3-D Thursday…love, love…LOVE!

Hello and get ready for some inspiration that is going to make you say….now this is a FUN IDEA! I am tellin’ you…these ladies are just too darn tootin’ creative!

Today’s inspiration comes from the talented Sarah Wills….and did she make me think and make a list of all of the people that I know that would adore this concept!

Heck….who wouldn’t love a yummy cake in a mug…sweet and easy….but also fun, different and yummy!!!



Below I have some pictures that Sarah provided showcasing this adorable and fun project and at the end you will be able to do what I know you all love to do…..CLICK A FREE PDF that you can go back and reference to!



I know that many of you will say….where in the world can I get these cake mixes?



Well…here you go! First they should might be in the baking aisle at your grocery store or if all else fails, AMAZON to the rescue!!!! Here is a link that will at least let you see what to search for when you are at the grocery store!

These are super little and you can clearly see in the pictures that Sarah provide that they are a super gift to give to someone and I can almost guarantee that the recipient would say….THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!


Here you go….

It is a SINGLE serving cake in a Mug

and just look how sweet this is packaged!



No photo description available.




My head is already swimming with finding the perfect Coffee Mug to add to this super idea! This is just a fun and oh so different gift to give…. truly the sky is the limit for “gifting these gems” 

I just adore how well this sentiment works with this project…..it is from the Coffee Cafe Photopolymer Stamp Set….this was a carried over item that when it came out….it was such a hit and just look how Sarah worked the coffee sentiment into this fun project!

This is what I love about photopolymer stamps…they make is easy to alter and just image how you could also easily use the word of “SOUP” and put a soup mix in the Pillow Box!!!




No photo description available.



No photo description available.



If you are looking at this and do not have all of the extra supplies…now worries – my bet is that you already have MANY things that you can fru-fru up with…the main concept is the sweet Pillow Box and the idea of it being a “single serving”



Image may contain: text



No photo description available.



Ready for the PDF…..here is is – CLICK HERE and then go to the grocery store!


You know what I always say about a project….go ahead and try it! while it is fresh in your head! If you do not have a stash of these Pillow Boxes, than you need to CLICK HERE and order some PRONTO as they came in sooooo handy for a quick gift!

You know that I am all about packaging and doing things that are fun & different….simple & practical….in summary – a KEEPER! I will be whopping some of these up when I get home and I will share with you my take!

I am still out of town with my Dad but heading home tomorrow (fingers crossed) Milo the perfect is with me and we are both anxious to get home before snow is to come later in the weekend but truth be told….I want a schedule and my own bed back!

Have a great day and who knows….maybe I will post over the weekend…..!!!!




3D Thursday Blog Hop – A Stampers Survival Kit!



Hello and Happy Thursday! Today is a SUPER SPECIAL DAY as it is the day that Stampin’ Up! unveils the NEW Catalog along with Sale-A -Bration 2019 and it is also the 1st Blog hop for the 3D Thursday Blog Hop! WHEW….lots of great stuff happening this Thursday!








I am so glad that you have POPPED in and bit do I have a fun one for you today and then you need to be like my sweet frog and HOP….HOP…..Hop to my other 3 friends on this hop!

I was super excited when I hear that we were putting out thinking caps on with fun ideas altering an Altoid Tin! These are a staple at just about every check out at the grocery store and even though they are small…they are mighty! They come in assorted flavors and there are also different sizes of tins!

The focal star of the show is…Mr. Frog! Trust me, you will be seeing a bunch of him on my blog as I just think he is a smile maker and better yet, he is a FREEBIE offering for Sale-A-Bration(aka – the sweetest time of the year for Stampin’ Up!)






When I heard of the theme of the Hop I was super excited as I actually had many ideas running through my “simple head” …I think that you will like what I did as you know that I enjoy sharing ideas that make this “crafting love” that we have in common….the best!

I have a bunch of pictures for you today and I do think that my pictures will tell the “simple stamper survival story” (now that’s a bunch of s’s for you! I will add in some dimensions for covering the box…but as you can see…there is not a bunch of stamping and cutting – it is just a super FUN and super PRACTICAL post that I know we would all love to have in our stash!







This project is all about little things that we can all use and truly be a helping hand when we stamp and create! YEP, I was able to fit all 12 of these items in this little box and then the icing on the cake is the wee box of Stampin’ Vitamins as we all need our daily vitamins….don’t we!?!?

I have them all identified for you and please feel free to ask a question in the comments and/or also leave a comment with how you liked this little project. If you have some more ideas of thing to fit in a small case….please share! You know my way of thinking about this topic…



Sharing is how we all learn…Sharing is kind…Sharing makes me smile!





Let’s get into the decorating of this simple tin! I used a NEWBIE as of today….the Gingham Gala DSP and what is there NOT TO LOVE about this sweet paper…gingham is always in style and in these fresh colors…we know that Springtime will be around the corner!

You can see that all I used was the Gingham, Matted in White and a super clean and simple bow…POOF…super cute!!! Below are the dimensions of the paper that I used and I just adhered it to the top with tear -n- tape. Just take notice of how small these dimensions are – showing you great things can come in small packages!

  • Small Tin (aka, Stampers Vitamins) – White piece is 1 3/8″ X 2 1/8″ and the Gingham is 1 1/4″ X 2″
  • Large Tin (aka, Survival Kit_ – White piece is 2 1/8″ X 3 3/8″ and the Gingham is 2″ X 3 1/4″










I used the Stampin’ Blends to color Mr. Frog. Because the blends are an alcohol based marker, they are a breeze to color with and will not leave streaky lines from coloring. I know that many of you think that you need to know how to “blend” or “lighting sources” but please – throw that out the door and think of them as a medium of coloring.

All of the more detailed ways of using these Blends can be achieved with practice….it is as simple as that. We all know in all aspects of life that practice is the name of the game!

I drew a little border around him in Pool Party before I fussy cut him as by doing this it is a bit more forgiving. Always remember to use the Memento Ink with the Blends.









In the picture above and also below…I know that these are things that you probably did not need me to point out to you….but I thought – what the heck….the more you know and see…the more it will be in your memory.

I still get emails from people saying…“When I use the blends it bleeds through the paper, is this normal” and the answer…YEP, IT IS! This is the nature of using an alcohol ink marker. When I know that the “back” of what I am coloring is going to be visible to the eye….I always back it with another piece of paper so my project looks clean and crisp!

Below you will see how I did  place some dimensionals to the back of Mr. Frog as well as I left a wee bit of paper on the bottom to anchor him. I just score at 1/4″ and then adhered him to the top of the box!







These next 2 pictures are products that I use over and over. The P Touch Label Maker is just a life saver to this type A gal. I use it all of the time and I have always found it to be at a great price from Amazon. I will share that I find the “knock off” label refills to be fabulous….no need to purchase the name brand! I will also say…..I use both widths, the 6 mm and the 12 mm.

I started using Absorber Chamois Cloths to clean my stamps years ago and true, Stampin’ Up! has since come out with a similar product, the Simply Shammy and that is a great product and yes, I have one….but I love the thinnest of these chamois and the ability for me to cut them into whatever size I need! You can find them at many places and when you look at the size of a sheet, you can clearly see how they can be cut down!










Well…there you go and I hope that you found this blog post to be fun! I just love putting my thinking cap on and doing things like this! One thing I want to touch on as I bet that there will be some might be thinking…

These products are one that I find helpful when crafting. It is wonderful that all of them will fit into something so small for me to have the ability to take them on the go! When I am at home crafting….I just use these staples that I have in my craft area!

As for the chamois…I just have a zip bag that a small one would fit into (it is about 4″ X 6″ ) all folded up! You can reuse these over and over again and YEP...they WILL GET SUPER STAINED! Here is a container that I keep mine in while working, you can see that this was from the Container Store but you can easily find something that will work for your needs! Just make sure that it will close so it will stay moist.

On the picture where you see the products….that plastic piece from a new piece of clothes is PERFECT for unclogging glues! I put the piece of washi on the end so I could find it easily. At home, I keep them in my glues as it is just magical for keeping them unclogged!

Happy Crafting! Now you need to get HOPPING ALONG…..the line up of my 3 friends is below this photo! Please POP/HOP in and see what they are up to as yep…they are SUPER CREATIVE!






Sarah Wills from Sarah’s Ink Spot – CLICK HERE

Twila Davis from Stamp A Little Longer – CLICK HERE

Debbie Henderson from Debbie’s Designs – CLICK HERE


Remember, the NEW CATALOG is live – WOOT-WOOT!!!!!….so as the saying goes…..


Ready…Set….CLICK AWAY!


Remember, for every increment of $50.00….you can pick a FREEBIE from Sale-A -Bration!. I know that Mr. Frog would LOVE to live at your house as well!





WOW…Card Swap reveal!!!


Good Saturday to you! I have some BEAUTIES that will make you go ooh and ahh and I just could not be more proud of these cards….as they are all made by team members from all over!

I threw it out there if anyone wanted to do a Card Swap and just look at these super-de-duper cards that they designed! I have made up a quarterly calendar for us in 2019 to do this again so come back and see when we do another Top Dog Card Swap! The next one will be in March and the theme is Birthday Cards!


When I threw it out there I clearly said…I could care less what you make….I could care less if it was an original design….all I care about it that you get inky…NO JUDGING WHAT SO EVER!

Before you take a gander I want you to think about this…..I mean REALLY THINK ABOUT THIS and hopefully let it settle in and each and every time you are hard on yourself….you remember….IT’S OK – what matters is that YOU TRIED… what matters is that you are GETTING INKY!


I want you to think about card-making the same as a recipe!


Are you thinking to yourself…what the heck is she talking about.YEP, I MEAN IT! Now I ask you….if you went to a friends house dinner and absolutely loved a dish that she made…would you feel terrible in asking if she would share the recipe? NOPE– you wouldn’t! My guess is that you would make it over and over again and each and every time you made it you thought of that 1st experience of having it with your friend!

I want you to think of your card making the same way! Please be gentle to yourself…I feel that we are all so hard on ourselves and I am guilty of that as well! There is NOTHING WRONG IN CASING A CARD…I ask you  – isn’t that one of the reasons that you are here!?!?!?!?

I once heard something that hit me like a big DING-DING-DING…..when someone puts something out there on the internet, they are putting it out there for the whole darn world to see….and YEP…..so true!


That does not mean that you take full credit for the design etc…(and I am not going to get into that as we are all adults) what I mean is….it is OK….it actually is very flattering, rewarding etc….when someone does that…JUST LIKE A RECIPE as YOU did something that made someone HAPPY and ins’t it all about being HAPPY!

I follow this rule…if I totally cased a card from someone…I always share where the inspiration came from. Please stampers, PLEASE DO NOT get all hung up on this…as I stated before, we are all adults and know the golden rules! The reality is…I want people to get inky, create,feel good about themselves and have ME TIME….not be hung up on the “stuff” that can clog our head from creating!



I was just over the moon thrilled that so many did this swap! I know that I was the one that fell short in the timing of it all but I can only do what I can do and family first! I mailed out all of the cards on Thursday so the surprise of what card they get will be in their mailbox soon!

I could go ON and ON with what I love about each and every card….but I am choosing not to as I would be typing for HOURS!!!! (I’m a hen-pecker) but then again I am sure you can tell that with all of my typos….

ENJOY my sweet cyber friends and if you have a wee bit of time…..please leave a comment to give these “top dogs” some love.…and PLEASE ASK ANY ?’s that you might have about a card design….I am sure that they will be happy to answer them!


What card did I receive???……well…..I asked one of my peeps to help me do the swapping as I always get so confused with who gets what etc… and I received receive the BEAUTY from Rosanne Mulhern! She is so darn tootin’ talented and I am blessed that she lives relatively close to me and we get to play with paper together…..I was tickled to death!

I just always beam with huge smiles when I see anyones work as I GET IT…they made that with THEIR HANDS….and I do not know about you but…that is a gift within itself!

If you are wondering why I have (2) pictures for a couple of cards….well…..it is as simple as I thought that they needed to have additional angles to see the details! I wish that I could have held Beth’s card open to take a 2nd picture as it is just stunning how it opens…..but I couldn’t hold it open and take a picture at the same time!


















***Tammy shared with me that her inspiration for this card came from The Pink Buckaroo***












***Jill shared with me that her inspiration for this card came from Jan Brown***
















Ok – I just have to sneak this below picture in as I beamed with joy! Sweet Hilda sent this to me and I melted! I just LOVE stamps…and I have never seen these before! What a great gift to tuck in to someones card or heck – even collect!

Hilda shared with me that she bought them online at the USPS and I went and could not find them. If anyone finds them….please leave a link in a comment as I would love to see if that have other stamps….as card-makers, we all use stamps and this would be a great little “something-something” to add to a card when you send one!


YEAH….I found the direct link for this adorable santa below and remember…..Hilda is right – stamp prices are going up but the forever stamps will alway guarantee you the current going rate for postage!




THAT’S ALL FOLKS for today…I hope that you are smiling and I hope that you are inspired!

Please do not forget about the Product Share that I will be doing for the new Occasions Catalog. If you missed the post with the offerings you can CLICK HERE to see it and I will be starting to send email confirmations out on Sunday!

Enjoy this last Saturday of the year…make someone smile and always remember, being kind is ALWAYS in fashion!




Hello to all and I know that many of you have been waiting for this….so here you go…..




I have been working all day in catching up on things that have needed to get “tended to”  as the house is quiet….just me and my 4 legged friends!!! It is just about 2 p.m. now about 3:40 and I am still in my jammies just trying to make a dent into a pile of “to do’s” and are facing me.

I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas! I did but I admit, I have been here, there and everywhere!. My Dad’s health has been very UP and then DOWN and I am happy to say that he is out of the hospital and in a Rehab Facility getting his strength back. I have been going to see him everyday or at least every other day and with it being a 3 hour trek each way….I have been driving a BUNCH and I am honestly tired!

The great news is…he is doing great and I know right where he will be (in the rehab)….and not having to worry about being at home just quite yet. The “peeps” went to see him today so I have a “day off” and I am determined to get caught up!

We know what happens real soon…..YEP, a NEW CATALOG and when we have a NEW CATALOG….I always do a Product Share! If you are new….(welcome) but let me share with you what is a product share!

In a nutshell…it is the BEST of both worlds….an opportunity for you to get all of the NEWBIES from a new catalog without having to purchase an entire item/product! That is where I come in….I purchase the products from Stampin’ Up!…cut, sort and package them all up for you and then…..PRESTO…you get HAPPY MAIL FROM ME!

My shares are always super popular and I take great pride in them making sure that they are accurate, packaged and presented nicely for you and turned around in a JIF! Trust me, I get it….when it comes out…you want it SUPER FAST and I will say that I am super fast in turning your shares around!

The new catalog goes live on Thursday, January 3rd and I will be “JOHNNY on the SPOT” in ordering and I do plan to overnight delivery my order so they will be turned around over the weekend.

If you have purchased shares from me before, you know the drill…but please share a comment about my share offering if you have a wee bit of time….we all know, referrals are the best way to grow!!!

Please read the offerings below and then EMAIL ME with the SHARE #’s that you want and remember, the I WANT IT ALL SHARE is always the best as you can


Share #1 – Swatchbooks, $17.50 



We have 7 news DSP’s with this new catalog and I will also throw in the Sale-a-bration DSP in as well for FREE to you. I simply cannot imagine playing with my Stampin’ Up! goodies without these gems. They make creating so much easier as you can easily flip through the papers to see what you need!!!

Trust me…and I can vouch for many others….once you purchase these…you will NEVER BE WITHOUT THEM as they make creating and playing with paper….a breeze!




Share #2 – Designer Series Paper – $19.00

You will get a 1/2 Sheet of Paper (6″ X 12″) in the offerings that are  12″ X 12″ Papers….(there are 5 of them) and then 6″ X 6″ paper in the other (2) DSP’s as they are just a 6″ X 6″ offering. (see *** below)

I take great pride in cutting these papers for you and carefully put them between sturdy cardboard to prevent damage from shipping!

  • All My Love
  • Floral Romance
  • How Sweet It Is
  • Happiness Blooms
  • Gingham Gala *** 6″ X 6″
  • Needlepoint Nook
  • Classic Garage *** 6″ X 6″



Product Share #3 – Ribbons – $11.00

I know that we are ALL GUILTY as charged as we do LOVE OUR RIBBONS and Stampin’ Up! does a WONDERFUL job with such quality offerings! I think that you will all enjoy the offerings! I take a spool of ribbon and break it down to 4 equal increments…..see below for exact measurements!

  • All My Love Ribbon  – This offering has (2) different Ribbons – a Flirty Flamingo  1/8″ solid and then the other a Lovely Lipstick 1/2″stitched edge…you will get – 1 1/4 yards of EACH offerings.
  • Petal Pink Ribbon – This is just beautiful! It is 5/8″ wide and you get –  2 1/2 yards
  • Coastal Cabana/Granny Apple Green Ribbon – This is all 3…FUN, FRESH and FANTASTIC! I love the POP of both colors. You will get – 2 1/2 yards of this 3/8″ ribbon.
  • Calypso Coral Ribbon – We needed this color added and yep, it’s a keeper. It is 3/8″ wide and you will get 2 1/2 yards.
  • Whisper White  Flax Ribbon – Well…this might be my favorite! It is the best of both worlds, classic and practical! The width is 5/8″ and you will get 1 1/4 yards.
  • Black/Silver Striped Ribbon – This is another classic and it makes a beautiful bow! Sometimes I struggle with metallic ribbon but since the metallic is in the middle..it is a gem to work with! It is 1/4″ wide and you will get 2 1/2 yards.



Product Share #4  – Embellishments – $18.00

This is one area that always seems to put that smile on our faces. Little accents add that special touch to a project and I know….I know – we love to get the blings….but we never use a whole pack! Let me help you out! Just like I do in all of my shares….I cut, sort and package so you will have some from the buffet without getting stuffed!





  • Heart Epoxy Droplets24 in total
  • Frosted Flowers10 in total….these usually are not my thing but I ADORE THESE sweet and simple flowers!
  • Floral Romance Seals  – these remind me so much of my Mom as she had a wax seal with her stationery – 4 in total
  • Happiness Blooms Enamel Dots – Say no more…we ALL know that these will be a huge hit – 75 dots in total
  • Gingham Gala Sequins – These already have adhesive on the back (yippee) and they are round and also in a flower shape! Super cute and you will get 100 sequins in total
  • Mini Buttons – Just adorable and will be the PERFECT accent to a card! 6 in total.
  • Garage Keys – Another hit for this catalog….great for Valentines as you “are the key to my heart” 4 in total


Well ……there you GO! Above are the 4 offerings for the Occasion Product Share. Below you will see the shipping charges. I always strive to offer the lowest possible for shipping as again, I get it…..I just get grumpy with shipping prices!

I am SUPER HAPPY that I was able to pre-order several of the items to get a jump start on shares. Making the swatch books is always the most time consuming and the great news is….I have them ready to go. I always try to use my preorder to get a jump start on them!

I know that many of you are like me….I always love that I WANT IT ALL OPTION….and yep, this is what I would do.

The I WANT IT ALL OPTION is $65.50 and I will also throw in SALE -A -BRATION DSP  just like I do for the Share #2 – this way….you will have the Swatch Book FREE from me in Share #1 and now you will get (6) 6″ X 12″ sheets of the DSP FREE AS WELL!!!


Shipping Info:

  • If you are getting the I WANT IT ALL OPTION…the shipping is a flat fee of $7.00, the cost of the Priority Mail Envelope
  • If you are getting option #2 (the DSP) and any other additional shares…..it is $7.00 as the paper will ONLY fit into a Priority Mail Envelope because of its size of 6″ X 12″
  • If you are getting one option (and it is NOT share #2 DSP)the shipping is $4.00
  • If you are getting more than one share  (and it is NOT share #2 DSP) the Shipping is $5.00



Please EMAIL ME with what you want to order and PLEASE put in the SUBJECT LINE PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it! (thanks…a bunch!)

PLEASE….PLEASE make sure that I have a current mailing address. I will send confirmation emails starting on Sunday.

I will be doing a 2nd wave of Product Shares but that will not be until the middle of January – I would HOP ON THIS FIRST WAVEthe last date to order from this share is WEDNESDAY JANUARY 2nd as I will be ordering as soon as I am able on the 3rd!

I have linked up many of the new products below in the lineup (I love it when they are already in there) so feel free if you are able to see the offerings.

Once my son Will leaves on Saturday, I will be stuffing the new catalogs and SAB brochures for my customers along with a goodies that I think will be making you smile!!!!

If you are not currently working with a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and would like a copy of the newbie catalogs, simply email me and I will be happy to add you to my list. Whew, this took me a LONG time to get pulled together but I know that many of you have been worried about the share!

Have no fear…I am here and I am happy to put a smile on your face…as that is what you all do to me!

Please pop back on Saturday as you will see 17 AMAZING cards that members from my team did! I offered an optional Card Swap and I have them ready for you to see….I know that it is past Christmas but I also know that “us card-makers” can SPOT a great card/layout when we see one. I am finally off to the post office next to mail goodies to them….

Thanks for your patience and as always, family first and I am thrilled that my Dad is doing better!






Warning!!! Cuteness ALERT!!!!



Happy Friday and do I have something that is just TOO CUTE for words! I am always amazed at the talent that is out there and I am super excited to share with you!






Debbie Henderson from Debbie’s Designs has a snowman that will make you want to flock to your “fun area” and make this cutie up!

Backing up…I was asked to join these fun and talented group of gals and every Thursday for one of us to inspire you with a fun 3-D project and this week it is this SNOWMAN that is just ADORBS!

Unfortunately last Thursday I missed posting as I was tied up with my Dad and health issues…and again, I am right back at his town with a medical issue! When it rains….it pours!






I am adding a couple for pictures for you all to enjoy of Debbie’s adorable snowman and I hope that it inspires you and touches that “whimsy side of you heart”


Here is Debbie’s AMAZING FREE INSTRUCTIONS on how you can make this – CLICK HERE and then print them off! You will be so happy to have this to follow step by step!




Enjoy the evening….be safe and please keep my Dad in your prayers….we are happy with his care and tomorrow he will be having a pace maker put in!

Hugs to all of you….and trust me, you are my strength and inspiration to keep me going!





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