It’s time for a PALS Blog Hop – Family First!!!


Welcome to the Pals’ April  Blog Hop. We’re so glad you’re here because we love to put our ”Families First”! Our Design Team created beautiful projects to inspire you. You may be starting the hop here or coming from a previous Pal’s blog. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the full line-up below to help you move, or “hop” along from Pal to Pal.







WOOT-WOOT.….it’s a BLOG HOP day…..(and that is ALWAYS a fun day)…I have a little project for you that I am going to be working on over the next 2 weeks as we have WEDDING BELLS ringing on May 4th! My middle peep, James is getting married! 🙂


I just loved the theme around this blog hop as my personal motto is….FAMILY FIRST!!!


I am sure that you can guess that I would be “ALL HANDS ON DECK” for an occasion like this! I might tweak this a bit but for now…let’s roll with it as I am just in love with these sweets Kraft Pillow Boxes .

I have a bunch of pictures for you and truly there is nothing hard at all in making these sweet (yet very sturdy) boxes look super special! This is a great time to pull out what ever you have and USE IT UP!!!! You know that I always share….even if something is retired – WHO CARES??? if you like it…that is ALL THAT MATTERS!

I know that many of you are not keen on 3-D projects but please hear me out and hit that button and get a pack or 2 of these – you will be happy that you did so as trust me, they come in handy with minimal effort but the end result is nothing short of FUN and a FEELING OF SPECIAL!






One thing that you have heard me say over and over…when in doubt – GO FOR A SENTIMENT STAMP…and yep, today is no different! I think that sometimes we do not put the weight into looking at a sentiment stamp as thinking….there are no images….nothing to color….etc.

Stop and look at the sentiments to see if the font speaks to you….look at the themes….and if the green light is on…than I say go for it as this is a prime example of how this gem worked for me!

This stamp set is in the annual catalog, called Better Together and I will say….I have used it a bunch! It has been around for several years but I will say that I have reached for it often as I find the font to be fun and unique…please do not forget about the annual catalog…it has many keepers in it!





You also know that I say OVER and OVERit’s all about the basics! Peek below and see the rectangle stitched frames – a true blue classic! A staple like this is a one time investment and one that you will never regret. When you have a classic like this – you can always use it for many projects!

Basic stitched shapes like this are a must have in any shape that you can get your hands onWHY? – Easy = they are a great foundation for a clean and simple card. When we have the right products…we can enjoy the journey of crafting by letting the basics be your foundation and then build around it!






Hers is another peek of a project that I have been working on! Easter is right around the corner and many of you might remember this sweet single stamp that was retired years ago! This is a perfect example of how I say….KEEP WHAT SPEAKS TO YOU…and this little lamb – he spoke to me years ago and he still does!

I have made over 60 of these and probably will be making more as they come together SUPER QUICK but you can see that they are super fun! I have (3) Reese’s Eggs in it (smaller size) but they are just PERFECT SIZE for a sweet favor.






Last peek as you have a BUNCH OF HOPPING TO DO!!!! You can clearly see that the sky is the limit with your creativity. These pillow boxes are perfect for treats…perfect for a gift card…just a staple that you need to have for those “just in case times”

I love using glue dots as much as I can when making these as the as a time saver and also a super strong hold! I encourage you to look at all if the little additions you have to use as a spring board to add some clean and simple fru-fru to make your little project pop!

I say have fun…and just look at what you have and go from there! I do hope that we continue to come out with more punches – they are always the fastest option when in a crunch for time and also for mass producing!!! Our punches are so sturdy and truly go thru the test of time….and I am one that tries to never let them leave Randall Lane!





More inspiration awaits! Use the Blog Hop Line-up below to visit the rest of this month’s Design Team. My fellow Pals are excited to show you what they’ve created! Don’t forget to show us some love by commenting on our creations. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 8, 2019 when our Hoppin’ Pals share their “More Than One Score” projects. Don’t miss the fun!


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Thursday 3-D fun…SUPER cute!

Where has this week gone? My intentions were to be the driver on the Birthday Bus of inspiration but that darn time thing always gets me!

I have so many projects ready to rumble…and I have even taken the photos but the editing and just sitting down and typing is what takes up a bunch of time and truth be told….I am a go-go -go kinda gal and the minute I stop and sit….I FALL ASLEEP! I am sure that there are many of you that can relate to that!

Oh well…there will always be another blog post…and we all know that there will always be more Birthdays so hang tight as I will share them with you! As for the BLOG CANDY….no worries on that front too…as I always love to have blog candy and I will do that as well!

Whew….I have a cutie for you today – this week it is the super talented Debbie Henderson’s turn to share her 3-D talent and get ready for a ….jaw dropping….WOW! Is this adorable or what!!!! ENJOY!








I told you that it is fun…..and I am sure that you are just like me…smiling from ear to ear! I am ALWAYS so AMAZED at the talent people have with coming up with these great ideas! The cup part is using the Sweet Cuts from the Occasions Catalog…I do not have any right now but they are on order and making there way to Randall Lane!

I like the fact that they have a top to it making it a super fun way to “gift” a goodie! I am all about having a “supply of smile makers on hand” – that’s what I refer to as products that all we need to do is add some “fru-fru” and gift it away!







When you see and print off the free PDF that Debbie has for you…you can easily use so many products that you already have to pull off the effect of the project! I will say…punches make a project like this soooooooo much faster and I encourage you to look and see what you have and then play and have fun!

When I saw this project….I thought – wouldn’t this be adorable if you but a “CHICK”  on the top and then keep the eggs in the cup! When I get my order of the cups….I am going to give it a try!






Before I get to the PDF….I want you to think about something I say and share often on my blog….and it is this….


It’s all about the details…the little simple touches….


As in my simple eyes…these letting extra touches and details that we put into something as simple as dressing up some Easter Candy – DOES make a difference and the best part…you will have joy inside when you create it and then it will even grow bigger and bigger when you give it to someone special!

As my Mom always said…it’s those little things that make a difference….and you know what – her wise words were SOOOOOO RIGHT! I am the Queen of gifting the “little things” that make someone smile….as it is NOT about how much it costs….IT’S ABOUT THE THOUGHT….everyone like to feel special!!!



Cadbury Treat Sweet Cup





Have a GREAT weekend and remember…..the hour glass has turned for Sale-A-Bration to be over…..YIKES  – that calendar is on a ROLL!





A BUNCH of Birthday Inspiration for you!!!!


I have a TREAT for you today!


One type of card we always seem to make and we always seem to never have too many ideas for are….BIRTHDAY CARDS!

Yep, like it or not…we all have them each year (unless you are a leap year baby and WOW – how fun would that be to confuse people with your REAL age)!

I have for you today 9 different Birthday Cards that will be sure to put aSPRING in your step” 

These cards were created by fellow team members….we call ourselves, “Top Dogs” and I have to tell you…I am not only super proud of my group of puppies….but there is a BUNCH of talent within this group and it brings me joy to share their work with you!




You will see that they are from all over this wonderful country of ours and I am sure that they would LOVE to hear some comments about their beauties! If you happen to see that you live near one of them and are looking for a SUD or heck – a new person to craft with and share your love of “playing”….than please email me and I can get you their contact info!

I decided to put them in alphabetical order buy their 1st name...WHY? (don’t know)….some cards you will see more than 1 picture of….WHY?I can answer this….Some cards I feel need more pictures to get the fell and perhaps angle needed to let you get the “real scoop of the card”

Before we get to the “Parade of Cards” I want to declare this week to be BIRTHDAY WEEK on my Blog……yesterday was my dear friend and fellow Team-mate……


J_ ANIE STARK (tee-hee-hee……I think you can fill in the blank) 60th Birthday…..


yep…I said 60 and you know what that means…..when you hit a MILESTONE….you deserve the Royal Treatment and with that said…..tomorrow I will share with you Jeanie’s MILESTONE Cards I made for her…..

On Friday is my youngest peeps, Hannah’s 25th BIRTHDAY….and YEP, that is a super special day for me for obvious reasons….so all week long we are having a BIRTHDAY PARTY and on Friday we will have BLOG CANDY that is super practical!




LOVE, LOVE ….LOVE!!!! Just look how clean and classic this design is and the colors…..who would not smile seeing this beauty!!! I know many times I do not show the inside of a card….but this one just was so sweet. I just love it when there are 2 different fonts within the same sentiment!







Time to hop over to the Wet Coast….this is what I call a keeper! I always am a HUGE FAN of Black and White with a POP…and yep, Beth did it! A quick addition of the Stampin’ Blends did the trick and just look how sweet the inside of the envelope is…..In my eyes….it is always about pulling it all together and the front and the inside of this card is a perfect example!






The minute I saw this card I beamed with the textures….why in the world do we seem to forget about using embossing folders?!? Bridget rocked it with using 2 different embossing folder on the same card – doesn’t it just POP! This is a card that would be fabulous to have several on hand as it could easily go both feminine or masculine!






How about this fun, festive FUN FOLD CARD! (say that 3 times) This is from the one and only Chris R from Iowa! Many of us know Chris as she not only brings joy to our hearts….she makes us laugh! This is just too fun! You can see that I took several pictures for you to get the feel of it! I am hoping that Chris will walk me through the steps of cutting and scoring and I will share with you on a future post!










Back East we go….and I had the privilege to meet Hilda in person last month when there were a bunch of us that did a “Continuing Educational Class”  (sounds good…right!!!!) as we went to a Gina K Designs Class/Workshop that was fantastic! Poor Hilda – I think we overwhelmed her with all of the chatter and laughs at lunch…but it was GREAT to meet in person! Again, this is my kinda card as the POP of a sentiment sets the stage for FUN and just think of all of the color combos you could use! Fun…festive and POLKA DOTS….can’t get any better than that! You can see in the 3rd picture the front is a wee bit shorter….love that touch!








WHEW….we are racking up the frequent flyer miles as we go back to the West Coast….and I am THRILLED TO SAY THAT THIS BUNDLE IS BACK ON STOCK….WOOT-WOOT and here is a hint – you will see it tomorrow…..This is a great bundle as there is a PUNCH with it and Karen did a fab-o job with the festive little beauty! Take a peek at that FUN sentiment in the inside of the card – love it! This is another stellar example of how you can easily change up colors and have a card for anyone!








Staying out West we go to Judy…aka “Princess Judy” – we have never met in person but I just adore her sense of humor and no doubt if we were closer we would laugh the day away together….She is ALWAYS so darn clever in her use of stamps – I would have NEVER thought about this stamp set being on to use for a Birthday card but just look… is GREAT! Sometimes we all need that nudge to get out of that box we get ourselves into!







Back to California we go…and Shila outdid herself with this beauty! This IS being carried over in the next catalog! Just look at the simple shapes she has on this card along with the die and bakers twine…to make a SIMPLE CARD….SUPER SPECIAL! THere is just something so soothing and beautiful about this Tropical Beauty….super-de-duper!






Last but not least…a card from YOURS TRULY…ME! I will do a separate blog post about this beauty as I think that it is a FUN one to use for many different occasions….just change up the sentiment and POOF…a great card! I just love repetition on a card and this was a FUN one to make up!




As the saying goes…..I cannot wait to show you what I did for Jeanie tomorrow….it is WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE but I will admit, it was SUPER EASY to make and one that you just need to see!!!! Have a GREAT AFTERNOON and if you have the time….please give these ladies some good old fashion love with a comment!

I am always proud of anyones works as we are all in the same boat….we LOVE to make works of art with out hands…which is a TRUE work of ART from our HEART!














3-D CUTENESS Alert!!!






Good Morning!!!! I am an over the moon with this super sweet basket that the talented Sarah Will designed for the Thursday 3-D Group!

I am always so amazed at the talent and ideas that stampers (just like you and I) all come up with! The minute I saw this posted I beamed from ear to ear as this is the type of little “something-something” that is sure to bring a smile to someone!  🙂


As the sayin’ goes in life…“there are the ups and then there are downs”….


The UP is…I have a free PDF that Sarah created that you can make this yourself and then there are the DOWNS… and that is this Bundle (the BUNNY) is no longer available and that makes me sad….for both you and I!  🙁






I guess you could say that bunny HOPPED his way off the shelf !


One thing FOR SURE is…that you could recreated this with other products that you have and honestly….my lower lip is down as Stampin’ Up! was not able to fulfill my order for this sweet bundle as well…..


All I can say is…OH WELL – and I guess that I needed to HOP ON IT EARLIER and bought the bundle earlier when the catalog first came out!






I know that you all get excited with you see cute projects like this and here is the best tip I can give to you….go ahead and make one up…I like to use pieces of cardstock that “are not my favorites” to make up a sample and also I write notes on it as I go (with tips that work for me) and then I file it with the instructions!







In doing this – it gives me the “real feel” for the project and it also allows me to go through the process and see if it is something that I will want to do in quantities!!! (I hope that this makes sense)

The KEY PRODUCT in making this sweet basket is the Window Box Framelits….these have been around for a while and I encourage you to look through your stash as you might already have it and if not, they are a very detailed and special die collection that can make up some beauties!

Here is a HELP/TIP for you….just CLICK HERE and you can see a simple google search that I did with this product and WOW – just look at what you can find – I told you…there are sooooo many amazing crafters out there! I highly recommend that you google search and also You Tube search for ideas using a specific product….this is how I learn!











You can see that it is entirely up to you as to what can go inside…my pick – dark chocolate….I am totally a dark chocolate gal! The other thing that is great about a little project like this is you will not break your piggy bank in purchasing candies as it does not take a bunch…..less is best for our waistlines….RIGHT????


You can CLICK BELOW to download and print off the PDF of step by step instructions!


Window Box Easter Basket Project Sheet (2) Box Easter Basket Project Sheet\



I do hope that this super sweet project made you smile and I do hope that you will give it a try! There is no doubt in my mind that anyone would beam if they received this. I realize that many of you are not fans of making 3D’s but all I can say is….I too was in the same camp but I learned that the more I tried and tinkered with sweet projects like this….I was hooked!

I have a great upcoming post for you….it is a BUNCH of BIRTHDAY cards made by stampers on my team! I think we all can always love and appreciate ideas of Birthday Cards….and I know you will be inspired!

Have a great day….make someone smile and I hope that you can get inky!!!





Let’s HOP….into SPRING!



Welcome to the Pals’ March Blog Hop. We’re so glad you’re here because ”Spring has Sprung” – at least on our blog hop if not outside! Our Design Team created beautiful projects to inspire you. You may be starting the hop here or coming from a previous Pal’s blog. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the full line-up below to help you move, or “hop” along from Pal to Pal.







Good Morning and are you ready to HOP?


I sure hope so as you will be one tired bunny hopping from 27 different Blogs of inspiration – I say….put on those hopping shoes and get started! This will be such a fun hop this month as who would not welcome a parade of cards to help push SPRING into our crafting lives!

The East Coast has been wet…wet…WET and we have mud, mud,,,MUD so I will gladly take a bit of sunshine and also some COLOR! I have a SUPER SIMPLE card for you that is just so simple to make but in my “simple eyes”….it carries a big statement!

It just “works” when you have the right products at your fingertips and you let them do the work….let them shine and bloom!

The stamp that I am working with is the Incredible Like You Stamp Set. The minute I saw this stamp I knew it was going to live on Randall Lane! By now you know the way that I look at a stamp to determine if it needs to come to little old Williamsport, MD….and yep, it made the cut!

  • It’s a Photopolymer (my favorite)
  • It has AMAZING sentiments
  • I adore that there are (2) different fonts
  • The (3) dots…(music to my crafting loves)
  • The (5) lines….super fun and would be STELLAR stamped tone on tone in Versamark for a fun background.







When you pair this great stamp with another Blue Ribbon winner, the Happiness Blooms DSP….you have an INSTANT POP of WOW! I just love it when this happens as you can just let the products do the work and the end result – an adorable card!

As you can clearly see…this collection of paper is super bold but to me…it is a must have as the colors are classic and fun….the prints are just fun and fresh and the scale of the prints are great for card making as well as for 3-d projects!










The WOW of POP that makes this card work is the use of a simple Punch. When we can use a Punch and instant smile comes on my face as punches are just so easy to use and they are so very effective on a project.

This punch, the Daisy Punch made its debut last year and this is one that I would always have in your stash as let’s face it…it’s a classic and who would love a little POP like I am showcasing today for you!

When Stampin’ Up! comes out with a punch….it always has a home as to me, punches are just so easy to use and Stampin’ Up! does them sooooo well… can see that I did not adhere the petals of the flowers as they look great with the petals curls up a wee bit.

I try to work on groups of odd numbers as it is easier on the eye and it balances your card out. By adhering 2 of them flat and then POPING up the 3rd with dimensionals…the pop instantly happens!







Here is the last star of the show….another Blue Ribbon keeper that just has to be in all of our homes….the rectangle stitched framelits. These are just the basics that will make crafting fun. I often blog about the fact that if you have the “basics” then you are good to go…


It starts with having the right tools & then letting them do the work!


Trust me, I am the very 1st to realize that there are soooooo many products out there that we could fill our house with them….just ask John – I say it is a good thing that the peeps are out of the nest as I have now took over Hannah’s bedroom!!!

Having framelits in the basic shapes…circle, squares, rectangle etc…are your “go to’s” for creating without stress….and these puppies…with the stitched details are the icing on the must have cake!










In the picture above you can see that all I did was take the same size of rectangle and let them be the focal point….I ask you, how easy is this? I feel like sometimes we try to make things harder and I know I too am guilty as charged with that…but I am now facing the fact that IF I want to stamp, play and create….I have to do it efficiently so simple just works for me!

Here is one last peek at this sweet card….SIMPLE right? I sure hope that this put a smile of your face and I hope that I was able to show you that using the basics and letting them do the work….will ultimately work for you in a great card!!!






More inspiration awaits! Use the Blog Hop Line-up below to visit the rest of this month’s Design Team. My fellow Pals are excited to show you what they’ve created! Don’t forget to show us some love by commenting on our creations. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 10, 2019 when our Hoppin’ Pals share their “Families First” projects. Don’t miss the fun!

Have a GREAT day and I thank you for popping onto my blog today…you have a bunch of hopping to do….so lace up those shoes and get going – I will see you next month! May we all have a BUNCH of SPRING in our steps today…. 🙂






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