I’m BACK…and here is a keeper formula!



Good Morning and Happy Hump Day to you! I know it has been a while since I have posted but as you know me by now…Family is always 1st for me and even thought I thought that I would be able to blog sooner…it simply did not happen!

At the end of the post I will share with you some pictures of what I have been up to…but in short, John and I went to Seattle to get our Hannah settled in her new “home” for the next 5+ years….talk about being on the other side of the country….mission was accomplished and it was wonderful to see her happy and content with the next chapter in her life!

Before we get going on today’s card of inspiration that I have for you….I have some GREAT NEWS…..






I must admit, I was super happy and I did do a “happy dance” myself as I did not get back from Seattle until last Thursday and yes, we pulled down Randall Lane and there they were….Stampin’ Up! boxes waiting for me. I expedited the shipping as if not….I know that it would be too darn long for you to get them…so I was super happy that there was..MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I will NOT be doing another wave of this Holiday Product Share as I am really trying to implement some new offerings to my blogging (and trust me, all of this takes a BUNCH OF TIME) but there is more GOOD NEWS…..I have a couple of shares left and at the end of the post I will share with you what they are….they are READY TO BE MAILED TODAY so as the saying goes….early bird will get the worm!



WHEW….lets get to the card!



The new Holiday Catalog was launched last Wednesday…..CLICK HERE to see it in it’s entirely or you can CLICK HERE and see the new kids on the block….by catalog (ie…stamps, bundles etc)…and with just about the month of September already here…..this catalog is going to ZOOM BY FAST!





You know that I love to design clean and simply cards and todays card is from the Bundle Falling for Leaves. Remember…when you purchase a bundle…you will get an automatic 10% discount! I did purchase this as a bundle as I felt that the framelits being offered were pretty darn special!

I used another newbie, the Country Lane DSP. It is funny…new DSP papers are just like new stamps to me…it takes a while to get used to them. After cutting so much paper over the weekend I really got to know them better and in turn…I was able to think ahead in how I would like to use them! I love the fact that we have double-sided paper….always something for everyone!






This Blackberry Bliss crosshatch print is a great one fro so many different cards that we like to make…from Birthdays….to Sympathies…to just a quick Think of You Card like I am doing today! When you break it down…it really uses a minimal about of products and this also is one that you could easily make many of to have on hand!

I went with a monochromatic look today but you easily know that the sky is the limit with the choices we have in dsp and colors of ink & cardstock! Can you easily see that this is one of those “FORMULAS” that I love to share with you! YEP, it is and YEP, I will give you the measurements for you to easily duplicate!







I would go ahead and make this card today even if you do not have the Falling for Leaves Bundle yet as MAKING IT….is the BEST WAY for you to walk through the steps that I will outline below and then make notes of reference for you to make over and over again. It truly is just as simple as that!


  • Card Base is Thick Very Vanilla Cardstock in an A-2 size, 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″


  • Layer of Very Vanilla just 1/8″ smaller, 4 1/8″ X 5 3/8″ (WHY do I do this? Easy, I love layers and I love the fell of a solid card. Also, I do not like seeing the mechanics of a card when you  open it….this will make sense in the next bullet point!)


  • Score at 1/8″, 1’4″, 1 1/4″, 1 3/8″ and 1 1/2″ I use the Simply Scored Board for my scoring on all of my cards as I feel like it gives a much deeper impression than using our trimmer. This IS one of those BASIC TOOLS that I always talk about that makes the journey of cardmaking easier…..you know me, I always try to be upfront and very honest with what makes me tick! If you have the Simply Scored Board maybe these might be easier for you to score in this way….score at notches 1,2 10,11 & 12!


  • Cut your DSP to 3/4″ X 6″ and adhere it in between the scored lines! This in ITSELF make a HUGE WOW….don’t you think?


  • Cut 3 Stitched Squares  – another BASIC MUST HAVE to the size that will fit your sentiment and adhere one flat to the base and then pop up the other 2. I like to angle the squares differently as I think it provides more interest!


  • I cut 3 dies from the Falling Leaves Bundle….I just adore the details that Stampin’ Up! did with them and then I tucked them in with a simple glue dot, darn I love those little things!


  • The icing on this super card was to use a galvanized button with a sweet touch of linen thread to add a wee bit of simple bling. I used the glue dots again to hold it in place! (You know that I do not use buttons often but these are SUPER as they are not only super thin,,,the subtle texture it gives is PERFECT in my simple eyes!)


  • Envelope LOVE….simple! I took the same theme of the scoring with a scrap piece of Very Vanilla and score it 3 times, adhered it and then added the DSP under it and trimmed off the excess!







Well, there you go! I know that my posts are super long but it is super important to me to give you all of the info needed for you to make it yourself. Remember….I am JUST LIKE YOU….as if something is clear to me I can attempt to try it myself and again, I am like you…being able to accomplish something….it is a WIN-WIN feeling of “I CAN DO IT” inside!

Why do we do this to ourselves?…we can do anything that we want to do if it is understood, clear and concise! There is no reason that when we sit down to ever feel frustrated.

I know that I was actually feeling like I had a creative block and I was frustrated with myself…..and then I did what works best for me….WALK AWAY from it….do something totally different and then come back and say – just do it! In the end, it always comes back to the basics of being clean and simple!





The next couple of pictures show you what I do when I get a new stamp and bundle. I purchase my magnetic cards from Stamp N Storage and YEP, it is an investment but what the heck about this crafty thing that we do that is NOT AN INVESTMENT!?

If I have something that retires and if I sell it (that’s why I always put so much info on the labels that I create) as it saves me a bunch of time looking through catalogs to see what I paid for it (I sell all of my retired products at 50% of the retail price)

In the 2nd picture you will see the shapes I cut out….I started to do this and ad them to the back of the magnetic card and if it gets retired…no biggie, I just peel off the white piece and reuse the magnetic card. I think that it makes such a BIG DIFFERENCE to actually SEE THE IMAGES cut out…..I find that I am more like;y to use them more!







Now to the Product Shares that I have left! While we were flying to Seattle I worked on what it was that I needed to order so when the GREEN LIGHT went on last Wednesday…..I could order and be ready! Here are the items that I have left and ready to ship today to you if you are interested!


Share #1 DSP Swatch Books – SOLD OUT

Share #2 new DSP – I have 1 to sell

Share #3 Glimmer Paper – I have 2 to sell

Share #4 Ribbon -SOLD OUT

Share #5 Embellishments – I have 1 to sell

Add On Share #1 – TONS of them available….this is my 4th re-order of them

Add On Share #2 – I have 1 of them to sell



Please email me and put in the subject line PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it and I will go to Pay Pal and invoice you and ship it out. I am here getting (hopefully) caught up on a bunch of emails and will be doing the Post Office RUN right before they close at 5!

You can CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHARE OFFERINGS….(a previous post) – Shares ARE the best way to take advantage of getting a taste of the newbies without breaking your Daisy Bank……speaking on my little doodle daisy bug…..she is GREAT and loves and appreciates her pedicure!

Now to Hannah….my little Red Caboose has moved to Seattle Washington to start working on her PHD in Molecular Cellular Biology with the University of Washington and the Fred Hutch Research Institute. That in itself you can clearly see that she get “that stuff” from her Dad….darn, I have a hard time even getting it out!

We are both very proud and excited for her. She works super hard and loves the field of research. I think that we can all agree….our world needs more and more medical research and I have witness first hand the power and importance it is.

She has 2 roommates that are also just starting this venture and I think with my MAMA BEAR GUT INSTINCT that these girls will be a perfect match for one another…..I just have a hard time relating to all of the “talk that they do”…..but I will say – ONE OF THEM IS SUPER CRAFTY…so I beamed…..

Each one of the girls came from different areas….Hannah – Maryland, Kansas and South Africa but one thing they had in common was they each came with NO FURNITURE……so as you can see…we rented BIG RED to do the job!

Hannah had basically her life in her suitcases….we took full advantage of Southwest and we each took 2 bags that could be check in plus 3 carry ons….it was a hoot – one suitcase had all of her favorite kitchen stuff….one had pictures that made it great…….another all of her favorite bedding….etc….so you can see….we were a HUGE help to her!

You will laugh…there was an IKEA there so naturally I made sure that John had some great nibbles and libation….and I left and did the FUN STUFF….like the Container Store run and the Grocery Store……You have to admit, there is always methods to ones madness!

I am pretty slick at parallel parking and for those of you that know how narrow and tight parking is in Seattle….I whipped Big Red into even the tiniest spaces….I have had lots of practice with our truck and trailer!







Lastly….my sweet daughter. I know that many of you will “GET THIS”! Do you remember taking your kids picture before they went off to the 1st day?!?! Well….I was super surprised at when I said to Hannah before she went off for the day…..can I take your picture….she surprised me and smiled and then said…..I JUST KNEW THAT YOU WERE GOING TO ASK ME! Yep, I have trained her well!!!

Now here is a CLASSIC that my Mom did to me when I was a grasshopper…..she would take a picture of me getting on the school bus the 1st day and I CRINGED as we had a really big bus stop and no other Moms did that and then…..SHE HOPPED IN HER CAR…..and drove to the Elementary School and took a picture of me getting OFF THE DARN BUS MY FIRST DAY…….


I just you could say that I get my passion and love of my family honestly!





Have a great day and below you will find all of the products that I used for this great card! I hope to be back in your In-Box on Friday! It does feel great to have the Product Share behind me but trust me, my house needs some love and attention!

You know we have horses…..but I now have Hannah’s horse here – Stanley…(which I need to treat with extra special TLC)….we are hoping to get him leased out for the year as if not…this Mom is going to have to ride him daily to keep him in shape! The things we do for our kids….but I don’t mind, I am blessed to have the ability to do so!

Stampin’ hugs to you all and please know that when I am absent from your In-Box I am missing you as well. This crafting thing that we all do DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE and so do YOU!






Being KIND is contagious!



Good Monday to each and everyone of you and I hope that you had a great weekend! We did and I was able to be quite crafty over the weekend, which made me feel super good, and John and I also went to see the new Mamma Mia movie. There is just something about seeing a musical that makes you skip a beat – it was a cute movie!

Now how about some inspiration? I admit, I was super happy with the end result of this card and I can see myself making many more cards using this same basic “formula” and simply change up the stamp set and DSP.

Before we get into the “nuts and bolts “ of this card I need to share and give credit where this AMAZING card idea came from today. I “jump started” today’s card from fellow demonstrator Sandy Carlson from Minnesota. I can’t even remember how we began our connection with one another but wow; Sandy is so darn sweet and also so darn talented.






Sandy sent me this card after we returned home from the Alaskan Cruise. Now you know me and my style….fun folds and lots going on usually stress me about but when I opened this card from Sandy, I beamed from ear to ear as I just loved the colors and also the “mechanics” of this card! I thought….WOW, I could even make this!

So as we say in the good old Stampin’ world…here is my version of CASE-ing ….and I hope that you find it fun and give it a try! As I always share with you….when I give you a “formula” with all of the measurements etc…I strongly encourage you to try it…even if you do not have the stamp and DSP that I am using….

WHY??? Easy, by trying it (physically) with following the measurements etc….it is the BEST way to give the formula a “test drive” and see how you like it, see if it is a style of card that you would make again.

I would also encourage you to write down (or print off) the measurements and also jot down the date of this post. WHY? Easy (again) as this way you will be able to pop back to my blog and refer to it in the future!

OK…you can see clearly that Sandy’s card is just fabulous…and the changes that I did were not huge and after you see my dimensions you will clearly be able to figure out how to make it just like Sandy did….all I did was add some “Susan touches” to mix it up a bit….so a HUGE thank you to Sandy for not only inspiring me with today’s card but also for always being that ray of sunshine!

Now to the “formula” and a bunch of pictures for you. I hope that you enjoy and I also hope that you will go and make one…and as the sentiment says…kindness changes everything!






  • Piece of Thick Whisper White 4 ¼” X 5 ½” – this will be the back of the card. I chose to do this, as I love to hide the mechanics of a card as much as I possibly can.
  • You will need a Blueberry Bushel Card Base….go ahead and make it an A-2 card size but then take it to the trimmer and cut off 1/8” from both sides making it a card that measures 4 1/8” X 5 3/*’…..later this will make sense to you…..hang tight!
  • Cut a piece of Whisper White (I use the regular weight for the insides of my cards) to 4” X 5 ¼”
  • The DSP for the card from is from the Garden Expressions 6 X 6 paper stack (love this paper) and trim it to 3 ¾” X 5”
  • Cut a mat of Whisper White to go behind the DSP 3 7/8” X 5 1/8”, (you could skip this but I think matting the DSP really adds a special touch…)
  • The dimensions of the banner part is in Blueberry Bushel at 1” X 6” and then I scored it twice starting at 4” and then one notch over (4 1/8”)….score and burnish the score lines. (the why I did this will be later…hang tight!!!)





  • For the envelope…same drill as Simple Susan loves to do, 1 /4” of a solid card stock and then a 2” piece of DSP….this way you can do 3 envelopes from a sheet of 6” X 6”.


Now let’s chat about stamping this card! I used the Stamparatus as this is the single BEST WAY to make sure that you have not only a good clean and crisp stamped image but it makes it a breeze to make up multiples of cards at one time.

Another amazing thing that is super helpful about the Stamparatus is…you can go ahead and cut multiples of shapes (like I used the stitched Ovals to stamp on) and just crank them out without having to line up the stamped image.

In the below picture the light will shine for you…..and let me guess what you are thinking…..a great idea…right!?!? Yep it is, this is a template for you to use over and over. (I keep all of the ones that I make up in a stamp case)






I stamped the sentiment on the white stitched over and then matter it with an oval that it a bit bigger from the Ovals Collection Die Set. I want you to think about this….as once again, what am I using……THE BASICS!!!

The other thing that I stamped was a super sweet sentiment on the inside of the card from the Varied Vases Bundle. This is one of those Bundles that are a MUST HAVE for every stamper. It is just so unique and classic!






I think that it is pretty straight forward in how this card all came together but I want to shed some light on you as to why I made the changes. Again, the card was perfect from the start that Sandy did but I wanted to bump it up some and make it my own as after all, that is what CASEing is all about…..

Copy And Share Everything while giving the credit to the creator and then possibly making small changes to make it reflect your work and style. I know that these are more steps than I usually do but heck, I adore it and I thought it totally reflected my style of card making!






My main objective was hiding the folds on the banner and also having a solid front panel. The reason that I scored the banner lines in 2 measurements (just one notch over) was to allow for the thickness of all of the paper.

I used fun foam to pop up the DSP Element of the card. You know that I blog often about using fun foam. I like it for a solid mass like this as it gives the card such stability when you hold it in your hands.I know that this is just a personal preference of mine but it is one of those things that I do just about all of the time when I have a larger area to pop up…..I am not a fan of sagging and I also do not want to peel off a ca-zillion release papers from the dimensionals.

I just buy fun foam in white from Amazon and you will be shocked with how long it will last you. For this I cut the fun foam to 3 ½ X 4 ¾”. I keep a container for all of my scraps of fun foam as you can use even the teeniest of pieces! For smaller areas and odd shapes, I would use the Stampin’ Dimensions” as well as the Mini Stampin’ Dimensioals.

You adhere the finished “blueberry card part” to the piece of Thick Whisper White and presto….you have a beautiful card that you cannot see the seams of the ovals/strip of Blueberry and also you cannot see the adhered back part of the strip as you have the white back to hide the back fold of the banner strip.






Call me “type A” and yep, I admit it and agree but this is how I roll. I am just like you…I love to create and when I create I simply get “lost” in the process. I know you agree with me, it’s a fun journey to be on!

Little finishing touches of the white gel pen on both the card and the envelope made the whole thing come together! Remember, it’s the little touches that add up to be biggies!






There you go….a bit of inspiration to jump start your week! Thoughts..comments…..ideas & suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment as we all love to read them and I truly think that this is how we learn and grow.

I feel blessed to have a strong community of old faithful blog followers and trust me; your comments really do make a difference. On Wednesday I have another cutie that will make you smile….I look forward to seeing you then!

On Friday I shared the Product Share offerings that I will be having with the new upcoming Holiday Catalog. I have NOT emailed confirmations out yet so if you emailed me….no worries – I will be sending confirmations out starting Wednesday.

With the way that the upcoming months will go…just ZOOMING BY….I would try to get in the first wave of the product shares….then you will be getting out of the gate in style and hopefully less likely to experience any delays with backorders…..SHAME on me….I should not even think of that…..we know….things like this can happen!



See you in just 2 short days….and do not forget – this is the time to stock up on the basics….for every $50,00 you spend, Stampin’ Up! will give you a $5.00 code (via email) that you can use next month to get off your September purchase…..WOOT-WOOT….as the NEW Catalog will be live!!!!

Thanks for spending some time with me today and remember, Kindness DOES changes everything! Yesterday I was on my way home from Yoga and on the back country roads there was a car stopped…..I thought that perhaps his car broke down and I was going to offer to see if he was ok….and YEP – he was ok…..he stopped to pick up a Turtle and put him on the side of the road so he didn’t get hit…..

I smiled….and thought…..YES, this simple act of kindness warms my heart! Now go and make someone else smile!




Clean, Classic & oh so Chic!




Good Monday to all! Many, MANY thanks to all of you that popped on the blog over the weekend and left a message for the BLOG CANDY! It was super fun to read the comments and wow…we are all over this beautiful country! (I have my eye of you stampers in the Pacific Northwest….you never know when I might pop in as I do love your area and with Hannah moving there for at least the next 6 years…..hmmmmmm – sounds like a stampin’ fun time)

Before we get to the winner, I need some help. It has been brought to my attention that some people are having a difficult time leaving a comment on my blog. Some say it is an error message, some say that I have blocked you….not we all know….I would NEVER block you…so please send me an email if these have happened so I can communicate to Intergrant Services (they take care of the behinds of my blog)

Ok – enough housekeeping (I will put the broom away) – Let’s get to the fun stuff….who won and this super fun and layout that I have for you today! The WINNER-WINNER Chicken Dinner for the 7 new Holiday Catalog Swatch Books is…..






WANDA BEERS from Delaware

Woot-Woot and I hope that you PUSH THAT CHAIR AWAY and get up and DO THAT DANCE…the HAPPY DANCE as we all should never go a day without a little dance in our day! (Trust me, if my dogs could talk – they would tell you what a pathetic dancer and singer I am but heck…in my own home it makes me feel good and no one else will know)



Please email me with your address and I will gladly send you this card today with your DSP Swatches! Later in this week I will blog about the next Product Share….from the NEW upcoming Holiday Catalog that will be making its debut on Wednesday, September 5th!

There is one thing that is common with us stampers and Wanda touched on it with her comment….many of us love to make our Holiday Cards… and  – I get it – as it is a reflection of your love for creating with your own hands to celebrate and unite with family and friends! The new upcoming catalog will get your creative juices flowing….

On to this SUPER CUTE CARD…..I am just bonkers over it as it looks like a Designer Series Paper on the front of the card but NOPE…it is just SIMPLE stamping…using the super simple (and a lot of times forgotten) stamping off technique. For you newbies….saying WHAT THE HECK is stamping off??? Let me shine the light for you….is is just this –  plain and oh so simple!!!


Stamp FULL STRENGTH and then WITHOUT INKING…stamp again…


I told you that was easy….right??? I do forget about doing this and now that I have all of the NEW Ink Pads…they are good and juicy so the effect is ever that much better. I did CAVE IN and purchase all of them as I not only love how they stamp, but I love the new way of opening and shutting them.





CONFESSIONS of an honest stamper….(I always try to give you the good, bad and ugly) as face it – we all have certain preferences in what we like etc. At first I was a bit grumpy with how tight the new ink pads are but hang in there, the more you open and close them…they DO GET much easier so now my frown turned into a smile!





This fun and colorful card is made using the Tropical Chic Bundle. Is that font beautiful or what! Right up my classic and clean alley! The colors that you could use with this bundle are simply endless but today I was also working with the Tropical Textures DSP stack (for the envelope back flap ONLY) so I kept it super clean and classic just using white, granny apple green and good old basic black!





I do want to point out the (5) elements that MAKE this card. I am pointing them out as you might miss it in the pictures and you know me, it is the little touches that make the difference! (as always, all of the products that I use will be at the end of the post)

  • I know that I have already touched on this but the stamping off of the granny apple green and turning the stamp to a different angle when I stamped of really made a difference and also gave the card a bit of depth.


  • I scored a line on all 4 sides of the granny apple green card front. I always use the thick whisper white as my card base as I am a stickler for a heavy/solid card foundation and then if I am using a solid color (like I am doing today) I simple cut that to the size of the front, 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ . (I wish that you could see my simply scored board….it has so many wear makes as I reach for it ALL OF THETIME – I sooooo much prefer scoring like this over the trimmer as I think you can get a deeper score line with this tool)


  • I sprinkled clear embossing powder over the black stamped sentiment and heat set it with the heat tool. It is super easy to do and YES, if you work quickly all you have to do is sprinkle the clear embossing over your stamped image and POOF – a super classic and added touch that will make the recipient run their hand over and over with a WOW how did she do that?





  • Check out that BEAUTIFUL die-cut geometrical piece! It is from the Stained Glass Thinlit die offering. I rarely and I mean rarely do this but I did NOT purchase the bundle for this offering…..(as truth be told I did not like the style of the font for the sentiments) but I was WOWED by the die-cuts. Look how fun this is as I took the ribbon and weaved it simply in and out…..LOVE IT!!!! Here is a tip that will make you smile….I used the multipurpose adhesive sheets on the back of the white cardstock…PRESTO no sticky fingers!









  • I used the stitched shape circle on the large one and then did a quick and simple black dot accent around the sentiment circle and also added larger black dots randomly around the stamped leave background!





Hopefully this all make sense to you but I invite you to read and re-read the above points and then think about this….are the imperative to do? NOPE, not at all but I will say….try them and they ask yourself again…..and my hunch is….you will agree with me, the little extras DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Trust me, I totally “get it” that there are many times that we simply do not have the extra time (especially with the heat embossing) but I am pointing them out to you as it is my hope and desires to continue to teach you that there are many ways that you can bump it up a bit.

Once you start integrating adding little touches to your work, it will become a habit. (I have to smile as many cards that I receive from blog readers will come with a “fun envelope” and you say….thanks for getting me started  in not sending out a “naked envelope”)

Last week I shared with you that I think that many of you forget about using the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets for projects you work on and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to try them…..once you understand and practice with them you will never be without them.


Here is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get try the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets…


I usually offer an incentive with orders of the threshold of $75.00 + but this month I will do it for orders of $50.00+. I will send you (12) 6 ” X 6″ pieces of the multipurpose adhesive sheets along with THIS FANTASTIC geometric border so you can see your for YOURSELF how wonderful it is to be able to peel back the adhesive sheet and adhere to a project!

Why am I change the threshold this month??? – well I thought that this is fair as it would be like “peanut butter and jelly” with the incentive that Stampin’ Up! offering…for every $50.00 you spend (before tax & shipping) they will send you a $5.00 off coupon code that you can spend next month!!!

WOOT-WOOT – I do not know about you but I’ll take each and every $5.00 off that I can get…..(I am racking mine up myself) but please remember……KEEP THE CODE …you’ll need it next month!

One question I have been asked….(for example)…if I spend $110.00 will I get (2) coupons….and the answer is YEP….you will be able to take $10.00 on your order next month.



There you go my friends! I hope that you found this post informative and I hope that you do take the time to think about how you can add some simple steps into your creating to make a difference. The biggest walkaway I want you to have is…






Whatever you do…it DOES make a difference as YOU DID IT and that in itself is a gift that no one can put a price tag on. Simply kindness is ALWAYS in style and we all know how proud we are when we send a homemade card of love to others!

Let’s all have a GREAT week….I will be sending out the Holiday Catalogs out to my customers that have ordered $50.00 + from me over the past 6 months along with something that will make you say….well – I just HAVE TO HAVE THIS……starting towards the end of the week. Yep, HAPPY MAIL from Maryland….

I am playing catch-up on incentives from June (the simply shammy) and July (the natures twine) so they will also be with your catalog (and depending on the orders this week….I will go ahead and send you THIS MONTHS incentive of the (12) 6″ X 6″ sheets of multipurpose adhesive sheets and a sample of the geometric thinlit with the adhesive on it)





I’m back!!! Let’s get inspired…..

Hello and HHD (Happy Hump Day)…Happy August…Happy everything!!!

Before we get going on some inspiration for you with a super clean and simple card….I think that the below graphic sums up how I feel inside. (well…that might be stretching it a wee bit as actually I feel like I am chasing my tail with all that I need to get ON TOP OF) but we are back and it was the time of my life over the past weeks….

Pop back tomorrow and I will share with you some “bullet points” of the what’s been happening with the Itell family lately…some will make you laugh out loud….some will make you smile….some will make you think – it could only happen to Susan….and then….of course we need a bit of candy….so I hope you will pop back for some highlights of our time away!

I have yet to go thru all of the emails that have piled up (we all know how that can happen too darn fast) but my goal….is to be all caught up by the weekend.




Let’s DIVE IN and I have a cutie for you today! My niece is getting married on Saturday and here is the card that I made for the happy couple. It’s actually a bit hard for me to make wedding cards as this is something that I do not make often but I admit, I was super happy with the end result.

It certainly is a “Susan Card”…isn’t it – very clean lines, very simple and yep…it’s a square card and that always make me smile. I will have the “recipe” for you below – it is a keeper layout that is a super way to use up you paper!





I am working from the Annual Catalog today and truth be told….I think that darn annual catalog doesn’t get the “limelight” that it so deserves. We all get soooo darn excited for the annual catalog to come out and then what happens….YEP – the next catalog comes out in 3 months (the Holiday)….and then in 4 months another catalog comes out (Sale-a-bration and the Occasions)…right back to the next year! Poor Annual Catalog!!!

This stamp set, Dandelion Wishes was coming to Randall Lane the minute I saw it….WHY???? Easy-peasy as I do not know about you but….blowing dandelions was a part of my childhood that I remember. I remember asking my Mom why didn’t we have those beautiful flowers that I loves to blow into the wind in our yard.

The other thing that I instantly loved about this stamp set was the sentiments and the font.  You know that I am a BIG believer that sentiments have to “speak to me” if I am going to hit that button to purchase it and yep,this does.





I just love the feeling of using up scraps and products that I have on hand….how about you? I am sure you do as well as it gives us that instant gratification that we are using it up! Many of you think that creating a card like this might be a challenge but actually it is super simple.

You also know how I love to organize what we have. Tomorrow I will share with you (along with some blog candy and some vacation highlights) that will show you how you can conveniently store strips of paper so when you go to sit and create – PRESTO….they are all super clean and ready to use!






As I already share, the over all size of this card is a 4 1/4″ square (my favorite) and the technique that I used was heat embossing the main images from the stamp set. Here is the “recipe” for you and then you will agree with me…it IS super easy to make. At the end of the post you will see the entire list and links for products I used.

As I always say, it is all about having the basics as when you have the basics you can do just about anything. Why in the world do we stress ourselves out by always feeling we need to recreate the wheel. This IS a layout that you could use over and over with different color combinations, a different size of a card and different stamps…and PRESTO – you will smile as much then as you did when you made it the 1st time!



  • The over all size of the card is a 4 1/4″ Card in Thick White Card Stock
  • Take another piece of scrap paper that is say…..around a 4 1/4 ” square and adhere a piece of Multipurpose Sheet over top of it and then pull back the sheet to expose the adhesive part. Place the 1/2″ strips of paper over top of it. Now you can see how stinkin’ easy this is and how there is no mess!!! If you do not have the Multipurpose Sheets, (I’m sorry but I would hit that button and buy them as they come in handy) you can use either green glue or tear and tape.
  • Take the beautiful and colorful piece to your trimmer and cut this to a 4″ square (see how easy – by doing it this way…you eliminate the need to be so precise)
  • Use the embossing buddy to make sure the stripe surface is completely free of dust and fingerprints…now it is time to heat emboss! (get ready to smile for the magic). Use the Versamark Pad to stamp the image onto the fun piece and then sprinkle embossing powder over and heat set. Magic every time.
  • Mat the embossed piece to a 4 1/8″ square of Gray Granite – this makes a big difference seeing the “peek of gray” behind when you hold it in your handy….remember, it is these simple finishing touches that make a difference to our end projects!
  • Take a piece of scraps (this was 1 3/8″ wide to stamp the sentiment on and heat set it) Depending on the width of the sentiment this dimension might vary but I think that the white embossing powder makes a classic statement.
  • Simple Susan stitching with a white gel pen does the finishing touches that I was going for……also….do it for the envelope as well!
  • Pop up this piece onto your card base and you are in home stretch!
  • Make a custom envelope with the envelope punch board. Not only is it easy, but it makes the whole project come together!



Now for the parade of pictures that I have for you. I know that you all love pictures so please enjoy and also please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back on track in answering your questions! As I always say when I share a card with the dimensions or also call it a “formula type card” …I encourage you to go to your work area and make one.

WHY???? Easy – by doing this while it is fresh in your creative head it will help you understand the process. I am a visual learner and then I need to try it myself. I would write down notes on your “trial run card” and also write the blog date of this post so in the future you can easily find it!














There you go…..a great card that is super easy to do! I do love this color combo together….Bermuda Bay, Pool Party, Granite Gray and Flirty Flamingo…fun yet classic! I do hope that you will try it out!

I am sure that you all know what is this month at Stampin’ Up!…..well….many things –  but the one that I admit that I love now and then even like it better next month is the Bonus Dollars Days…..for every $50.00 you spend, you will receive a $5.00 coupon to use next month…(YIPPEE as the Holiday Catalog will be live) but remember to keep the email that Stampin’ Up! will send to you….with a code for next month.



I would have no way of doing a “search and rescue” for you and I do not want you to loose that discount. What I do is –  the minute I get the email I print it off and then I also write it in my calendar in case I misplace the copy.

Gotta run…..I will pop on tomorrow with some highlights of our time away and also some blog candy for someone! It feels great to blog to you…it has taken me a LONG TIME to type this but I hope that it inspired you and made you smile!!!







One Formula…One Stamp…One DSP!




Good Monday to you! Did you miss me, did you think that I walked the plank?


All I can say is a big deep breath and let it all out! In a quick nut shell….Dad is good (in and out of the hospital)…John is hanging in there (one more day of tax season)…Peeps are great….Pups are enjoying the spring weather and Daisy…well, she’s not looking too pretty as she has scratched off hair off of both sides but I still love my piggy!

Ok…let’s MOVE ON! Yesterday…(Sunday) I told John that I was not doing anything…not going anywhere until I had some “me time” to go through the retired list and mark off the catalog! True, I have glanced at it but I have never taken a “block of time” to cross it off and take it all in! Were there surprises? Yep, always are but we all know that this happens and then we all know that new kids will be on the block in no time!

I have yet to unpack from On Stage but today I have my swap card that I made for the event. The card that I made to swap with was made with the Layering Love Stamp Set. This one has been around for a while and it IS walking the plank. I guess it is a no-brainer to you that I love it as the sentiments and boldness of it speaks my simple stampin’ language!






In my posts I have been trying to share with you things that I look at when I purchase a specific stamp. I admit, in the past I was very “hit happy” with the button but what I ended up with is a bunch of stamps that I did not use as much as I thought! Is anyone else on this same island with me?

Even though this stamp has been around for a while I would buy it again for these 2 simple reasons….the sentiments are great with fun fonts and the price….$16.00 is a great price point. I invite you to look and ask questions to yourself as to how much would you use it…and can you make multiple cards from it.

I do hope that you know that I am just like you….a person that loves to craft and also I know that it all adds up really fast! Even if we had an endless pocketbook….we also have another concern to think about – SPACE. I am blessed that I do have a space to craft in but I am always trying to be very honest and upfront to you about making choices!







Yesterday I decided to make up cards using the other 3 stamps that are in the set….to go with the one that I made for my swap! I adored the boldness and clean lines that my swap card was….but I admit, I was on the fence about the white space on the left but I ended up keeping it!

You see…I go through the same things that you do. I decided to leave it as you see it because of the size and crispness of this fun sentiment and let the boldness of the DSP be the WOW factor!  I loved it, and I think that this type of card goes the long haul with many cards we might need to make and send!

The paper collection I used for all 4 cards was from the Tutti Fruiti DSP 6 X 6 stack!







This has been a “go-to” paper choice for me. I think that sometimes we look at papers and see such a distinct pattern that we say to ourselves….“that’s not for me”….but be patient and look at the offering with a different set of eyes…..to me, I think all of my examples for you today are clean, classic and true blue keepers! Remember, paper does and adds SO MUCH and when you look at it….it is really an affordable part of the card making process…let IT do the work for you!







In making these 4 cards I used the same formula OVER AND OVER for each of them. You know that I am simple so using a great layout is catalyst for making multiples and feeling rewarded with a great end result. I encourage you to make up a card with this formula today even if you do not have the stamp set….

Before we get to the Formula I want you to notice on the cards how I added little touches here and there to make the end result a bit more interesting. There are so many little things that we have – the simply scored tool or embellishments laying around taking up space! I invite you to look and see what you have and USE IT UP!







Here you go….please feel free to email me if you have any questions and also feel free to leave a comment and let everyone know how you like using formulas to make cards!

Before you GASP and see how much paper I am using…always know that you can make adjustments to be more frugal with your paper. I am all about making a nice, heavy card and I also want to use up the DSP I have….cause’ you know what is coming around the corner – NEWBIES and yep, I will be doing a paper share!

  • Card Base – vertical or horizontal in A-2 …4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • Cover the front panel with card stock – 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The white piece that you will stamp on is 2 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The mat behind this is a smidge larger…2 3/8″ X 5 1/2″
  • For the envelopes…the solid piece is 1/2″ wide and the DSP is 1 3/4″


That is basically it – super simple! Now here is the fun part – how you add your touches….you can score…add dots…add embellishments..lift elements up with dimension – the sky is the limit. The only requirement is TO HAVE FUN! Yep, something rather simple to do but also something that many times we forget to do….just enjoy the journey of your card making experience. 

I have a bunch of pictures for you…as I know you love pictures! Enjoy and I hope that you can carve out some time to give this formula a try. It is always so much easier to have a “tried & true” formula that can be used over and over….and your secret is safe with me! 🙂














Remember, the plank walkers are only while supplies last so I would take a peek and see what you cannot live without! Wednesday I am hoping to share with you the ones that I view as “you need to swoop them up” !








Have a fabulous day and let’s all have a great week. I am learning to really embrace that “one day at a time thing”…as even though I attempt to have a “to do list” on my day, there have been many things that have changed my plans. In the end…life is great!





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