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Good Morning….I feel like it is Christmas Eve….do you remember the feeling when you were a peep and you just could not wait to wake up for Christmas morning…..that was JUST THE BEST!  Well…that is me today as I am leaving to meet a fellow PAL….for let’s call some “continuing education”  😀

This is a little “something” for my dear friend Michelle. We are escaping away for 3 quick days to be HUGE sponges to learn. laugh and have FUN! (I call this my POST TAX SEASON Wife get-away for being the “queen” wife)….and John – he is off to go fishing way before you read this quick post 😀

Do you see the sentiment? It is super cute…RIGHT???? Well this is a NEW kid on the block! You know me, I just love sentiments sets and this just seems to do the trick for a sweet gesture!






I think that we forget the fact that we have so many ways to make smiles with adding a little “something ~ something” to a basic white box to bring a smile to ones face and a pitter -patter in their heart!

When I make things like this….I think of my Mom. My Mom was the QUEEN of making people feel special. She taught me that it is the extra little touches that make people feel special.

It truly does not take much extra time and the end result is a WIN ~ WIN for all. All I did was cut the DSP to 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ and then matted it with Sweet Sugarplum just a wee bit larger, 2 5/8″ X 2 5/8″…add ribbon and then the fun!





Let’s chat about the FUN on TOP…this is from the Dragonfly Dreams Bundle…and guess what? This IS being carried over but not as a bundle. Just look at the fun elements of both the stamp set and the framelits…so why not save an extra 10% now? (I have the line up at the end of the post)

This is not only so on trend, it is just elegant with the details that it has and the sentiments…..need I say more – A KEEPER!






I would LOVE to get some comments going on ….do you like to fru-fru when you give something to someone? I must admit, the “inside” is not as important as the packaging to me….do you ever feel that way?

I think that is goes back to the Christmas thing….my favorite part was the stocking as my Mom would put all sorts of odds and ends in there and I would just be sooooooo excited…and naturally they were all wrapped – I could hardly wait to get the little goodies opened!

I hope that this post reminds you of “less is best” as it is the thought that counts that makes the difference! Guess what tomorrow is….YEP – BLOG CANDY….so I hope that you will pop back in because – WE LOVE OUR BLOG CANDY…and remember – “life is always better with friends”




Clearance Rack updated – WOOT-WOOT!


Hello and this is the 2nd post for today!  CLICK HERE to see my 1st post today…Tips for your Tuesday!

I have been trying to stay away from the computer today as I am working on my kits but I remembered that it is TUESDAY and each Tuesday, Stampin’ Up! offers updates to Demonstrators ~ so while eating my lunch I looked at the updates….. and when I saw that the clearance rack was updated…..I had to take a peek….



Yep, I ordered as when there are “keepers” in the Clearance rack – I do take advantage of a great deal so the moral of the story is….go take a peek – and if there is something that you want (or should I say….go WOW) get it before it is gone!

What tickled my fancy? You can see that the majority of by picks are ribbon and I can say…..when you can get a deal on ribbon – go for it! I use ribbon to fru-fru packages all the time BUT I AM WARNING YOU…..we have some AMAZING NEW Ribbons coming out in the new catalog and YES – I WILL BE DOING A RIBBON SHARE…..but these below items are just too good to pass up!

You know I love my Bakers Twine….you can never have too much! Please do not forget to shop the retired section as well – there are some great deals in there as well and many have already ZOOMED OUT THE DOOR!

Enjoy seeing my favorites that I could not pass up on!


Have fun….isn’t shopping from your computer FUN!


Hippity Hoppity…..HAPPY EASTER!

Happy Easter to all and I have a confession (and one that I do not admit to often…but I was ONE POOPED BUNNY yesterday) after the event that I participated in.

It was WONDERFUL and a HUGE success for such a wonderful cause and I wish that each and every one of you could have been there to see over 225+ kids and parents having the time of their life as families uniting together for good old fashion family fun!

This annual event is for an amazing non-profit that an amazing young women in my community has started and is sooooo passionate about. I invite you to click here and see what it is about – The Kisseman Children’s Foundation. You can see the beautiful baskets that are made from this amazing village and the pride and workmanship that is given with each basket would warm anyones heart.

This young women, Erin is such an inspiration to me as I think that is is wonderful that someone of her age is so dedicated, touched, committed and loving to this village, the people that have become her “family”…wow…if our world had more people like this….just think what we could do for so many.

If you can take just a moment to read the bio’s of “the team” you can clearly see how one visit somewhere can change your life. Erin is the age of one of my peeps and I cannot sing the praises enough that she does on this end (the USA) to help bring awareness and make a difference to help this foundation. The Egg Hunt is a HUGE labor of love but one that is SOLD OUT each year. Each child is given a handmade basket from the village.

What is my part? I have a station that the kids make a simple card and then write a note to the children at the school in Ghana and Erin sends them to the school and in the pictures below you can see the sheer joy that the children have by reading a handmade card from “Erin’s Egg Hunt”

Enjoy the pictures and I just couldn’t resist sharing this adorable picture of this little boy….wow – it truly brought back memories of when my “peeps” were little chicklits! I will comment on the cards that I made as I hope that you will CASE them…so easy yet so cute!!!




This is what we made and I invite you to CASE the idea. You can clearly see that the sky is the limit and it is really easy. All I did was provide 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 square of white paper and then had GOBS of Washi Tape and let the kids put on any pattern, color etc….and then they brought it to the end of the table where I had (2) Big Shots and they picked which Die Cut they wanted…..PRESTO  – no mess…no stick because the die cuts right through.

Next they went to the next table where there were dimensional (again….no messy sticky) as little ones are super quick with dimensionals and then they stood there and wrote a note to the kids receiving them.

The most unique thing about this whole thing… that there are “NO MELT-DOWNS” from the kids that they are not keeping what they made….is that the BEST or WHAT – I just think that it is great that they could see the pictures of kids receiving them from last year and they are happy to write.

Look at the next 2 pictures and see the determination and fun they are having….and then they popped it in the mailbox and went onto the next activity! What a FUN and REWARDING day but you can imagine how I was HOPPING to get the little ones through!






Hopefully you can see letters that the children in Ghana wrote back….truly a beautiful full circle and I feel very honor to be able to give my time for such a great event.




Now to a FUNNY….last weekend when I went to Richmond… of my FUN Downline, Ramsey was talking about these eggs that she makes every year. She was sooooooo sweet to bring (2) boxes of supplies for us to make them in the hotel and guess what – we had so much fun just being together that the boxes never were opened.

Well…..on Wednesday I received a package from her and there were EGGS for me to make! I was sooooooo excited and last night Ashleigh and I sat down and made 2 of them…..hers was great – mine was filled with pins but we had a blast.

Again, this is another great example of how people come into your life and touch your life. I had never met Ramsey before she signed up with me as a SDU and wow – I am so glad that she did as our friendship has grown and we share many of the same loves!

One thing that is FOR SURE….when we get together, it is FUN!



Here you can see the eggs we made….this is the “loot” that James and Ashleigh were taking to her family today as they celebrate Easter with them.

My heart is happy and my JOY TANK is filled (and actually I feel rested as I slept…..ready – 11 hours) ~ obviously I needed it.


Enjoy this special day and I hope that it is filled with family, fun, friendship and memories. I feel so blessed in many ways and one of them is thanks to YOU, I thank you for allowing me to share with you a “part of who I am” – That is the beauty of me blog….it is not only my love for paper crafting but it is also a way for you to get to know “how I roll”

I will see you on Tuesday….and there will be a treat for you… organizational tip that you will want to get in order BEFORE the new catalog comes out….enjoy the day and I hope that you can DO EVERYTHING and NOTHING all on the same day!  😀










Happy Saturday! I admit, it feels weird not doing a Simple Saturday post for you today but I decided being that it is a holiday weekend….we would switch things up a bit and I think that you are going to enjoy 14 pictures of some fabulous cards!

Guess what I am doing right now…..well if it is around 9ish – noon…..I am making up to 225 cards with kids at an Easter Egg Hunt….call me crazy but call me – “It’s for a great cause” and if I get some pictures, I will share them with you tomorrow. If you follow my blog, and I hope that you do – I did this same event last year. It is fast….fun….and oh so rewarding! (think of me….it ZOOMS by) 😀


Are you ready……I will be the announcer….


These are some more swaps from the Richmond On Stage that I attended last weekend – wow…could that be true? A week has gone by….YIKES!


Jeanie has made another great card….she sure does like to do unusual fold! The colors are sooooo me – LOVE THEM!






Super Simple…Super Elegant. Love the textures and you just can’t go wrong with yellow….the happiest color in the world!





Oh my….they they are – balloons… instant smile maker to me. LOVE the color combination!






FUN CARD…I am thrilled that this stamp set, Playful Backgrounds will be in the NEW catalog….woot-woot as it is sooooo over looked!





I think that this DSP wins the most elegant DSP of the year – Navy and White are right up my alley! Is this a beauty or what BUT…..I think that it might be to hard for this super simple gal….but its fun to dream!






A FUN card and YEP, the Celebration Duo are carrying over….a simple yet effective POP! There are those balloons and I am smiling!





Lastly….this beauty taught me something. I have this bundle but have not used it hardly at all. After seeing this – it made me think…SiIly Susan…you have another chance as YEP, its coming with us in the NEW Catalog!




I hope that you enjoyed seeing other works of art from their hearts. I love swapping and it does bring me joy to share with you the cards I swapped with.

You might be thinking – what an I going to do with them? I will divide them up and share with downline that did not have the opportunity to go! WIN-WIN all the way!

After my “egg hunt event” I am coming home and doing my other love….COOKING! We are having a special dinner with James and his girlfriend Ashleigh and it will be wonderful to be together. I am hoping that my dinner is sooooo good that they will play Scrabble with me.

I love that game..but no one wants to play with me….(as my words are very basic)DAH….that what I am about!

Have a fabulous day and I hope to see you tomorrow….I am going to lay an Egg….. – RAMSEY MADE ME DO IT! Pop back and see!













I know that you all have been flooded from everyones blogs with the Retiring List and I also know that many of you are saying YIKES – there is 10 pages of products! YEP, that’s right and YEP, this happens every year.

Make sure that you look down on this post because I will be offering a DSP Stack Share and if you want in….you need to act fast because I have no idea how long they will be available! 😀 

I know that many of you are sad, confused, perhaps saying – “I just can’t take it all in there is so much” – well, I get it and after I type this for you to read today, I am going to sit down with my catalog and highlight all of the “walking the plank” items and then take a look at what I want to stock up on 😀

Like I said, I am sitting down myself to see what these 10 pages look like but I want to remind you…that when you see the BUNDLES list….remember, there are many that ARE carrying over to the NEW CATALOG but they will not be at the BUNDLED PRICE….so the moral of the story is…snatch the Bundles now to get the 10% off.











This is what I am the most sad about….seriously  – this is my “lower lip down” product that I will be missing…as I use it so often…there are my go-to’s when I need the “certain color”...they are just a great classic! We are NOT having a color refresh so all of these colors are current in the NEW CATALOG.

Because of this – I WILL OFFER A PRODUCT SHARE ON THESE…..and sadly this will be the last time as they are not in the New Catalog. Whenever I offer this share, it is always popular… I would hop on it as this is a great way to get a taste without breaking the bank.

If you want to take part in this share, please email me and put in the subject line – DSP STACK PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it. Please email me ASAP if you want in this share as all of these retired products are while supplies last. Once a share fills, I will email you a Pay Pal invoice.

The share will include 1/2 sheet of each color in the collections for $25.00 and then the shipping is a flat $6.95 (the cost of a Priority Mail legal envelope) =  $31.95  The collections that I am doing are the following : You will get (90) half sheets of beautiful DSP paper and all of the colors will be carried over through the next catalog.

  • Brights
  • Regals
  • Subtles
  • Neutrals
  • In Color 2016 – 2018 (Only this In Color)




You all know I love Jack Russell’s and this little guy is sprinting as fast as he can….and I know you all are doing the same thing with this retired list and then I invite you to see the next picture….JUST BREATHE…..

Very different messages but I hope that you can find the balance. Yes, the Stampin’ Up! website was ON OVER LOAD….be patient and know that we are all in the same boat. You all are going to love the NEW Catalog, it was a treat to be able to see it and I look forward to some “me time” to REALLY sit and take it in!








Enjoy the day….it is going to be a GREAT day and tomorrow….it’s a PALS BLOG HOP DAY…and we all know THAT will be a FUN DAY of sheer INSPIRATIONS! Hang in there…and have FUN shopping away!






Let the RACE begin – RETIRED LIST UP!




It is that time of the year….the time where we act like we are in line to get the MUST HAVE toy at the Holidays when our kids were little peeps! Every year this is a bitter-sweet moment but the reality is – IT HAPPENS and there is not a darn thing to do about it!  😕 

Honestly, I can say that the BIGGIE for me that is not carrying over are the DSP Stacks in the various Color Families…..(found on the bottom of page 174 in the Big Catalog) and here is a screen shot for you. You all know that I ADORE these and they will be sadly missed by me and I am sure a bunch more!  🙁










You can CLICK HERE  (OR THE ABOVE IMAGE) to see the Retiring List but please know….when this goes up – things get wild and crazy… the EARLY BIRD is the one that DEFINITELY CATCHES THE WORM…(If I were you……I would print it off as it is easier to read and I like to go by the page numbers)

As you go through the list you can see where some items are discount up to 50% in areas. Remember, all of these items are while supplies last and Stampin’ Up! will go in and update as things sell out!

Some find it easier to have a visual…so below you can click on the headers and see! Have fun!






Every year the one thing that just ZOOMS….are the In Colors that are retiring….and don’t forget the re-inkers if you already have the stamp pads…..below are some of the links for things that are leaving us that you might want to do a QUICK CLICK and GRAB THEM!

Have fun….and GOOD LUCK – the cyber world is buzzing and the connection is slow….be patient!





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