Good morning! I have a great post for you on a stamp that is “walking the blank” but one that will be staying with me on Randall Lane. You know how I feel about single stamps….usually they are always “blue ribbon” ones and this is a great example of a “keeper”

Why do I like this stamp….easy – it is EASY to use and it is a great stamps to make in the masses. Let’s face it…COLDS HAPPEN and how sweet is this stamp to brighten someones day that is under the weather.

I hope that you take another look at this classic before it walks off the plank into bye-bye land at the end of the month. It is funny, when I look at the stamps that I keep….many of them are “single ones” – for some reason…they tickle my fancy!






I used the gold embossing powder to do the magical fun for this card. When you make this card, make MANY as we all know that they will go to good use in sending to family and friends.

We all know that there is something so rewarding when we heat emboss but please remember to use the stampin’ buddy to prep the cardsock so you will get a clean stamp and heat set with the embossing!







I hope that the next 2 pictures help you see that pulling this card together is actually not hard….let’s face it – nothing is hard when the method is explained to you!

Just stamp and cut. It is a wee bit of paper-piecing but I think that you can see the end result is totally worth the steps. We all have a TON of DSP and many prints work great with this stamp!









Here is the opposite angle – I tried to get the shine from the gold so you can see how rich looking it is! The color palette is using 2 of the NEW In Colors, tranquil tide and powder pink – both great new and fresh additions to our card stock collection! Remember, these are around for 2 years so there is LOTS of time to play with them!






The DSP that I used is a new kid on the block and it is from a 12 X 12 stack – (yep, I will be offering them in a product share)….the pattern might look familiar to you as it is the one that we currently have with the Navy and White…. – a true classic and one that I know we are all going to have FUN with!





Here is your “pin-able” picture for you…but if you do not have this stamp – please hit that below PAW PRINT and add it to your stash…heck – the price is great and you know that the size and simplicity of this stamp makes it an easy one to use!

Can you see that I just used the good old trimmer to make clean and simple cuts to set the tone for this fun card. You just cannot go wormng with the classics!





Yesterday was a busy day….I mailed out the NEW catalogs so if you have placed an order with me in the past 6 months… will be receiving some “HAPPY MAIL” from me….I know that it is a FUN time to have the actual catalog in your hands and look…and look – and guess what – soon enough it will be JUNE 1st!

I also have been working on what will be on my Product Share and I will have that ready for you soon as well. When the new catalog comes out, there is always so much to see, take in…one “heads up” about this new catalog, the RIBBON IS FANTASTIC ~ we have not had a surge of fab-o ribbons like this in years! (I know that you are going to enjoy it) as it is “practical” ribbon, meaning that you can easily use it for cards. (yep, there will be a ribbon share too)

See you in the morning for our 2 day post..Simple Saturday will get your weekend rolling~ I think that you are going to like it. Speaking of liking? – How did you like this card today – I adore the stamp and even though I am sad that it is retiring, I am happy that it has a home on Randall Lane as I will use it for many cards in the future years – IT’S A KEEPER….just like YOU!




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