They might be little, but they are WOW!



I have a blog post for you today that I think many of you will be doing the happy dance about as so many of you adore these little narrow notecards and envelopes! You can click here to see the post that I did about them and with the way that you all LOVED them…I know that you are going to adore these!

This post is not only “super cute….in my stampin’ opinion”….but I will be using 3 stamps that are WALKING THE DREADED PLANK into the Stampin’ Up! Sea of Products that will be leaving us! Let’s move on cause’ these are fun!

I just love it when I get surprised with how much I grow to love a product and these narrow notecards and envelopes are truly one of them! Has that ever happened to you? These little gems made their debut in the Occasions Catalog and WOOT-WOOT…..they are staying with us in the NEW upcoming Catalog that comes out on Friday, June 1st!

I think I was a bit skeptical about them as they are an odd size but once I looked at simple and classic images….played around with them – I fell in love!. They are perfect for little “tuck in’s” to gifts, little baked goods that I like to give and as a gift of enclosure for friends! So fun and useful and an end result that will surely bring a smile to you!






I have lots of pictures for you today and yep….am sure you will want to make some of these gems up! My main point that you get from this posting today is to THINK OUT OF THE BOX! I know that we all have so many different stamp sets at our homes that would be just perfect for this! They are just so darn cute!

You have been hearing me blog about being more selective on my purchases of stamps lately as heck – I am just like you….I have sooooooo many stamps sets that do not get used as much as I thought I would and this stamp set that I am using today is one that was TOTALLY OFF of my RADAR when I looked through the Occasions Catalog and then another Occasions beauty that was TOTALLY ON my RADAR when I saw it!

The “off one” is called A Mother’s Flair and I think that I passed right by it because I looked at it as a “Mothers Day Stamp Set” and with my Mom gone…and I have no daughter-in-laws…..I just thought that it was not for me. Then something happened….I saw Mary Fish’s Blog Post using it and thought – what stamp set is that???…it taught me a lesson and that was….look deeper than the intentional use! (I hope that make sense)

Remember this…do not over look “little image stamps” as many times they are just the perfect touch of wow to make a project sparkle. As this post shows you….it is done in a classic way! I look at my dear little Milo…he might be little but he is mighty!







The other reason that I think that these fun and flirty little cards are so fun is because you can jazz them up in both the horizontal and the vertical orientation.  You can easily do a project like this with the stamp-a-ma-jig. Let’s face it – we will ALWAYS have times that we need the stamp-a-ma-jig.

I admit, I simply am SHOCKED that Stampin’ Up! is discontinuing the Stamp- a -ma- jig and true….the BIG BOY, the Stamparatus is going to be here on Friday and YES, that is a great and needed tool for perfect stamping for both coverage and placement but there are many times that I feel that the “jig” gets the job done!








You will see in the example that I have taken some sentiments from other stamp sets….a perfect way to look at what you have and re-purpose them in a different way. I do not know about you but I just smile when things like this happen. I think that most of us have Teeny Tiny Wishes, a good old stand by that is an old faithful to us (but again, it is leaving) and then Friendships Sweetest Thoughts….this is the one that was immediately on my radar from the Occasions Catalog… here to see a super sweet card that I blogged about last month.

You can see how I just went to town and had FUN with a variety of stamps…using a variety of sentiments. I encourage you to look at what ou have and start to identify the “keepers” that will always be good old faithfuls. This type of project you could do over and over again, year after year and always get rave reviews from family and friends!







I hope that you enjoy seeing the examples that I have (I know its a bunch) but you will see at the bottom of the post, the line up of products that I used and yep, I did heat emboss them with the clear embossing powder…and it is WELL WORTH THE EFFORT. It truly makes this little gems stand up and be “might big” with the impact that they make. I still get those butterflies of wow – joy….when I heat emboss – just magical! Please remember to use the embossing buddy when you emboss….it is a great habit to always get into!

I used super simple coloring on these little guys….and yep – Aqua Painter to the rescue. I simply cannot imagine not having this in my stash….it is not only easy to use but it gives us the ability to color with whatever ink pad that we have. Simply squeeze the ink pad to get ink on the top and then just dip a bit of color onto the Aqua Painter and go to town!







The best tip I can give you is to just be patient and get the feel of what level of moisture you like in the brush. I truly do vary the water amount as there are times that I like the “water-colored look” and then there are times (like today) that I just want color! You never need to “squeeze ” the barrel of the aqua painter as if you do……you will get a puddle of water and then trust me….you will get grumpy!

I know that this is another product that many of you get shy of…but the aqua painter is one of those must have’s for our addiction…just practice, practice…practice and you will love the ease! I always have a paper towel handy…as this is what makes using the aqua painter a pleasant time!!! 🙂







In the below picture you can see how I had FUN with scoring lines – don’t you think that just adds that little….something – something???? Can you see how I varied the scoring around the sentiment – something super easy yet super interesting to the end product.

By now you know me, I love clean & simple with a classic flair and this project is right up the alley. It is sometimes so hard to put into words how to do things…and I realize that I am all over the place….but I do hope that you can see the sheer FUN in this project!








Have a FABULOUS day….be safe…make some memories and I am OFF TO YOGA! I know that you are as excited as I am for the NEW Catalog to be here…and the countdown is on! This is always an exciting time for all of us!

Please remember that if you want to get into the Product Share…..1st wave,  EMAIL ME and I will gladly add you to the list. To date, I have sent out confirmations to all that have already requested a Product Share… can CLICK HERE and see the Product Share Post that I did last week with the various offerings!

I truly LOVE to do these shares as it makes me SUPER HAPPY that you all can get a taste of it all without breaking the bank! We know the catalog is GREAT…but the pictures (especially the Designer Series Papers) do not do them justice!

I take great pride in my shares….I would get in this 1st wave so you do not have to wait for my next wave of these shares to open in the middle of June! I turn my shares around in a jif….so hop on the Product Share Train NOW!!!









Another Simple and Practical “giftie”!!!



Woot-Woot – it is the weekend! Do you have your tree??? Are you decorated yet??? This is such a funny…crazy time of the year and I am always amazed with how we “deal” with it. In the end…it all gets done.

I will say that I think I am like a good wine….”I am better with age” – I am sure that there are many of you that will agree and chuckle about that but that is really how I feel. I used to be soooooo stressed about making everything “just right” – now I like to take it all in and enjoy…simply enjoy!

I have been working super hard this week trying to show and inspire you with posts that YOU can do as gifts made from your own hands will always be remembered and be cherished!

I am doing something that I rarely do, I am using a stamp set that is no longer current (Larger than Life) but the main point of this post is to show/share with you how you can make an amazing and practical gift that surely will be appreciated. I know that you all have many stamps that you can use to make a great gift set on notecards like this!






The star of the show today is the Notecard & Envelopes….these are TOTAL KEEPERS as how in the world can you go wrong with 20 cards and envelopes for just $6.00!

The other great “presenter” for the day is the box that I made! I know that many of you are afraid of making a box…but this is soooooo darn tootin’ easy and with that said……as NIKE says….JUST DO IT! (trust me, you will be super proud of yourself)






As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions on making this! I hope that you will give it a try and even if you do not have this stamp set, no worries….use whatever you have… I know YOU HAVE MANY 🙂 

I am going to make some gifts using this concept but I am using the Cottage Greetings…that is a GREAT stamp set to use as the sentiments are perfect for the insides of the cards! If you use that set, I would add a very simple flower die of stamp of flowers to the front~ that would be super cute. Are you all wondering where this DSP for the envelope flaps is from? It is a FREEBIE in the upcoming Sale-a-bration…I think it is super cute and classic!

Did you notice that I made a “boo-boo”? I am honest and I have to say that I did not realize it until I when to adhere them together! (Oh well….I am human and we all make mistakes (speed bumps) and this is for Hannah so she will be “just fine” with it – actually you would probably have not noticed if I did not point it out to you)

If you look at the above and below picture, you will see that I did not cut the paper the correct size that I stamped on – I honestly did not notice until after I have stamped all 20 cards…but it worked….





Here are the dimensions for you…it is soooooo ridiculously easy and then I will give the measurements for the box! The other great thing I love about this simple project is that you can just use (2) pieces of DSP – you will be able to make all of your envelopes plus add a piece to the front of the box!

For the Notecards:

  • You will need a pack of the Whisper White Notecards & Envelopes….just $6.00!
  • Cut (20) pieces of white card stock to 4 3/4″ X 3 1/4″  – stamp your heart away with whatever tickles your fancy!
  • If you wish, using the score board – score on all 4 sides (I like the look)
  • Cut (20) pieces of 6″ x 2″ DSP for the back flap of your envelopes and (20) 6″ X 1/4″ for the accent strip to the envelope.




For the Box: ( all 20 fit PERFECTLY in this box)

  • 1 sheet of Cardstock  cut to 8″ X 11″
  • With the 8″ side on the score board, score at 2″ and 6″
  • Turn the paper and score at 4 1/2″ and 6 1/2″
  • Fold score lines and use your bone folder for a great crease.
  • Using your scissors, cut up as shown below to the score line. Cut an angle in the flaps – this makes a perfect finished project.
  • You can see that I used tear-n tape…as I thought that you would be able to see it better….you can use this or fast fuse, you need a strong adhesive like these 2 for projects like this!
  • The DSP for the front of the box is a piece that is 3 7/8″ X 4 3/8″ and then the ribbon – IT ON CLEARANCE (just $2.80) – so how can you go wrong with being generous in using it to “finish” the project!

I hope that this helps…I admit, it is hard to try to put into words how to do something, I hope that the pictures are of help! Please try this – it is sooooo easy and fun to make!











Whew….this was hard to put into words but I hope that “you got it”!

Again, please feel free to reach out to me if you need help. After I made this I made a list of people that would love it – I actually just ordered more of the notecards as I figured that I could go ahead and stamp the “whatever I want” to the paper and go ahead and do the envelopes….and then when the notecards come in…..adhere the stamped piece on and DONE!!!!

Please let me know how you like this…I adore reading your comments and I know that we all learn from each others feedback! Have a SUPER SATURDAY and please share my Blog of Stampin’ love to your family and friends. If you hit the subscribe button, we will be able to have a daily dose on inspiration …together!



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