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Happy Monday and I hope that everyone had a great weekend! We sure did as we had a couple of days that there was actually a chill in the air…but now we are back to humidity and it is trying to rain! We are soooooo dry… I think we could use a week of rain!

Today I have for you several swap cards that we made by amazing crafters from my team! These should have been posted EONS ago….but if you are anything like me….than you will always be happy to see some ideas made by others!

Please give these ladies some love if you have a chance to leave them a comment!

I think that it is so much fun to see what others do and also to see where they are from. Enjoy and let’s get this ROLLIN!!!!

I encourage you to look at the details…I am the QUEEN for forgetting to use embossing folders….you can see many of these cards had them and I admit…they add such an addition!


































A WICKED clean & simple card….


Hello and Happy Monday! I have just returned home from a Stampin’ Retreat in Texas that not only was a ton of fun…I was super productive in making cards (which we all know is a great feeling!!!) Even though it is so hard to gauge what to bring – I really accomplished a bunch!

It was so relaxing and super fun as my sweet friend Ramsey joined me for this adventure. I know that it sound crazy to go all the way to Texas but I am blessed to have many stampin’ friends there and it is always a treat to be with them. We stamped…we shared ideas…we laughed….it was just good old fashion fun!

I have a cutie for you today and I think the minute you see it you will agree…it is mine kinda card, super clean & simple….just like I like them! Because there is no stamping on this card I am going to offer some “mini kits” that you can purchase from me to make this card & envelope yourself at home! I will provide you all of the elements for the card and then you can have fun putting it together.


SOLD OUT!!! 🙁 

Don’t Wait….I only have 14 of these kits made up!


The paper that I used for this sample is from the retired Gala Gingham collection – but you can easily visualize that there are many different papers that you can use to go with the Halloween Theme! This paper is in the Highland Heather but you can easily see how FUN it is when the Gorgeous Grape Sentiment….playing and off setting colors within the same color family are always winners!





The fabulous and oh so fun sentiment of “WICKED” is from the holiday catalog. It is part of the Wonderfully Wicked Bundle or you can buy just the Die Cut Word itself. At the retreat I had many people comment that they did not think it was a Stampin’ Up! Word Die…..but YEP…it is and it is in the Holiday Catalog on page 55.

HANDS DOWN…this is the best single word die that Stampin’ Up! has ever had. WHY??? Easy = it is BIG and BOLD….which in my eyes makes a statement! I truly am hoping that they will continue to come out with more offerings like this as it makes my stampin’ heart pitter patter!





I am a happy and fun gal when it comes to Halloween cards….I love to send treats and making a sweet card instead of scary makes me roll! Now if the weather will start to change a bit as it is still so stinkin’ hot…treats will melt but we all know it will change soon.

The dsp is just 1” X 5 ½” and then I added a wee bit stripe of contrast cardstock to make a POP happen! What is the star element that makes this card fun is the layers and the word “Wicked” as well as the layers of the spider….I stacked 3 layers together!







If you do not do this, I suggest you give it a whirl. Layering elements makes such a difference and honestly it does not take that much more time! These are the little things that I like to do to add that special touch to make a simple card go from a sweet card to a WOW – “that is a GREAT CARD” as the extra details make it!

If you would like to purchase one of these mini kits….they are $4.00 each and you will have all of the goodies in the bag for you to cut and adhere together to make this super sweet card and envelope! I only have a limited amount of this paper so HIT THIS AND RESERVE YOURS TODAY….I will ship them out on this Saturday September 28th!




Please put in the subject line WICKED CARD so I can spot it and I will respond back to you. I only have 14 of them so it is first come….first serve! I know that many of you do not send out a bunch of Halloween Cards and I thought….why not offer this! I will charge $2.00 for shipping and handling….( if you buy more than 1 I will weight it and figure out the shipping)





While I was in Texas I was able to see many of my stampin’ friends that use to purchase my kits…and yep, the question is asked….are you going to be doing more kits….we miss them! Hmmmmm….time will tell but how about this offering as a baby step in the right direction!

As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I am not allowed to stamp any part of a kit so this is why I thought this car would be perfect. You can have a taste of putting together a super clean and simple card and be able to see for yourself the impact there is with layering dies together. Have a great afternoon and let’s all have a super week!






Who likes a SALE – Clearance RESTOCKED!



Who likes a SALE….YOU DO!!!


I know if we both do this crafty addiction that we all seem to have – a deal is a deal so why not take a peek and see if you have some retired favorites to snatch up!


The CLEARANCE RACK has been restocked

with some newbies….so take a peek and see!


I just did a quick peek and right off the bat…the goodies that hit my simple button are the 6 X 6 Designer Series Papers in the classic stripes and polka dots for just $4.40 each! (There are all of the collections Subtles, In Colors ……)

The other one that I adore are the Stripe Treat bags for just $2.20!!! To me, a classic way to present a goodie is a win-win for me and also I have an idea for the holidays that was using in these bags and I was fearful that I might not have enough! PROBLEM SOLVED….for just $2.20 – I am a happy stamper!

The other item at a glance that tickled my craft bone was the White Gable Boxes….these are GREAT to add some DSP to…..make a tag and YOU LOOK GREAT when you share a gift…some candy etc….to whomever. If any of you make holiday candy and are always looking for a great way to present them….well – here you go! I like to use a small bag…put my candy in and then put it in the gable box!

Well….I could go on and on with ideas for you in how to take advantage of this re-stocking…..but I need to place my order as once they are gone…..WELL….THEY ARE GONE!

Have a great day and have fun shopping the sale!




Are you ready for these next months to ZOOM!

It is finally here…..and I am finally here!

It is time for the Holiday Catalog to go live and it is a super fun one!

Am I the only one that has a wonky week when a Holiday falls on a Monday or a Friday? I needed to have my head examined as on Monday I told my local corn man that I would take 200 ears of corn on Wednesday…..

What the heck was I thinking about….as that was CATALOG LAUNCH day and I need to make sure all of my “I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed) as it is a bit tricky making sure that you ordered all of the Product Share requests!

Below you can click the catalog image and have fun flipping away. There are PLENTY of things in this simple minded stamper that I will be playing with!

I think that there is a bit for any style of crafter and it is always super exciting to see what everyone likes! Sometimes there are sleepers in a catalog and then sometimes there are items that we all know will be super popular!


I think one of the popular ones that zoom out the door will be the Advent Calendar (page 38). I have not ordered it yet but I have all sorts of ideas to make that in my style. I love the concept and I have seen the product and it is SUPER STURDY……and the size is just great!

I am not personally a fan of the stamp set that they show with it but I know I can “jazz that puppy” up to make my family and friends smile. I know that this ALWAYS HAPPENS EACH YEAR….we have intentions of doing a project like this….but then that TIME FACTOR squeezes in and we cave in and say….I do not have time!

I say – set a plan and MAKE THE TIME & EFFORT to make one! I bet when you see what I do with it…you will smile – I plan  to get together with my stamping friends….Jeanie and Ramsey and we are going to see what twist we can do….


Stampin' Up! 2019 Holiday Catalog


Let’s chat about the Designer Series Paper….it is BINGO-BANGO… it will take you all seasons long in using the “FLIP SIDE” but I have a hunch that the Holiday Sides are so classic…that you will use them up! I am giddy about the Wrapped in Plaid, Brightly Gleaming and the Let It Snow Collections….just tooooo cute and classic!

There are just soooo many things going on with Stampin’ Up! that it is hard to keep up with and digest! Below I have highlighted a couple that might just tickle your fancy! Take a deep breath and try to digest it all….



I do not subscribe to Paper Pumpkin on a monthly basis but when I have a hunch that there is going to be a cute and festive 3D one…. I HIT THAT BUTTON and did it for 1 month to get the Halloween Offering. I do not know what it is but I can imagine that it is going to be super cute!

Heck, the Halloween selections in the NEW Holiday Catalog are stellar and I am sure that this Paper Pumpkin offering will be no different! Please remember….you can just GET THIS KIT and then BE DONE….that is what I will do – and then if I find another month that I might like….I just purchase it again for that one specific month!




The BUY 3…get 1 FREE DSP Offering is back this year – just remember that it is only good until Sept. 30th….so take a peek at the offering and here’s a great idea….go together with a friend and split the paper!

I know that we all have so much “STUFF” but when there is a good deal, it’s hard to pass up! Below you will see the DSP’s that are included in this sale!




Well…..there you go – some scoop of exciting promotions…and speaking of exciting……guess what came this afternoon……my UPS man and several boxes of Product Share goodies….

I always bite the expensive bullet to get expedited shipping for things that take a bunch of time for me to sort etc……so you know what I will be doing…..YEP…..getting yours shares sorted!

Have a great weekend….we have a break in the heat and humidity and that makes me a HAPPY CAMPER STAMPER!!!


Let’s Organize our PAPER!!!

Hello and I know that this post will make many happy as whenever I do a post on Organization…..I always get many smiles and also questions! Today we are going to chat about paper storage. I have done several videos on this before….click here and then you can click here….but this is how I roll as of current.

I have slightly tweaked my method as I have had built in paper slots into my work area…but other that that… is the same !





Please note…as I think that this statement is so TRUE for all of us….


How each of us organize is totally a personal preference


and the best thing is…that is OK – we all roll in different fashions…but this has worked for me!

I find that if I have a system that works…I do not waste as much paper as let’s face it…it is super easy to just grab a new sheet. I also find that if my “scraps” are mixed in with full sheets….I get super frustrated flipping through!

Below you will see my paper that is by my work area. I like to keep mine in order of color family as that is just how I roll. The picture below it is how I keep my scraps for all of the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock and I simply slide my bins into a cabinet.




I do have (2) of these bins as I use to have 1 folder for the full sheets of cardstock and then in another file folder right behind it….I would put that same color for the scraps….I probably could just have one for all of my scraps now but I figured –  why squeeze it all in 1 when I have 2.





I found these bins on line this morning from staples……great price and this will do the job! CLICK HERE to check them out. I bet mine are 20+ years old – way back to the days that I was a Creative Memories Consultant…..and there you can see….I used this system then…and it still works for me now!

I am sure you can find something similar in a store near you…but to me – a click of a button works for me. Just make sure that you have something that allows hanging file folder to hang onto. Here is a link to the file folders I use….again, my are so old – but it is something that you can use over and over!

All I do is take a piece of the color of paper….slide it in the Clear Plastic Tab and then slap the color of cardstock name on it….it is as simple as that!

Please note that I just linked all of the above to staples…just was easier for me to do it this way … you might wanna shop around!

I am more of a visual person so I like to see the color of paper I am looking for and then the label just is the confirmation for me. We all know that there are some colors that are similar so this just seems to help out!

Here is an update list of all of the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock names…this fits perfectly on an Avery Return Address Label but if you do not have any on hand, you can just print it off and adhere them directly to the cardstock that you will slide into the holder!


SEND-ME-THE-FILES-2019-2020 (1)


Again, I keep mine by color family as that is what works for me! I know many like all of the reds together, greens together….again, a personal choice!

Here is a NEWBIE that I have never shared before and I love this method of storing all of my “White Scraps” of paper. We all know that there are many shade of white and some of the white paper we use for different purposes/techniques and I was going bonkers pulling my white scraps and then playing a guessing game as to what kind of paper it was!



Above is how I keep them straight and this has been a GAME CHANGER for me! I adore the container store….(who doesn’t) and these bins are not only SUPER STURDY….but they are also SUPER INEXPENSIVE and the best thing is….you can put an 11″ length of paper into it….make it perfect for scraps

CLICK HERE for the link  – you will see that they come in many sizes…and truth be told – I use all 3 sizes for a variety of things in my home!

I love the fact that you can stack them on top of one another and we I need to slide a piece of white scrap into a bin, I just tip it up and slide it in! Again, you can see how this saves you from reaching for another sheet of paper!

I also have one of these that says – Stampin’ Up! Scraps to be filed…I try to put “stuff” away before a new project but honestly….sometimes I am just too lazy to file away the scraps into the bins each time I play! When this tray is getting full…I take the time to file it in my bins with the color names on it!


There you go….and hopefully you were able to follow my method! If you have any questions or comments….please share them with everyone. It is simple, I am much more productive when I am organized….we all create such a mess on making a card….but if you have a system to get it all back in place…than you will be a HAPPY STAMPER!

I have reached out to everyone that has requested a Product Share from me……and the Pay Pal Invoices for them will be sent out starting on Sunday……

Monday  – LABOR DAY….September 2nd is the last day for you to request a Product Share. I am only doing 1 share this time as I will be traveling later in the month. I have a tab on my blog header for the Holiday Share or you can click here to see the offerings!

Product Shares are the BEST way to see the newbies without breaking your Daisy Bank!





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