Join the Fun!

In May, it will be my 5th Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! I HIT that JOIN NOW button on May 6th to get a discount and stock up on all of the products that I love and use over and over and then my plan was to BE DONE!

To be honest with you, that is what the majority of people that get the kit intend to do….did you notice I used the word INTEND? Well we know…that did not happen for me but over 95% of Stampin’ Up! Demonsrators are “hobbyist” 😉 

What is a “hobbyist”? – it is someone that like to take advantage of getting a discount each and everyday they choose to order. It is someone that loves to stamp, loves to create, loves to smile.

I LOVE HOBBYIST! – why? – This is sooooo simple – Hobbyist are the ones that have the passion, the desire, the creativity to just do something for FUN and to get a discount . I actually consider myself a “stepped up hobbyist”

When you join ~ you can customize your own kit to whatever your heart desires. If you have been stamping a long time – no worries….you always need and use the basics of paper, envelopes, adhesives etc…..and trust me – we all know that we can easily spend a “bundle” on the basics.

I wish that we could be sitting together having a cup of coffee to help you understand that it is not only soooooo easy….there are truly no commitments, classes for you to teach, expectations for you to set the world on fire….it is a time for YOU to do something for YOURSELF.

I will wager to say that if you are like most people, you love a sale. Think about it, when you see a store is having a sale on a product that you use and love…you usually go to the store and buy it. If you see a 50% off coupon at a craft store….you usually go in and get it. I do both of  these because I am like most people, we love a bargain.

When I joined, I did not tell a soul….(well, Eddie my late Jack Russell….as he was my confidant and laying right beside me). I can remember exactly where I was ~ I was at a horse show and I was surfing around on the internet and I knew Mary Fish always said….take a test drive….if it is not for you – you can turn the keys in.

I joined….I told Eddie….then called John and told him. His words were something like – I am so happy for you as I know you love to make cards….that is great! I knew that he would be fine with it as it really is as easy as that….JOIN + GETTING A DISCOUNT = FUN!

Honestly before I joined I had a TON of  Stampin’ Up!products but one thing that I has just “here and there” were the ink-pads so my starter kit order were the ink pads in the collections. Sounds boring but it was practical for me at the time.

I worked my plan that was in my head – sign up….get a bunch of stuff at a discount as the new catalog was coming out…and then I was to LEAVE….yikes – I AM STILL HERE and I am soooo glad.

This journey has opened up so many doors for myself personally. The relationships that I have made, the fun that I have, the learning and confidence I have gained is all soooooo WORTH IT…because I am doing something that I truly love.


In a nutshell, I ask you…WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

The answer is easy…NOTHING!

I would love to have you on my team, Top Dogs (You know I LOVE my fur babies) and also you will be a PAL…on Mary Fish’s team and also on her UPLINES Team, Lisa Pretto, Ink Big. We’ve got some GREAT GENES here!!! (ha-ha)

We all know the clean and fun style that Mary Fish has and she also has a private resource for all of us to take advantage of and let me tell you – this is where the FUN comes in. Need an IDEA….DONE with a click….Need some advice…DONE with a click – Mary has several private Facebook Chat areas for all of us to have fun, share milestones with, get to know each other….just simply be one BIG family!

Mary is amazing….she is an inspiration to so many and I am blessed to not only have her as a mentor, but to call her a friend. She has a vision like no other and it is wonderful to be a PAL!

Lisa Pretto is ONE TALENTED GAL and I wish that I had some of her tech savy….. Besides her Stampin’ Up! business she has a training business called Ink Big Academy. Lisa offers training and when you join with me – YOU GET HER TRAINING FREE as she offers it to her downline and that would be YOU….see – another perk for joining! You will instantly become a Ink Big VIP and your training is free.

Here is what your family tree would look like….

ME – I would be YOUR MOM.

Mary Fish – She will be your Grandmother. (one hot granny)

Lisa Pretto – She is your Great-Grandmother. (wow – she is a smokin’ great grannie)

What can I say but take the test drive, you have nothing to lose and sooooo much to gain (if that is what you want). It really is as easy as that. Many just get the kit because of the deal – I say – GREAT as I love deals but some stick around and I will say…they stick around because of the discount but usually it is because of the friendships made.

We are from all over . I am in Maryland, Mary is in Arizona and Lisa is in Wisconsin…..and guess what – THAT IS JUST FINE as we have this great resource…..the internet. 😀

I say – HIT THIS PAW PRINT and get going!