Good Friday to all….it is a GREAT day for many reasons but the reason that you will like the most is…..(drumroll…drumroll…)




The Daisy Delight Bundle is off BACK ORDER!!!!




I know that many of you had ordered the Daisy Delight Bundle and Stampin’ Up! will be shipping your item and for those of you that have been waiting to be able to order…..I say ORDER AWAY as it is obviously ONE HOT ITEM!







I think that it is clear to see that this was a product that just FLEW OUT THE DOOR….and took the projections for sales up in smoke – but as for today – the GREEN LIGHT is on so if I were you….I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT and make sure you secure this bundle.

Most of the time when we think if a bundle….it is a stamp and framelits….this is a stamp and a FABULOUS punch. By getting the bundle you will save an instant 10%….and I think that you can see with this simple card that the stamped flower that is over the stamped/punched out flower creates a fun feel for this card.






I think that it is far to say….Stampin’ Up! has amazing DSP and I know you guys….I know that there are lots of you that have “paper addictions” – well I get it….I am guilty as charged and if that is my worst addiction in life….than I’ll take it. This paper, Delightful Daisy is beautiful, just beautiful.

At first I thought – the prints are so big and busy… am I going to make it work? Well here is a tip…..when I have paper that I need to “figure out” – I keep a couple of the patterns out in my work area that I need to “see it” – by being forced to look at it as I walk by etc….it always jumps in my head and makes me think of ideas – try this….I bet you will see that it helps you break through that “what can I do block”






In honor of the GREEN LIGHT IS ON for this product that we have been waiting for….I chose to do the post in greens and also use the faceted gems as they too are off of being backordered!

For those of you that participated in the product share….I am happy to say that these are back and I will send you the missing items from the embellishment share. You can see….that Stampin’ Up! is making many of us super happy with the back orders being caught up!

You all know that I am not a BLING BLING kinda gal….true I like a “little makeup” by I am not one that likes a bunch of glitter and bling (truth be told – I am happiest in my barn comfy clothes) but these faceted gems are quite stunning. There are times that a touch of bling makes a statement…and these make a statement.







I can remember when I would see posts that had the “nestled thread look” and thought – I like that look for a change up….but when I attempted to recreate it – IT WAS A HOT TANGLED MESS(sound familiar to anyone) After trying and trying to master it I found the easiest way….

  • Make sure you have ample adhesive on the back of whatever you are sticking it to
  • Just roll the tread around your hand (I either use 3 or all 4 fingers depending on the width of my nest) and make sure that you wrap many, many times as you need more than you think.
  • Cut it…Take the circle of thread to the adhesive and PRESS….AFTER you have it adhered then you can fru-fru it to the look and feel you are going for.


I used to try to get it “just right” and then attempt to adhere – that’s when Mr. FRUSTRATION set in…..doing it this simple way – it is fast and easy.







I am happy that this product has the GREEN LIGHT for you. What is more clean, crisp and classic than a good old Daisy!

Speaking of Daisy….she is in HOG HEAVEN as I had a call from my Postal Lady saying… church made a bunch of strawberry shortcakes for a bake sale….and I have a bunch of strawberry tops for Miss Daisy….well – THAT IS MUSIC TO MY EARS and I gladly drove in to make my girl smack her lips! She just LOVES strawberries!!!

Mr. Perfect update…..well he is still perfect, we all know that…he still is not able to put much weight on his wee little leg but he is happy and in no pain. Being that he has soft tissue damage….they want him to try to put weight on it to start to get the muscles stronger and then he will get a cast back on right before we leave for Thailand. (I think that Dr. Hurry knows that I am more worried about the animals) so while we are away I know that it will be protected.

The things we do….never a dull moment but a moment that is “just my life” and that makes me roll! 😀

Speaking of rolling….IT IS ALREADY the deadline day for Product Shares! If you wish to take advantage of a share….THIS IS IT – today is the last day to hop in a SHARECLICK HERE to see the offerings!




Let’s Play Tic-Tac-Toe!




Good Morning and it is time to play Tic-Tac-Toe! Last weeks challenge was so much fun and we are back for another one! The team that I am on is “off” this week but please make sure that you pop over to the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge to see what Team X is up to.

I am just lovin’ playing this as it is super fun to look at the board and them have fun! I hope that you will join us and just a “heads up”  – the challenge goes to noon on Tuesdays…click here to see the rules!

Today I was able to play (2) ways! 😀

  • Diagonally – Yellow, Twine and Bow
  • Across the bottom – Yellow, Stitching and Rectangle








Today I have a super sweet card for you that is one that could easily be made in the masses. The star of the show is the Pretty Kitty Stamp and this is a sweetie… If you follow my blog (and I hope you do)….you know that I am a dog/horse/pig kinda gal! I admit….even though we live on a farm we have never had cats….but I have lots of friends and also a peep that has a kitty!

I caved in and purchased this set and I am glad that I did. Do you remember that in previous posts I commented about looking at stamps and weighing all of the options before you hit that button….well for this one here are my thoughts!

I encourage you to do this when you are weighing options….trust me – there are certain stamps that you know right off the bat (like the Piggy and Craft one) 🙂  but these were the answers for me about the Pretty Kitty Stamp.

  • The images are adorable
  • The sentiments are fun yet classic
  • The font is super simple….just like me!
  • The images would be easy and fun to mask
  • I get to watercolor or use markers & watercolor pencils
  • The stamp set lends itself to clean and simple cards…again, just like I enjoy making.







After stamping the image with our Archival Black Ink…all I did was pull out the Aqua Painter and some ink pads, gave them a squeeze and went to town….the coloring literally took me less than 2 minutes! You can see the colors that I used in the line up at the end of the post.






Trying to follow the game. I knew that I was going to a rectangle….that was easy enough – pull out the best trimmer in the world and cut. The yellow mat was cut a wee bit larger so I could take my white pen and “stitch away” ….and we all know that I adore my dashes and dots!

Envelope love….my swatch books to the rescue so I can see and feel the paper that I want to use to accent my project and POOF – a great print in the Birthday Memories DSP collection!





Remember, tomorrow is the LAST DAY for you to take advantage of my Product Share and when I talk about the swatch books…..that is Share #1 – I get it…I get it –  that they are pricey but please trust me on this one – they are very labor intense to make but they are something that you will use over and over. As the saying goes…you pay for what you get and these tools are daily life savers for me!









There you go and I ask you….how are YOU going to play this week? I do hope that you will take this board and have some “me time” and go for it. There are so many fun ways to work the board and I know that each and everyone of us have the supplies….how about challenging yourself to play!

I hope to see your name and masterpiece in the gallery – challenges are FUN…..challenges are a great way to find that inner mojo that we all have!

Enjoy the day and I am glad that you “peeked in” today to see what I am up to! Today is the day that Mr. Perfect (aka Milo the super dog) goes to see Dr. Hurry for his leg….he might just have 3 legs that work great but that never stops him from being the happy boy he is!

Hmmmmm….maybe that is a life lesson for all of us – things might not be the way we wished them to be….let’s try to make the most with what we have! Now go grab this day and make someone smile!



Weather Together…oh so cute!




Here is a super sweet card for your Hump Day! Let’s face it… there are times that we need a “Pick Me Up Card” and WOW – this stamp set will sure bring a smile to anyones day!

Here you go….confessions of an honest Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator….I have totally overlooked this stamp set and framelits….until the new catalog came out.

It is from the Weather Together Stamp Set. The tipping point to change my thought process on this goodie was the amazing sample that is in the catalog…flip to page 93!






One my “eye was caught” I took a harder look at this set to see if I thought that it needed to come to Randall Lane. Naturally you can see that it did….but here were my selling points. (I totally think that you should take a good look at the products you purchase and figure out how many times/occasions that you could use it)

  • It is a Photoploymer Stamp
  • It has matching Framelits
  • The font is FUN and the sentiments are UNIQUE
  • There are lots of practical little images that would be great “fillers” for other cards
  • Perfect for a pick me up card…a baby/bridal shower….a simple just because!

These are things that I do ask myself before I hit that button. Even though I am a Demonstrator…and I do get this at an instant 25% off….I still weigh the options before I buy!

Enjoy the pictures!!!









Did you notice in the catalog that the Washi Tape offerings are all on 1 page – GREAT IDEA….that page # is 195 and I thought that it was brilliant that they are grouped together in “Basic Color Families” I think this makes so much sense and the patterns are just adorable!

Washi Tape is a product that I truly never thought that it would last…but it is a product that we all seem to say – “I am NOT going to buy one more roll of Washi Tape” and then it happens….you say – what is one more roll. I will say that even though I do not use Washi a bunch…when I do, I love it and it is also a great product to jazz up an envelope or great to do project with kids!







After I cut the sweet raindrops out….I simply took the aqua painter and washed over the area with some soft sky ink to give a bit color and depth. This is sooooo easy to do – JUST GO FOR IT! (trust me, I have no clue what I am doing….I jut tried)







I know that you all like Tips & Tricks….in the below picture you will see how I like to store my current Washi Tape…a simple book ring!

This works great for me and then when a Washi is discontinued….they go into a big basket that is a wire mesh so I can easily spot a color that I am looking for!








There you go….a fun card that would make someone really…REALLY happy to receive! This is a great one to use up DSP…use up Washi Tape…. and one that would be great to make up in the masses….face it, when we need a pick me up card…we need it NOW… making several up at a time would be the super smart thing to do!

Critter Update!…..Over the weekend I shared that Oscar was “under the weather” with a belly ache…well I admit, I was worried. Seriously, when a horse has a tummy ache it can be very serious if you do not watch and stay on top of….my alarm clock was going off for 3 days just going down to make sure that he was ok – (actually…wonderful John took some of the watches) and I am blessed to have a wonderful Vet and Tom (Hannah’s trainer) that I can text at anytime and they will respond….

Here is a funny….it was super late and I needed to give him some Mineral Oil to help ease his tummy….well let me tell you –  for a horse – you need a bunch of Mineral Oil….OFF TO WALMART I go (boy, I really dislike Walmart) but I admit…I was scared and thought that I would kick myself if I did not go etc….well I went and bought a bunch…the check out lady looked at me and said – WOW….someone must be really backed up…

I rest my case….this is why Walmart and I have issues. The moral of the story is….after lots of walking and more walking…. good doses of Mineral Oil and love from us….Oscar is great!




Round #2 – Product Share!


Good Morning and as promised that I would be having the 2nd and final wave of a Product Share from the New Catalog….so here it is! If you would like to order any of the Shares … is the last opportunity to do so!

In the drop down of my blog header you will see the Product Share offering….You can view it there or below I have the details. Please email me if you want a share and put in the subject line PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it.



The last date to order for this FINAL SHARE is this Friday, June 23rd


Please make sure that you send me your current shipping address. I will send you a Pay Pal Invoice when the share fills! Product Shares are simply the best way to go to the buffet without feeling stuffed!



Share #1 – Swatch Books  $37.50 (There are 15 swatch books of amazing new paper) FREE SHIPPING 😆 

You will receive (15) swatch books…all ready with the “necessities” for you to “get to stampin” ~ $37.50 and ships for FREE!





Share #2 – Card Stock Swatches on a Ring $8.00  – I only have 6 of these left…..ONCE THEY ARE GONE….SORRY! 😯 



I offer these at every Product Share because they are not only helpful but they also make a wonderful gift for a crafty friend or downline and this is a tool that I reach for DAILY! (Actually the Swatch Books and Card Stock Ring share the same tin on my workspace)

You will get all of our Card Stocks all with the name and color family on each swatch. You can see how handy this would be to pull out several colors to see how you like them together. I have them divided by color family and they do include the Thick Card Stock in Very Vanilla and Whisper White. In total you will receive 52 Card Stock Swatches plus the dividers all on a ring!



Share #3 – New Designer Series Paper  $42.50 – We have 15 new offerings!!!

You will receive a half sheet – 6″ X 12″ of all of the NEW papers (and if there are a specialty paper, you will get a 1/4 sheet of that)  This catalog, there are 15 New Paper Collections!  There are (3) 6 X 6 Paper Stacks, and for these, you will receive a full  6 X 6 sheet of these!

This is a ton of paper but the great thing is – you get the whole buffet without the huge cost! The papers are on pages 187-189.

  • The 6 X 6 Stacks are (3 of them) : Petal Garden, Color Theory and Wood Textures
  • In Color Fresh Florals DSP : You will receive (2) 1/2 sheets of each “In Color” pattern.  (these are beautiful)
  • Designer Series Paper (7 of them): Whole Lot of Lovely, Naturally Eclectic, Coffee Break, Pick a Pattern, Be Merry, Birthday Memories and Delightful Daisy

Speciality Designer Series Paper (4 of them): Eastern Palace, Bundle of Love, Foil Frenzy and Just Add Color



Share #4 – Ribbon $43.50 (Hold on to your hat as we have some A M A Z I N G new ribbons!)

Stampin’ Up! hit a GRAND SLAM with the ribbon this year. I honestly do not think I have seen a better collection of amazing ribbons and they are very practical for card makers as they are great widths.

I know that there is a BUNCH below but trust me….I could have added more….really – it is very special this catalog! If you were to buy all of this by the spools – YIKES, the bank would be broken! Look at the color options, I really tried to balance it out! I am just so happy that the ribbon is “bow friendly” as it is so easy to work with and it is perfect for card making! Ribbons are on pages 198 & 199.


  • Gingham Ribbon (1/2″ width) – 2 1/2 yards: Night of Navy
  • Double Stitched Ribbon  (1/4″ width) – 2 1/2 yards of each color: Blushing Bride and Daffodil Delight
  • Ombre Ribbon (1/4″ width) –  2 1/2 yards of each color: Calypso Coral, Island Indigo and Lemon Lime Twist
  • Classic Weave Ribbon (3/8″ width) – 2 1/2 yards of each color: Crumb Cake, Soft Sky and Whisper White
  • Stitched Satin Ribbon (3/8″ width) –  2 1/2 yards of each color: Bermuda Bay and Garden Green
  • Stitched Edge Ribbon (1/4″ width) – 2 1/2 yards of each color: Old Olive, Pacific Point and Rich Razzleberry
  • Finely Woven Ribbon (1/2″ width) – 2 1/2 yards of each color: Berry Burst, Lemon Lime Twist and Powder Pink
  • Copper Trim (1/4″ width) – 1 1/4 yards
  • Shimmer Ribbon (3/8″ width) – 2 1/2 yards of each color: Pear Pizzazz and Pool Party
  • Sheer Ribbon (1/8″ width) – 2 1/2 yards of each color: Calypso Coral, Fresh Fig and Whisper White
  • Mini Chevron (3/8″ width) –  2 1/2 yards of each color: Bermuda Bay and Crushed Curry



Share #5 – Embellishments: $19.00  – WOW…again we a bunch of choices that I could have gone for….and boy, it was a hard to narrow down but I decided to showcase for you in this share products that I really like and find to be practical for clean and simple cards! Products found on pages 196 & 197.

I am super excited that the pearls and rhinestones are now flat and yep, they still have adhesive on them! Embellishments make us smile!

  • 24 Faceted Gems in Clear
  • 24 Faceted Gems in Gold (I used this in a Daisy card for the center of the flower and it is beautiful)
  • 6 Tassels (2 of each color)
  • 6 Honeycomb Balloons (2 of each color)
  • Basic Pearls (50) of the 3 mm, (10) of the 4 mm & (10) of the 5 mm
  • Basic Rhinestones (50) of the 3 mm, (10) of the 4 mm & (10) of the 5 mm
  • Glitter Enamel Dots (80) Dots in an amazing variety of shades
  • 5 stripe treat bags (these are sooooo cute)



  • SHARE #1 –DSP Swatch Books – $37.50 – FREE SHIPPING!
  • SHARE #2 – Card Stock on a Ring – $8.00
  • SHARE #3 – 1/2 Sheets of DSP  – $42.50
  • SHARE #4 – Ribbons – $43.50
  • SHARE #5 – Embellishments – $19.00



  • If you are just ordering the  DSP Swatch Books (share #1) – the Shipping is FREE 🙂 
  • If you are just ordering the Card Stock on a Ring (share #2) – the shipping is $3.50
  • If you are just ordering the DSP Paper (share #3) – your shipping is $6.95 (the standard Priority Mail Shipping fee)
  • If you are just ordering the ribbon (share #4) – your shipping is $5.00
  • If you are ordering 4 or more different shares – your shipping is FREE!
  • If you WANT IT ALL….your shipping is FREE plus I will throw in a NEW Flirty Flaming Bakers Twine and a sheet of the new mini stampin’ dimensionals!


Please remember when you email me with your share order, please put in the subject line – PRODUCT SHARE and  make sure that I have a correct mailing address for you. I do ship Priority Mail through the Post Office.

Enjoy the day….and tomorrow…..It’s time to go out of the box a bit….and guess what – IT IS FUN!!!! 😀 

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