I vote this…the BEST Stampin’ aid…ever!



Hello and Happy Thursday!


We are having a beauty of a day here on the East Coast and today….YEP, another excursion with my Dad! We made it through the movies (and I did not fall asleep…something I usually do) and in trying to every-other day adventure with him…..today we are driving to Bedford, PA. This is a charming little town and truth be told – it has one of the BEST Italian Stores there so I figured…a 2 for 1!

There is a bunch of history there so I will be putting on my tourist hat. I will try to snap some pictures. Dad said that it has been over 40 years since he has been there so the drive will be beautiful and he will be happy! A HAPPY Dad + A HAPPY Susan = A GREAT day!  🙂






Last week I shared that I was working on an “all team mailing” that I was doing…and some have received theirs….some still haven’t so here you go….I know that it does not look like much but trust me, these swatch rings are lifesavers!

Many of you know that I always do Product Shares and YEP,  I will be doing them again. Years ago I started to make up these Swatchbooks of every Cardstock we have in the Stampin’ Up! line and now that we have a COMPLETE REVAMP of Colors coming out…..it is time to do a BRAND NEW SWATCHBOOK!

This offering has ALL OF THE CURRENT COLORS that will be out in the New Catalog. If you have bought one of these from me before, please leave a comment sharing your thoughts. I have NEVER (and that is a BIG WORD) had someone say that they were disappointed in them.

Eons ago when I was a Creative Memories Consultant I started making these as I would get people saying…..I need some of that blue that I always use.…and then when I said – what was the color name…they would say, you know the blue I like! (Calgon, take me away!)

I think you get it…..having an actual PHYSICAL SAMPLE of the card stock is a true joy. I use then endlessly to see what color I want to work with and also to come up with different and unique color combinations! They are just a life saver and a go to tool that I consider invaluable!

I am sure that many of you have seen the new colors…..but here are more looks at them! I am over the moon excited for the newbies and also you can see that Stampin’ Up! has moved colors into new families!

This NEW SWATCH BOOK will have all of the updates and new colors. I have many Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators purchase these from me for their personal use and also for team gifts as it is perfect to have everything in one place and be able to actually feel and see them! Also, if you love to stamp with a friend….they would LOVE THIS….anyone that does Stampin’ Up! would appreciate such a useful gift!



The NEW COLOR KIDS on the Stampin’ Up! Block!



WOOT-WOOT…..the Color in all their glory!







Easy…you can CLICK HERE and put in the subject line – CARDSTOCK SWATCHES along with YOUR ADDRESS (pretty please) and how many you want. I will email you back and then send you a Pay Pal invoice for the Card Stock Swatches on a Ring.

In the New Catalog we also have a line Color Family….it is called the BASICS – and yep, I will put them in there as well. I do include both the regular and thick weight of the White and Vanilla in my card stock rings because I think the “feel” helps people see the difference.





Below you can see the piles that I had….I had used my On Stage Preorder to start making them! Last week was an “assembly line” for me and It was an amazing feeling to get it them together! I knew that my team members would LOVE getting this and seeing all of the NEW COLORS!

I do have some ready to ship now and next week when I can order more of the new product (yippee  – a perk for demos) I will continue to fill orders!





This IS one of those “labors of love” that I do but I do it…because – I GET IT….when something is a HUGE HELP to you I am all for it! I figured that I put 3,720 labels on last week! I felt like Lucy and Ethel at the Candy Store but Ethel didn’t show up to help!!!!


The cost of the swatch books are $10.00 each.

(Trust me, this will be the best $10.00 you spend! Shipping will be as follows)

  • If you order 1 or 2 of the Swatch Rings…the shipping is $4.00
  • Any more that 2+ Swatch Rings….the weight goes over to Priority Mail….the shipping will be $6.75
  • If you order 10+ the shipping is FREE….on me!


I do have many people order large quantities of them as they are they are perfect for Stamp Clubs and also for friends and perks! I am really hoping to get these going and OUT THE DOOR before the other Product Share offerings I offer. This is a super exciting time for us as we adore the new catalog offerings.

Because Stampin’ Up! did a TOTAL REVAMP…this is the perfect time to get an updated, new swatch-book. Again, if you want to get one of these gems….. CLICK HERE and put in the subject line – CARDSTOCK SWATCHES along with YOUR ADDRESS  and how many you want. I will email you back and then send you a Pay Pal invoice for the Card – Stock Swatches on a Ring.

Don’t forget….retired products are going down….here is the most up to date list of things that are gone!









The winner….it’s TRIPLETS!


Good Morning! We had a FABULOUS WEATHER WEEKEND on the East Coast over the weekend and we were deep into the fun and chores that Spring brings to us! If you can…please read to the end as I have a super sweet story for you!

I did not go into my Craft Room to do the COUNT…..until yesterday and I am a bit embarrassed to say the amount of stamps that are on my shelf that are retiring…..as I shared on Friday…I had several downline text me what their numbers were…and I was wondering what mine will be?

It’s kinda like that feeling when you need to get weighed at the Doctors Office….that REALITY of that number, yikes…that is just the worse but here you go…..the number is 46. YEP, I had 46 stamps and/or bundles that are being retired. Now before you fall off your chair (that’s what I kinda did) remember that there are stamps that have been around for years that are leaving the catalog.

This happens…and we all know it and just seem to deal with it. What will I do with them? WELL….I will pull out the ones that talk to my heart and make me smile….and the others, will find new homes. When I sell my retired stamps I know that they are going to GREAT homes and will still get the love that they deserve!

We have a winnerwinners…as 3 of you guessed 47 and I just couldn’t pick one of you as this is just silly that I have this amount so guess what….you all get to pick a stamp from the stash that is retiring! Please email me and I will be back in touch! I will not be able to send them to you until after June 1st!



Many thanks for the comments and emails. By now…you know me….I am very upfront and honest about my love for paper crafting and I also love to share my tips and have fun on my blog with Blog Candy!

Willy Wonka was one of my FAVORITE movies and Candy Lane was one of my FAVORITE games when I was a grass-hopper…. I just like being the candy man as I know it makes you smile!

Now here is to a sweet story. You know that my dad has been having health issues over the past several months. Because his doctors are mainly where I live, he has had to stay in the area. Probably 20 years ago, my parents decided to purchase a home here so in case they needed care….they would be close to me. (I am the youngest of 4 and my siblings do not live near)

Well…that time is here and trust me, he would much rather be at his home on the water…but in due time. If you think I am active…he is like me at 87 so you know that I get it honestly. He is hard to keep down as he wants to go but his heart is telling him he needs to slow down!

I have been trying to do something with him about every other day to get him out of his house and give his care-takers a break so on Saturday I asked him if he wanted to go with me to get hay for the horses and to the nursery for flowers. Naturally he said YEP….I would love it so on Saturday we made the trek!

John said to me, how is your Dad going to get up in the truck? I said….let’s put the mounting block in the trailer (this is a big 2 step block that I use when I get on a horse to mount them) and in it went and off I went! I pulled into his retirement development with my truck and trailer….he was waiting for me outside and I popped out….pulled out the block and up he went!

We went for breakfast in a charming little town….then up to the “Hay Man” and they put 100 bales of hay in my trailer….then off to the nursery and I put the items in the trailer and then back home we came! He had SOOOOOO much fun! If anyone was on I-81 and saw a white truck and trailer rollin’ down the road….you would have seen a beaming father/daughter team!

I have bought hay from the same family for about 15 years and even though it is over an hour away…it is a destination of happiness for me as this family is a special family that are super hard workers! T

hey had baby goats….cows….and Dad was just thrilled to be out and see beautiful sights and talk with special people! Farming is a super hard job and a job that many of us do not understand the amount of labor. Next we rolled down the road to a nursery and as I pulled in he said…these people look like they have never seen a horse trailer before…we both laughed!

To wrap it up….we had a GREAT WEEKEND…John’s Birthday was super….my Dad had a great time and my joy tank is filled! What am I doing today……GOING TO THE MOVIES WITH DAD!

He calls me every morning when he wakes up…. and as it is to rain today I said – wanna go to the movies? He quickly said YES – I bet I haven’t been to the movies in 5 years!

So….the moral of the story is – there are times that we need to adjust life as simple adjustments bring lasting joy!


What will I miss that is retiring…..


Hello and Happy Friday!



I wanted to pop on and share with you

some of the things

that I am going to miss…..

maybe a bit surprised with….

and also share with you what has already sold out thus far…

and…..how about some BLOG CANDY!





You might have been wondering….what the heck has Susan been up to?



Well…I did a big project for my team that went in the mail to them today…I will share that with you next Wednesday….as I want them to receive “Happy Mail” and be surprised and the big reason…TAX SEASON is over (whew….this was a rough one for John this year) and he has taken some well deserved time off and we have just been enjoying the slower pace!

You see….I am like you….I love to craft and I get surprised just as you do when the retired list comes out. I have YET to pull off the shelf the stamps that are being retired but hopefully I will do so over the weekend. The other day, several of my team friends were texting with how many stamps they had….and I thought – wonder how many do I have?


SO….how about some BLOG CANDY?


Leave me a comment with a guess of how many stamp sets I have that are retiring from the Annual Catalog! This will be fun and I guess a bit scary at the same time..but reality is…we have some newbies around the corner!

I heard their numbers and it will be interesting to see if I am in the same ballpark! If there are multiple that guess the correct number, I will use random.org. WHAT IS THE CANDY?...The winner will get 1st pick of a stamp or bundle of her choice from the ones that are retiring that I will be selling starting June 1st.

Once I pull the ones that are leaving off the shelf…I can go through and spot the ones that will NEVER leave Randall Lane…and then the rest…I will add to the Vault of retired goodies and sell them to a loving crafter that will give them a very good home!

Now to some scoop…I  talked with Demonstrator Support as in the past they always updated the list and then we could easily send it to YOU via our blogs. I was told that this year they will not be doing it in that fashion so I will do my best to update it for you to see. Below you will see as of this morning what has been sold out.

As a Demonstrator, I also can see that there are many…..many items that are already on the low inventory and then you know what that means….




I wish that I would be able to take a screen shot for you the items that are on the “low status” but it is not in a convenient format like you see below! I guess that you can say the moral of the story is…not to wait of there is something that you really have wanted and/or something that you enjoy using and it is leaving the Stampin’ Up! line.




This time of the year is very bittersweet for all of us as it saddens us to see some favorites leave but at the same time we get super excited with what will be blooming in the New Catalog! Trust me, “I get it” as I feel the exact same way.

One thing that I truly hope that you embrace is… just because it is retiring….it doesn’t mean that it needs to leave your craft room and also that you should not like it because Stampin’ Up! has put it on a retired list. Please do not look at in this way. I am sure that it is super hard for Stampin’ Up! to figure what stays….what goes!

These are the things that I am surprised about and yep, I love them….no particular order…just flippin’ through and looking at the BIG X’s over them! I am sure that there are many that I have missed…at the end of the post you will find all of the links to them in the product lineup!

  • Fast Fuse – that  is WAS the BEST and STRONGEST adhesive we have had in a convenient format. (application) I think that many had a hard time using it…and found it to be more of a pain that a pleasure! I am sad and I was hoping that SU was coming out with an alternative for that…but nope!  Personally I am not a snail lover but I know many of you love it….the Fast Fuse and refills are already sold out.
  • The Stamp-A-Ma-Jig  – (page 217)YEP….I am really surprised on this one as I think that it is a tool that EVERY CRAFTER needs. (pg. 217) You know how I feel about tools…..TOOLS ARE WHAT MAKE THE PROCESS OF CREATING FUN and REWARDING! True, we all know that the Stamparatus is a dream addition (LOVE IT) but there IS a time and place for the Stamp-a-ma-jig…..
  • Bakers Twine – (page 199)You all know how I feel about Bakers Twine (page 199)…I LOVE IT as it is not only super easy to use…it is a product that is so inexpensive and delivers a great end result! I would not worry one bit if the Bakers Twines that are being retired are a retiring InColor….this simple twine always seems to be a great mix-in with many colors!
  • Basic Black Metallic Thread – (page 198) This pick might surprise you as honestly I do not use it a bunch…BUT….any of the threads come in handy for making a simple enhancement to a card. You know how we look at something and say…what could I add to give it some simple pizzazz? YEP, wrapping thread around your hand and then slapping it down….works every time!
  • Lovely Words Framelits -(page 214) You also know how I feel about sentiment words…I adore them as they add a simple yet effective touch! I have used these framelits just for the sentiment words. A quick snip and presto!
  • White Perfect Accents – (page 196) – Another simple accent that makes a statement to add a bit of bling and after all…white goes with anything!
  • Petal Passion Memories and More Card Pack – (page 24 Occasions) I know that most of my customers are not Memories and More kinda people BUT…..the Card Packs are a very useful and oh so simple addition to enhance a stamp set! I know that the Petal Palette Bundle was SOOOOOO popular with the Occasions catalog and YIPPEE….it IS being carried over BUT NOT AS A BUNDLE. I hope by now you all have gotten in the swing that they are only at that bundled price for the longevity of that particular catalog. So if you do not have this bundle and have been eyeing it up…I would hop on it as face it, every bit of savings helps!
  • Woven Ribbon In Colors (page 198) – I am not surprised that this ribbon is discontinued as they always seems to change up the ribbons with the new colors but I will say, this particular ribbon is beautiful to work with!
  • Whisper White 1/4″ Organza Ribbon (page 23 Occasions) – Now this is one ribbon that I AM SURPRISED about – this is simply the best and YEP, I have stocked up on it as how much more classic is a simple white ribbon??? This is a dream to work with and it is my FREEBIE with orders of $75 this month. If you are remotely bow challenged…this IS your kinda ribbon!



Well….thoughts? What is your biggest surprise that is leaving? It is funny that we all see things differently as to what we will miss etc….Please do not forget to leave me a comment with how many stamps I personally have on my shelf from the ANNUAL CATALOG that is being retired! I admit, it is a bittersweet time when you see them come off the shelf!

Have a FABULOUS weekend….we sure plan to! Today is actually John’s Birthday so I guess that is a gift he gets each year after Tax Season! We are having a dinner together with James, Ashleigh and my Dad at the BEST RESTAURANT around us….15002 Randall Lane…..YEP, we are all foodies, we all love to cook and having a yummy dinner at home is always sure to please and as the saying goes….there is no place like home!

I am sure many of you join me with the sad news of this week, the passing of an AMAZING women, Barbara Bush. WOW…what a lady! I adore this picture….it is in the current issue of Town and Country Magazine…4 generation! She truly was an inspiration to us all and what a love story…married for 73 years!

I think that it is fair to say…Pearls are and will always be a classic and I will say Mrs. Bush wore them proudly! I adore the bill boards that have gone up over the country for this special lady!






SO much to be thankful for…have a super weekend and I will see you on Monday! Don’t forget to leave a guess on the stamps and I will announce the winner on Monday!






Clearance Rack RE-STOCKED!


Good Morning! 


I popped on this morning to give you a “head’s up” that Stampin’ Up! has added some goodies into the clearance rack!

Take a peek and grab some deals! When the clearance rack gives refilled….it goes quick and there are some things in there that I would take a peek at.

I always try to look at ribbons as they get used all year long with gifts/packages etc…..here is a head’s up – I see that the Mint Macaron Stripe Ribbon from years before is in there. Don’t forget – we are bringing back the Mint Macaron Color with the upcoming re-vamp of colors!

Here is another “smart shopper” pick….the Quilted Christmas 8 1/2 Cardstock Pack….this is a FAB-O price and all 3 of these colors will be in the Stampin’ Up! line so why not…..it is soooooo much cheaper than buying the colors individually!

Another one that caught my eye…the Watercolored Christmas Project Kit.…I adored this kit last year and trust me, you could cut down the fronts of these cards to utilize the fun paper if you did not want to use it in the traditional way….also – the gold liners…LOVE THEM – and for just $8.00 you can get a bunch of stuff to do up to 20 cards!!!! LOVE IT!

Take a peek….lots of fun stuff and to me, it looks heavy on the side of Christmas but that is a good thing as we can still remember how pretty our paper was from last season! That Quilted 6 X 6 DSP was a HUGE favorite of mine as the prints are super easy to use for envelopes and also to make holiday poppers and also perfect for wrapping hershey nuggets!

Have fun looking around….have a great day……..don’t forget to look at the PLANK WALKERS as well!




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