A “fruity” thank you….




Happy HUMP day! Today I have a “sweet & fruity” thank you that I created using the June Paper Pumpkin! It is so funny to me….when it is time for the Paper Pumpkins to arrive (around the 12th of the month) there seems to be a buzz going around…..“Did you get your Paper Pumpkin yet….What is the kit” – the fun is the mystery each month!

Here is the video of the kit and on Friday I will share with you another take that I did using another part of the kit. For me…it is fun to try to use them in a different way than what was intended but truth be told there are months that I just like to sit and have some “me time” and put it together while watching the video!






You can see that the kit is soooooo festive and fun for Summer! I always LOVE the stampin’ spots and this month there were 2….I say – WOOT-WOOT!!! These little gems come in handy and are great to have if traveling! (you can re-ink them just like the big ones)

You can see that I cut the DSP of the fruit and made it into a simple square and then matted it to make a fun square card! One thing that I want to touch on…can you see how distinct the melon mambo sentiment is?

That comes from “conditioning the stamp” – I have blogged about this many, many times and this card is a great example of why I believe that taking the time is totally WORTH IT because your end result will be a great clean and crisp stamp!







The stamp set is Thankful Thoughts. It was carried over this year which made me happy as it is a clean stamp that covers many cards that we will make when a simple “thanks” is in need! Aren’t the fonts great?

I wasn’t sure what to do today so all I did was STAMP….get the scissors out and GO TO TOWN and cut it randomly and then a quick mat. I say, when in doubt…..pull those scissors out! It’s a fun look and take seconds….just do it!






I enjoyed reading the comments on yesterdays post so I kept the party rolling. It truly is fun to add the extra pizzazz to the envelope. Remember, there are no rules other than to have FUN!







I love the bright and bold elements of this card and I think that the square size looks super with the fruit! I am excited for you to see Fridays project…..(heck – I would love it if Stampin’ Up! added this) to our product line…it was super fun and fresh!

I know that Paper Pumpkin is not for everyone but the element that is always true…you can make it work for you. I admit that there are months that I am not over the moon about but I will say they always can be put to use! That what creativity is….making it work for your needs!

Guess what tomorrow is….YEP – TIC TAC TOE day! I hope that you will pop back tomorrow and see the card that when with yesterdays post….it’s a keeper!





A Classic Simple Saturday





Good Saturday to all! I have a super fast and elegant card for you today! I admit, this is my kinda card and it just came together in a matter of minutes! I sure do love when it happens like this.

Pop back tomorrow to see how I made some changes and stepped it up! I am being honest….I have not created the card for tomorrow yet….and I really and thinking that I might be stumped….as I love it just the way it is!

There are (2) elements of this card that you might have a learning curve with and I highly suggest that you grab that extra cup of coffee to watch them….I know that when we see a set of framelits and an embossing folder we immediately think……I know how to use them but these 2 products have some unique characteristics about them so I highly suggestion to take another look.






  • Eastern Beauty Photopolymer Bundle – This is a very unique and detailed stamp set and framelits. At first glance it looks rather straight forward but the unique element of this is the framelits…..the amount of different ways to use these framelits are remarkable…making this so fun and special.





For today’s card…I allowed the simplistic beauty of the die to be my focal point and then used the amazing clean & simple sentiment, “You’ve got this.” to make a statement! I admit…I have not played and used these framelits to their best ability and I truly think that if you have a “play date” with it….your paper and Mr. Big…you can come up with some amazing unique shapes!






This sentiment is from the You’ve Got This Stamp Set that was carried over from last years catalog. This was a huge hit last year….filled with not only 3 great sentiments but the font…..oh, so classic!








Here is the other product that has the learning curve….if you turn to page 211 in your catalog you will see that we have (5) of these special dynamic folders and this video will be a HUGE help in making this product work for you! I am just giddy about these as the end result is this deep…rich and 3D looking image!

In the video Donna referenced to using a Stampin’ Spritzer to help with the papers fibers…and yep – I would recommend that. This makes a difference with the deep impression – have you ever ran an embossing folder through Mr Big to see areas that there are “cracks” – will this will help soften the fibers of the paper to help prevent that! (just a little tip!!!)



  • The Layered Leaves Dynamic Textured Embossing Folder – There are 3 words – IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I think that you can imagine its beauty but let me say…..how can 1 folder create such a beauty time and time again with all you having to do is add paper and crank!?!?





Whew…..we are over the technical part….let look at some pictures of the project up-close! I am really tickled with this and I am still amazed at the ease.








It truly is like I say over and over…..when you have the “basics”…..(like – Mr. Big….layering framelits – circles, squares etc…) then you can add the “specialty items”….(like this bundle and embossing folders) to create an amazing classic card you just cannot go wrong!

I chose a square card for today as I thought that it lent itself to the shape of the die…and heck – you know I adore a square card. Here is a funny for you – I am a “stamp nut” – what is a STAMP NUT???? Easy – I like to have fun and complementary stamps to go along with the card that I make….call me silly but I do love my stamp collection.

When I made this card I knew that the “LOVE” stamp would be a perfect compliment to the card. When I see a stamp that comes out that I love….I buy many sheets of it to have on hand!






Tomorrow I will share with you tips and tricks on ow to make this card “safe to mail” to protect this delicate and beautiful die. As I said in the beginning of the post….I really don’t know what I can do to step it up….any suggestions?????

I am in my “motherhood glory” as all 3 of the peeps are “in the house” and we are having the time of our lives….we have many to do’s today and I really am not sure if they will be completed….as we were having dinner last night we all shared what we wanted to do….here is a sample and then I think you will agree – GOOD LUCK as there are only so many hours!

I feel very blessed that they all surround us being together….and that is the element that makes my heart pitter-patter…..pick blueberries, power wash the aisle-way in the barn, have a family tennis tournament, have a family corn-hole tournament, give Oscar & Arnold a bath, set off fireworks, make a fire in the fire pit, have a dessert throw-down in the kitchen, go for a long run,play Scrabble & Backgammon, wash the car…..

YIKES  –  if everyone gets their wishes….we are going to be one productive family! (I bet you can tell which ones are my suggestions) Anyway, have a great day….make some memories and I hope to see you back tomorrow!

Remember, the Daisy Punch is back…and I am sure that you saw from many blogs that SUD are super happy about that so please do not miss the opportunity to grab yours…..it is AMAZING of the popularity!






A Friday “quickie & cutie”!!!




Good Morning….guess what is Sunday – YEP, It is Fathers Day and I have a quickie card idea that I CASED from Tami White. I thought was a cutie for Fathers Day! Who doesn’t like something that is quick and cute – all at the same time!

Last month, Tami White was the guest speaker for the PALS Monthly Webinar Meeting and she was fantastic. After the call I went to her blog and found this super cute card. I know that I do not do a bunch of Punch Art…..(because I am not the best at it…..just sayin’ ) but I always appreciate and am in awe of those that do it so naturally!

She did a great video showing the in’s and out’s of making this card….so I will not be going into the details – you can CLICK HERE and watch it…..very straight forward and below you will see the changes I made.







  • I made the black a bit smaller, I like the look of a wee bit of black matting and then let the WHITE pop!
  • I used vellum for the smoke and lightly sponged the Smoky Slate Ink
  • I sponged the clouds in Soft Sky to give them a bit of depth
  • The sentiment is from All Things Thanks Stamp Set…..I loved the font!
  • The envelope FUN is from the Pick a Pattern DSP and a wee strip of Cherry Cobbler.


I hope that this made you smile and it was SUPER FAST to put together and after all….it’s a work of ART made from YOUR HEART so it will be loved!

See you tomorrow…….enjoy the day!




Step it Up! on Tuesday!!!





Yep…you read it right….we are stepping up Saturdays post to Tuesday! Life happens and I couldn’t have you not see how it was stepped up! Creating is the fun and easy thing about blogging….the time to sit and type, edit etc is the time drainer but I am back!

I have the “stepped up” card from my last post on Saturday so it is up to you…..side by side you decide! I have been in the trenches…the paper and ribbon trenches but I am thrilled to say that my 1st wave of Product Shares are out the door! (and I was glad to shut that door)

If you were in the 1st wave…you will need to do some stretching (I am warning you) because you will be doing the dance….the you know what dance…the HAPPY DANCE!

You can click here to see the card on Saturday…and then you can laugh at me as YEP….you are correct – todays card is in Soft Sky….not Pool Party like the one on Saturday. Now I ask you….am I the only one on this Island that does this? Clearly they are 2 different colors but I admit, when I grab this color I often do this and I did not discover it until after I had heat set the wood image! (Silly Susan!)





The floral star of the show is the below stamp set/bundle (FOR SURE I WOULD GET THE BUNDLE) and as I said before….I know that we have many florals but this one has it all…to me it is a very practical and useful stamp as there are lots of “fillers” – I love “fillers” as they allow you to tuck in here…..tuck there and the end result – a masterpiece.






Now to the POP Stamp……Tree Ring. This is an “A list” stamp…I invite you to go to pages 164 & 165 in the catalog and look at our background stamps. Background stamps make a huge difference with minimal effort. We have some new kids on the block and they are keepers. There were (2) on my first order…..can you guess what the other one is that I just “had to have”?







After using the stampin’ buddy and Versa Mark Ink….I heat set it with White Embossing Powder and the WOW happened! You never, ever get tired of heat embossing….it truly is magic before your eyes! Because this is such a large stamp…you easily have the ability to cover the whole front panel of a card, today I trimmed it to 4″ X 5 1/4″

I invite you to take a good look at the background stamps as they truly are a great “little something” to have to add a totally different feel for a card. Todays card is my pick…I just love the details in the wood and the white just pops the floral part!







I am just giddy about this arrangement. I think that it is fun to lay some of the elements flat…others POPPED up….just have fun. You know we what about the “classics” a bunch –  today is no different can you see how the nesting circles and the stitched circles are perfect elements for this card.

We all know that Mr. Big is the best and also we have many great basics that compliment Mr. Big….when people ask where do I start with getting the dies/framelits…..I say start with the basic shapes!











Seeing it with the DSP is a smile maker….right!?!? Even though I had the wrong color today you can see that it blends. It is funny….when I see DSP Papers I immediately let me head go wild in thinking what stamps and themes of cards I will be using.

When you look at the catalog you can see that Stampin’ Up! already breaks the DSP down for you into “suites” – this Whole Lot Of Lovely starts on page 86 and I would really use the samples in the catalog to get you to really get to know the feel and colors that the DSP’s go towards.







Here you go…your PIN for the future! I think that we all know someone that would be thrilled to receive this card. The sentiments in this set are also so practical and super easy to use…a quick STAMP….then MR. BIG and you are done!






Well…that’s a wrap! I hope that both cards tickled your fancy and you can see that they both are keepers in many ways. Using the scored lines on Saturday is always a fun one to do and also it is creates a WOW with minimal effort but the heat embossing really POPS it up and I personally never get tired of the effect.

Tomorrow is a FUN day….as it is a Pals Blog Hop……so you know what that means, INSPIRATION TO THE MAX as there is so much talent and FUN out there! Have a great day, be safe with this heat wave we are having (sounds like a perfect day to stamp) and I hope to see you in the morning!




Going OUT OF THE BOX with Color!



Good Tuesday morning to you! Are you ready for a TIP for your TUESDAY??? Well I hope that you are ready to be a sponge and try to look at color in a different way! I have a bunch to cover today as I have this tip….a “funny” that kinda goes with the color tip and then a “lower lip hanger” for you….my dear Milo fractured his leg.


One thing is for sure…never a dull moment on Randall Lane!

Let’s chat about color! We all have certain colors that we gravitate to 😀 ….and then we have those colors that get neglected 😕 …Here is a great chart to reference to and a great motivator to give you that nudge….(hint-hint) to try and GET OUT OF THAT “COLOR BOX” that we tend to get ourselves in!

I love it that Stampin’ Up! comes out with 5 new colors each year. The In Colors will be with us for 2 years so we get lots of time to play! I personally am thrilled with the In Colors this year and the Lemon Lime Twist is my favorite out of the group of 5! I just love the clear, crisp POP that it gives.

When Stampin’ Up! comes out with new colors….I say get them. One thing that is fabulous about Stampin’ Up! products is…THEY MATCH! That might seem like a very broad base statement but it is soooooo true and it will be a huge help to you when you create. Trust me, there is something so “freeing” to know that this paper coordinates with that paper….this ink will coordinate with that DSP etc….

Here are the color combinations that caught my eye from the above chart….but 1st – a funny for you!

On Saturday John was helping me make up the Card Swatches on a Ring for the Product Share and he had an audience! Just look at the 3 dogs – PRICELESS! I was on the other side in the Kitchen and I wish that you would have heard him talking.





He would say – ROSIE….we are on ROSE RED now…..and then this is what I loved….he popped out into the kitchen and said – “You know – these are really great as there would be no way that I could decide by looking at the Catalog” – I just smiled and said – thank you! I will say that I love being able to pull forward the swatches to see how colors work together.

I will be offering another Product Share the week of June 19th so I encourage you to grab one of these….they truly are a great tool.







Now super quick to Milo, Mr Perfect. When we rescued him almost 2 years ago he was given a great opportunity as someone had shot his front leg and a Vet in South Carolina saved him….rehabbed him until he became an Itell.

His little leg is a bit deformed from the injury and surgery. I guess you can say that he has a permanent limp but it never slows him down. Sunday I noticed that he was not himself. Yesterday I needed to leave him at the Vets and YEP, he has a fracture. It appears to be in the same place where he had the initial surgery and I am hoping the Vet in South Carolina will send up his xrays from before.

He goes back on Thursday and time will tell. It is just sad that my little buddy is down and out. That makes me sad but I am glad that he has a great Vet!




I will be back tomorrow with a NEW card for you! I know many of you like my fur babies stories and this one caught me in left field!









Simple Tips for your Saturday!



Happy Saturday to all! I have been getting lots of great feedback about the new catalog and I am just thrilled. It is always so exciting when we have the opportunity to play with new toys….you see – we will ALWAYS be young at heart and the great thing about having a hobby like this is the fact that you are good to go with ideas for Birthdays, Mothers Day, the Holidays etc….as we always have newbies that we just want to have.

With getting something new like this beautiful 233 page Catalog there are times that it is just hard to get used to, hard to take it all in. I am hoping that I am going to help you with some ideas that I like to use as guess what – I am just like you…it takes a while to get in the groove with where things are.

Today’s post is a “check in” with tips to help you navigate as there is so much to see and take note of. My hopes are that you will have your coffee with me and leave ready to grab that catalog and take it all in !

Before we get into some tips, if you are not currently working with a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator or if for some reason you are my customer and you have not received your very own catalog, please shoot me an email and I will be happy to send one to you.

We all know that the computer is a fabulous tool in showing us things – IN THE INSTANT – but again, if you are like me….there is nothing like having a catalog in your hands to be able to flip through.



Let’s get going!


  • The first thing that I like to do is to take my catalog to an Office Max/Staples etc….and have them make my catalog into a spiral bound catalog with Clear Covers on the front and the back of the catalog. This costs around $3.00 and it is worth every penny. This way your catalog will lay flat, it is easier to flip through and with all of the hard use it gets in the year – it protects it.


  • I like to take a highlighter and flip through the entire catalog and highlight the stamps I have. I do this all through the catalog as well as in the Stamp Index (page 224). I love the index and reference to it just about daily. To me, it has everything right there…the stamp name, page number to flip to and it is a quick visual to see what I have.


  • Now starts the fun part. The ultimate Wish List. I first go through all of the Bundles because these are the source of the instant 10% off and then I get an additional 25% off(you see – a great reason to be a demonstrator – who doesn’t like discounted things). Here is a list of the Bundle and Save in this catalog but pop back tomorrow and I will have another tool for you to make it easier to “take in”. Bundles are great, bundles save us money. Please remember that Stampin’ Up! does not keep them as bundles forever so when you see a bundle, I would purchase it then.


  • Take a piece of paper, (I always like a memo pad) and make 3 columns. I break it into A,B & C lists. Naturally the “A’s” are stamps that are the ones that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE….like the This Little Piggy and Crafting Forever. After I write down these then I go to the “B” list – these are stamps that I really want…..but will try to contain myself from that initial purchase. The “C’s”they are stamps that I just want to sit back and watch…a great example of this is the Best Birds – I did not purchase that until last month. This stamp set it a great example of why it is good to purchase bundles. It now is NOT a bundle now, so you would need to purchase the framelits separately now.


  • Time for the NEW DSP, Ribbons and Embellishments – The best tip I can give you is to purchase a share. Many Demonstrators offer shares and they really are the best bang for your buck for many reasons. To me you are able to have the buffet without feeling stuffed. There are always so many new things and “I get it” – we want them but then the reality of the price hits us – that is why the shares are the way to go…this way you can invest in more stamp sets and/or tools. Please remember that my 1st wave of the product share is available through tomorrow and then I will offer another one, but it will not be until later in the month!



  • Time to flip to page 206…PUNCHES! Let’s face it…punches are fast, punches are easy to work with and punches JUST WORK! True we are blessed that we have so many amazing framelits and thinlits but there is just something about a punch that does the job. You are not going to like what I am going to say….but here it goes. Buy punches, they make things easy. Before I became a SUD I belonged to a Stamp Club. Every month I would order (1) punch  – by doing it this way I built up my supply and trust me, I still have many from years and years!


  • Last flip for today….go to page 220….Host Sets! There are some KEEPERS here….right? I received some yesterday and I am excited to get inky with them. I think that most people think that they need to have a “home event” to earn these….Well I am here to tell you….NOPE, not true. YES – you could have an event in your home…you could have a cyber event with me…you could easily have me get a host code for you….or you can get one free from me by purchasing (3) bundles from me on my online store and then you let me know which one you would like. (this offer is only good for (3) bundles from the same catalog) 😛 


Ok stampers…..that is it from me today – this was a (2) cup of coffee day but I hope that it helped you! My hands have been cutting and cutting for the shares and they are coming together….a busy but fun time for all of us as we love new toys!

I hope to see you tomorrow….have a great day and enjoy the sunshine! Below you will see some of the products that I chatted about….also the group of host stamps….easy – buy 3 (bundles) and get 1 free (host stamp)…..an offer from me for your support! 😀



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