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HHA (Happy Hump Day) to you all!

I have a cutie for you that is not only going to make you smile…it is going to get your creative juices flowing as the options are just endless! This is one of those kinda posts that I hope settles in with you as I think that these are just ADORABLE Notecards!

Let me share with you the “why’s and how’s” of how these cuties came about! Hopefully you know me well enough by now…there is always a method (or whys) to my crafting madness!





When I create and more importantly to me….when I share something with you on my blog…I do it for one reason…I LIKE IT….I guess this is one of those things that I like about being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator….I get to purchase just what I like and will use. The minute that I saw this bundle on my first flip through the catalog I knew that it would have a home on Randall Lane.

Being completely honest with you….when I saw that it was a bundle, I didn’t quite get how the framelits went with this very forgiving and quite whimsical stamp set. I just love this set…and the ideas are just simply ENDLESS….If you have not already done so…I would google and or go to Pinterest and see all of the amazing projects people have made using this gem of a stamp set.







I have shared with you in previous post that there are actually times that I do not buy a bundle…it is rare but there are times that when I know that I am simply not going to use a part of the bundle….I say why buy it? I thought pretty hard on this one but ultimately I did get it as a bundle as that triangular floral image is just stunning.

I did just what I said above to you – I googled it and saw amazing ideas that others made with it and YEP, it made me purchase the bundle. I will share with you in a future post the BEAUTIFUL card I made with this stunning framelit so the moral of this stampin’ story is…..BUY IT as a bundle! 







Ok…onward as I have a ca-zillion things to do this afternoon and this is soooo ridiculously easy but it has such a practical and cute impact! This is how I roll….I needed a gift for a Bridal Shower and also for a dear friend that has been ill and asked me if I could just whip up something….HOW COULD I SAY NO????

That darn thing of TIME was once again on my shoulders and I went to my FUN AREA and….kept saying to myself…you can do it…you can do it…and POOF – I did it! Not only did I get my gift mission accomplished…I thought that they were so cute that I made up 20 more for myself as they are just too sweet!

There really is not much to tell you about making them….but you know me, I will share and I do hope that you come back on Friday as there will be a Part 2 to this post with my packaging and another….GREAT TIP!!! You know me, I love to share and I love to inspire!






Now I admit, I do not “get it” why there are some of you that do not embrace the love for the Note Cards & Envelopes? They are such an AMAZING bang for the buck (as the saying goes).I ask you???….how in the world can you get 20 pre-cut and pre-scored bases in THICK cardstock with envelopes for just $6.50….let me answer this for you….you can and if I were you….I would CLICK HERE to get them in White and then CLICK HERE to get them in Very Vanilla!

These are just one of those Stampin’ Up! staples that you just have to have on hand. Now if it is the size that bugs you….o.k. – but really….this is a super size for a note (5″ X 3 1/2″) but if you insist to do it in an A-2 size…..go for it as we both know it will be beautiful!

There are those darn Basics that I blog about all of the time that made this a BREEZE to do. You will see that I am  showing you (3) different color combinations but I thin that you can see that you can do whatever  your heart desired. I made up (20) of eash color combination….yep – a total of 60 and it was a fun thing to do!






The Stamparatus made it a breeze as all I had to do was put the paper in….stamp….do all 60….the change to the next stamp…..put the paper in and stamp… goes super fast! A stamp positioning tool makes the process a delight to do. I feel SOOOOOOO strongly about a stamp positioner that honestly, if you do not have one….buy the Stamparatus.

Ir is a great tool. I have shared that I have had a MISTI for years as well as a Tim Holtz one….but truly, Stampin’ Up! nailed it with this beauty! It truly is unique with having a (2) door system…I am just very, very happy and also proud of the product!






At the end of the post you will see the list of inks that I used. I think that you will find it pretty easy to see which ones went where…etc but if not, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will clarify it for you!

Here is the SCOOP on how to make them. You will say, NOW EVEN I CAN DO THAT! Well, you know what I am going to say right back to you….OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT! I am such a FIRM believer that we all can do whatever we want to achieve as long as we take the time to practice and also have the right tools to get the job done!

  • Use the Notecards & Envelopes
  • Cover the front panel of the notecard with a piece of cardstock (to coordinate with your color palette) to 3 1/2″ X 5″
  • Cut a piece of Whisper White to  3 1/4″ X 4 3/4″
  • Stamp the Whisper White piece to your liking
  • After you have done all of the stamping….take this to your simple scored and score lines as you can see in the pictures…..THIS IS KEY TO ME…as trust me, it is that PERFECT ADDED TOUCH that we have been talking about lately!
  • The envelope….same drill as usual BUT because the flap is narrower that our regular envelopes… can just make the DSP 5 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ under the 1/4″ strip of paper!


The reason that this is WOOT-WOOT…as you will be able to get (4) envelope flaps per (1) sheet of DSP…..I used the Garden Impressions Stack but then I also used the AMAZING Stacks from each of the color families! You know HOW I LOVE them and this is why I put them BACK ON my Product Share Offerings……as so many of you wanted them again (Add-On #2). It is a GREAT way to get all of these without having to buy them all!








Well…there you go! I hope that I have inspired you today and I also hope that you will come back on Friday to see how I packaged them! I just LOVE to package things up as let’s face it…that is what sets the tone…the 1st impression is how a gift is wrapped!

Enjoy the remainder of the day and I will see you on Friday!!!!





It’s Product Share Time…Holiday Catalog!

Happy Friday…happy Weekend! I do not know about you but this week has ZOOMED by!

In less than 3 weeks the new Holiday Catalog will be live and that means it is time for another Product Share.

When there is a new catalog the best way to get a taste and feel for it is to take part in a PRODUCT SHARE.

It is as simple as this….you look at the below offerings and decide what you want…email me to save your share and then I get to do the work in ordering, dividing and creating!

I know that this time of the year that life just becomes “crazy”! If you are anything like me we have great intentions to “be on top of it” and not let the calendar get to us….and then IT HAPPENS(fingers crossed that this year might be different)

That darn calendar turns to September…and we walk around saying…where did the summer go…kids back to school...and then October…yikes – Halloween….and then… the upcoming “biggies” of Thanksgiving and  Christmas….CALGON, take me away! It is all in great intentions as we love to create and make things for our family and friend, trust me, I GET IT!

I know many of you are nodding you heads as it happens, each and every year. This new catalog will go live on Wednesday, September 5th and I will have these shares in and out the door in a jif as I know I was in your shoes before…you want the “goods…and you want them now” (kinda like the girl in the Willy Wonka)

The BEST part about this Holiday Catalog is….that the most time consuming part for me with the shares is making up the  DSP swatch books (share #1) and as a Demonstrator I have been able to order a wee bit of all of the paper, and trust me, I have been making these up!


Let’s get to it… are the Product Shares that I have for you!


All I ask from you is…EMAIL ME and put in the subject line…HOLIDAY PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it and get the list going! Please let me know what shares you wish to preorder and ALSO your address. I know that there are sooooo many of you that have been ordering shares from me for years (thank you)…but it makes it super easy for me to just copy and paste all of your info…..(thanks!)



Share #1 – DSP Swatch Books – $17.50 – These are a MUST HAVE Stampin’ Aid to have at your work space!

These gems are a VERY VALUABLE piece of Real-Estate in your craft space. These along with below ADD ON OFFERING Share #1 will have you SET and all ORGANIZED. There is no need to DRAG OUT lots of paper to see what will work for you.

These are a true “labor of crazy love” to make but they are sooooo worth it. You will thank me each and every day you use them! They have all of the important information on them to see at a glance – trust me, once you get these….you will always get them each catalog.



There will be 7 swatch-books – all from the collections of paper that I am offering in the next share.



Share #2 – DSP Paper Share – $25.00 (7 DSP paper collections below)…a total of (44) pieces of 6″ X 12″ paper/

  • All Is Bright, Festive Farmhouse, Santa’s Workshop, Joyous Noel, Frosted Floral, Country Lane, Toil & Trouble 
  • (1) 6” X 12” piece of the Galvanized Metallic Paper 
  • (1) 6 “ X 12” piece of Black Foil Paper 




Share #3 Tis’ the Season to Shimmer – $9.00… The fall and Holiday Season lends itself to some glimmer and bling…7 different colors to add that special little touch! In total you will receive (14) pieces of glimmer.

There us no doubt that a bit of glimmer is a perfect “something-something” to jazz our projects and Stampin’ Up! has redesigned the glimmer paper and the “glittery goodness” does not come off!

  • (2) 6 “ X 6” of EACH Glimmer Paper in Copper, Merry Merlot and Tranquil Tide, Gold, Rose, Silver & Sparkle 





Share #4 – Ribbon Shares – $15.00 You will get 2 1/2 yards of EACH of the ribbons below

Stampin’ Up! offers super… classic offerings of their ribbon to coordinate beautifully with our Product Line. I wish that you could be here to see the assembly line we have with ribbon! It becomes a whomever is in the house affair!!!

I take everything off on the kitchen island and put pieces of Washi Tape on our Kitchen Counter….get a pair of Ribbon Scissors for John or my Dad… and say – HAVE FUN! They hang the ribbon on all of the Kitchen Cabinet Knobs for me to separate and package!

  • 3/8” Real Red Mixed Satin Ribbon
  • 5/8” Striped Burlap Trim
  • ½” Poppy Parade Textured Weaved Ribbon
  • 5/8” Merry Merlot & Copper Reversible Ribbon
  • ¼” Tranquil Tide Velvet Ribbon
  • 3/16” Braided Linen Trim
  • 3/8” Black Glittered Organdy Ribbon




Share #5– Embellishments – $20.00

WOWZA – It is always hard for me to pick out the goodies to put in the Embellishment Shares. I have narrowed it down to the “keepers” in my eyes and trust me, I only put products in my shares that I love and stand behind as after all, if I am not a fan of it….chances are you are not going to be happy with it as well!

I  think think that you will be supper happy with these picks… again, I tried to pick the must haves in my SIMPLE opinion!

  • All is Bright Paper Clips –  5 each of Star and Tree (classic shapes for the classic Holiday we all love!!!)
  • 6 Galvanized Buttons(These super thin buttons will be a perfect accent to adhere a bow without the bulk!)
  • Santa’s Workshop Enamel Shapes – 60 in total (we all love enamel do-dad’s…the colors are Garden Green, Poppy Parade & White)
  • Frosted & Clear Epoxy Droplets – ½ sheet – 48 in total (these will be a GO-TO all year as they are that simple WOW)
  • Galvanized Clips – 6 clips (LOVE the thinness of these, a sweet and perfect little accent)
  • Chicken Wire Elements – 2 per share (This is NOT wire…actually it is a super fun accent that silver on 1 and the other is white…your choice in how you want to accent a project…a perfect little “something-something” to add to a card, I’m excited to use these!)
  • Spider Trinkets – 3 trinkets per share (these are just too sweet as a perfect little accent even for those people that are not a fan of Halloween)



Now for the fun part…what Shares do you want?


If you are like me, how can you not just WANT IT ALL! That FOMO  (Fear Of Missing Out) gets us all of the time but I am being 100% honest and say…what I am offering are all things that I use in my Clean and Simple way of Crafting. YEP, even those glimmer papers for the Holidays….there is just something about them in “little bits” that works for my style of card making.




I Want It All is $ 86.50

(I always tuck in a sweet treat for those whom get that I WANT IT ALL….and here it is….)

You will receive a 25 yard spool of the NEW Garden Green/White Bakers Twine, it is super and it is practical! It is a thick Bakers Twine and perfect for you to use all year long PLUS (3) 6 ” X 12″  pieces of the limited edition Holiday DSP, Dashing Along…


Shipping: This is always so hard to figure, but please know that I take great pride in the packing and making sure you are getting the best pricing…as I GET IT – shipping is expensive! Feel free to email me if you need further clarification.

  • Share #1 only is $4.00
  • Share #2 only and also if combined with any other share is $7.00 (because of the length of the paper 6” 12” – it has to go Priority Mail Legal Size which is a flat $7.00)
  • Any combination of 2 or more shares NOT including share #2 is $5.50
  • I want it all is $12.50 (you will have 2 packages coming to you, one in the Priority Mail Legal $7.00 and also a bubble mailer, $5.50)


For Example:

  • If you want share #1 only it will be $4.00 for shipping
  • If you want share #2 and share #4 the shipping is $7.00
  • If you want shares 1,3 & 4…the shipping is $5.50




Image result for snoopy images of but wait - there's more

NOW TO THE “ADD ONS”  FOR PRODUCT SHARES!!! (hang in there!!!)

I am offering (2) additional Product Shares that have been SUPER HOT and I have had many request for….Please let me know if you would like to add any of these on with your Product share….or perhaps you just want one of these add on’s and nothing from the above offerings….that is PERFECT with me!


ADD ON #1 –  Card Stock Swatches on a Ring – $10.00 

These are a MUST HAVE in my stampin’ opinion! I blogged and offered them earlier in the month, click here and MANY of you have already ordered them and they are a HIT! You will have ALL of the solid cardstock paper that Stampin’ Up! offers in one handy ring…all labeled for you





I am on BATCH #4 of these gems! People JUST LOVE THEM and trust me, I get it as it is a super practical and handy tool to have! Having all of the paper on a ring makes it a breeze to use different color combinations, The paper color and the color family are all printed on the pieces of cardstock in a super heavy and crisp font taking the guess work out of what color you need for a project!

These make a FANTASTIC gift to give to your favorite stamper…and for those Demonstrators out there…these are perfect for your customers, open houses, downline etc….and if you order 10+ the shipping is FREE on them. I have had many Demonstrators order them and have their team/customers simply reimburse the demo…..and that is totally fine with me….the feedback of how thrilled people are with them makes me smile from ear to ear!



ADD ON #2  –  Paper Share – Color Collections – $35.00(6″ X 6″ sheets of the DSP Families) in polka dots and stripes!)

I am just “over the moon happy” that Stampin’ Up! has these!!!.  These 6″ X 6″ sheets in each and every color that we have. This new offering from the Annual Catalog that launched in June was one of the KEY ADDITIONS to the Stampin’ Up! Catalog

I also love the basic designs of the stripes and dots….classic all the way – below you can see an image but remember, this offering will include a FULL 6″ X 6″ sheet of each color in each collection – 6 collection in total= a total of (100) 6″ X 6″ sheets!

  • Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals, In Color 2017 – 2019 and In Color 2018 – 2020




I am still playing catch up on emails, mailings of Cardstock Swatches on a Ring (add on #1) and by the end of the weekend I am hoping to be caught up! I had 17 orders go out yesterday and I was in disbelief that I needed to reorder on them again!

These have been so well received and I bet about every 2-3 orders I hear….why doesn’t Stampin’ Up! carry these……well…I am really not sure – they use to have that wonderful Color Coach but still…I think that there is NOTHING LIKE HAVING AN ACTUAL PIECE OF CARDSTOCK in your hand!

For those of you that are waiting…the wait will be caught up by Mondays mail! I am home for the weekend and getting caught up and actually looking forward to a PJ type of weekend just hanging around!

There you go….I know this was super long but then again, you know that I take great pride on my shares! I truly love to do them and I will say…it brings me joy to package and present them to you….Happy Mail from Maryland!

Email me and let me know what share I can put aside for you!!!!





Have a fantastic weekend and do not forget about the Bonus Days this Month….you will get a $5.00 coupon to use next month for every $50.00 you spend. his is a great time to stock up on the products that you use all year long….paper, adhesives, Inks etc….as you know that they will go to use throughout the year and then next month you can shop for the NEW GOODIES and have some $$$$ to put towards it!




It’s a Pattern Party for the Pals Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Pals July, 2018 Blog Hop. We’re having a “Pattern Party”. This month our creations will feature our favorite Designer Series Papers and coordinating embellishments from the new annual catalog from Stampin’ Up!


You may be starting the hop here or coming from a previous Pal’s blog. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the the full line-up below to help you move, or “hop” along from Pal to Pal!







Let’s get started by saying “hippity-hoppity-humpday “ to you and I thank you for HOPPING on and see the fun DSP Pattern Party inspiration that i have for you today! I must say…there are many DSP’s from this new Annual Catalog that make me smile….so I thought that I would pick something that might not be as that “instant wow” to you when you have picked up the catalog to see the new offerings!

The DSP that I am using today come from the Best Routes and the Animal Expedition collection! Being that I am a super clean and simple kinda gal…I love prints like these that are “classics” as I find that they will work for many projects that I might make! The other great thing about both of these is…they are both part of Stampin’ Ups! buy 3 get 1 free offering during the month of July!….









You’ve gotta a lot of hopping to do today so let’s get into the beauty and simplicity of todays card! This is a card that I like to refer to as a “formula” What is a formula? Well…..they are your friends as a formula is a “recipe if you will” that you can pull out time and time again…make some changes with the DSP and/or stamp….and POOF – you have whipped up another masterpiece!

Today’s formula fun is using the Friendly Expressions Stamp as well as the framelits as my accent/embellishment from the Stained Glass Thinlit Dies. This stamp set it just the cat’s meow as the fonts and sentiments hit a grand slam…(a true MUST HAVE for your stamp collection!!!)










I am a stamper that loves to share tips and tricks along the way….always! I firmly believe that this is how we learn. There are so many different ways that we can make it easier for us when we sit and create.

I am all about ease and I know that many of you do not use this secret weapon….the Multi Purpose Adhesive Sheets! Another must have product for your stash!

This is a $10.00 investment that you will be thankful that you have! It is a super thin adhesive that you put on your cardstock BEFORE you run your die through “Mr. Big” and then PRESTO….you have adhesive on your detailed die…that all you have to do is remove the backing and once again, POOF – you are a happy stamper!

The biggest misconception I think many stampers have is the fact that they feel like they need to use the whole darn sheet at one time! NO…NOT AT ALL! I simply take a piece of scrap the size I need…peel the top part of the adhesive sheet back and then place the scrap of cardstock on the adhesive!

Next, I like to re-cover the piece of scrap with the sheet that says Sizzix (see below picture) and then trim away just what I need. This step helps to not get your scissors icky!

The other tip is, use the paper piecing tool after you run the shape through (especially with such a delicate die like this) to grab the release paper and again, POOF – you have adhesive ready for you to give it a good and firm press….with no mess!








I know that many of us find it hard to create a masculine card…but this is a card that I am sending to my middle peep James as he just started a new job! We all know what it is like to get something handmade…something unexpected….and hopefully from “dear old Mom” will even make it that much more special to him!

Because this is going to a “guy” I thought that this BEAUTIFUL die would be the perfect accent for some dimension and interest to this clean and simple card. I snapped a quick picture for you to see that it is as easy as this….just eyeball where you want the “peeking out” to be under the sentiment!







How about the FORMULA for you! Yep, this is another tip that I would do today. I would find some “me time” and recreate this card using whatever you have and then write the formula down on your sample. For me, this IS the easiest way to not only get the feel of creating it…but now you have your very own recipe that you can file away just like you do in your kitchen!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. To me, you simply can’t go wrong with keeping things super clean and simple. They beauty of this type of a design is…IF you choose to fru-fru it up with either some ribbon, sparkle etc…you can easily do that….but if you want it to go out the door like this….you can do that with pride as well!

  • Card Base is a regular A-2 (5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″) in Thick Whisper White. (I always use the thick weight for my bases) and then I covered the front with a piece of Basic Gray. I love a card that has “substance and weight to it”
  • The white matting rectangle is 5 1/4″ X 4″
  • The Strips of DSP are 1 1/4″ X 3 7/8″. To make the adhering these easier and straight…I use green glue to place them as I have time to wiggle them around if needed…..but please, do not stress over being perfectly straight…..just do your best – after all, it is –  JUST A CARD!
  • The sentiment piece is 4″ X 1/2″ and then the mat is a wee bit bigger at 4 1/8″ X 5/8″
  • In the last picture you will see that I popped this piece up as I think we all agree upon this….simple dimension makes a huge difference to our projects!
  • The envelope…..I do love my envelopes! I made my very own with the help of the Envelope Punch Board! Not only is it super easy, it is a “statement piece” as there just is something special when you see an envelope that is not just white!









There you go my friends – another fun card that will be the win-win for not only you….but for the recipient as well! That is exactly how I like to make my projects….duplicatable and classic. Have FUN today on the hop and please feel free to leave me a comment on how you like this formula card!

Now it’s time to use the Blog Hop Line-up below to see what the rest of my Pals have chosen as their “favorite”. Don’t forget to show us some love by commenting on our creations.

Mark your calendars for August 8, 2018 when we Cut it Out!  Participants will showcase projects featuring “cuts” from punches, Framelits, Edgelits, or Thinlits. . Don’t miss the fun.


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  20. Denise Hoepfner at The Mountain Magpie


I am so glad that you popped by and I must admit, it feels great to do a Blog Hop again (I was afraid I was going to forget all of the in’s & out’s) but now it is time for me to go hopping and see all of the great ideas out there! This is one thing that is just the BEST in what we do…being inspired by others!

Below is the line up of products that I used for todays card! I am super excited to send it and remember, this “formula” for a card is a true blue keeper…just change the DSP used….perhaps the color and/or sentiments and you are good to go! Have a great day and thanks for “hopping in”!





Same Stamp 3 ways….SIMPLY STUNNING!





Happy Saturday! Are you as confused as I am with what day it is? This happens to me every time a holiday is in the middle of the week and I just can’t seem to get it right! Oh well…what can I say but let’s all have a great day!

I know that this is another LONG POST but heck – I am the co-pilot as John, Milo and I are rollin’ down the road with the truck and trailer to load up Hannah’s apartment (again) and to pick up Stanley (her horse) to bring him home! I admit, I am a bit nervous having Stanley at the house as John and I laugh….we call him (pretty boy) and I will have to make sure that he is pampered to the max!

This trip was not in the original plan to be doing this over the next couple of days….but we need to get it crossed off the list! We are always at the mercy of having someone cover the animals… (Daisy can be picky about who sits for her) We thought we would be going next Tuesday – Thursday…..but oh well! What are parents for…??? John and I sure are good animal sitters and movers!

Hannah will be moving to Seattle later next month to work and continue her education for the next 6 years so…heads up stampers in the Seattle area….I will be embarking on your state and with it being SOOOOOO far from little old Maryland, I plan to have extended stays!!!

Let’s get going as this is a fun group of cards that I have for you today! You can tell that I have done a bunch of editing on the pictures…as truth be told I am trying to keep my head down as it makes me nervous to have John drive the truck and trailer… betcha that I will be doing the driving home on Monday as when there are fur babies…..I’m the driver!







I have a beauty for you today and I admit, I was super happy that I hit that button in Monday to have this gem of a bundle come to live on Randall Lane! I admit, this purchased was TOTALLY UNPLANNED as I did not even know it existed…let me explain!

Last Friday I was all set to place an order for the NEW BLENDS (woot-woot) and have them expedited shipped to me….well truth be told I always forget with the time difference for the cut off in ordering expedited orders from Stampin’ Up! and yep, I missed it! After having a brief pity-party with myself I thought….OH WELL….what the heck is one day – and I am super glad that I waited until Monday!

With July and its HEAT & GLORY…Stampin Up! also has something HOT to reveal… a promotion for a limited edition bundle….appropriately called Color Your Season! You can CLICK HERE to see the flyer showcasing this beauty! It does just that…having a little from the season with some fabulous and oh so classic sentiments!

Before we get to the cards that I made for you today…..let’s look at the images that Stampin’ Up! took showcasing this bundle. You better get your glass on to see the details….but I can say that there is one thing about “us stampers” 🙂 – we can spot a newbie and also something exciting when we see it!








This will be available starting August 1 – 31 (while supplies last) and we know what that means….the early bird will get the worm so I think you know by now how things like this just SWOOP right out the door! As a demonstrator we could order it in July and this is why I was so happy that I had to wait to order until Monday!

I admit, (I always try to be totally upfront and honest with how I feel about my stampin’ goodies)… and when I saw this I thought….

  • Wow…this promotion came out of left field….
  • I am not sure that I am going to take the bait and get it…..
  • Hmmmm…l love the images and the STITCHED FRAMELITSshould I….should I not!?!?




Then…I allowed that to settle in my simple brain for a “nano second”

and did what every die-hard stamper would do… 





OK – I caved and when it actually arrived I squealed louder than Daisy….as the stamps are sooooo much larger that I thought from the picture and the stitched framelits….WOOT-WOOT! I am also very partial to fall…the leaf framelit and also Fall stamps made me smile!







Did you also notice on the flyer (again, CLICK HERE) that there is a new set of water color pencils making its debut!!! Here are the watercolor pencils that we currently have but WOOT-WOOT – more colors!!!  Yep….that’s right – new colors – 10 pencils in Stampin’ Up! colors. (Balmy Blue, Cajun Craze, Cherry Cobbler, Coastal Cabana, Crushed Curry, Flirty Flamingo, Garden Green, Gorgeous Grape, Granny Apple Green, Night of Navy).

Here is the best thing….you can go ahead and get both of these products now and use them towards the Ultimate Bundle….of getting $125 of product for just $99! YEP, that’s right and then there’s more….(YIKES – I am feelin’ like an infomercial on TV) but honestly stampers…why not.

Like most direct sales companies there are always incentives to join and face it, we do love our products or you would not be on my blog. This is the perfect time to get the Ultimate Bundle. In my opinion, I think July or January are the best months to join but the offer now with getting an entire collection of ink pads…..TRUMPS IT!

You can CLICK HERE to see each of the collections to see which one you want. (to make the image larger…simply click the + sign on the right of the PDF or put your readers on!!!) We all gravitate to certain color families but I think that the Brights Collection has the most of the new colors in it.

After trying them at On Stage in March, I knew that the minute they came out I was going to bite the bullet and make the change to them. I know that it was an investment….but I looked at it like this – I get a discount….I can even use a 50% off item for a bundle and the most important one to me is…IT IS A BASIC that makes a difference in what I do with loving to craft!

It is like having the right items in your kitchen…if you do not have the basics and quality ones at that…then you will either do one of 2 things…



BUY MORE (cause’ we bought lesser quality ones) or BECOME FRUSTRATED as

BASICS work all of the time!



This is why you hear me say over and over…get the basics…and then build from there! Not to be “flippy” (a term that my wonderful Mom use to say)….but I really do not care – I am simply being 100% honest with when there is a good deal…SNATCH IT UP!

The very first thing I hear from people that are intrigued and purchase the Ultimate Bundle is…..Susan, I just want you to know that I am doing this only as a hobbiest as I have no intentions in teaching a class…having a workshop….doing a blog…or anything… and you know what – THAT IS GREAT!

Again, being 100% honest….yep, Stampin’ Up! does require a quarterly minimum ($300 RETAIL) to remain active but remember when I said that July is a great time to join…reason is, your quarter that you join does NOT count so in reality, you would have until January 31, 2019 to meet your quarter minimum! We just started the 3rd quarter (July, August & September)…so no worries about that quarter…

Let’s face it….we have THIS NEW ANNUAL CATALOG…and then the Holiday Catalog (demos can get the pre-order August 1st)...and then the Occasions Catalog (demos can get the pre-order December 1st) and also Sale-A-Bration all before you would have to worry about January 31st and I know “us” well enough….we WILL have many things that we just HAVE TO HAVE… really….now is the time!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or you can also CLICK HERE and build your kit! Have fun with choosing the $125 product of your choice…..I think that it is always so much fun to see what people put in their Ultimate Bundle…..

If it were me….I would go for this Blended Seasons Bundle ($64.75) …the NEW watercolor pencils $12.50….then fill in with the NEW STAMPIN’ BLENDS (you would be able to get 5 sets of the new colors)….with $2.75 to spare and I would get the Vintage Trim in Clearance and then you only left .35 on the table (you did GOOD) and remember – IT SHIPS FOR FREE PLUS (music to my ears) and also – you can pick the set of ink pads…..that is another $67.50 free to you….all for just $99.00!

Here you is PICTURE TIME and today I have lots of tips and tricks edited for you so you can Pin it…and then refer right back to it so you do not have to come back and search for what colors I used!

ENJOY…and always remember…there are MANY WAYS that you can create clean and simple cards….with little tweaks here and there….to make them look totally different! Trust me, I get it that we need a change up every once in a while….do you have a favorite? Please feel free to leave me a comment as it would be super fun to see what everyone likes!



Card  #1 –  This new paper, Gray Granite it my new favorite Neutral…..I invite you to play with it as your focal color of a card base. It will surprise you…..looks GREAT with many color combinations! Also….LOVE the liner –  it is from the Best Routes DSP….I told you that was a great pack of DSP….as I know at a glance it looks soooooo busy!








Card #2 – Fun and Fresh! These new blends in Lovely Lipstick and Pineapple Punch are WOW! I am just so happy that Stampin’ Up! has a line of Alcohol Markers….and the best thing – they match our color collections!







Card #3 – This color combo is stunning and I keep forgetting to say…the Granny Apple Green Blends were the “green” that I used in all of the cards! It is so bright and clear! How about that envelope…..LOVE IT!!!





Well..there you go! I warned you that this was long…..we are on 95 right now and my computer is about to expire….so…..I guess if I do not want to watch the road (with John driving) – I might just just join Milo and sleep!

I hope that this post inspired you today and I hope that you know how much I believe that each and everyone of us have an inner gift….I am just so thankful that I caught the bug on cardmaking as it is a wonderful outlet/therapy for me! I do think of my Mom often as she truly was the “queen of cards” …she would be proud of me knowing that I am creating works of art from my own hands….

I would take handmade ANYDAY over store bought! Have a wonderful day and keep us in your thoughts!!!! HUGS!!!





What can I say but this time of the year is exciting, simply exciting! I know, I know….it takes time to let the new things settle and sink in….and that’s ok! I am in the same boat as you are!LE

The NEW CATALOG launched on Friday but because of way that the calendar fell…NO NEW ORDERS are even starting to be shipped until tomorrow (Monday) so please…do not feel that you are late!!! Heck…we’ve got this catalog for a whole darn year so please…take it all in and enjoy the journey!

I love to share tips & tricks that make things easier and when it comes to ORGANIZING I know that when we have a system that works – we are happy stampers!




Let’s DIVE IN to the sea of getting ORGANIZED!


This post is one for you to sit back and take in…one for you to reread and revisit…and this post clearly is tips & tricks that have worked for me and by no means am I suggesting for you to change if you have a system that works perfectly fine for you.

That is what is great about this fun thing that we do…we always see things in different ways and the ultimate goal is to have a system that allows you to continue to create with ease and by all means, not to feel stressed over something that I am sure we have said to ourselves….”What the heck to I do with ALL OF THIS!”

Before we continue forward with this post I need to be upfront and say this…I know that my posts are very long (a bunch of times) and for those that like short and sweet, (I’m sorry) but I just have to be “me” and when I started this journey with Stampin’ Up! 6 years ago…the LAST THING that I ever thought that I would be doing is blogging and also –  actually still being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator as I was just joining to get a discount and then OUT THE DOOR! They make it just too easy to continue to get a discount and the reality is I love the people I have met and touched my life….so I guess you can say – your stuck with me!

Let’s get this going and I will say…this took me a LONG TIME to compile as I have hyperlinked many items for you to help “make sense” for you to understand what I am trying to convey. Darn, I wish that we all lived in the same town and I could just show you in person what I am trying to say convey!



There are 3 things that need to be organized –  Paper, Ink and Stamps…



Trust me, there are a bunch more but lets start with these 3 things as if these areas are total chaos for you… you are NOT going to have a fun stampin’ experience and we need to do something about that! Today is all about Paper Storage….something that ALWAYS seems to perk you up and always ask questions!

YEARS AGO….I did a blog post about paper storage (click here and then here is another one) and I will say…I still believe in it. Since that post I have invested in some custom cabinets in my craft area so I have tweaked my personal area but this system that I will highlight below is a PERFECT one for a crafter.

Get 1 or 2 storage bins that are similar to the ones that I have pictured below. The reason that you might need 2 is simply for the fact that you might have more paper and also depending on the amount of scraps you put into it. Personally, I only keep the current Stampin’ Up! colors in it but again, do what works for you!




I am linking things for you from many different sources so please, just do what works for you – we all live all over the place so many people feel comfortable with certain retail places. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that make sure it works for your needs with the space you have dedicated to. There is nothing more frustrating than starting something to only figure out you are saying – “Now where in the heck am I going to put it”

I think it is ket to have the option to have a lid. WHY? Well for starters…many of us like an option to stack to minimize space. Personally, I keep my 2 bins behind a cabinet door so my lids are not on them but if I were ever to go somewhere and take these bins…you bet that I would put the lids on them!

Here you go with some links / options…..


Next, file folders….I use a separate file folder for every color. I know that some might be thinking. THAT’S A LOT OF FILE FOLDERS and YEP, it is but it is worth it and you can and will always use file folders!

  • Here is a link for the File Folders
  • Here is a link for the 3 1/2″ clear tabs that will hold the actual card stock and label on. I really like this longer length (3 1/2″) as it allows more of the color of paper to show after you will put your label with the color name on it.
  • Here is a link for the labels – I will say this – when it comes to labels, buy the Avery Brand. It is well worth the extra money as the labels stick well. Heck, I am one that always loves to save when I can…but this brands really is the best.


WHEW….how are you doing? Hanging in there?


I feel bad that this post is sooo darn wordy but I truly am trying my best to share and paint the picture of organization for you! You can do this and I know that IF you have a workable system than you are more likely to enjoy the journey a bit better!


CLICK HERE for all of the Stampin’ Up! Colors for you to get organized!


Next, we need to add card stock and label them. I cut a 3 1/2″ X 1 1/4″ piece of the card stock and then score it at 5/8″…the reason that I do it this way is that I have found that sometime the card stock paper will fall down if I make it 5/8″ X 3 1/2″ (and that makes me grumpy) so if it is a bit thicker (being scored and folded in 1/2…it stays put). Add the specific color label of the card stock and SMILE! (you’re getting there)





I know that there is going to be someone asking this question….How do you organize your colors? Here’s my answer…I organize them by the color families.In one bin I have the BRIGHTS, REGALS and SUBTLES together…and in the other bin I have the NEUTRALS and IN COLORS.

If you do it this way and if you also have retired Stampin’ Up! colors…you can easily add more folders to your 2nd bin. I know that some people organize by the color of the rainbow but for me, my simple brain works better this way!

I have shared with you that I use these bins for my scraps because I have a built in paper cubbies for all of my full sheets of paper (and I will share that with you in a later post) but here is an idea of how to incorporate your full sheets of paper to keep them both clean & organized.

You can actually do 3 things….please read them below and then let them “sink in” and you decide how it works best for you.

  • Add an additional file folder to your bins and place it in front of the one that has the tab scraps like we did above.
  • Add the full sheets of the card stock behind all of your scraps as described above.
  • Put your full sheets of Card Stock in a Job Ticket Holder and then slide this in the scraps folder.


Let me explain…I like to use these pouches to keep my Non-Stampin’ Up! Paper in when I purchase it full packs of paper, just like we can do with our Stampin’ Up! Paper. A full pack of 24 sheets can easily fit into a Job Ticket Holder. I totally realize that many of you do not purchase full packs of every color…but I am just trying to share with you another way to stay organized.





I guess you could say I am a bit picky about the way that I like my products to be kept…nice and neat….with no chances of getting the tips bent etc…so these works for me. Just as I shared above with the labels, I would buy the Avery Brand for these as the quality is stellar – they are super heavy gauge vinyl that truly hold a bunch. These pouches WILL fit in the file folders.

We are just about done…..(well heck, I could go on for HOURS about this topic) but I will try to wrap it up! On the outside of the Job Ticket Holder I use the label maker to identify what is inside the Job Ticket. In the picture below you will see that I have the Company Name on line #1 and then underneath it I put the product color.

I have blogged about this a BUNCH but I think a label maker is a MUST HAVE – we use it all over the house! Here is a link for the Brothers P Touch Label Maker….this is  “go-to” in my home! I can tell you that the price fluctuates a bunch in Amazon and also in stores… but seriously, if you do not have it…I would treat yourself.

As for the refills…always have refills because when you are in a groove in making labels…nothing is more frustrating than running out. For this…I do buy a knock off brand from Amazon and they work GREAT….I would make sure you have both widths.

  • Here is a link for the 1/2″ width (I use this size more than the 1/4″ as I like to get either 2 lines of text on it and also I like the font to be super large if I am just labeling something with one word)
  • Here is a link for the 1/4″ width – I do think that it is wise to have this width as well because I use this to label my punches and also to label my non stampin’ up! ink pads ….I just think you will be amazed with how you will use the narrower width (I also use this for my spices in the kitchen)

When I can save money, I do…(heck, that’s why I signed up to be a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator) and I will say….buying an off brand for the tape for you Label Maker IS the way to go. The quality is just fine and there is a HUGE difference in the Brothers Label Refill price.

Now we are going to touch on what I truly think IS THE BEST OPTION for you to me on the “New Track of the Stampin’ Up! Color Revamp” Chances are you already have many of the Stampin’ Up! Colors but I think that at the beginning of a NEW CATALOG YEAR the best and most economical thing to do is purchase the collections of the card stocks.

This way, you will have (2) sheets of EACH COLOR of EVERY SOLID COLOR of paper (4 of the In Colors) that we have and then you will be able to get a feel to what colors you gravitate to – this way you will start to see a pattern in your style and then perhaps purchase full packs of 24 sheets of a given color. At the end of this post you will see all of the Collection Lines Up! in the Product Line up!

The other thing that I would do is…purchase one of my Card Stock on a Ring Swatch Books that I have made up! This is a must have and actually I would have (2) – one to keep at home and another to keep with you in case you are somewhere and are trying to match up something and use a current color that we have.




I have had to re-order on them as they seem to be “hot cakes” and to me, there is nothing like seeing and feeling the actual card stock in your own hands. Each swatch is professionally printed with the Color Name and Color Family it comes from. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONE and in the SUBJECT LINE PLEASE PUT, Card Stock Swatches.

How are you scratching your head as to what and where do the new COLOR FAMILY called BASICS fit in? (page184) First – I am THRILLED that stampin’ up! has pulled out the old faithfuls and made a new sub-section for them. I am talking about Whisper White, Very Vanilla and Basic Black. All of these are in my swatch book so you can feel the difference on the weights between the thick and the regular.

Again, you will see them in the product line up at the end but we all need full packs of these papers as they are just as they are called, the BASICS.  I always use the Thick Weight for my card bases and then the regular weight gets used for the inside layer as well as for when I stamp an image and want to use the blends or copics with it.

You can put them in your bins just like I have outlined above but here I am going to share with you what I call a GAME CHANGER for me in my work area. I use the Whisper White and also the Very Vanilla ALL THE TIME and honestly because I reach for them quite often, I keep my scraps of these in the AMAZING stacking containers that are SUPER AFFORDABLE.

You can CLICK HERE to see where I purchased them but truthfully you can find something in a store that would probably work but I honestly think these are the best because of the price and also because of the quality. They are SUPER STRONG as we know sometimes we get things that are nothing more than cheap plastic.




I do love the Container Store and in future posts you will see more Items I get there in keeping me organized! You want to make sure that the container you use is long enough to have the scraps lay flat. These stack perfectly and the quality  – fabulous! I often go ahead and precut strips of paper in the basics so when I am creating, I can reach in and pull out a strip that is 1″ .

You can see that I labeled them with my P-Touch Label Maker and it is super easy for me to read and use….hence saving a bunch of full sheets as I think when we cannot find something easily – we just grab a full sheet. (does this sound familiar to anyone)

WHEW….this has taken me FOREVER TO DO and I do hope that you have enjoyed it, found it helpful and can see the vision as to where I am going for you in being organized. Please feel free to leave me a comment. I will continue to explore more organizational ideas on the future if you enjoy these.

Please know….if you want to get into the 1st wave of the PROJECT SHARE for this new catalog….you can! The cut off for WAVE 1 is this Wednesday, June 6th and then I will do another wave of product shares but that will not be until towards the end of the month.


The cut off for the 1st wave of the product share is WEDNESDAY, June 6th.


I am excited to hear and see what products tickle your fancy from the newbie. The BEST ADVICE I can give you is…look….look…and then look again. Take sometime to let it sink in and then take an inventory of the stamps you already have. There are some new and exciting products and some that I think you will be able to use a bunch in conjunction with things you already have!

With the NEW goes the retired…and yep, I have deeply discounted my RETIRED STAMPS/BUNDLES from the past Catalog. They are all at least 50% off and you can find them under the Blog Header/Shop…and it is the 4th down – RETIRED SU Product. All of them are on a 1st come basis so take a look to take advantage of a great deal!

Enjoy the afternoon and on the East Coast….I think we are all about to swim away as we have had rain, rain and MORE RAIN! This is the time of the year that I adore to pick Strawberries…but with all of the rain we have been having…it has really put a damper on the local farmers.

Please let me know if this blog post helps you and if YES  – I will share more…and if NOT – no worries….it would save me a bunch of time! I do love sharing with you as this little thing that I do is soooo much more than selling….it’s about a journey of love and passion that I have with some AMAZING PEOPLE….like YOU!







WOOT-WOOT… are going to SMILE!


Here is the PRODUCT SHARE offering for the NEW CATALOG that will be coming down the road before you know it…JUNE 1st to be exact! (two weeks)  🙂 I know this will make you do the Happy Dance!

For those of you that have purchased shares from me in the past….you know the drill…and for those of you that are NEW to Products Shares….it is SIMPLEthey ARE the way to go! Please read all of the offerings and do not hesitate to reach out to me or leave me a comment….I will be happy to help answer your question.

Darn, I wish that I could show you more pictures of the exact goodies but I can’t for several reasons….I do not have them (as we only have a wee bit from the pre-order) and I cannot show you the inside of the catalog until the 1st but YOU KNOW ME….I am super selective and fair with my offerings so it is kinda one of those “trust me” times!









 Share #1 – DSP Swatch Books – $30.00

These are a MUST HAVE Stampin’ Aid to have at your work space!

These gems are a VERY VALUABLE piece of Real-Estate in your craft space. These along with below share offering Share #4 will have you SET and all ORGANIZED. There is no need to DRAG OUT lots of paper to see what will work for you.

These are a true “labor of crazy love” to make but they are sooooo worth it. You will thank me each and every day you use them! They have all of the important information on them to see at a glance – trust me, once you get these….you will always get them each catalog.

There will be 12 swatch-books – all from the collections of paper that I am offering in the next share. (I did not do the new vellum offering as I felt that this was a very limited offering for most stampers and the Wood Textures was a carried over item)







Share #2 – Paper Shares – Designer Series Papers:  $35.00  

Let’s face it….we all have issues when it comes to paper but THIS IS the way to get it without breaking the “daisy bank” there are 12 collections that I am offering. Stampin’ Up! does paper well – actually…VERY WELL…..but one thing that ALWAYS SEEMS TO HAPPEN is….the pictures in catalog does not do them justice. They try but as we all know, you need to have it in your own paws!

My Shares are all 6″ X 12″ so you can get a great feel of the paper, having an ample amount to do more than 1 project. We have (10) new Designer Series Papers that are the 12 X 12 size and (2) new in the 6″ X 6″ size…listed below.

  • Tea Room Specialty, Broadway Bound Specialty, Share What You Love Specialty, Twinkle Twinkle, Under the Mistletoe, Nature’s Poem, Petal Promenade, Tranquil Tide, Animal Expedition and Best Route.  (You will get 60 sheets at 6″ X 12″ pieces)


  • Garden Impressions and Tropical Escape (You will get 24 sheets at 6″X 6″ pieces)




Share #3 –  Paper Share – Color Collections – $35.00 

I am just “over the moon happy” that Stampin’ Up! is returning an offering like this. I can hardly wait to get my hands on all of the collections as I firmly feel that this is a fabulous way to take the “guess work” out of what to reach for. You will have EVERY color collection that we have. This IS one of the KEY ADDITIONS to the Stampin’ Up! Catalog for me….these will be just so darn tootin’ useful!

I also love the basic designs of the stripes and dots….classic all the way – below you can see an image but remember, this offering will include a FULL 6″ X 6″ sheet of each color in each collection – 6 collection in total= a total of (100) 6″ X 6″ sheets!

I only could get my hands on the one below….but trust me….ALL OF THEM will be on my 1st order June 1st!

  • Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals, In Color 2017 – 2019 and In Color 2018 – 2020







Share #4 Card Stock Swatches on a Ring – $10.00 

These are a MUST HAVE in my stampin’ opinion! I blogged and offered them earlier in the month, click here and MANY of you have already ordered them and they are a HIT! You will have ALL of the solid cardstock paper that Stampin’ Up! offers in one handy ring…all labeled for you.






I have had many demonstrators order these as a “kick off” for the new catalog and we are having the wonderful color revamp….some have also just purchased a BUNCH at once and then have customers/downline reimburse them as if you order 10+ the SHIPPING IS FREE. (if you purchase these in 10 +, I will adjust your shipping when I bill you)

I had NO IDEA how popular these world be and I do have more on hand (limited quantities)…but once they are gone, I will prioritize the Product Shares here when the Catalog goes live on June 1st and then restock this stash as needed.

I hope that you understand as I take great pride in the service and presentation of my shares….so if you want these….and want them BEFORE I RUN OUT….I would snatch them NOW as I can bill/ship now…





Share #5  – Ribbon Shares – $30.00

Now here is another thing that Stampin’ Up! does well…. Ribbon! I know, I know…this is another area where we all have issues – remember, I GET IT as I am the exact same way!

There are many more offerings of ribbon in the new catalog so I was trying to be practical and narrow it down to the ones that touched my “heart strings” in making clean & simple cards and affordable. Heck, we have a WHOLE YEAR to get more if we want to!

Remember….I am SIMPLE – I just take a roll and cut it into quarters….so you have a nice and big piece to work with…. (John can handle this job….I actually I put pieces of Washi Tape on our Kitchen Counter….get a pair of Ribbon Scissors for him and say – HAVE FUN!)

You will get 2 1/2 yards of each of the offerings!  (pages 200 & 201)

  • 1/4″ Mini Stripe Ribbon in Bermuda Bay, Gorgeous Grape and Poppy Parade
  • 3/8″ Cotton Ribbon in Real Red
  • 1/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon in Blueberry Bushel, Call Me Clover, Grapefruit Grove, Lovely Lipstick, Pineapple Punch
  • 5/8″ Polka Dot Tulle Ribbon in Very Vanilla and Whisper White
  • 1/2″ Textured Weave Ribbon in Granny Apple Green and Gray Granite
  • 1/2″ Satin Ribbon in Black
  • 1/4″ Metallic Ribbon in Petal Pink and Shaded Spruce






Share #6 – Embellishments – $25.00

WOWZA – now this is another SUPER HARD thing to pick out without going over board. I think that you will be super happy with the offerings and keep reading as with the GOTTA HAVE IT ALL you can pick more embellishments!

One thing that always seems to happen for me….I get embellishments and yes, they are super cute….but I do not use them as much as I thought….so….the only “trinket” type embellishment I have in this share is the candle….they are sooooo darn cute & classic!

I tried to pick the must haves in my SIMPLE opinion! (pages 197 & 198)

  • Kraft Pillow Boxes – (2) super sweet pillow boxes – (I am thrilled with this addition trust me, watch my blog for why…page 193)
  • Faceted Dots – 1/2 sheet works out to be 48 in Basic Black, Blackberry Bliss, Grapefruit Grove and Mint Macaron  🙂
  • Glitter Enamel Dots – 1/2 sheet works out to be 80 in Coastal Cabana, Gorgeous Grape, Granny Apple Green, Melon Mambo
  • Share What You Love Pearls – 1/2 sheet works out to be 50 in Grapefruit Grove, Petal Pink, Rich Razzleberry, So Saffron and Tranquil Tide (these pearls ARE a girls best friend…)
  • Metallic Pearls – 1/2 sheet of each color – works out to be 120 in Gold and Silver (these are bee-utiful)
  • Basic Jewels – 1 /4 sheet – works out to be 55 of Red Rhinestones  (yippee…excited!!!)
  • Twinkle Sequins – 1/2 sheet of each color 50 of each in Iridescent and Silver (I think these are going to be a hit)
  • Basic Adhesive Sequins – 1/2 sheet of each color works out to be 125 in Mint Macaron, Pearl White, Petal Pink, Sahara Sand and Soft Sea Foam (If it says BASIC…than it’s for ME….super happy of this offering)
  • Candle Embellishments – (3) of each in the colors of Gold and Silver (What is a Birthday without a candleLOVE THEM! )



WHEW…….This is SUPER LONG and I am sorry but PLEASE KNOW that I do take GREAT PRIDE in making sure that you get the BEST POSSIBLE offering of Product Shares as it is such a super exciting time of the year! Truly, our inner child comes out and we can hardly wait to get our hands on the new goodies. I DO GET IT!

The one category that is always a hit… the one that is the HOME RUN for many of you is the…



I WANT IT ALL CHOICE (smart stamper!!!)

Again, “I get it” as this addiction that we all seem to have brings us joy!



As John always says to me, “If I would have know that paper, scissors and stamps would make you so happy…..” yep  – crafting does bring me joy and when I see that option of I WANT IT ALL…..I smile as it is just ONE CLICK and POOF...I can sit back and wait for it to arrive!

The cost of the I Want It All is $165.00 (yep, a simple addition) but for the I Want It All….you can either pick from one of the 2 options…and I will send it to you with your order.

  1. The Colored Doilies and the Pearlized Doilies for FREE….a $9.00 value (page 192)
  2. The Tea Room Ribbon Combo Pack for FREE….a $8.00 value (page 201)


I will be ordering on June 1st with the chickens to get  “the goods” as soon as I can!


Can you believe that June 1st is on a Friday!?!?! DARN, that means that even if I do overnight delivery….I will not get a box until Monday….but please know…one thing is FOR SURE….I get my Product Shares turned around in a FLASH! (just ask my family)

If you have purchased a share from me before…please leave a comment to let others know how you liked them! (thanks, I DO take pride in my service and presentation for my shares)

Now to the dreaded thing – SHIPPING….



This part of HAPPY MAIL is always a pain but I do my very best to offer you the BEST OPTIONS that the dear old Post Office gives to me… many things, the prices on Priority Mail has gone up this year but it is the best way to ship….very fast and very efficient.

I use the long, legal Flat Rate Shipping Envelope and they cost $7.00 to ship. If you do get the I WANT IT ALL the cost for Shipping that will be $13.65, the cost of a Flat Rate Medium Shipping Box.

If at all possible I can use bubble mailers and it is not over the 13 oz. limit, I will use that service…which is around $3.75 –  $4.50. I guess you can say…the moral of this postal story is….I AM VERY FAIR in making sure that you get the best possible rates with the best service…as I know how important it is! (just ask my ladies at the Post Office….I drive them crazy but I shower them with goodies)

If you order #2 & #3 together, I will try my best to fit it in one envelope….but I cannot promise that – I will communicate and/or reimburse you if shipping is less than I expected!


SHARE #1 – Swatch Books only – $4.00

SHARE #2  – DSP Papers  –  $7.00

SHARE #3 – DSP Paper Collections – $7.00

SHARES #4,5 or 6 – These all should be able to go First Class Mail – $4.50

SHARE –  I WANT IT ALL  – $13.65 (please do not forget to tell me what FREEBIE you want)


PLEASE CLICK HERE (this should be just an email to me back) and put in the subject line – NEW CATALOG PRODUCT SHARE so I can SPOT IT and let me know what share numbers you are interested in.

Please put your NAME & ADDRESS (pretty please) so all I need to do is copy and paste it to get labels ready before June 1st rolls around! I will email you back a confirmation that I received your Product Share request and then I will start billing via Pay Pal May 25th.

If you would rather pay me by check, please email me and we can work it out! I thank you for hanging in there with me today…I just really like to make sure that I am offering you the best options at the fairest price.

This is a poster that should be at my house…..when I am working on orders –




It is a HUGE labor of love and trust me, I think the dogs even run away from me when I work on a Product Share but this is something that I truly enjoy doing and I think I do it well! Let’s all hope that there are no back-orders and everything will be smooth sailing for Stampin’ Up! on June 1st.

EMAIL ME TODAY with what shares you want so I can continue to work on orders to get everything ordered as soon as I can on June 1st (I set my alarm to go off as soon as Cinderella tells me that I can order!)

Have a great day and thanks for hanging in there…..I know many of you have been waiting for this offering!




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