Holiday Catalog Product Share offerings!


Guess what is in 2 weeks from today?


YEP, September 1st  and that means that it is the first day to order from the new catalog! New catalogs are always an exciting time but this catalog timeframe is a ZOOM timeframe.

We all know that the time from September 1st to the end of the year just ZOOMS by!

Let’s just step back and think of all of the things that go on. Back to School, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and we can’t forget the “others” that just happen like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries…I think that you get it!

With the Holiday Catalog everyone seems to order quickly because that “calendar thing” that I talked about!


The cut off for the 1st wave of Product Share is Sunday, September 3rd.


I will be doing a 2nd wave of Product Shares but that not be until the 3rd week of September. I need to budget my time for my monthly kits so please if you want to get in with the 1st round, email me before September 3rd and please put in the subject line HOLIDAY PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it quickly!


I will be ordering as soon as I see the Green Light go on with Stampin’ Up! at 5 a.m. on September 1st!


I will be “johnny on the spot” to order promptly to hopefully avoid any potential backorders….(fingers crossed that there will not be any) to be able to turn around your product shares in a jif!

I have been doing shares forever! (well, you know what I mean) and by now many of you know the scoop! I take great pride in my shares as “I get it” – it is super exciting to be able to get a taste of the new products without having to buy it all.

If you are new to shares….you will love them as it is just what I said – I take the product, divide it up, package it …and off to you in the mail – that is what I call  “Happy Mail” and when you receive it…you WILL do a happy dance that your family will probably not understand….but again, I get it!

I use Pay Pal for my shares but I am not able to send an invoice out until September 1st (Stampin’ Up! policy) but again, I will have everything all ready to hit that button. As a share fills I will email you a confirmation for your share.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and DON’T FORGET YOUR ADDRESS!!! (you all get so excited that you forget the important stuff!!!!)


Share #1 – Swatch Books – you will receive (7) swatch books…all ready with the product info on them for you to be able to get stampin’ ! ~ $15.00 and ships for FREE!




These are life savers! A tool that I touch each day as it saves me so much time when I am looking for “the right color combination”. I will cut all of the paper so you can flip away and see! A great tool for the crafter as well as for the demonstrator!

On the back, there is the important info with the colors that coordinate, the item # and price….I guess you can say that they are just the BEST!


Product Shares #2  – 1/2 sheets of the NEW DSP from the Holiday Catalog – $28.00…(plus some foils & glimmers  and that will make you smile…heck, it’s the Holidays – we need a bit of bling!!!)

You will receive 6″ X 12″ of all of the NEW papers and a FULL sheet of the 6″ X 6″ paper if it is a Paper Stack! There are 7 New Paper Collections!

The New Papers are:

  • Quilted Christmas – 6″ X 6″ paper stack
  • Merry Little Christmas
  • Merry Music Specialty
  • Christmas Around the World
  • Year of Cheer Specialty
  • Painted Autumn
  • Spooky Night

The Foils Papers are: (page 194 in the Annual Catalog and the Champagne is NEW in the Holiday Catalog)

  • Gold, Silver, Copper &  ***Champagne

The Glimmers are: (page 194 in the Annual Catalog)

  • Dazzling Diamonds, Silver, Gold and Red


Product Share #3 – Ribbon Share (10 different Ribbons) – $20.00


We LOVE our ribbon and there are some great offerings this catalog! I am still in awe with the ribbon in the Annual Catalog….and I know that these new offerings in the Holiday will make you smile!

The Ribbons with the *** are from the Annual Catalog but I did not offer them before and they are a perfect compliment for this Holiday Catalog

  • Quilted Christmas Ribbon –  2 ½ yards
  • 7/8” Black and White Stripe Ribbon  –  2 ½ yards(LOVE THIS)
  • Jute Twine –  2 ½ yards
  • Mini Tinsel Trim Combo: This offering there are (2) colors, Real Red and Silver…2 ½ yards of each color
  • Real Red 1/8” Solid –   2 ½ yards (LOVE THIS)
  • Vintage Crochet Trim –  2 ½ yards
  • ***Garden Green 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon (pg. 198 in Annual Catalog) – 2 ½ yards
  • ***3/8″ Metallic-Edge Ribbon:(pg. 199 in Annual Catalog) This offering there are (2) colors,Gold and Silver…2 1/2 yards of each color



Product Share #4 – Embellishments – $20.00


The Embellishments in this catalog are over the top….out of control!!! That is what it is all about with the holidays…the little extra something! Hang onto your Santa Hat ’cause wait until you see this list of goodies!

  • Stitched Felt Embellishments – (2) each of the 3 designs offered, (6) in total
  • Mini Ornaments – (4) of them
  • Green Sprigs – (6) of them
  • Acetate Boxes – (2) of them (LOVE THESE!!!)
  • Year of Cheer Embellishments – (2) each of the designs offered in both gold and silver, (8) in total
  • Foil Snowflakes – (4) each in both Gold & Silver, (8) in total
  • Mini Pizza Boxes – (2) of them (LOVE THESE!!!)
  • Black Rhinestone Jewels – (50) 3 mm, (10) 4 mm, (10) 5mm – (70) Rhinestone jewels in total




  • SHARE #1 –DSP Swatch Books – $15.00 – FREE SHIPPING!
  • SHARE #2 – 1/2 Sheets of DSP  – $28.00
  • SHARE #3 – Ribbons – $20.00
  • SHARE #4 – Embellishments – $20.00



  • If you are just ordering the  DSP Swatch Books (share #1) – the Shipping is FREE 🙂 
  • If you are just ordering the NEW DSP Paper (share #2) – the Shipping is $6.95 (Priority Mail Shipping Fee)
  • If you are just ordering Shares #3 and/or Share #4 – the Shipping is $5.00

****Any combination of the above shares the shipping is $6.95 due to the fact that I have to mail Priority Mail to accommodate the proper care for the 6″ X 12″ of the DSP. ****


If you WANT IT ALL ($83.00 in total) – the shipping is free  plus I will throw in a sheet of new MINI Stampin Dimenisions….I call them my Stampin’ Vitamins!


Product Shares are FUN…Product Shares are SMART!


WHEW….that is a bunch to put together but I know that you are excited for the shares. It is fun and it is the best way to get all of the new kids on the block without breaking your “Daisy Bank”

Milo’s bags are packed and we are off…(well John too) to head South to see our sweet Hannah! Milo feels like he is TOP DOG being able to come with us….he is just soooo darn perfect how can I not take him!

Enjoy the day…be safe and make someone smile!


A “keeper” for you hump day!





HHD to you! This week is zooming by and I am excited about that as John and I are going to head South for the weekend to visit our dear Hannah! Visiting adult “peeps” is both very exciting and just FUN! 

I was so excited about this super simple card! It is right up my simple “one way alley in life” and the classic color combo of Black and White…I ask you, how can you go wrong? (let me answer this for you)YOU CAN”T GO WRONG!

The stamp is a new kid on the block (Count My Blessings) that will be available on Sept 1st….I think you all are going to like it…no I know you will LOVE IT as it is a beauty!

Darn, I could not share with you picture from within the new catalog but I was squealing (did you hear me) when I thought – “I should just take a picture of the sheet that I made when I conditioned the stamp set”!

Here you go! I was doing a happy dance when I stamped this – look how clean and crisp the images are. I swear by the versa mark…stamp….ink with Black…stamp…making a 5″ X 7″ stamped image of my stamp set just works for me.

I slide it in the inside of the cover as a reference. (I know its kinda strange, but I like to see an inky stamped version with my own eyes)






This embossing folder, Layered Leaves Dynamic Embossing Folder….is just beautiful sooooo beautiful that this is the “freebie pick from me to you” this month when you place an order of $75+. The super deep impression of these dynamic folders is just amazing!

Here’s an important tip! I like to mist the piece of paper before I run it through the Big Shot. Stampin’ Up! did a video that I have shared with you before but just in case you missed it….click here – it is a great video and it will also show you the correct “sandwich” that is need for Mr. Big.







This card is sooooo easy! I am holding tight to my motto…”If you have a keeper stamp (Count My Blessings)…the basics (the circles)…fun DSP (the embossed piece for texture & the pick a pattern for contrast)…. a wee bit of bling or interest (silver thread and the black rhinestones) you will have a great card!



Stamp + Basics + Texture + Bling = a Keeper Card



I used this embossing folder for my monthly card kit just like I am doing today and I will say – the amazing details in this folder are so clean and classic – it makes a card come together in no time as the embossing folder has done the work for you.







Let’s chat about the Black and White DSP…You know that I have blogged using this paper a bunch since its debut. It makes me smile (and that’s a good thing)

To me, this pack of DSP  – Pick a Pattern has a learning curve. WHAT? Yep, a learning curve. At a glance many thing that it is a kiddie paper as they see the big, bold, graphic designs but always remember my friends…we know that there are always 2 sides to a story….well for us – there are always 2 sides to our DSP!






Whenever I see a Black and White print…I not only “squeal” but I “cut it wisely” as I just LOVE IT! We have some new DSP’s coming out that you are going to LOVE as they are the same…a FUN & FESTIVE print on one side….and the flip – a classic! No worries, I will be doing a Product Share and we all know that they are the BEST way to try the newbies out!

This DSP that I am using today is a perfect reason/example of why having a swatch book from my shares is the way to go. WHY? Easy – as we chatted about this from a glance…the DSP being a busy bunch of prints….well having the swatch book on my work area makes it a breeze to flip through the offerings and then make the decision! They truly are lifesavers!







I know that this card is super easy (that you do not need me) but here is a tip about using this thread. I had a love/hate relationship with it until I figured it out and let me help you as well. The effect and texture it gives to a project is fun but it can be frustrating to work with.

To make it a  😀  process I just put a bunch of adhesive (fast fuse is my choice) on the back of the circles. Next, I wrap a bunch of thread around my fingers (for this size of a circle I used 3 fingers) snip it off and then take that whole darn circle and SLAP IT DOWN! Now you can pull the thread mess where you want it – works like a charm each and every time!







If I am using dimensionals or fun foam on the back I still do it this was and then add the dimension. I cannot tell you how many times I have been frustrated with this thread but once I WAS IN CONTROL (not the darn thread in control) it became my friend and heck – it gives a great effect and is super affordable!

There you go a super fast card to whip up and one that I know that we all have people to send it to. “Blessing” are a true “Blessing” and this card would certainly make someone stop and smile. To me, it is one of those “slow down life” cards when someone would receive it as it will automatically make them stop…smile….and remember the “specialness of you”







Speaking of special…..I snuck in that the Clearance Rack was added to yesterday and I also see that many of  you have taken advantage of it….WOOT-WOOT, we all love a deal! My heart was skipping a beat to get a great deal on Bakers Twine…I LOVE that stuff!

Enjoy the day and I will see you in the morning….we need to play a game….it is Tic-Tac-Toe Day!






A quick tip…50% off & Clearance Rack Stocked!



Good Morning…. Here’s a trio for you…


a TIP –  a DEAL (50% off Paper Pumpkin) & more DEALS (Clearance Rack Re-Stocked!)


I have a useful tip for you today with what to do with those Paper Pumpkin Boxes that seem to grow and grow! They are truly a very useful size and by flipping them inside/out is a perfect re-use solution.

The outside of the “new box” is perfectly plain…a perfect and clean box to re-use! I was mailing some items several weeks ago and thought…why not jazz this useful box up with some flowers! It was funny – this was not planned but there they were….some flowers just sitting on my work area and I thought, WHY NOT?

If you have never tried Paper Pumpkin…it is 50% off for a limited time….now until Sept. 10th! Grab another cup of coffee and watch this short video….







Here’s the scoop….these make a great gift…and just try it for a month! You have nothing to lose and there is no obligation to continue.

Until September 10, first time Paper Pumpkin subscribers enjoy 50% OFF their first (September) kit!

If you subscribe before September 10, Stampin’ Up! will deliver September’s Paper Pumpkin kit straight to your door, complete with everything you need to make adorable, shareable projects—all for 50% off!

Fine print of the promotion:

  • For first-time subscribers only.
  • You must subscribe by Saturday, September 10, 2017; 11:50 PM (MT).
  • Available for month-to-month subscriptions, not prepaid subscriptions.
  • 50% Discount applied to September’s kit ONLY.   After that, the price for each month’s kit will return to the regular price of $19.95 (which includes shipping).
  • Enter the promo code,HALFOFF0917 upon checkout.
  • Unless you cancel, your membership will continue at full price after your first kit. Try your kit out at the 50% off price….and if you find out that it is not for you…no worries, just cancel it by Oct 10th! It is that easy!



To get the 50% discount, remember to enter the promo code of HALFOFF0917 



The ? that I am always asked…what’s in the kit? Not to give you a short answer….but I honestly do not know…it is a surprise! Some might find that frustrating…but I love the element of the surprise and POOF – a smile is on my face when I see that little box in my mailbox.

Please do not hold me to this….BUT I would imagine that the September kit will be something super fun as if it is anything like the past (kits from previous Septembers) it is a usually something fun for Halloween/Fall.

For just $10.00 – TRY IT….you might like it!!!  Shipping from home is FUN…and make sure that you check out the Clearance Rack as Stampin’ Up! has added some goodies in there…..YEP = Bakers Twine is in there… know how I feel about that!!!!

Here’s a throw back that will make you smile – be MIKEY….you have nothing to lose!





Remember, I offer a very generous rewards program…and this months freebie from me to you with a $75.00 order….the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder….it is simply amazing – you’ll see it in use tomorrow!

Have questions….please feel free to email me! Until tomorrow….






Let’s STEP it up!






Good Sunday morning to you! I was so excited for the post to roll around as I am smiling…..really smiling! I know that this weekend post is a very simplistic one but I think it is great one to share and show you that simple DOES work.

I love todays card….in my eyes there is nothing more that needs to be done as the message is across – welcoming a sweet baby into the world! I hope that you can follow me on this one.

Do you remember seeing pictures of yourself and saying “Who dressed me or what in the world was I thinking about when I bought that” hmmmm….I am sure many of you are smiling and some are probably giggling. 😀 

When I paper craft there are times that I think of that…I want people to hopefully save the cards that I have made for them. I know that I do as there are those that just “touch your heart” …inspire you and make a memory continue to live!

With that said…the reason that I adore this card is the oh so classic and super sweet image from the stamp set and the classic twinkle, twinkle little star! (Can you guess what I bought the new sweet boy?…My baby staple  –  books…and yep the classic twinkle, twinkle made the cut)

So the moral of this story is I adore them both but side by side, you decide!










The changes for today were not many but if you see them side by side, I say take the wee bit of extra time! Here are the changes for todays card. Please remember to go back to yesterdays card as the coloring and actually just about everything else is the same!


  • I stamped additional single stars and added my trio of dots


  • I  used a piece of Post It Note to mask around the moon to stamp 2 of the stars


  • In the center of the stars, I used Glossy Accents to add some extra shine and bling. This is a product that we used to carry and one that I know many of you have around. It is funny..when we had it – I never used it but I have been finding that I have been playing with it and I really like the wee bit of bling and umph it gives to a project.


  • I broke up the sentiment into 2 lines. Because I already had the stamp a ma jig out…why not? I simply put a piece of washi tape over the line that I did not want to have inky…inked up the sentiment and then peeled off the washi tape and stamped! (Yep, you could use the markers and just isolate just the words that you wanted to have inked…but I like to have a good coverage of ink…just a personal preference)  


  • The envelope is different…I adore it and we will chat about that below!








Masking is something that I think we forget about and/or are afraid to do. Look how simple this is! The end result is sooooo worth it – just taking an extra step make a “how did she do that” happen!







Let’s chat about the envelope! If this doesn’t make the mailman smile….than we need to find a new mailman! You know that I usually cover the back flap of my envelope with a fun DSP or embossed image etc….but after making the changes on the card today I thought – I am not crazy about the same envelope for today…so POOF – how do you like it!

I stamped the other super fun image in this set on thick whisper white, just like I did for the card and then used the same color palette to color! The actual envelope was made using the Envelope Punch Board and I placed Tear & Tape across the flap…held my colored piece up to the light to see through and POOF (again) I centered it!

I added a sliver of So Saffron over top of it (this was an after thought) but I think that it made the images POP even more! I hope that you can see in the pictures that I did the same as I did on the card, I used the Sahara Sand around the entire image to help POP the animals – this is a great tip and one that does make a difference….just go super light!













Well…thoughts???? I can’t wait to hear how you like these little changes. I am going to stick with what I said yesterday, this is one FABULOUS baby set. I admit, even though I do not make many baby cards…I found this to be super fun and truly – I would make this over and over!

I am now itchin’ to make some of the more detailed cards that I saw when I googled the image. It truly came down to that darn “time thing”.

Hear me out…IF you have a bunch of time to create a card there is nothing more FUN and REWARDING than creating something you set your mind to…(I get that) but then again, there is nothing more frustrating to NOT HAVE THE TIME and stress yourself out that you need to make this amazing…over the top….work of art! (I get that as I have been there)



This is why is it great to have simplicity up your sleeve!



There is nothing wrong whatsoever in making a simple card. Think of it in this way – would you rather HAVE a card to send or would you rather stress each day that passes by and you say, “tomorrow I will make that card” and your tomorrow comes and goes!!! We all keep thinking that the extra time will be in that tomorrow!!! (sound familiar to anyone) – We have ALL BEEN THERE!






Now go and enjoy your day!I am super excited as this afternoon John and I are going to a local Peach Festival! I am super excited because I turn into a peach when they are in season – I just cannot get enough of them! My mouth is already for an amazing Peach Dumpling with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream! YUMMERS!

I will see you on Tuesday….and hopefully I will be able to inspire you! I do hope that you can find some “me time” and get inky – we all know that it is the BEST therapy one could ask for!





PALS Blog Hop: “Cut it Out”


Welcome to the August 2017 Pals Blog Hop. Thank you so much for joining us today. This month we’re going to “Cut It Out”. Participants will feature projects with “cuts” from punches, dies, Framelits, Edgelits, or Thinlits.

Whether you’re just starting the hop, or have come from a previous Pal’s blog, you’ll find the line-up toward the end of my post to help you move along.









Happy Hop & Hump Day to YOU!!!



The PALS monthly Blog Hop is always a day of sunshine and inspiration and I am sure that today is no different! Have fun hopping from Blog to Blog and I suggest that you be a sponge and soak it all up!

I was super excited about this theme as I think that Stampin’ Ups! “Cut it out” stuff is the best! We have so many options and today…I went for many – the trimmer, Mr. Big, Framelits and still more framelits ….DRUM ROLL…a NEW punch! WOOT-WOOT….I think that I hit them all!

At the end of the post you will see the whole line up of products! I am going to keep this post short ’cause you have a bunch of hoppin’ to do and let the pictures tell the story…I adore simple shapes…and today – it is totally hip to be square!

The focal sentiment is from the Ribbon of Courage Bundle. Now let’s quickly chat about this font….is it OVER THE TOP or what?! Not only is the sentiment amazing but the whole “feel” of it just makes you smile!








Are you smiling? I bet that you are thinking….this is hard?!?! Now take a deep breath and then look at it. It is all about the basics….sometimes I feel like the elements to my cards are so boring as I really use the “basics” over and over….but that is how I roll.

I think that we can all agree that the Stampin’ Trimmer is one great tool. I adore it. I would not be with out it. I admit, I have many….actually MANY trimmers as I think that there are trimmers that have many different uses but this one…I always go back to. It is a classic…it does everything you would need….scoring and cutting – what more could you ask for!

These squares are 1 1/8″ squares and here are 3 things that make it happen: A ruler, a mechanical pencil and an eraser. (again, basics) Take a gander at the below picture and then below you will see the “works” of the how did she do it?

Another key product that I used that made this project fun and easy was using the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets. These ARE a must have for all of us. All you do is adhere it to the back of your paper….cut it out (as I did today with the trimmer) or you can use it with the big shot and framelits.

One of the reasons that I like this product is the ease of perfect placement and the ability to move the piece until I get it “just right” and then PRESS and PRESTO….it’s adhered!














How do you like these colors together? They are right up my alley. Clean, crisp and classic! Can you see how mixing a bunch of “cutting products” just seems to work! Please do not be afraid…just try it but please remember that it is the basic tools that make it work.

If you are new to stamping….welcome, you have a new addiction. The best advice I can give you is…get the basics – they WILL be your friend and when in doubt – pull them out….they are your friends…they will be your lifeline!







Before you HOP ON… you see the leaf punch? WOOT-WOOT….it is a newbie in the upcoming catalog and it is part of a bundle and YEP, you need it! I am giving you heads up….’cause it is a keeper! I know that you might think that it is crazy to have it in So Saffron but WHY NOT….So Saffron makes everything better! (I love that color)

I hope that you are smiling and I would love to hear how you like my project for you today! Yikes…so much to say but I am out of time….(how about this ribbon???) I admit that when I saw this Navy Crinkled Ribbon I was not sure about it but boy was I wrong…it makes the most AMAZING bows!

OK – that’s it from me….I do hope that I brought some inspiration to your day and I hope that I shared with you that sticking with the basics is the way to go. I am a simple card maker and this layout….YEP, is my cup of tea (even thoughI am a coffee drinker) 😀 

Please take a minute to mark your calendar for our next hop on September 13, 2017 for “My Favorite Season”. Now hop along using the Blog Hop Line-up below. Thank you so much for hopping with the Stampin’ Pretty Pals today. Don’t forget to leave us a comment. We’d love to hear what you have to say about our creative “Cuts”.

Blog Hop Line-up:  





You can now go to Walmart!




Most Tuesdays I like to share a tip with you! Sometimes its a new one that I have discovered…sometimes it ones that I have shared before but totally feel like it is worth sharing again and that is what today is about!




I make no bones about it….I am not a fan of Walmart as honestly… it stresses me out!



I have blogged about these little cubes for a great way to store things in your craft area and I get emails often about….WHERE DID YOU GET THEM? I love ideas of storage that makes our lives easier…and these little gems do just that!

I find at this time of the year….Walmart does have them at a great price (I guess I should thank them) and they come in fun colors for the back to school craze that happens each year. This is the only time that I seem to find fun colors…and a fun price!






Here is the scoop on them of the why’s I like them and find them super useful!

  • For just .97 how can you go wrong (other than having to fight the crowds in the store) and right now the fun colors that I saw were navy, pink, teal, bright blue, a weird green, red and I am sure there are others……


  • These cubes stack on top of each other so if space is an issue for you….these are great to stack depending on the height of what you put in…


  • I use them mainly for storing my 6″ X 6″ Paper Stacks and also discontinued paper that I have that I want for the future (I cut it to 6″ X 6″)


  • I use them when I am working on projects to keep things orderly ….like when I am working on a kit…I use a cube to put in the elements for a certain card…then I can stack others and have everything neat & tidy



Now here is another thing that is great to get at this time of year….the VINYL FOLDERS (below you will see it in Yellow) These can get pricy but at this time of year is when to get them and then do surgery on them!!! 😀




WHAT????   SURGERY????…Yep, type A Susan here…



I like to cut them up and use them as dividers for my paper. You know that I am a HUGE fan of the PTouch Label Maker…well to keep me organized I make a label with the name of whatever and then put if on the Vinyl divider that I made….

The reason that I do this is that the labels peel off if the item is ever discontinued and then I can re-use it! (you see…there is always methods to my madness). The dividers are super thin so they do not take much room but they are also super sturdy so you can use them over and over!

You will only get (2) dividers per (1) vinyl folder but there are scraps that you will find a use for. True it is an investment (but soooooo inexpensive) and then you will always have them to use over and over. (I do use the corner rounder of my envelope punch board to round the edges, I told you I was Type A)







The picture tells the story but here it is in more depth. The grey chipboard on the right is what comes in our DSP when we get it (usually the heavy one like this is with the speciality DSP)

It is great for packaging if you are mailing something and you do not want it to bend but today I am showing you how I cut that up for dividers. When I have a DSP that is retired….I move it to a cube and peel off the label from the vinyl divider and put it on this chipboard!

Because I always have swatch books of the DSP (and YES – I will be doing a Product Share for the new catalog) I can always reference the DSP that I have in the cubes. You can tuck the swatch books of the paper offerings in the back of the cube.

There you go…your TIP for your Tuesday! I find little things like these posts to be helpful so of course I want to share! I warn you….enter Walmart at your own risk….it’s a crazy place this time of year and the shelves are a total mess!






Here is my funny for going yesterday! I first needed to pop by Jeanie’s house….when I said – I need to run as I have to pop into Walmart for my blog post for tomorrow….Her face was PRICELESS….her glasses came off…her jaw dropped and then she said – WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU NEED TO GO THERE!?!?

When I told her…this huge laugh exploded and then quickly she said…”great – pick me up some while you are there!” Gotta love a friend!


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