Good morning… the calendar is telling us we have a new month on our hands! November 1st with Stampin’ Up! is a super exciting day as today is the first day that you can order the new stampin’ blends!

I know that you have heard the buzz all over the Internet about these alcohol-based markers and I am simply thrilled that Stampin’  Up! is offering  them.

I’m a “gotta have it all gal” because when a collection comes out….I just want them all to take a test drive and have fun!


To me – coloring is fun, coloring is relaxing and coloring is rewarding!


Here is the Stampin’ Blends brochure for you to peek at. It will not only give you a super visual for the 12 colors but it will also give you tips on them.

In total there are (12) color families available and then (3) single markers to compliment…..(a color lifter, a bronze and an ivory). See the below chart to “visually” take in the beautiful array of the collection.






I shared with you that I’m a  “wanted all kind a gal” but I totally understand, realize and respect that it is an investment to purchase the entire collection.

Stampin’ Up has grouped them all together to be able to purchase as a complete package with one item number saving you a ton of time in having to choose each and every item number (I hope this makes sense)

You can click here for that link but you will see that there is no savings in getting the BIG KAHUNA….it is a convenience to purchase and move on without plugging in a bunch of numbers.

I know that getting the BIG KAHUNA is not an option for some so how about joining my Blends Club and spreading it out (blending it out!!!) over 3 months!





HOW??? WHAT???…..Click here and put in the subject line BLENDS CLUB and I will send you a hostess code and the colors of markers for you to purchase for that given month. We will do this for the next 3 months….November, December and January. You need to email me saying that you want in “the club” by November 10th.

Each month you will order (4) color sets and a single marker that coordinates with the entire collection….so at the end – YOU will own the BIG KAHUNA….breaking it down for you….you will spend $40.50 each month to be in the “club”


Each month I will send you goodies/support training that will help you navigate the “in’s and out’s”  of this product.


Here is a sneak peek of what I will send you for November….10 card bases and 20 overlays for you to practice with your blends and then I will send you a link for video support with tips and tricks! We will do this together as a group…so there will be support from others as well.







Now here is the other option you have….Life is FULL of options….and you know I like to put them out on the table for you…as I said, I am a I WANNA HAVE IT ALL KINDA GAL…..



I would get $99 starter kit and BE DONE with getting these blends!



You can get ALL of the Blends for just $99! You actually will have an extra $3.50 to spend and I would get white bakers twine ( #124262….just sayin’) to get the best bang for your buck!

Your Kahuna Blends would ship for FREE….(that is another $12.50 + savings) and you would not have to spend one more penny with Stampin’ Up!…YEP….promise!

CLICK HERE to get the KAHUNA BLENDS….. and you will save $38.00  ($22.50 (the blends) & $12.50 (shipping) + the bakers twine $3.00)



It really is that easy. Nothing complicated…promise!



Yesterday I shared with you that I was away for a surprise….well, if it were not for Stampin’ Up! I would have never met these 31 amazing women that I spent 5 days with. The reality is that I love to craft…I love sharing fun and laughter with like minded people….but I am also one that like a deal….email me if you have any questions…..

I have said this a ca-zillion times before….it is soooo darn easy to be a SU demonstrator and there are no obligations to sell/teach…what you get from it is a discount each and every time you purchase something….and smile lines from the people you meet! 😆

I will see you on Friday….please think about me tomorrow as hopefully BLACK BEAUTY will be off for good!







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