An “oops!” than still is super sweet!




Happy Weekend to you! Today I have for you a super sweet card that went through stages of OOPS while I was making it (and I will share with you the oops) but in the end turned out to be one sweet card!

When I am typing up my posts and if John is home….he often will ask to see the card that I made. When I showed him this card he smiled and said, “Your Mom would have loved this card” and YEP, he is right as it would have been right up her alley!

I haven’t watercolored lately so today I wanted to share some fun from the Friendships Sweetest Thoughts Stamp Set.When I saw this stamp set in the Occasions Catalog I knew this was coming to Randall Lane for 3 main reasons…







  1. I adore the way the artist sketched the stamp images, lines like this make it a cinch to color in all mediums….being watercoloring like I am doing today, using Alcohol Marker/Blends, Colored Pencils or even just our Stampin’ Write Markers….
  2. The price – $19.00 is a very good and fair price to invest in
  3. The Sentiments/font – I am strange….I like either super clean & simple fonts….or ones that “just catch my eye” and this one does that. You could easily use these sentiments with other floral stamps you have and also with a heart.


For the above reasons, this one was “coming home”! I encourage you to “think about” guidelines that are important to you before you just take a leap and buy. Let’s face it as we all do it – we buy things and simply do not use them.

Here is another little tip-bit for you to think about. Stampin’ Up! will be offering a new catalog in June. I know that seems like a way away…but reality is – it will be here before you know it! Actually in just 28 days (who’s counting…I am excited)

I will have the new catalog in my hands. With that said, this is the time of the year that I challenge myself to use up current DSP as we all know it – when new paper comes out….we will just “have to have it”….that’s why Product Shares are the best!

I chose my color palette today after I picked the DSP I was going to use. I know that it is hard to see but the Berry Burst color is actually a piece from the Naturally Eclectic DSP Pack and I covered the whole front panel of the White A-2 card. I like to do that when I am using watercolor paper as that paper is not as bright of a white.







The DSP paper is one of those that have a gradient look and feel to it and honestly – I have a hard time using them and I am a clean and crisp gal but this is a PERFECT way to use it as the subtleness of the coloring of the DSP lends a perfect backdrop to my focal image! This is the time of the year that I really try to use up current paper as when the new ones come out….they all get cut to 6″ X 6″ squares until I use them up!







When you watercolor make sure that you are using an ink that will not bleed when you color with the aqua painter. I used the Archival Black Ink to stamp the focal image! I was so excited to color (as it has been a while since I have used the aqua painter) that I did not stamp my sentiment…..that is where the BIG OOPS! happened!

I colored away and had fun and then when I stamped the sentiment…..YIKES – it did not stamp well and there was also a blob of black as I rocked the stamp! You see….It happens to me too! PLAN B  – stamp the sentiment on a scrap of watercolor paper and then pop it up as I did!

Things like this used to get me super upset and frustrated but the reality of it is…IT IS JUST PAPER and I like to think that mistakes are a learning factor of life that happen to all of us to bring awareness. It was super easy to cover up my mistake and no one would ever know!






It is so easy to just pull your ink pads out, give them a good squeeze to get the ink on the lids and then go to town with the Aqua Painter. I always like to make sure that I have a folded up piece of a paper towel right by me as I work so I can quickly dab the excess off of the end of the Aqua Painter. Works like a charm every time!

You can see in my coloring that I just kept it super simple…that always seems to make me the happiest when I am creating but I do invite you to look at colors that you have…and sometimes layer them. WHAT DO I MEAN? Well..the area where the green is – I used Pear Pizazz and the Old Olive over top.

For the flowers – I first used Powder Pink and then added some Berry Burst to the inside of the flowers. For the “ground area” – I used Sahara Sand 1st…then went over it with some wisps of Crumb Cake and then the finale was to take my black pen and make some squiggles.

Always try to think of the simple little touches (like my trio of dots) to add your own special touch to your projects. Speaking of extra touches – can you see the centers of the flowers on both the card and the envelope? I add some white Nuvo Drops. I adore the wee little bit of the raised effect it gives.

You can see in that the Nuvo Drops come in a ca-zillion colors and there is no need to go crazy…I say that I use the clear, white and black the most but please make sure that you let them dry completely. I usually add them and then go back the next morning.







Envelope time….because the DSP that I used on the card was so “plain jane” I wanted to do something a bit different. A quick stamp 3 x’s did the trick but the accent of the White Nuvo Drops was the icing on the cake!

I think in the below picture you will see the height/dimension the drops give. Once they are dry (remember, super important) they will not flatten down or be sharp. I know that many of you are thinking if they will fall off in the mail….I have not had any to do that!

WHEW…there you go…..let’s move on!







On Thursday’s post….I threw out a fun puzzle/challenge for some Blog Candy as to how would I pick from the items that I had listed at the end of the blog post….that would end up at $124.50 for the Ultimate Bundle if I were picking for a starter kit.



Well….I am proud to say that dear Georgette won!!!!



There was one little hiccup in her math/choice… it is the Thick White Paper…not the Regular White. I think that she had meant to type the thick paper as the regular weight paper would have put her over the $125 target mark!

I had the AMAZING pleasure to meet Georgette last summer when she was in Maryland. She is from Ohio and reached out to me if we could meet. Let me tell you…..we never came up for air and we trurly had the time of our lives….and she is ONE TALENTED person!

WHY would I choose the Thick??? Easy, no-brainer….the thick creates a wonderful sturdy card…..(I actually sometimes think – how in the world did we use the regular weight before) Please do not get me wrong…the regular weight is a must have as well for the insides of cards and die-cutting & coloring…but if I had a choice of one…it would be the thick! Also – I would have picked the neutrals as one of my 4 cardstock packs and that would have had 2 sheets of the regular weight in it!



I know that this post is super long but quickly….I made my choices to get (4) packs of the potentially 5 options as with paper….you can ALWAYS have a great foundation. The other items….no brainer – the basics to card making!

The reason that I did not pick the stamp set is…..YOU CAN PICK 2 FREE ONES when you get the ultimate bundle! I had someone last night to be a smart and savvy stamper…..getting the ultimate bundle and I cannot wait to hear what (2) FREEBIE STAMPS she picked!

It really is that is…no strings attached….PERIOD….plus YOU will be able to see the new catalog when I do….in 28 days plus you can PRE-ORDER the new goodies from the new catalog starting in May…all at a 20% discount…..truly a win-win!

I will do another fun “Ultimate Bundle” game next week with more blog candy…it is super fun to think of the things we can throw in the to get to $125!

Enjoy the day….I hope that I inspired you to color and WOOT-WOOT to Georgette…..thanks for spending some time with me!





I do….”Count My Blessings”





Good Morning….HEN PECKIN’ PINKIE here…Before we get to this simply beautiful card (if I do say so myself) I want to say a big thank you for your sweet comments, emails etc….about my “bump wrist” I am doing fine but I admit, I am not a good candidate to be in slow mode. This “pinkie” is not the best for a card maker…..Oh well…..I will be fine!

Ok…I love this stamp set, Count My Blessings. I blogged about it before and I will blog about it again as I just think it is lovely. The “sketchy images” make it a breeze to add a bit of color and BE DONE! The below picture from the catalog was my inspiration for todays project.







I was proud of the end result that I did and I will say…it was FUN to make but it was even better to have the feeling inside that I stuck it out to make that background…and it really was not bad at all! Gotta love your stamp-a-ma-jig! That darn piece of plastic IS your friend, it is just one of those things that you really need to learn how to use….as it does come in handy!







Because it truly is a pain to type, I will let my pictures tell the story! Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like it….I was super happy with the end result and I will make more with a variety of colors to have on hand! A classic in my eyes….

To create the backdrop, I simply used the “jig” and Pear Pizzazz was the focal color of the day! I did use Very Vanilla as my base….I love it for Fall….Layers of paper, simple bits of color….creates a classic!









I know the last time I used gold for some splatter accents I had emails about it. I purchased it from Amazon, here is the palette that I like to work with but if you do not want to invest this much, I am sure any “gold” paint will work.












Enjoy the day….I hope that this “brighten your day”….you know what I call it….”a keeper”


p.s. – I hope that you know it is “killin me” not to type my heart out….it truly is a pain….(in both ways)



A 1,2,3 post of FUN!




Hi there, did you miss me? We have soooooo much to catch up on and 1st – how was the eclipse?

I was here on Randall Lane and it was exciting, (well I guess) Daisy was in the air conditioning (in the tack room) …Arnold and Oscar were in their stalls and the dogs and I went back and forth from the TV to the outside with my DIY Cereal Box Glasses! (I should have taken a selfie)

I shared with you that me and my new friends on Interstate 95 South had fun on Friday but let me tell you, we had more friends coming home on Sunday! (hats off to all of you that have to deal with traffic….it stresses me!)

I bet you are thinking…what the heck is she talking about with this title of the blog today! Well….let me explain. I have been in the “stampin’ trenches” trying to get my kit completed and WOW – they look amazing (if I must say so myself) but my kits are a big part of what I do so that’s what I have been up to! (and….if this is the trenches…I am lucky!)

Last week I shared with you that when I create, I try to make them go in stride with current “life happenings” and this is what I am talking about…1,2 & 3! (and…I have 1,2 3 photos for you!)






Today’s card (which is super sweet) and tomorrow’s card (which is super sweet, again!) goes with Friday’s project…(which is super yummy) and you will see why the post is named this!

I also shared with you some videos of some of my favorites in the new upcoming catalog, and YEP….I really, REALLY love this bundle! If you missed this video…please treat yourself to this “fun watch” (this is a fantastic bundle of fun!)







By the end of the week, this blog title will make sense to you! Today I am meeting a “special someone” a very dear friend that I want to write her a note to say “thank you” and with…..(well , #3 on Friday)

This bundle will go ALL YEAR LONG….just a simple change of colors and POOF – an instant card! I know that Jennie is a very clean and modern person so I challenged myself to play with classic colors that are both “style and fresh” I think that I accomplished both!

The color scheme is Sahara Sand, Very Vanilla and good old Whisper White! I ask you….how can you go wrong….(let me answer for you…YOU CAN’T)

I cut the colors to a 3′ X 3″ square and then put the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets (a life saver) as there is an adhesive backing on the flip side of the card stock and again, POOF…it sticks!

I did not make an envelope today because it will go with Friday’s post and then you will see that “it all makes sense” We are very fortunate to be able to take a project and add it along with some great packaging…and make a really, REALLY special gift!





The ease of these framelits makes this not only a super fun & classic card but it actually allows you to make many cards as all you do is swap out the inside pieces and PRESTO you have another card! Today I just used the outer shell but the other pieces will easily make another card/project so you can see – endless possibilities!

It is so much easier to go ahead and cut this whole die out with the multipurpose adhesive from the start (even if you do not use the inside pieces on the project) because WHEN you need to use the pieces….PRESTO – they are there ready for you to just peel off!

Did you see the great sentiment? We all have loved this bundle, Lovely Inside & Out Bundle….the ability to be able to snip-out the words and use them in the fashion that I am today is a win-win…super fast and effective!

I am a HUGE lover of “fonts and die sentiments” and I think that you can see that YEP, a single word can be super effective! I actually cut several of them and stacked them up, again, super easy with the adhesive sheets.

I know that it is hard to tell in the picture but the 1st layer of “friend” is out of Sahara Sand and then I stacked the rest in white. Having that off set a wee bit made a great effect.





That’s it for today….a super sweet and simple square card that will make someone smile! That is just the way I like it! I know that one thing that we all have in common…we like to craft, we like to make things with our hands!

Trust me, I “get it” as I am the same way but that darn way but I also know that  the “time thing” also gets in out way – I think you can see….this is a timeless card…..(a keeper…a classic)  😆

Have a great day….see you in the morning –  time to play a game!!!!




A “keeper” for you hump day!





HHD to you! This week is zooming by and I am excited about that as John and I are going to head South for the weekend to visit our dear Hannah! Visiting adult “peeps” is both very exciting and just FUN! 

I was so excited about this super simple card! It is right up my simple “one way alley in life” and the classic color combo of Black and White…I ask you, how can you go wrong? (let me answer this for you)YOU CAN”T GO WRONG!

The stamp is a new kid on the block (Count My Blessings) that will be available on Sept 1st….I think you all are going to like it…no I know you will LOVE IT as it is a beauty!

Darn, I could not share with you picture from within the new catalog but I was squealing (did you hear me) when I thought – “I should just take a picture of the sheet that I made when I conditioned the stamp set”!

Here you go! I was doing a happy dance when I stamped this – look how clean and crisp the images are. I swear by the versa mark…stamp….ink with Black…stamp…making a 5″ X 7″ stamped image of my stamp set just works for me.

I slide it in the inside of the cover as a reference. (I know its kinda strange, but I like to see an inky stamped version with my own eyes)






This embossing folder, Layered Leaves Dynamic Embossing Folder….is just beautiful sooooo beautiful that this is the “freebie pick from me to you” this month when you place an order of $75+. The super deep impression of these dynamic folders is just amazing!

Here’s an important tip! I like to mist the piece of paper before I run it through the Big Shot. Stampin’ Up! did a video that I have shared with you before but just in case you missed it….click here – it is a great video and it will also show you the correct “sandwich” that is need for Mr. Big.







This card is sooooo easy! I am holding tight to my motto…”If you have a keeper stamp (Count My Blessings)…the basics (the circles)…fun DSP (the embossed piece for texture & the pick a pattern for contrast)…. a wee bit of bling or interest (silver thread and the black rhinestones) you will have a great card!



Stamp + Basics + Texture + Bling = a Keeper Card



I used this embossing folder for my monthly card kit just like I am doing today and I will say – the amazing details in this folder are so clean and classic – it makes a card come together in no time as the embossing folder has done the work for you.







Let’s chat about the Black and White DSP…You know that I have blogged using this paper a bunch since its debut. It makes me smile (and that’s a good thing)

To me, this pack of DSP  – Pick a Pattern has a learning curve. WHAT? Yep, a learning curve. At a glance many thing that it is a kiddie paper as they see the big, bold, graphic designs but always remember my friends…we know that there are always 2 sides to a story….well for us – there are always 2 sides to our DSP!






Whenever I see a Black and White print…I not only “squeal” but I “cut it wisely” as I just LOVE IT! We have some new DSP’s coming out that you are going to LOVE as they are the same…a FUN & FESTIVE print on one side….and the flip – a classic! No worries, I will be doing a Product Share and we all know that they are the BEST way to try the newbies out!

This DSP that I am using today is a perfect reason/example of why having a swatch book from my shares is the way to go. WHY? Easy – as we chatted about this from a glance…the DSP being a busy bunch of prints….well having the swatch book on my work area makes it a breeze to flip through the offerings and then make the decision! They truly are lifesavers!







I know that this card is super easy (that you do not need me) but here is a tip about using this thread. I had a love/hate relationship with it until I figured it out and let me help you as well. The effect and texture it gives to a project is fun but it can be frustrating to work with.

To make it a  😀  process I just put a bunch of adhesive (fast fuse is my choice) on the back of the circles. Next, I wrap a bunch of thread around my fingers (for this size of a circle I used 3 fingers) snip it off and then take that whole darn circle and SLAP IT DOWN! Now you can pull the thread mess where you want it – works like a charm each and every time!







If I am using dimensionals or fun foam on the back I still do it this was and then add the dimension. I cannot tell you how many times I have been frustrated with this thread but once I WAS IN CONTROL (not the darn thread in control) it became my friend and heck – it gives a great effect and is super affordable!

There you go a super fast card to whip up and one that I know that we all have people to send it to. “Blessing” are a true “Blessing” and this card would certainly make someone stop and smile. To me, it is one of those “slow down life” cards when someone would receive it as it will automatically make them stop…smile….and remember the “specialness of you”







Speaking of special…..I snuck in that the Clearance Rack was added to yesterday and I also see that many of  you have taken advantage of it….WOOT-WOOT, we all love a deal! My heart was skipping a beat to get a great deal on Bakers Twine…I LOVE that stuff!

Enjoy the day and I will see you in the morning….we need to play a game….it is Tic-Tac-Toe Day!






Weather Together…oh so cute!




Here is a super sweet card for your Hump Day! Let’s face it… there are times that we need a “Pick Me Up Card” and WOW – this stamp set will sure bring a smile to anyones day!

Here you go….confessions of an honest Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator….I have totally overlooked this stamp set and framelits….until the new catalog came out.

It is from the Weather Together Stamp Set. The tipping point to change my thought process on this goodie was the amazing sample that is in the catalog…flip to page 93!






One my “eye was caught” I took a harder look at this set to see if I thought that it needed to come to Randall Lane. Naturally you can see that it did….but here were my selling points. (I totally think that you should take a good look at the products you purchase and figure out how many times/occasions that you could use it)

  • It is a Photoploymer Stamp
  • It has matching Framelits
  • The font is FUN and the sentiments are UNIQUE
  • There are lots of practical little images that would be great “fillers” for other cards
  • Perfect for a pick me up card…a baby/bridal shower….a simple just because!

These are things that I do ask myself before I hit that button. Even though I am a Demonstrator…and I do get this at an instant 25% off….I still weigh the options before I buy!

Enjoy the pictures!!!









Did you notice in the catalog that the Washi Tape offerings are all on 1 page – GREAT IDEA….that page # is 195 and I thought that it was brilliant that they are grouped together in “Basic Color Families” I think this makes so much sense and the patterns are just adorable!

Washi Tape is a product that I truly never thought that it would last…but it is a product that we all seem to say – “I am NOT going to buy one more roll of Washi Tape” and then it happens….you say – what is one more roll. I will say that even though I do not use Washi a bunch…when I do, I love it and it is also a great product to jazz up an envelope or great to do project with kids!







After I cut the sweet raindrops out….I simply took the aqua painter and washed over the area with some soft sky ink to give a bit color and depth. This is sooooo easy to do – JUST GO FOR IT! (trust me, I have no clue what I am doing….I jut tried)







I know that you all like Tips & Tricks….in the below picture you will see how I like to store my current Washi Tape…a simple book ring!

This works great for me and then when a Washi is discontinued….they go into a big basket that is a wire mesh so I can easily spot a color that I am looking for!








There you go….a fun card that would make someone really…REALLY happy to receive! This is a great one to use up DSP…use up Washi Tape…. and one that would be great to make up in the masses….face it, when we need a pick me up card…we need it NOW… making several up at a time would be the super smart thing to do!

Critter Update!…..Over the weekend I shared that Oscar was “under the weather” with a belly ache…well I admit, I was worried. Seriously, when a horse has a tummy ache it can be very serious if you do not watch and stay on top of….my alarm clock was going off for 3 days just going down to make sure that he was ok – (actually…wonderful John took some of the watches) and I am blessed to have a wonderful Vet and Tom (Hannah’s trainer) that I can text at anytime and they will respond….

Here is a funny….it was super late and I needed to give him some Mineral Oil to help ease his tummy….well let me tell you –  for a horse – you need a bunch of Mineral Oil….OFF TO WALMART I go (boy, I really dislike Walmart) but I admit…I was scared and thought that I would kick myself if I did not go etc….well I went and bought a bunch…the check out lady looked at me and said – WOW….someone must be really backed up…

I rest my case….this is why Walmart and I have issues. The moral of the story is….after lots of walking and more walking…. good doses of Mineral Oil and love from us….Oscar is great!




A bit of sunshine….



Plan B for today’s post and many of you will laugh….as I was going to share with you some bunny fun….but the human bunnies over the weekend ate and/or took my stash when they left! I wish you would have seen my face as I was excited to stuff my goodies….and only to find (4) small Reese’s Eggs! Oh well…to the store I go!

Here is a super card for those “hard to send cards” that we need to send from time to time. This sentiment is from the super Stamp Set called, Sending Thoughts. This is the stamp set that I am using for my April kit. ( the offering for that will be out soon if there are any spots left)

I truly feel that it is important to have a great stamp set like this in out stash as face it, in life we need to send cards out for all different reasons and this one is so unique.




Breaking this card down, it is easy – actually it is super easy but it has such a meaningful message. This is the type of card that you send and when people look at it they say – WOW… did you do that.

We both know the secret….it’s all about the basics…the key tools that will make your products shine!





Now you might be wondering where those tone on tone dots came from – LOOK BELOW…..this is a fantastic set and I have blog sooooo many times over this catalog year with this stamp set….you see – having several stamps that truly GO THE MILE makes crafting so easy and also so rewarding!






This card is FILLED with keepers…..did you see the stitched framelits? Yep, another keeper….a must have in your stash. You all love when I do my dashes and dots with a white gel pen~ well this is kind of the same thing – timeless and FUN!

This weekend I will be attending the Richmond On Stage Event that the NEW catalog will be unveiled….and you better bet that I am hoping that Stampin’ Up! is keeping the DSP Paper Stacks – YES ….I do use them often as I think they are a perfect go to but at the same time I realize that they are expensive.

I will be offering them in an upcoming product share (if they are carried over, fingers and toes crossed) and if I were you – I would HOP ON IT as it gives you a taste of all collections to then see if you want to make the investment in a whole pack!








So there you go…a little sunshine for your Thursday! I will go to the store and re-stock on some yummies so you can see my bunnies tomorrow…..heck- while I am there I will pick up some peppermint patties…..YUM – I adore dark chocolate!

Now go have a GREAT day and bring some sunshine to someone…it will be a win-win for both of you!





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