A “fruity” thank you….




Happy HUMP day! Today I have a “sweet & fruity” thank you that I created using the June Paper Pumpkin! It is so funny to me….when it is time for the Paper Pumpkins to arrive (around the 12th of the month) there seems to be a buzz going around…..“Did you get your Paper Pumpkin yet….What is the kit” – the fun is the mystery each month!

Here is the video of the kit and on Friday I will share with you another take that I did using another part of the kit. For me…it is fun to try to use them in a different way than what was intended but truth be told there are months that I just like to sit and have some “me time” and put it together while watching the video!






You can see that the kit is soooooo festive and fun for Summer! I always LOVE the stampin’ spots and this month there were 2….I say – WOOT-WOOT!!! These little gems come in handy and are great to have if traveling! (you can re-ink them just like the big ones)

You can see that I cut the DSP of the fruit and made it into a simple square and then matted it to make a fun square card! One thing that I want to touch on…can you see how distinct the melon mambo sentiment is?

That comes from “conditioning the stamp” – I have blogged about this many, many times and this card is a great example of why I believe that taking the time is totally WORTH IT because your end result will be a great clean and crisp stamp!







The stamp set is Thankful Thoughts. It was carried over this year which made me happy as it is a clean stamp that covers many cards that we will make when a simple “thanks” is in need! Aren’t the fonts great?

I wasn’t sure what to do today so all I did was STAMP….get the scissors out and GO TO TOWN and cut it randomly and then a quick mat. I say, when in doubt…..pull those scissors out! It’s a fun look and take seconds….just do it!






I enjoyed reading the comments on yesterdays post so I kept the party rolling. It truly is fun to add the extra pizzazz to the envelope. Remember, there are no rules other than to have FUN!







I love the bright and bold elements of this card and I think that the square size looks super with the fruit! I am excited for you to see Fridays project…..(heck – I would love it if Stampin’ Up! added this) to our product line…it was super fun and fresh!

I know that Paper Pumpkin is not for everyone but the element that is always true…you can make it work for you. I admit that there are months that I am not over the moon about but I will say they always can be put to use! That what creativity is….making it work for your needs!

Guess what tomorrow is….YEP – TIC TAC TOE day! I hope that you will pop back tomorrow and see the card that when with yesterdays post….it’s a keeper!





Tip for your Tuesday…Envelope love!





Happy Tuesday to you! By now you know that I adore….actually LOVE my envelopes and today I have a tip for you. I was making the card for Thursdays post and thought….I LOVE this envelope – I need to share!

I know that many of you are on the Envelope Love Train with me and today I can inspire you to have fun with just a 1 1/2″ strip of a DSP and turn your envelope into a Picasso….that will make 3 people smile….


  1. YOU


Here you go….this is super fast and easy to do! I have blogged over and over about the BASICS….and by making sure that you have the BASICS….you will never go wrong!

The above pictures will share with you the necessities to make a fun envelope….in a flash! Let’s dive in…..








I like to anchor the strips with Tear and Tape….I find that using this adhesive make the thinner strips lay nice and flat and then you can just use the “green glue” to hold the DSP in place!

The Night of Navy is 1/2″ wide and the Lemon Lime Twist is 1/4″…..the DSP is 1 1/2″ wide.







All you need to do is give it a good and firm rub…..flip it over and cut the excess away….POOF – you are now smiling!

Not so FAST…..can you see in the below picture….that I “stitched in white” – well…I love that look and it is something that I do often….I encourage you to try to add a little touch to your projects…..just try and I think that you will be surprised at the difference.








Now that I have your attention I guess that you are going to have to pop back on Thursday to see the card?!?!? You can already tell that it is a keeper as it is in the 2 classic colors….Lemon Lime Twist and Night of Navy!!!!

I think that you will like it….it is a card right up by SIMPLE ALLEY!

I hope that you will try this envelope love….it does make a difference and I know that you will be doing the dance…the HAPPY DANCE when you give it a try….

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY….hope to see you! 😀






Stepping it Up for you – LOVE IT!







Happy Sunday…..here you go – a wee bit stepped up! I honestly love this card and you betcha that I will make more of them to send put personally as I truly think that it is a classic! You just cannot go wrong with a classic card that has a bunch of “white space” to make a statement!







As I thought….it was going to be a challenge for me to step it up as I was super happy with yesterdays card – I skimmed the comments from yesterday and I took the lead….emboss the white square and that is what I did! Super Simple!







I admit, I was skeptical if it would work because of the detail of the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder but I was proven wrong. It worked like a champ and there are no tips that I can give to you because it was as easy! I follow the tips from the video and it worked like a charm!







Below I have (2) pictures for you that were my secret weapon for creating this card that makes it safe to mail. You know that I adore and use inexpensive fun foam all of the time for larger areas that I like to “lift up”








Please do not get me wrong, I love our Stampin’ Dimensionsals and I am over the moon with the new Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals but I find when I have an area that is larger….it is just as easy to cut a piece of fun foam and adhere.

When this goes through the mail…the “solid mass” of the fun foam will be compressed in the envelope….with no “peaks and valleys” from the dimensionals. (I hope that this makes sense)

Here are the dimensions of this sweet card and I hope that you will make it. Please remember if you do not want to make your own custom envelope with the Envelope Punch Board like I did, you could easily use just one of our regular envelopes!



  • Card base is a 4 1/4″ square card made out of the Thick Whisper White
  • The Pear Pizzazz is a 4″ square
  • The White Embossed piece is 3 3/4″…..and then the medallion is from the Eastern Beauty Bundle and also I used the largest circle from the Layering Circle Framelits.
  • The sentiment is from the You’ve Got This Stamp Set.
  • To make the custom envelope, use the Envelope Punch Board and cut a piece of paper to a 7 1/8″  square and then punch and score at 3 5/8″ with the board (this card size is NOT on the punch board size recommendations – I have a sticky note on the bottom to remember!!!)


I hope that this helps inspire you to make this card. I think that you can see that this is a super simple card….but it has a very classic and “looks hard” feel. I do know that the one thing we all struggle with is the TIME ELEMENT…..and again, I GET THIS because I am just like you.






As I share yesterday….I was not sure how I would step it up and truth be told I never made it into my work area until this morning as I have been having FUN FAMILY FUN with the peeps…and this took no time to whip up – the typing and editing of the pictures is the piece that takes the time!

Well…..OFF I GO….into the kitchen to make Blueberry Pancakes from the picking yesterday – we knocked a punch off of the to-do list but the tennis did not happen – we decided to have a breakfast feast and then play! (hmmmmmm, we’ll see how that goes)

The one thing that we did that was not on the list and it was FABULOUS was….we set off fireworks – I wish that I could have shared some pictures but I totally forgot to take any as I was in my glory of being together! Peep James loves to do this and because we live in the middle of nowhere…..we can have some beauties…..my Dad was so happy to be with all of us and he was amazed with the color and beauty of the fireworks!

Have a great day and I hope that no matter where we are in life….this sentiment of You’ve got this is a great one!




A Classic Simple Saturday





Good Saturday to all! I have a super fast and elegant card for you today! I admit, this is my kinda card and it just came together in a matter of minutes! I sure do love when it happens like this.

Pop back tomorrow to see how I made some changes and stepped it up! I am being honest….I have not created the card for tomorrow yet….and I really and thinking that I might be stumped….as I love it just the way it is!

There are (2) elements of this card that you might have a learning curve with and I highly suggest that you grab that extra cup of coffee to watch them….I know that when we see a set of framelits and an embossing folder we immediately think……I know how to use them but these 2 products have some unique characteristics about them so I highly suggestion to take another look.






  • Eastern Beauty Photopolymer Bundle – This is a very unique and detailed stamp set and framelits. At first glance it looks rather straight forward but the unique element of this is the framelits…..the amount of different ways to use these framelits are remarkable…making this so fun and special.





For today’s card…I allowed the simplistic beauty of the die to be my focal point and then used the amazing clean & simple sentiment, “You’ve got this.” to make a statement! I admit…I have not played and used these framelits to their best ability and I truly think that if you have a “play date” with it….your paper and Mr. Big…you can come up with some amazing unique shapes!






This sentiment is from the You’ve Got This Stamp Set that was carried over from last years catalog. This was a huge hit last year….filled with not only 3 great sentiments but the font…..oh, so classic!








Here is the other product that has the learning curve….if you turn to page 211 in your catalog you will see that we have (5) of these special dynamic folders and this video will be a HUGE help in making this product work for you! I am just giddy about these as the end result is this deep…rich and 3D looking image!

In the video Donna referenced to using a Stampin’ Spritzer to help with the papers fibers…and yep – I would recommend that. This makes a difference with the deep impression – have you ever ran an embossing folder through Mr Big to see areas that there are “cracks” – will this will help soften the fibers of the paper to help prevent that! (just a little tip!!!)



  • The Layered Leaves Dynamic Textured Embossing Folder – There are 3 words – IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I think that you can imagine its beauty but let me say…..how can 1 folder create such a beauty time and time again with all you having to do is add paper and crank!?!?





Whew…..we are over the technical part….let look at some pictures of the project up-close! I am really tickled with this and I am still amazed at the ease.








It truly is like I say over and over…..when you have the “basics”…..(like – Mr. Big….layering framelits – circles, squares etc…) then you can add the “specialty items”….(like this bundle and embossing folders) to create an amazing classic card you just cannot go wrong!

I chose a square card for today as I thought that it lent itself to the shape of the die…and heck – you know I adore a square card. Here is a funny for you – I am a “stamp nut” – what is a STAMP NUT???? Easy – I like to have fun and complementary stamps to go along with the card that I make….call me silly but I do love my stamp collection.

When I made this card I knew that the “LOVE” stamp would be a perfect compliment to the card. When I see a stamp that comes out that I love….I buy many sheets of it to have on hand!






Tomorrow I will share with you tips and tricks on ow to make this card “safe to mail” to protect this delicate and beautiful die. As I said in the beginning of the post….I really don’t know what I can do to step it up….any suggestions?????

I am in my “motherhood glory” as all 3 of the peeps are “in the house” and we are having the time of our lives….we have many to do’s today and I really am not sure if they will be completed….as we were having dinner last night we all shared what we wanted to do….here is a sample and then I think you will agree – GOOD LUCK as there are only so many hours!

I feel very blessed that they all surround us being together….and that is the element that makes my heart pitter-patter…..pick blueberries, power wash the aisle-way in the barn, have a family tennis tournament, have a family corn-hole tournament, give Oscar & Arnold a bath, set off fireworks, make a fire in the fire pit, have a dessert throw-down in the kitchen, go for a long run,play Scrabble & Backgammon, wash the car…..

YIKES  –  if everyone gets their wishes….we are going to be one productive family! (I bet you can tell which ones are my suggestions) Anyway, have a great day….make some memories and I hope to see you back tomorrow!

Remember, the Daisy Punch is back…and I am sure that you saw from many blogs that SUD are super happy about that so please do not miss the opportunity to grab yours…..it is AMAZING of the popularity!








Good Friday to all….it is a GREAT day for many reasons but the reason that you will like the most is…..(drumroll…drumroll…)




The Daisy Delight Bundle is off BACK ORDER!!!!




I know that many of you had ordered the Daisy Delight Bundle and Stampin’ Up! will be shipping your item and for those of you that have been waiting to be able to order…..I say ORDER AWAY as it is obviously ONE HOT ITEM!







I think that it is clear to see that this was a product that just FLEW OUT THE DOOR….and took the projections for sales up in smoke – but as for today – the GREEN LIGHT is on so if I were you….I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT and make sure you secure this bundle.

Most of the time when we think if a bundle….it is a stamp and framelits….this is a stamp and a FABULOUS punch. By getting the bundle you will save an instant 10%….and I think that you can see with this simple card that the stamped flower that is over the stamped/punched out flower creates a fun feel for this card.






I think that it is far to say….Stampin’ Up! has amazing DSP and I know you guys….I know that there are lots of you that have “paper addictions” – well I get it….I am guilty as charged and if that is my worst addiction in life….than I’ll take it. This paper, Delightful Daisy is beautiful, just beautiful.

At first I thought – the prints are so big and busy…..how am I going to make it work? Well here is a tip…..when I have paper that I need to “figure out” – I keep a couple of the patterns out in my work area that I need to “see it” – by being forced to look at it as I walk by etc….it always jumps in my head and makes me think of ideas – try this….I bet you will see that it helps you break through that “what can I do block”






In honor of the GREEN LIGHT IS ON for this product that we have been waiting for….I chose to do the post in greens and also use the faceted gems as they too are off of being backordered!

For those of you that participated in the product share….I am happy to say that these are back and I will send you the missing items from the embellishment share. You can see….that Stampin’ Up! is making many of us super happy with the back orders being caught up!

You all know that I am not a BLING BLING kinda gal….true I like a “little makeup” by I am not one that likes a bunch of glitter and bling (truth be told – I am happiest in my barn comfy clothes) but these faceted gems are quite stunning. There are times that a touch of bling makes a statement…and these make a statement.







I can remember when I would see posts that had the “nestled thread look” and thought – I like that look for a change up….but when I attempted to recreate it – IT WAS A HOT TANGLED MESS(sound familiar to anyone) After trying and trying to master it I found the easiest way….

  • Make sure you have ample adhesive on the back of whatever you are sticking it to
  • Just roll the tread around your hand (I either use 3 or all 4 fingers depending on the width of my nest) and make sure that you wrap many, many times as you need more than you think.
  • Cut it…Take the circle of thread to the adhesive and PRESS….AFTER you have it adhered then you can fru-fru it to the look and feel you are going for.


I used to try to get it “just right” and then attempt to adhere – that’s when Mr. FRUSTRATION set in…..doing it this simple way – it is fast and easy.







I am happy that this product has the GREEN LIGHT for you. What is more clean, crisp and classic than a good old Daisy!

Speaking of Daisy….she is in HOG HEAVEN as I had a call from my Postal Lady saying…..my church made a bunch of strawberry shortcakes for a bake sale….and I have a bunch of strawberry tops for Miss Daisy….well – THAT IS MUSIC TO MY EARS and I gladly drove in to make my girl smack her lips! She just LOVES strawberries!!!

Mr. Perfect update…..well he is still perfect, we all know that…he still is not able to put much weight on his wee little leg but he is happy and in no pain. Being that he has soft tissue damage….they want him to try to put weight on it to start to get the muscles stronger and then he will get a cast back on right before we leave for Thailand. (I think that Dr. Hurry knows that I am more worried about the animals) so while we are away I know that it will be protected.

The things we do….never a dull moment but a moment that is “just my life” and that makes me roll! 😀

Speaking of rolling….IT IS ALREADY the deadline day for Product Shares! If you wish to take advantage of a share….THIS IS IT – today is the last day to hop in a SHARECLICK HERE to see the offerings!




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