My heart is sad….


Good Morning… all know how much I love and adore my animals but I am so sad to say that my dear Charlie went to heaven on Wednesday morning. This is a TOTAL SHOCK to John and I and I must say – it has rocked my world.

Charlie and his brother, Jack became an Itell 14 years ago when Hannah and I brought them home from a horse show while we were in Florida. We simply could not decide which one to pick so we took them both home.





All of our dogs are rescues…..I call them mis-fits that needed some love and trust me, our dogs, horses, the dumb donkey and the precious pig Daisy get lots of love. Charlie’s “elevator” never reached the top floor…I think that’s what always made him so special.






I pulled it together to make a card to show that my heart is broken but I know that it is ok – this is the thing that makes it soooo damn hard with animals….they leave us too soon. I truly believe that they come into our lives – touch our heart strings, leave an impression….but darn, it is so hard.

Charlie was one that you would never, ever think that something would happen…..he was a very scrappy guy – a mind of his own and on Wednesday he was quite…..he didn’t eat his dinner and I said to John – let’s let Charlie snuggle with us tonight as I think he is sad…..when we woke up, he didn’t. I have never had this happen but if there is a way to go, it was like this.




Trust me, I have shed many tears of the past 36 hours….and you can see by yesterdays card…I had it all mixed up! Things happen in each of our lives that we are not prepared for….but there always seems to be an inner strength to help us go forward…..

I just had to share….Charlie was a good boy and is missed……

Hostess stamps are for YOU!


Good morning! Boy, do I have a super fast card for you and yep, it is from a hostess stamp set but do you realize that a hostess stamp set is soooo doable? I know….I know…..Stampin’ Up! makes these stamps so darn tootin’ cute for you to want them…really want them and then you feel like – “That is just for those people that have parties”


NO, that is NOT TRUE!

This stamp set, Pun Intended is a great and versatile stamp set… it is fun, whimsical and still classic! There are several ways that you can earn this stamp set and do you see…it is just $9.50 😀

If you have an order that exceeds $150.00 that allows you to earn hostess earnings and yep, you could choose to purchase this with your earnings and just think – (you would also quality for 3 SAB items)

You can contact me for your own Hostess Code and then share that code with family and friends all over and when they order, they use that specific code you give them and then you can watch your event sales grow to allow you to earn FREEBIES.

The best thing is with this is Stampin’ Up! ships their product directly to them…so you can have a friend that lives on the other side of the country and still have your event successful!




You really do not need me for this card, but you will get a wee bit of me! This is one of those cards that I call a “formula”WHY???? Easy – it is basic, it is clean, it can be used over and over and no one would ever say – “She always makes the same cards”

Again WHY???? By changing up the stamp, the DSP, the paper colors, the ink colors….you will have a totally different look and feel each and every time!




This DSP, Urban Underground is just one handsome collection of paper! I have used this so much. Look at the above picture, it might appear that I used a bunch of paper for layers but actually I did not!

The outside piece is just “5 x’s wide” – I was going for a clean and symmetrical look on the paper and then the black dot piece is just 1/4″ wide…because it is adhered so tightly against the other piece, it gives a visual that you layered one on the other.




Here you will see the other dimensions but did you notice the simple dots from a black pen to make the rather plain image have a bit of pizazz? You all know that I love my dots, my dashes etc….as I truly think that they are a super easy way to add a unique touch that cost nothing more of some extra time!




I want you to try this for a week….when you make projects, try to say – I am going to make it complete from beginning to end. What am I talking about? I am saying, look at the below picture and you will see what I do just about everyday – pull it all together by having my card and envelope work together!

If you do not have enough DSP…no biggie, how about stampin’ on the front of the envelope? You could have easily stamped this sentiment across the bottom of the envelope several times and trust me, whomever was receiving it would be so excited to see what was inside.

You could add a simple piece of Washi Tape across the back flap of the envelope…that would pull it together as well. I guess the point I am getting to is…..try to make your projects special with your own flair and signature ~ once you start doing this it just become automatic and that element of extra touches makes a difference!







This fun card could be sent to so many people in your life. It is one of those good old faithfuls that would be great to have on hand. We all have so many people that “light up our lives” in many ways and also for a variety of reasons.

Face it, we love to make cards…that’s why you are here looking at what I am up to today. I encourage you to make up multiple cards and send them randomly to people that least expect it – guess what???? Two things are going to happen...I PROMISE….

  1. You will make someones day 😀
  2. You will be proud of yourself because YOU will have this amazing feeling inside that you took the time so make a work of art from your heart and shared a special message to someone. 😀

Now go have a great day and I hope to see you tomorrow…..bring some Kleenex because I might touch your heart strings!



How about one of my CLASSES?



Good Morning and here is a chance for YOU to take part of my monthly Classes to Go (aka, Susan’s Kits)! I have not advertised them on my blog as they fill ASAP but…..this month I have 8 opening for this month so……..if you want to take part of this FUN….I would love to share with you my complete fun that we have with my Classes to GO!

If we can’t be together…let have a class in the mail! ( and the best thing – you will be on the “special list” for future months.)

Let’s chat…you know me well enough if you pop onto my blog. I love what I do and I love helping and teaching you to have the confidence that YOU can make clean and simple cards that are practical and duplicateable! We all have gifts, and it is my goal to help you reach and complete a project (from start to finish)

Every Month I offer a stamp set and give a “seek peek” in a collage. I take great pride and detail to my offerings and I included FINISHED samples of each of the 3 cards that I design for YOU to be able to see…feel…touch….



In a nutshell… will receive (3) sample cards from ME and then the supplies to make (2) more of each of those cards. Yep, that’s right – in totally you will have 9 completed cards after you do the class along with the stamp set!

The cost of my monthly kits is $45.00 (which includes shipping). During SALE-A-BRATION I have chose some “keeper” bundles and I will pass on the “bundle pricing” of the $69.30. (kit is $45.00 + the framelits $24.30)

Because if you were to purchase this bundle….you would have been soooo close to a FREEBIE from SAB – if you purchase my Class to GO! let me know what SAB Item you want and it will be included in your Class.

Here is a Simple Stampin’ Classes to GO Feb 2017 pdf  that will help you ….Please EMAIL ME and put in the subject line FEBRUARY CLASS TO GO and I will gladly add you to the fun and in turn, will send you a Pay Pal invoice to secure your spot.

I have some Great CARDS for you this month! When you take one of my Classes to GO!, I will send you a PDF with all of the dimensions and also a private link to (3) videos for the projects!

I you have participated in my monthly fun, I would appreciate if you would share the love with some comments….as I am thinking that these 8 spots will ZOOM....go!

I know that you will love my monthly fun…and by having these spots open, it will allow you to get future offerings on my Classes. (I have to limit them as I can only make so many and then I am pooped! 😀 )  but one thing I know – you will LOVE the attention to detail and love that I do put into the classes!


Tips for your Tuesday….Conditioning your stamps!

Here you go…..a video that will give you the ins and outs on how to condition your stamps to get a clean and crisp image each and every time. I think if you watch it….you will see the steps that I take to make sure my stamps are in the best condition to get a great stamp.


After you hit the play button go ahead and hit the you tube button therefore you can go directly to you tube and then subscribe, also hit the show more and you will see links (but I added then below as well)…..

Just remember, you need to give your stamps some “love” to make them work for you in the best possible way. Think about it this way….every stamp has a tendency to stamp a bit different ( I think you know what I mean) as there are some that are perfect from the start and then there are others that….frustrate you – just work with it!

Please go to You Tube and subscribe to my channel…I plan to keep continuing to add videos (now that we have a higher upload speed) I say YIPPEE!!!!!

When you view the video on You tube, you will see all of the links to the products I mentioned….but if you are viewing it from here –

Stampers Secret Weapon


Container for the absorbers

Absorber Towels


Well…what do you think? Does it makes sense to you? Will you try it? To me, it is well worth doing this to have great stamped images! Thanks for popping in – see you in the morning!

p.s. – Happy Valentines Day!!!! Doing anything special?



“Hooray”…it’s Monday!


Well…are Mondays a good thing or a bad thing? I am embracing today as I am putting my foot down to no more Kleenex’s….no more pity parties…time to move this sickness train on and hopefully SQUISH IT so no one else gets the bug!

In 8 days…..there will be 3 NEW Sale-a-Bration items becoming available for you with a $50 purchase….and I think from the chats I have seen – YOU ALL really – REALLY like them! Today I am using the stamp set, Reverse Words. It is fun and unique!




Hands DOWN – I adore this stamp set – you all know how I feel about great sentiments and free-hand words like this! I think that it is brilliant and that font is….. oh so special! I ask you, how can you go wrong?!?!?

I took the “meat “ from this FREEBIE stamp set and then the “potatoes” are from the super great “fall back” of Cottage Greetings in a super simple banner!




Below you will see a picture that you can see the sequins and some FUN dots made by a product called Nuvo Jewel Drops….they are super fun – very easy to use and they come in a huge array of colors – the biggest “head up” is…be patient and let them dry and they will stay “perky through the mail”

I love the look and feel that they give…It is one of those – secret touches that make a big impact.




Here is my “smile” picture…darn I love when everything coordinates! This paper is from the Annual Catalog, Moroccan DSP and I have used it a BUNCH as it lends itself to so many clean and classic projects! The “In Color”, Delightful Dijon will be walking the plank on June 1st but I do not know if you are like me….it takes a while to learn to love and appreciate these In Colors and I am personally going to miss this one!





Here is your picture to PIN…this card today is a great example of how something soooooooo incredibly simple can be soooooooo classic! Be simple…be brave… will be happy!




Speaking of being happy…Pop back tomorrow as I have a video for your “Tips for Your Tuesday”.…it is all about conditioning your stamps as we need to think of our stamps are like a new pair of shoes….they need some time and TLC before they are comfy!

Enjoy your day…and I hope to see you tomorrow!




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