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Good Morning…. Here’s a trio for you…


a TIP –  a DEAL (50% off Paper Pumpkin) & more DEALS (Clearance Rack Re-Stocked!)


I have a useful tip for you today with what to do with those Paper Pumpkin Boxes that seem to grow and grow! They are truly a very useful size and by flipping them inside/out is a perfect re-use solution.

The outside of the “new box” is perfectly plain…a perfect and clean box to re-use! I was mailing some items several weeks ago and thought…why not jazz this useful box up with some flowers! It was funny – this was not planned but there they were….some flowers just sitting on my work area and I thought, WHY NOT?

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The ? that I am always asked…what’s in the kit? Not to give you a short answer….but I honestly do not know…it is a surprise! Some might find that frustrating…but I love the element of the surprise and POOF – a smile is on my face when I see that little box in my mailbox.

Please do not hold me to this….BUT I would imagine that the September kit will be something super fun as if it is anything like the past (kits from previous Septembers) it is a usually something fun for Halloween/Fall.

For just $10.00 – TRY IT….you might like it!!!  Shipping from home is FUN…and make sure that you check out the Clearance Rack as Stampin’ Up! has added some goodies in there…..YEP = Bakers Twine is in there…..you know how I feel about that!!!!

Here’s a throw back that will make you smile – be MIKEY….you have nothing to lose!





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Let’s STEP it up!






Good Sunday morning to you! I was so excited for the post to roll around as I am smiling…..really smiling! I know that this weekend post is a very simplistic one but I think it is great one to share and show you that simple DOES work.

I love todays card….in my eyes there is nothing more that needs to be done as the message is across – welcoming a sweet baby into the world! I hope that you can follow me on this one.

Do you remember seeing pictures of yourself and saying “Who dressed me or what in the world was I thinking about when I bought that” hmmmm….I am sure many of you are smiling and some are probably giggling. 😀 

When I paper craft there are times that I think of that…I want people to hopefully save the cards that I have made for them. I know that I do as there are those that just “touch your heart” …inspire you and make a memory continue to live!

With that said…the reason that I adore this card is the oh so classic and super sweet image from the stamp set and the classic twinkle, twinkle little star! (Can you guess what I bought the new sweet boy?…My baby staple  –  books…and yep the classic twinkle, twinkle made the cut)

So the moral of this story is I adore them both but side by side, you decide!










The changes for today were not many but if you see them side by side, I say take the wee bit of extra time! Here are the changes for todays card. Please remember to go back to yesterdays card as the coloring and actually just about everything else is the same!


  • I stamped additional single stars and added my trio of dots


  • I  used a piece of Post It Note to mask around the moon to stamp 2 of the stars


  • In the center of the stars, I used Glossy Accents to add some extra shine and bling. This is a product that we used to carry and one that I know many of you have around. It is funny..when we had it – I never used it but I have been finding that I have been playing with it and I really like the wee bit of bling and umph it gives to a project.


  • I broke up the sentiment into 2 lines. Because I already had the stamp a ma jig out…why not? I simply put a piece of washi tape over the line that I did not want to have inky…inked up the sentiment and then peeled off the washi tape and stamped! (Yep, you could use the markers and just isolate just the words that you wanted to have inked…but I like to have a good coverage of ink…just a personal preference)  


  • The envelope is different…I adore it and we will chat about that below!








Masking is something that I think we forget about and/or are afraid to do. Look how simple this is! The end result is sooooo worth it – just taking an extra step make a “how did she do that” happen!







Let’s chat about the envelope! If this doesn’t make the mailman smile….than we need to find a new mailman! You know that I usually cover the back flap of my envelope with a fun DSP or embossed image etc….but after making the changes on the card today I thought – I am not crazy about the same envelope for today…so POOF – how do you like it!

I stamped the other super fun image in this set on thick whisper white, just like I did for the card and then used the same color palette to color! The actual envelope was made using the Envelope Punch Board and I placed Tear & Tape across the flap…held my colored piece up to the light to see through and POOF (again) I centered it!

I added a sliver of So Saffron over top of it (this was an after thought) but I think that it made the images POP even more! I hope that you can see in the pictures that I did the same as I did on the card, I used the Sahara Sand around the entire image to help POP the animals – this is a great tip and one that does make a difference….just go super light!













Well…thoughts???? I can’t wait to hear how you like these little changes. I am going to stick with what I said yesterday, this is one FABULOUS baby set. I admit, even though I do not make many baby cards…I found this to be super fun and truly – I would make this over and over!

I am now itchin’ to make some of the more detailed cards that I saw when I googled the image. It truly came down to that darn “time thing”.

Hear me out…IF you have a bunch of time to create a card there is nothing more FUN and REWARDING than creating something you set your mind to…(I get that) but then again, there is nothing more frustrating to NOT HAVE THE TIME and stress yourself out that you need to make this amazing…over the top….work of art! (I get that as I have been there)



This is why is it great to have simplicity up your sleeve!



There is nothing wrong whatsoever in making a simple card. Think of it in this way – would you rather HAVE a card to send or would you rather stress each day that passes by and you say, “tomorrow I will make that card” and your tomorrow comes and goes!!! We all keep thinking that the extra time will be in that tomorrow!!! (sound familiar to anyone) – We have ALL BEEN THERE!






Now go and enjoy your day!I am super excited as this afternoon John and I are going to a local Peach Festival! I am super excited because I turn into a peach when they are in season – I just cannot get enough of them! My mouth is already for an amazing Peach Dumpling with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream! YUMMERS!

I will see you on Tuesday….and hopefully I will be able to inspire you! I do hope that you can find some “me time” and get inky – we all know that it is the BEST therapy one could ask for!





Simple, oh so simple for your Saturday!





Happy…happy to you and there is nothing more happier than the joy of a baby! I do not make a bunch of baby cards but I will say, they are fun! But then again…anything is  it you have the right things to work with!

Today I am using the super sweet stamp, Moon Baby! You know that the end result is going to come out…“just right” when you look at an image…have an instant smile because you can say…“all I need to do is stamp and done”! 









Before I started to design this card…I surfed! I think that we have all done this many times but one thing that happens to me (actually many times is) I get overwhelmed and time FLIES out the door and I end up ultimately feeling like I have gone in a circle! Does that ever happen to you?

There are so many AMAZING….simply AMAZING clean and simple cards with this set. I encourage you to google it as I saw some “keepers”. In the end I thought – Susan…just get it done, That is what works for me as I knew that I needed a baby card and I needed it now!

I am serious, the internet is an AMAZING tool that naturally we all love and appreciate BUT….I think that you will agree with this – it can be the BIGGEST VACCUM OF TIME…now does that ring a bell with you?









I learned a lesson from the above…WHAT WAS IT? Well this is easy….I have had this stamp set for a while now and I have know for a while that there was going to be a baby born and we all know that there are 2 ways to go…Girl or Boy! Just get it done, That’s my motto and that is what I did!

Super simple I went – making it to a square card I at least felt that this would be special for the new arrival as there is just something unique about seeing and feeling a square card. The overall size of it is a 4 1/4″ card.

Out came the Stamp-a-ma-jig for perfect placement and out came the Aqua Painter (the colors I used are at the end of the post) but here is a funny – this guy just about made it into the “Circular File” in my work area, the TRASHCAN!

WHY??? Let’s call it patience and that was something I was short on. I thought that I ruined the little babies face.

I first put a layer of Blushing Bride and I thought he looked too pink. I then added some Sahara Sand over top….now he was a weird brownish icky color (this is when he just about made it into the circular file) and the phone rang…I yacked and saw that the sun was out (it had just rained) so I ran outside with my camera…as I am a rainbow chaser and YEP – there was a rainbow!








After walking away from my little cherub and returning, I looked at him and thought – He deserves a life line….he’s not too bad! A bit more Blushing Bride for the cheeks and he was all set!

I am telling you all of this because it shows…we need to walk away sometimes. I know we all know the feeling of not having “mojo” or being frustrated that something doesn’t work etc….WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE.,,but when this happens – WALK AWAY as when you come back, you usually have a fresh set of eyes and things work out! Remember, this is made from YOUR HANDS…not HALLMARK!

Another tip and addition I did was to take a wee bit of Sahara Sand and outline the entire image…I think it makes it POP a bit more and adds a subtle depth to the card. I think that you will find this to work in your advantage when you watercolor….try it, I think you will smile!









And here is my rainbow. I know that it is not super brilliant but it was there. There is something just magical about a rainbow to me…every time I see one I think of my Mom and she adored them as well. I think that they appear for me to STOP and enjoy and this is exactly what I did and in the end – I loved the card!

I cannot believe that it is the middle of August and we are have grass as lush as it is in May. We are mowing constantly and the horses have some fat grass bellies!

I learned a lesson…the lesson of why did I put off doing something that I knew was going to happen and the lesson of patience. My card turned out and I am happy that it didn’t get tossed. 😆

I wish that I had the time to play with and make a more detailed card…but I knew I just needed to roll with what I felt comfortable with. There will always be times in the future to “play with my stamps” and create something more technical.

This is a super sweet and oh so special baby stamp set and we all know…baby cards are something that are inevitable!

I honestly do not have a bunch of baby stamps but I knew that this one would be a classic one to have. The sentiments are a classic with the sweet and simple images…SOLD!








I could have put this card in one of our regular envelopes and it would not only fit but it could have mailed with a regular stamp but you know me, I needed to make a custom envelope so out came the Punch Board.

Playing up the idea of stars, I took the Oh My Stars Embossing Folder and added that little bit of detail to the back flap and also ran the Aqua Painter over it with a super quick wash of So Saffron!







That’s it for me today! Now don’t get your hopes up for an “over the top” transformation for tomorrow….I think that I had already painted the “time factor” to you and I really needed a card and that is just what I did. Please pop back tomorrow as you will get another dose of this card….just changed up a bit!

My job and hopes for you is to teach you and inspire you to be realistic with what you can do. For me, it just wasn’t in the cards for me to take oodles of time and in the end….I love this card just the same! Now go have a great day!






Fun & Fresh for your Friday!





Hi there! I have a fun and fresh one for your Friday! (now say that 3 times super fast!!!!) I have been itchin’ to get this beauty inky….as I think we can all see that this is what I call, “a keeper” I ask you, how about these sweet images and the fun font!

The Happiest of Days Stamp Set is found on page 70 in the Annual Catalog and I hope that you did not breeze right past it! It is a super sweet and simple set but one that definitely can hold the test and mark of  an amazing card!

You have heard me say this before, I adore stamp sets that have small images that are super simple. WHY? Simple just works!








This is a very straight forward card (except the fun fru-fru bow) and we will get to that in a bit. It is all about the basics with clean and crisp lines….works each and every time and will never, ever go out of style,

You know me by now, I just adore white. There is something just magical about a white card with a POP!  This card really uses minimal products but still produces a big punch.









Since this is a new stamp for me, I conditioned it, stamped all of the images and put the image paper in my stamp set for future references and went to town. After I saw how incredibly simple these images are….I thought – all I need is a super quick swoosh-swoosh with the aqua painter and inks ….presto – DONE!

I really was not sure what I was going to do today….so I did use the Stamp-a-ma-jig on the stitched square….but then again, if I had a vision for this card – I could have skipped this step and simply did my stamping and then take the stamped scrap to the Big Shot and cut it out with the squarea! Silly Susan!!!









To help break up the white and add some interest and texture…out came the Sparkle Embossing Folder. I am starting to get a bit better in remembering to use them. They DO make a difference and they are so affordable. Don’t forget, I am giving the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder for all orders of $75.00 or more this month!

Embossing folder are fast and effective and there are many different techniques and different ways that you can use them. Simple me, I go for the tried and true old fashion way….just like I do with this card but you can isolate some areas that you want embossed….google for alternative embossing ideas and I am sure you will find some great ideas!








Time to chat about this fun fru-fru. First I want to say, it is not super bulky In the picture it appears that way but it is not. The reason why is that amazing Navy Crinkled Ribbon.I am just lovin’ this ribbon and I knew that I needed a bit of oomph to jazz up the card so I thought….play around!

Are you ready….cause this is super hard (ha-ha…it is sooooo easy) ….all I did was put down 3 short pieces of the navy ribbon and then took a piece of the Lemon Lime Twist Ribbon and cut it down to be a narrower width as it is a1/2″ ribbon and then tied it in a knot!

Next I took my scissors and cut into the edges of the navy ribbon to make them into random widths to add some poof! After I had them the way that I loked them…I took the Lemon Lime Twist Ribbon and make the next knot and simply trimmed the ends. Securing it into place was a cinch with a simple glue dot!

Now I ask you…how easy is that!?!? That Navy ribbon just has a natural POOF which is giving it the visual of it being bulky but it is “just perfect” for this card!








I just cold not stop with the envelope……I was having so much fun with this card – I just could not stop! To help pull the whole thing together, I just took the coordinating card-stocks and cut them into random widths and jazzed up the envelope before also adding a small piece of the embossing paper as well.

Call me crazy for always making my envelopes fun but that is just me, that is hope I roll and it is just a habit of mine. I can honestly say that whenever I create a card, you can bet that there is an envelope that is also fun! I feel….it “sets the stage” for when someone gets Happy Mail!








Have a great day and I hope that it is an “oh, happy day” as each and everyday is a great one!! I hope to see you tomorrow…there’s a baby to celebrate….in a Simple Saturday kinda way!

Don’t forget…jammie shopping is sooooo on trend (just sayin’!) I know that the new catalog is right around the corner and that is SUPER exciting but one thing I will suggest….is to get a piece of paper out and be realistic as what you want to accomplish over the next couple of months!



What am I talking about??? Well let me share!



I am sure that you are like me…that you like to make gifts with your hands – that is GREAT and you know that I am all about that but make a list of all of the things and people that you want to make things for….you will be soooooo happy that you did as it is a HUGE help to visualize that..,and then put a plan into action. I know that IF I can see it and IF it is written down that I have a better chance on breaking it into action steps!

Now go grab this Friday and make your mark it!





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