’s get back to the EXPENSE FACTOR thing….this must have tool, the Stamparatus also was not on SU’s Extravaganza Sale…..so here you go….you can get THIS, the STAMPARATUS and the SNOWFLAKE THINLITS and the HAPPINESS SURROUNDS STAMP SET…. plus pick $20.00 more dollars to spend and the SHIPPING IS FREE….now to me, THAT IS A SALE!





Now you might be saying…..Where is the Beautiful Blizzard Stamp Set in this deal? Well….that would have taken you over the allotted $125.00 worth of product that you only pay $99.00 (plus free shipping) Anyway, if you are going ahead and getting this deal…I would have advised you to wait until the retired list comes out as who knows….it might be discounted?

When the retired list gets unveiled…..it is WATCH OUT as things go flying off the shelf….but all of these ARE A GREAT DEAL NOW but remember, this is ONLY GOOD THRU FRIDAY (2 more days)November 30th. After that….this Snowflake Framelit and Stamp Set will no longer be available.







By now you know my simple, clean and classic style. I think that these cards are a perfect example of a “Susan Card” and I hope that you will see where I was going with the “HOW’S and WHY’S” of why this is a great offering.

I wish that we lived in the same town so I could reassure you that becoming a SUD is not a big deal at all. I think that there is a perception that you have to sell…that you have to have workshops….that you have to blog…..and here is the answer...NO, NO and NO!!! It is so simple….just CLICK HERE and you can get going…and if you were like me when I joined – I did not want anyone to know….so your secret is safe but honestly, there is nothing to be concern with…


I would much rather you think of it as you will be getting a 20% discount each and everyday!


Face it, this “hobby of love” that we do is an expense but it is an expense that we love to do and that we feel proud to do. I do not know about you but…I deeply love getting a deal on my crafting supplies and this IS the BEST and ONLY way for you to get these items before November 30th and not have to pay that icky 10% shipping! (shipping makes me grumpy)





Just take one more look at this card…and then ask yourself…. Would be a great opportunity to get these products….and still have $20.00 to spend??? (and I do not think that you need help from me with that one) ….it will only cost you $99.00 and there is NO 10% SHIPPING!

Ready for the icing on the cake? (look at the card below….Here you go……do you see that GORGEOUS Lovely Lipstick Ribbon in  the picture below? Well, it is just over the moon and it is in the new upcoming catalog and well as that YIPPEE FUN GINGHAM DSP PAPER

Tuesday the 5th of December…(the same day that the retiring lists comes out) SUD’s are able to order the new products from the catalog! I did go to Orlando and I will say….I am excited about the new upcoming catalog.

Now,  I do not want to get overly excited as we are in the HOLIDAY SEASON….and I want to enjoy the season…but let me tell you STITCHED RECTANGLE FRAMELITS coming our way….and the DSP is sooooo fun…..you better believe that I will be ordering on Tuesday with the pre-order and YOU CAN TOO!

Let me help you put this together….sign up….get the goodies I blogged about today….pick up the new kids on the block on Tuesday AS WELL AS the Beautiful Blizzard Stamp Set ….and you will be saying….I LIKE THAT SALE!!!

CLICK HERE…you will be happy you did.You have nothing to lose and a 20% discount to gain….it is as easy as that!





I will see you in the morning as I have a 3-D project for you that always is a hit at this time of the year (and I have also been asked to join a design team) I will be showcasing probably one of the most emailed requests that I get from people…..I hope that you pop back!

Friday I have another keeper for you…showing you how to whip up a quick and thoughtful gift that anyone would surly love to have. I just love creating this time of the year, I just wish that there was more time!

I have been crafting more lately than I have in a LONG TIME….as I have realized that the reason that I started this whole SU thing was for my love to stamp, create and makes gifts with my hands as it is both rewarding and a therapy for me. I know that I have not been blogging as much but please know….my craft hands have been busy!

Hugs to each and everyone of YOU!!!!








Get ready to smile…super clean and fun!







It feels GREAT to be back home in Maryland but YIKES….it SNOWED here today! I returned home from Florida yesterday and I am doing my best to get back into the swing of things! Yesterday…..85 degrees and sunny….today snow!!!

I have SOOOOOO much to tell you all what I have been up to but until there is time to get to that in a future post…Today I want to share with you a super sweet card that I made. I am using the limited edition stamp set/ thinlits that are available just to the end of the month…..(yikes – that is in just 2 short weeks!!!)

There are (2) stamps sets that are limited editions and there is (1) thinlit to match BOTH of the stamps sets! WOOT-WOOT.…love that when that happens! It is called the Snowflake Showcase but you can see…there are NO SNOWFLAKES on this card today!

Click here to view the PDF…and then below you will see the (1) stamp set being offered in this limited edition fun…it is called Happiness Surrounds and YEP, it is a happy one as I just adore the fun and oh so useful sentiments and the price point….$17.00 – time for a HAPPY DANCE!!






Stampin’ Up! did a great job on these offerings as it is a WINNER-WINNER Chicken Dinner that the thinlits will work for both of the stamp sets! The next time I post I am going to inspire you with the OTHER Stamp Set, Snow is Glistening and I think that you will love that as well…super clean, super fresh and super classic!

The inspiration for the design of this card came from the images that were on the above PDF from Stampin’ Up! I use the samples that the design artist come up with a bunch…I figure – WHY NOT? I was just itchin’ to see if I was able to stamp the repetitive image below the fun gingham!

Well…I DID IT and I WAS SMILING and guess what – it was super easy as I used the Stamparatus! Using a Stamp Positioning tool like this makes alignment a breeze and with the Stamparatus…even easier as I used the “hinge stamping” and it was as easy as close the door…..stamp – pick up the plate and move it down…stamp –PRESTO, perfect alignment every time with perfect ink coverage!






Did you think that I used Lemon Lime Twist for this tone on tone look?


Well NOPE….I did not, I used Versamark. If you follow my blog regularly you know that this is something that I like to do. I think that there are many times that the Versamark does the trick even better than the match color. Personally, I think that it is a softer look and I get asked this all of the time when I do this…..it does not smear – I agree, it seems like it would but truly it doesn’t!






The card is rather self explanatory as you can see that I did the same on the Balmy Blue flower, stamping with Versamarks and then cutting out the images with the coordinating thinlits. Layering elements like I have done below just is a “smile maker” as you can clearly see that the choice of colors that you could use are just endless!

That is another PLUS to us CARD-MAKERS….we can have any color our heart desires and in our IMAGINARY WORLD….when we create – there are no rules! I personally love this trio of a color combination  –  Lemon Lime Twist, Balmy Blue and Blueberry Bushel. Fun, fresh and clean!







Below you will see the image of BOTH of the stamp sets being offered and the thinlits. You will quickly see that they work for both stamps. At first I was not going to purchase this but then I caved….I asked some enabling friends and looked at many samples from others…and YEP – I hit that button and took it with me to Orlando.

It is a beauty but remember, it is JUST AVAILABLE thru November 30th! I can’t wait for you to see the next card that I made with this offering….the snowflakes are just to die for and we all know….snowflakes are another smile maker….(as long as they are on paper and not in real life like we have today)








With me just coming back from the 30th Anniversary of Stampin’ Up! I am super excited to get the engine started with some of the offerings that will be available in January. I know, I know….we have PLENTY of time for that date to get here but I just could not resist using the upcoming NEW 6″ X 6″ Paper….called Gingham Gala…..I ADORE IT and I know that it will be a HUGE HIT for Stampin’ Up!

I just love ginghams and this pack just screams Spring with the color choices! One side is a larger check, the other a smaller scale. Both are great and they also would be great to use together….why not – never be afraid to mix up the sizes of prints? You better bet that they will be in my Product Share….








Well…there you go…..a quick post to make you smile and I cannot wait to inspire you with more fun projects using this Limited Edition Set! I hoep to be in the swing of things as I was fearful that I would have forgotten how to blog!!!! To top it off…I went to go edit my pictures and the editing software that I use has CHANGED….and this non-tech Mom doesn’t do well with change…..oh well, off to watch you tube views on it!

HA-HA….seriously, this is the ABSOLUTE LONGEST I have even been without blogging….on my way to the airport I discovered that I left my Laptop and iPad at home….YIKES – when I met my downline at the airport she looked at me, laughed and said – OH WELL…..not the end of the world….

It was a great time away and I am excited for the new upcoming catalog and its offereings and then lets quickly chat about the SAB (Sale A Bration) offerings……do you remember 2 or 3 years ago how much fun we had with the crazy chickens????WEll, get ready for Mr. Frog….there is a SAB offering that is not only a total HOOT…..it is a must have in all of our homes as he is so darn tootin’ cute!

Stay warm…do some exercises as Turkey Day is in a week! Calgon, take me away….the time is FLYING! (but who doesn’t love to gobble-gobble)




The 24 hour sale is ticking!!!

Let’s get this 30th Birthday Party rollin’ 


There are 30 Stamps that are 15% off

(just kick this festive image below and POP…you will go right to the discounted stamps!!!)






Here is a super quick….(like 30 seconds) that is a festive and fun showcase of the stamps offered today! There is just something FUN about Balloons…..enjoy!




Do you have a favorite stamp that is on sale?


I am going to snatch up a couple as believe it or not…there are many that I do not have…..and my 1st SNATCH PICK is….Another Wonderful Year…..

I adore sentiment stamps and I did not purchase this before as I thought it was a little pricy…..but you know what STAMPERS do when they hear the word SALE……yep, HIT THAT BUTTON!!!!



(click on the image…poof – you are in the store!!!)




Speaking of Sentiment Sets….here are 2 more that are fantastic staples that are keepers!



With all of the amazing Designer Series Paper that we all tend to collect….these simple stamps are fantastic to make a quick card that carries a big impact….and to me, are TIMELESS….and that is the name of the game in my opinion!

Just layer some cardstock with a stamped image over a beautiful paper……write a heartfelt message and GET IT IN THE MAIL! Poof….you will feel great and the recipient will love your message!



(click on the image…poof – you are in the store!!!)




(click on the image…poof – you are in the store!!!)




There you go….now go enjoy the sale and have a great day! John and I are off in the morning to the great state of TEXAS to see some AMAZING LADIES….and I am sure he will be more of a hit that I will be!

Hands down, Fall is my favorite time of the year so if it is beautiful where you live…go and grab some of that Autumn beauty!



Heat Embossing on Vellum? Heck YES!!!


"Cold air, dark night, warm fire, bright stars." | Travel Quotes We Love | Find your adventure in New Brunswick, Canada



Hello to all and do I have a FUN post for you today! I know that it has been ages since I have blogged and I have missed you guys…I had shared with you all that this Fall was going to be a super busy time for me with traveling and I have learned one thing…HATS OFF TO THOSE that can travel all of the time and be balanced with daily life!

Don’t get me wrong….it has all been SUPER FUN but I am a pooped stamper and my poor suitcase never gets to make it back to the basement…John and I leave on Wednesday to make a trek to the great state of Texas….to see some very special people….and I do hope to blog about it as I know it will make you smile from ear to ear!

I have not been short of ideas for you and for my blog….it is that darn TIME THING that has stopped me from blogging…..the creating part is the super FUN PART…..it is the taking photos, editing them, typing up the post, linking the products….all of those that are the true timer bandits!

Enough….let’s get to it as I have a C&CKC for you today……yep, that is my new little tag smile maker for you…


Clean & Classic Keeper Card (say that 5 times!)


Holidays always seem to bring out the best of us when we sit to create our cards for our family and friends. Using vellum is always a classic and it instantly will step up the game for you but the one thing that we all seem to have to deal with is…..


How in the heck can we hide the adhesive on the vellum?


Trust me, I GET IT as you know I like to always have a well constructed card with clean workmanship and we all know working with vellum is one of those “special touches” that is fun to implement into our cards but that DARN HIDING THE ADHESIVE GAME can be a challenge!

I do hope that you stay with the length of this post and also the amount of pictures that I have for you today but again, you know me…..I like to make sure that you “get it”

I will be sharing with you tips that YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO…..as well as the TIPS THAT WILL MAKE YOU SMILE! The way that I look at it is….learning from mistakes that I made will save you time in the long run!

I am mainly working with the SUPERSTAR bundle from the Holiday Catalog….the Merry Christmas to All Bundle. It is chocked full of fabulous sentiments to create a classic card but the framelits….yep, to me – they are the show stopper as I am a HUGE FAN of sentiment words. This IS one that will be a yearly staple for you….





Below you will see another keeper, the Swirls & Curls Embossing Folder! This is another dynamic folder that leaves that super deep impression that will bring an instant smile to your face. I used this on all cards today and you will see the classic look it gives and the best thing – you can use this all year long as it is not just limited to the Holidays!

This will be your FREE with a $75+ or more with me this month…if you already have this, no worries….I will glad to substitute with another embossing folder….I just want you to be a happy stamper that STAMPS!!!

I know that you will “get this” and chuckle….we are all pretty good…actually GREAT at collecting things/products……but we need to USE THEM! I will say….I have been a stampin’ machine lately and it has felt great to create and send mail…..that is why I started with SU and I will say, going back to the roots of doing what I love is making me smile!





There is really nothing hard about this layout as it is what I love and do best…keeping it simple! Simple Layers of paper and embossing and then using the circle framelits to create an ornament….PRESTO – DONE…..but here are the DO NOT DO’S as well as the TO DO’S

It is all about using the basics….




The KEY to making this work is to use the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets and to use MULTIPLE LAYERS OF THE VELLUM CIRCLES before you add the Ornament to the Embossed piece or cardstock!

Keep reading as my photos will be helpful! I heat embossed on the vellum and in the sample below you will see that I used 4 different embossing powders….heck, it’s the holidays and there is nothing like heat embossing and seeing that luscious and rich powder melt to smoothness!

When you heat emboss…..ALWAYS USE the Embossing Buddy….it is the best way to ensure that your end result will be a beauty! Heat Embossing is probably still the biggest WOW that we love to see and do!

Remember when I said that you will need to use MULTIPLE LAYERS OF VELUM CIRCLES WITH THE MULTIPURPOSE ADHESIVE ON THE BACK?…..well….yep  – follow that tip but do NOT heat emboss the sentiment with the adhesive on the back…..

Look below…you can see that the result is terrible  – the adhesive melted underneath and created bubble……





Now look at this one below……a BEAUTIFUL MELT!!!! After you heat set the sentiment….THEN PUT THE ADHESIVE ON THE BACK and then you can go ahead and add more circles of vellum.

I like to use 3 layers of vellum…..I am being totally honest with you as I think that the 3 layers give you the best end result! In this one below……I did use a white circle under the last layer but I think you get the idea of where I am coming from!







Hopefully you will see the adhesive on the back of this below….I am a HUGE believer of making sure that you have the right products at your fingertips so when you take the time to create….you have everything you need at a reach. Having the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets IS a must have…..(actually I have MANY) as I would never want to be without!











Below you will see another example of what not to do……I ADORE this layout and colors/punch that I used…..but I only had 1 piece of vellum and you can see how the embossing folder shadows peek through.

This would have been TOTALLY AVOIDED if I would have added  2 more adhesive vellum circles underneath the stamped one! I know that O am being super picky….but I am trying to be true! I also loved what I did with the envelope! I really just wanted 2 rows of trees….so adding the 1/4″ strip on the top and on the bottom was a winner!






Look at this beauty…..I love this combo! The copper is just stunning. This would have been PERFECT if I would have added the 2 circles underneath……here is another tip that I always do…I add a bow with a glue dot and then just adhere the anchor to the back of the embossed piece with an adhesive.

I know that some of you might be thinking I am being to type A….but heck – what is it to just add 2 more circles…..

I just love a clean card that the mechanics of it are completely hidden. I know that time is a factor for some of these tips….but trust me, the time you spend to the details is so with it and your style becomes more reflective of workmanship the more you do it.








You know that I adore plaids….and this one I added more of a DSP to the focal of the card but you can still see the classic ornament! To me, this is a great card – I love the colors, I love the style and YEP, there are 3 layers of vellum and then a white circle…..creating a beauty!







I love dimension….and trust me, I have a CA-ZILLION Stampin’ Dimensionals but I also love to use fun foam! It cuts perfectly with the framelits and below you can see that I just used a smaller circle and adhered it!

Why do I like fun foam so much? I love the solid feel it gives to a larger element….if this was smaller, I would have used a dimensional!







Below you will see how I used these products…..all BASICS that created a fun and oh so beautiful of a Holiday Card! This would be a card that would be super easy to MASS PRODUCE and also a great card to use up your DSP…..you could easily use the layout and then just choose the color scheme to what you have on hand!






Well…there you go! I DID IT…I POSTED and I hope that you found this helpful! I know that my posts are so long…but that is the way I roll. It is my goal to make sure that you completely understand how YOU can make this card!

Please feel free to leave a comment and a HUGE CYBER HUG to each and everyone of YOU!!!! Please make sure that you use the HOST code of 76FGF2W6 to get the Embossing Folder with a purchase from me this month!

For those of you that have already purchased from me this month, I will reach out to you as I never changed the offering for this month! You will always find the current host code on the right side bar of my blog!

Go and have a great evening and I hope to be in you “in box” soon……




A fun way to stash the cash!

HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you from beautiful Kiawah Island, South Carolina! I am having a wonderful time away with some amazing women and I just needed to sneak to give you a smile of a post!

I have a super FUN one for you today that will bring a smile to your face and also give you some inspiration to get ahead of the game with a clever way to give the gift that is always….so well received, a gift card…check or good old fashion cash!

We all know that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and a gift card is always a popular option for many so the recipient can pick what they want! Isn’t it amazing that you can get a gift card for just about anything!

I know that one thing that we all like to do is to find clever ways to give these little gift card of love and today I think that I have NAILED IT for you as this is so clean and simple and one that you can use for all times of the year…simple – just change up the sentiment and the paper….POOF – a fun card!

I am excited to add this design that I am sharing with you today to my ever growing ways to showcase a simple gift card, a check or cash! Let’s dive in…cause’ I am using something from the annual catalog that came out 2 years ago (using that STASH again!) and new bundle from the Holiday Catalog that is a sleeper in my simple eyes but honestly one that you simply cannot overlook as it is one of those “practical ones” that always perk me up for its versatility!

Look below, super cute…right!?!? We are working from the Nothing Sweeter Bundle and the Pocketful of Sunshine Stamp and matching framelits. I will share with you some tips and tricks that make this a fun and easy project to whip up! This would be one for the masses!





I know that you have hear many times that when you purchase a bundle you will save an instant 10% and there are times that I communicate to you that I just buy one piece of an offering but for this one….BUY THE BUNDLE as this is bundle is a keeper as it goes not only for the Holidays…but it will clearly work for Valentines Day and also Birthdays! You know….it is fun to think out of the box and I am excited to continue to bring you more posts using this bundle!






The other fun piece to this project is using the Pocketful of Sunshine Stamp Set and the matching framelits…..This is NOT priced as a bundle now (it used to be when it first came out)…. so here you can see that this is why it is the best bang for your buck to purchase bundles when Stampin’ Up! offers them.

This again is one that I would purchase the stamp set as well as the framelits as it is a very unique and super clever offering. I have a super important tip for you with these framelits!








This is just an A-2 card out of Thick Whisper White…..something I always do as I am a big fan of a solid card and then I paced a 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ piece of Night of Navy to set the backdrop of todays card!

I am just MAD ABOUT PLAIDS and this gem came from the Holiday DSP from the Annual Catalog, Under the Mistletoe. I knew that the minute I saw this DSP offering it was going to be a favorite of mine and it still is…even after the debut of the Holiday. To me, there is nothing more fun and festive than a good and bold plaid.







Here are the TIPS I have for you….enjoy and please let me know how you like this!


  • When you cute your plaid DSP…try to balance the white part on the far right and the far left….I know that this might not seem like a big deal to you but trust me, it balances the eye to make the overall plaid more pleasing.


  • Here is one that might surprise you…..used VERSAMARK to stamp the stitches as I just love the tone on tone effect. There are time that I use the same color of ink to do the stamping but I honestly I usually prefer the versamark!


  • Use tear and tape to the edges of pocket as this will give the strongest hold!


  • Check out the stitches on the Christmas Tree….this an embossed stitch effect and peek again at the image of the framelits that there are also longer rig-rack image and a scalloped….this is just another reason that I adore this bundle!


  • Now to the most important tip to using this Bundle….lining up the photopolymer pocket stamp to the framelits for a PERFECT match up each and every time! Watch this video that Mary Fish did as she NAILED IT for a simple and to the point way of lining it up!


  • I did not want to do a stark white star….as I did it to be a bit more subtle so I put my thinking cap and POOF – the Twinkle Builder Punch and the “white” of the plaid was to me…..a great option!




OK….there you go and I hope that you enjoy! This is a smile maker for me and I hope that it sparked some interest to you! I will be back late on Friday (hopefully) and please remember to take full advantage of the DEAL that Stampin’ Up! has for us just until the 7th! CLICK HERE to grab a deal of the basics!



World Card Making Day




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