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Happy, happy Tuesday!  We have a winner……you know what to do…..push back the chair….shake – shake and then lift your hands high and WOOT-WOOT and if you are Janice..

It is simple, YOU WON! (please email me)



I am also popping on to remind you that today is the last day that you can take advantage of FREE SHIPPING from ME to YOU for any and all orders that are over $75+…click here to see the post from Saturday that will give you the scoop!





I loved reading your comments about the stamping blends.It seems like there are many of you that preferred to purchase the blends in specific color families.Trust me, I get it. I think that there are many times that we gravitate to certain color families that make us feel comfortable.



The best advice I can give you is to start where you feel comfortable.



I am just very happy that Stampin’ Up! is coming back out with Alcohol based markers.I personally enjoy the experience of trying to get colors to blend together but If that is not your cup of tea… No worries….just use them to color – they GLIDE over the paper!

There are simply no words to say/convey what fun it was to be with my 4 stampin’ friends over the weekend….I might have “black beauty” on my arm but that didn’t stop me from fun! It is simple… It was the BEST TIME EVER!

We decided to start a sorority as none of us were ever in one….



Sisters of the Traveling Stamps



What do you think? Sounds like fun! I wish that you would have seen us….we just had FUN….being US! I found this picture that I had used before on my blog…..this could be US…..

I am still beaming and laughing….life is great!




We have a winner…FREE SHIPPING & more candy!



Good morning! I hope you are ready for the weekend…I sure am!

We have a bunch going to today to chat about but before we do – push back that chair and get ready to do what we do when there is blog candy winner time…..get those hands up and shake it…shake it some more and if you are Katie (below) than you need to squeal so loud that we all can hear you! WOOT-WOOT you won!




I loved, loved, LOVED reading your comments about the blends and I am thrilled that so many are excited about them coming aboard the Stampin’ Up! Train of fabulous products. As soon as I know the availability date you will know….

One thing that I want to emphasis about these or any alcohol markers is…You do not need to know one thing about shading to enjoy the beauty of what this marker will bring to your projects.

Trust me on this one…They simply GLIDE over your paper and absorbed into the paper leaving no lines of where you stop and started.This is why alcohol-based markers are great medium for coloring with fabulous results.

The way I would rather you look at it is…If you choose to use two to blend together…That’s great but you do not need to use two colors together when coloring an image it.





Think of it this way…You have two completely different colors. Stamping Up Blends have a palette of 12 (as of now) but because we have 2 of each color (a light and a dark) you actually have 24 completely different colors.

We ALL seem to agree….we ADORE the fact that the Blends MATCH our beautiful colors…that is why HANDS DOWN I knew that when Stampin’ Up! brought these back….I was IN FOR SURE…..(even though I am a COPIC gal too) because of the “matching factor”I LOVE that these MATCH our fabulous colors.

Whew….that’s over – now here is something that you all will love…..FREE SHIPPING! For me – anytime I see FREE SHIPPING, you can count me in. Being totally honest, it PAINS me more thank you will ever know to pay so much for shipping…..SO –



My wonderful peep (James) Birthday is Sunday the 15th and mine is Tuesday the 17th so it is a “happy” time for me….so what better way so share the “happy” than to pass it on to YOU!

SO….as the header picture says…..Sunday – Tuesday I will give you FREE SHIPPING when you place an order from me on my online store with any purchases over 75+.

How does it work? – after you place the order I will see it….and when I send you the gift with purchase for the month (Tuxedo Black Memento Ink Pad) I will send you a check for the amount that your shipping was. (I offer this randomly and I know than many of you love it) so…here you go – 3 days for you to look and see what you need.


Here is the Hostess Code for this month –  N7K7RR46 (you will always see the current one on the side of my blog) 


Why not go together with a friend if you cannot meet the $75 limit yourself (I don’t think that will be a problem if you are anything like me)…have FUN and a great way to stock up on staples.




Let’s keep chatting about these new markers……leave a comment and give some feedback….here is the question …..When these markers come out….will you “pick and choose certain color families” or will you buy the whole set……

I can’t wait to hear your preference….for me – HANDS DOWN…..I had to get the whole darn deal! Remember, tomorrow (the 15th) is the last day that you can get “the ultimate bundle” of them as Stampin’ Up! only has them available as of now to demonstrators….

For $99 you will get ALL OF these Stampin’ Blends (a $121.50 value) – ships for free… I will send you the Tuxedo Black Memento Ink Pad…and you will be good to go to color away!

Monday, I will pop on and let you know the WINNER of this blog candy….another set of the cards…..someone will win (4) cards and the ink pad …..




Where am I today? I am with 4 AMAZING GALS…my Stampin’ Buddies…..Jeanie, Rosanne, Deb and Ramsey as we are staying at Ramsey’s in Annapolis, MD and stampin’…chattin’ ….laughin’…..a perfect and special time…..gotta run  -we are doing our own show box swap!








Hello and I hope that you are doing well! I bet you have thought that I was lost somewhere in cyber space…well  – nope!!! I shared with you on Monday that I was going to the Doctors on Tuesday to hopefully have Mr. Green Bean removed.

Well….he is gone…… but Black Beauty is the new color. Needless to say I am sad, (actually very sad) but I know that this will pass. I chose “black” for obvious reasons….and I have 3 more weeks.







I wish that you all could be with me on Randall Lane for the pity party that I have been hosting…..unfortunately only the dogs have chose to join the fun. It takes a couple of days to get the new cast a bit comfy (if that it possible) but as promised –






Over the weekend I shared with you that I was going to play with the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK….the Stampin’ Blends and yep, they have gone for a spin….actually a BIG SPIN as I purchased several of these below kits, Color Me Happy Project Kit.

These are NOT yet available for you to purchase (just for demos and new demos just until this Sunday, October 15th) but as I said… I purchased several to not only put together to get practice but to share for blog candy and also I’m sending a finished card to my downline so they can see first hand the fun kit and the stampin’ blends in action.







Does this below picture just make you smile…It sure made me smile. I have to say as an adult I think it is just fabulous that we get excited seeing something like this. You can never be too old to still have fun and simple joy in your life! New products bring me joy and I know it brings you joy as well!

I will do further posts on my thoughts and comments about the stamping blends… but I can honestly say… I love them. I am also a COPIC girl at heart but I knew when stamping up would come out with their own alcohol-based markers I had to have each and every color as they match our palette perfectly.







In the picture below you will see all of the contents of the kit.The kits will allow you to make 16 fabulous cards and I invite you to check out the envelopes… are they over-the-top or what? You all know that a beautiful envelope makes my heart pitter patter and this kit surely has done that!

What I will be giving away for blog candy today is…a completed card (4 in total) of each below and and a memento ink pad. You do need to use the Memento black ink when using an alcohol-based marker.I use this ink pad when I color with my COPIC markers so it was a easy transition for me.

How do you win? Easy… Just leave a comment and let me know how you feel about Stampin’ Up! having alcohol-based markers once again.

I am super excited to hear peoples thoughts and comments.Trust me, I realize that new products are not for everyone but I do love to hear your feedback.

I think that many people are intimidated that they feel that an alcohol-based marker means that you have to understand artistic techniques as well as light source/shading….I am here to tell you that is simply not true.

The main reason that I enjoy working with them is the fact that they just glide over your paper and their are no rough edges from where you stop and start using the same color.Honestly, they are perfect to use just as coloring and image in using one marker.

Enjoy the pictures…and on Saturday morning I will pop it back in and announce the winner along with a special that I am hosting Sunday through Tuesday just on my blog. (here’s a hint…..if you need to order, I would wait until Saturday to hear why)








This is the stamp set that I used to complete this Kit. When stamping up offers this as a product for everyone to purchase… It will be available as a bundle and then you will also be able to purchase additional kits if desired.I truly had fun coloring and trying to get to know and use these markers to my abilities.






















I hope you enjoyed seeing this kit in action. It truly is stunning and when you hold one of these cards in your hand you just beam with pride – they are fun to put together and they are super practical cards . I admit, these color combinations that they put together I would not have come up with but when they’re all together I stood back and said WOW!

Enjoy your day… And please leave a comment …and on Saturday morning the winner will be announced as well as you will see the little something special that I have in store for you for Sunday –  Monday and Tuesday.

If you are just itchin’ to get these super markers….email me – I would love to share with you the ease of getting them in your starter kit, the Ultimate Bundle…..






“Oh Joy”…a FORMULA layout!





Good Morning…as I like to say it, my “joy tank” is on FULL after spending a glorious weekend with John and the peeps. I bet I said 100 times…“wow, look at those leaves….just look at the color…” The weather and the amazing color that Fall brings to us were in its glory and I was a HUGE SPONGE and SOAKED it all up!

Tomorrow is the magical day that I go to the doctors and hopefully Mr. Green Bean will come off my arm. It was funny over the weekend when we sat down for dinner and said a prayer, (we always hold hands as a family) and Will went to take mine and just held onto the “nub” of my thumb and we all laughed!

I am saying that this would be a great “formula card layout” as you could easily mass produce this one and the color combo….the sky is the limit! Today I chose a modern color scheme to really switch it up but you can see easily that you can have some fun!

Here’s the scoop as it is beyond easy and the effect….a big WOW with this fun and simple sentiment of “Oh Joy” which is from the Watercolor Christmas Stamp Set.

You can click here and here to see other posts that I have used this stamp set… is a true blue Holiday Catalog Keeper and when it is used in the kit that Stampin’ Up! intended it to be used for….another quick and easy WOW!







Let’s get going on this super simple yet fun card. I admit this card is one of those that was hard to get a great picture of so you are just going to have to “trust me” on this one…it is a keeper and I hope that you try to make it….you’ll be happy!









  • The Card base is an A-2 Vertical Card in Thick Whisper White.
  • The Color Blocking Colors are Powder Pink, Lemon Lime Twist, Powder Blue, Berry Burst and Garden Green ALL in the measurement of 1″ X 4 1/4″ and then (2) of the gold Foil in 1/4″ X 4 1/4″
  • The White piece that the sentiment was stamped and Heat Embossed is 2″ X 3″ (don’t forget to use your Stampin’ Buddy to always have a crisp image when heat embossing) and the Gold Foil Mat is 2 1/8″ X 3 1/8″
  • The Gold Mini Sequin Trim was added to the back of the sentiment before I popped it up with dimensionals or a piece of fun foam.
  • Envelope FUN: a narrow piece of gold foil (1/4″) was added to the top and then an embossed piece using the Holly Textured Embossing Folder completed the finished look for this fun card!







Darn that camera as the below is a bit wonky but I am sure that you “get it” – It is a keeper and having the envelope super classic and rich…sets the tone for what is inside!

You can see that his card layout would be a minimal expense and also be one that would be great to use up scraps. It comes together like a puzzle but even easier as all you need to do is push them close to each other and POOF – you are done!






Can you think of color combinations that would be fun?I would love to hear your comments below.

I know you might think this sounds crazy but one color scheme that I think would be stunning would be just using white and vanilla in the1″ colors alternating them and keeping the Gold in between like I have done today.I know that sounds rather boring but I think it would be quite stunning!

There you go… a simple card to start your week off… I hope that you found this formula both fun and a concept that you could apply to your own card making endeavors.

Have a great day and I hope to see you on Wednesday…..I think we need some Blog Candy!!! – it’s been a while so please be sure to POP in and see what is up my sleeve (well….I hope this cast is not on my sleeve)….I just love to be the Candy Man to you guys!




Product List

Just checking in…with a smile!


Good morning! I hope this post is finding everyone well… I truly have missed posting as I regularly did….but we are on the countdown with this cast…(fingers crossed) It is amazing how something that we take for granted can slow you down….but all is good – actually it is GREAT!

Isn’t this a great picture of “Happy Pants“….I adore Sandy Allnock as she is sooooo darn talented and one super sweet person. I have taken many of her online classes and I truly enjoy watching videos of her working and creating amazing projects…..

Click here to see a quick video and I hope that her message will be all over your face – a simple SMILE does make a difference something so simple and something that we ALL can do….

At the end…you will see some snaps of my view as I woke up this morning….



I am away with the most important people in my life… wonderful hubby and 3 peeps!



I did not bring much to work/play will except……..the NEW STAMPIN’ BLENDS! I am itchin’ to play and then I will be sure to share my thoughts and works of art with you all!


Meet my new friends…..I am super excited to PLAY! 😀 





I am just giddy that WE HAVE THESE MARKERS….we all know that there is LOTS going on with Stampin’ Up! this month…..Below you will see a recap of a previous post with all of the Stampin’ Scoop…..I get it – a BUNCH to absorb – just be a sponge and soak it up!




I am super excited that Stampin’ Up! is offering an alcohol-based marker once again.These markers are only available to demonstrators at this point but Stampin’ Up! is going to be releasing them hopefully by the end of the year to all customers.

I think it is fair to be totally be honest and say that Stampin’ Up! is being super cautious with this new product launch to make sure the quality control is to their highest standards. Alcohol based markers are a staple in the crafting industry and I am THRILLED that we are offering them.

This time Stampin’ Up is doing a super smart thing….there are just (2) shades for each color family and if you have 1 that runs out….no worries as you can purchase them individually as needed (once they go live for customers) – I personally think that Is super smart as that was one thing in the past many did not like… having to re-purchase the whole color family.

You can see that this is very exciting for Stampin’ Up! If you have never used an alcohol-based marker before I say HANG ON TO YOUR MARKER as wait until you try …you will be amazed at the ease they are to use.

You will see that currently stamping up is offering these alcohol-based markers in 12 color families… Totally matching our colors that we have! You just have to love how we color coordinate all of our products!


Bermuda Bay Combo Pack* 144600 $9.00 1
Calypso Coral Combo Pack* 144045 $9.00 1
Cherry Cobbler Combo Pack* 144598 $9.00 1
Crumb Cake Combo Pack* 144601 $9.00 1
Daffodil Delight Combo Pack* 144603 $9.00 1
Night Of Navy Combo Pack* 144040 $9.00 1
Old Olive Combo Pack* 144597 $9.00 1
Pink Pirouette Combo Pack* 144604 $9.00 1
Pool Party Combo Pack* 144605 $9.00 1
Pumpkin Pie Combo Pack* 144599 $9.00 1
Rich Razzleberry Combo Pack* 144602 $9.00 1
Smoky Slate Combo Pack* 145058 $9.00 1
Ivory Marker 144606 $4.50 1
Bronze Marker 144607 $4.50 1
Color Lifter 144608 $4.50 1
Stampin’ Blends Marker Collection
(Includes All 26 Markers And The Color Lifter)
147475 $121.50 1
Color Me Happy Project Kit 144609 $25.00 No Limits
Color Me Happy Stamp Set (Wood-Mount) 144062 $27.00 No Limits
Color Me Happy Stamp Set (Clear-Mount)** 144069 $19.00 No Limits
Color Me Happy Bundle (Wood-Mount)
– Project Kit + Stamp Set At A 10% Discount!
148033 $46.75 No Limits
Color Me Happy Bundle (Clear-Mount)**
– Project Kit + Stamp Set At A 10% Discount!
148034 $39.50 No Limits


*Combo Packs include 2 markers: 1 light, 1 dark

No single markers (besides Ivory and Bronze and the Color Lifter) are available for purchase during this Demonstrator Exclusive Early Release.

You can see from the above chart that there is a Color Me Happy Stamp Set and Project Kit…can you say WOW….as you knew that Stampin’ Up! would come out with an amazing compliment with this release. (and it is….but only for demonstrators for this pre-release)

So the moral of this story is… for $99 dollars you can get all of these markersHave free shippingand get going coloring away! There truly are no strings attached in becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. The overwhelming majority of demonstrators with Stamping Up are hobbyist and who doesn’t like to get a deal!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or you can click here and put the stampin’ blends marker collection (#147475) in your kit and be done…no…do this as well….throw in some White Bakers Twine (#124262) as you can get up to $125 in product for just $99!

Getting the total stampin’ blends marker collection is the way to go as then you would have all of the colors available. If you wish to purchase them in just specific colors and also be able to get the color me happy project kit you will see the product numbers beside each of the color families.

I have a feeling we all think the same way so this is what I would do (just sayin’)…I would get the marker collection and then you can order the project kit and get it at a 20% discount!!! I just love a deal…again, email me of you want to chat….or just click here!



(click on the banner image to see a full PDF of the great offerings)

October 1 – 10, 2017: World Card Making Day

This year the world celebrates the day on October 7, but for ten days (October 1–10), you can get  some great deals. You can save 15% off select stamp sets and note card/envelope sets.  CLICK HERE to see the offerings but remember – it is just for 10 days! WOOT-WOOT…..




(click on the banner image to see a full PDF of the great offerings)


Designer Series Paper Sale – Buy 3, Get 1 Free! (We love our paper)

October 1 – 31, 2017:  Purchase 3 packages of select Designer Series Paper and get one FREE during October! This sale includes Designer Series Paper from both the annual and holiday catalogs. (do you have a favorite?) This includes select Specialty and Designer Series Paper Stacks!  Purchase all the same or mix and match! This is a great way to pound out your holiday cards or even pair up with a friend to share the paper.

You can click here and see them all grouped together.




Now to my view…I have truly been counting the days for this weekend to happen. We all know that is harder and harder to find the time for schedules to line up to be all together when PEEPS grow up and have jobs and live in different states…that is why my heart has been skippin’ beats for this weekend….

2 are here…..Will is on his way from Boston – LONG trip for just 2 days…but I am sooooo darn excited! Have a great weekend and I will be in your “in box” on Monday!!!!


Here are a couple of pictures…

What a great way to wake up to…..



Still plenty warm enough to go out on the boat…it is going to be a beautiful day!



YEP….I bought “the goods” to make smores! You would not believe how much food I have cooked/prepared for…..I just wanted everything to be ready…so we can maximize time for chatter and games…..FAMILY FUN!!!!



Thanks for popping in and letting me share “my joy” with you! Happy World Card Making Day tomorrow and remember…..this little thing we do….it DOES make a difference!




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