Happy…Happy Monday to all! I am so happy as I am coming home from a fabulous weekend with some AMAZING women to celebrate a dear friends 50th Birthday! It simply could not have been any better and it was a battery charger that I soooooo needed… short, my “JOY TANK” is filled to the brim!

When I returned home late yesterday afternoon I naturally played with the dogs…checked the horses (and made sure Daisy was ok as no one else really cares for her)….we are already in Tax season so John was at the office and after I made my rounds I headed upstairs to make 15 cards for my friends!


The whole way driving home I was thinking of what card to make…and YEP – I think I nailed it! I know that they are going to love it and I truly do not mean to bore  you but I feel so incredibly lucky to have these women in my life! (I truly think I could do a whole week of posts of our 48 hours together) as it was the best!

I am going to shower you with a bunch of pictures but I am going to do a video on this card this week so you will see the FULL scoop later on this week. I really want you to understand and see me do a card with water-coloring…..I think that you will see and also agree that I am NOT an artist at all and that YOU can do this type of card!


Seriously, it is such a rewarding technique to do as you feel like you are doing something super special and the end result IS SPECIAL! Remember, you know me well enough by now….throw all inhibitions about water-coloring out the door…as I will show you how easy it is and also share with you tips and trick to MAKE IT HAPPEN!




Now to the BLOG CANDY.….as I have been away…. I honestly can not wait to sit down and read your comments from the weekend (hopefully I have some comments to read) but on Thursday I asked you what was your favorite Stamp Set from the Sale-A-Bration catalog….I learned a bunch and now I know what stamps sets that are “HOT ONES” in your eyes!

I am sooooo happy about my weekend and it was soooooo close as to which one was your favorite – that I am going to give away (2) stamp sets as they were so close!

Here are the top (2) winners and they were only 1 away from each other so I said to myself – WHY NOT…you all are the best so why not give away (2) sets.

  • Flowering Fields
  • Sky is the Limit

What brings you “simple joy” – You all know me well enough by now that I am all about sharing, enjoying and doing for others…..I think that the word “JOY” is sooooooo powerful and as my “JOY TANK” is full to the max….I think that we ALL need to have positiveness in our lives…so let’s here what brings you joy! I am going to use to pick (2) winners and tomorrow I will let you know who won…..


Please submit your comment by 9 p.m. Eastern time today…..I am looking soooooooo forward to hearing what makes your “Joy Tank” get filled! Please feel free to email me if I can be of help and also remember that today is the last day to take advantage of the weekly deals but guess what – tomorrow is NEW TUESDAY – and that means another batch of weekly deals!

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