Happy New Year to all!


p.s. – grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a Mimosa (It’s a holiday) as this is long…but I hope it touches your heart strings! No pictures…just some words from my heart!

Yesterday was a fabulous day for me…I spent the afternoon at the barn watching Hannah ride and it actually was a decent weather day after having so many wet and dreary days. She rode 4 horses so I was there for many hours and during that time I had some amazing “me time” for reflection. When I am at the barn…all worries seem to go away and it is a wonderful and peaceful time for myself.

First, many thanks for all of the great comments yesterday and please know that I do cherish each and every one of your sweet words. Here is to a great year for all of us and I apologize in advance if I am rambling on but there are many points that I want to share with you and hopefully you can see where I am coming from and adapt some into your life and they also knew their own personal limits. It’s OK to say…..no, I just cannot do it!

In November I shared with you that Jennifer McQuire spearheaded a “Kindness Campaign”. You can click here to see the wrap up of the campaign but in short she shared, showed and challenged people to share handmade kindness in different forms.

I reached out to my downline and asked them if they wanted to share the kindness and my reward to them was a pack of dimensionals each week in November if they sent out cards that they made….”just because” – I was thrilled that some did 2 weeks….several did all 4….others did 1 , some were not able to take on the challenge… the point of it is…they tried.

I am not one that like to set New Years Resolutions as I find that they simply do not work for me BUT I am hoping to inspire you to look at the year ahead and see how YOU can share handmade kindness in whatever form works for you!

In November John and I went away to Austin, TX and had a wonderful time. One day we hiked for hours and talked and talked about how simple just walking is but also how rewarding it is…it was peaceful and fun. During that time I talked to him about Jennifer’s Handmade Kindness Challenge and he could hear in my voice the importance it was for me to have him “get it”.

It was then that we decided to do a handmade kindness towards each other in the family for a Christmas Gift. When we brought this up to the kids at Thanksgiving they thought I was nuts and said, “Mom…you are the creative one….we know what you will do – but what could we do” – I tried to share with them many if the talents that they had etc…but I did not want to put “ideas” into their heads.

I basically said, if you want to do it…great….if not, no biggie…I just thought it was a fun idea and one that would be special as we all know handmade gifts are simply the best.

On Christmas Day I had no idea if any of them took the thought from Thanksgiving to heart but they did and I was touched….I actually cried as my heart was filled with joy and happiness that the “GET IT” – they tried…they accomplished…they felt rewarded.


Easy…I want each of you to know that YOU have a gift. If you are already popping onto my blog than you already love to paper craft and I know that there are many of you that also love to do many other things as well…THESE ARE ALL SPECIAL GIFTS….please share them with others!

What did my family do?….here is a quick run down, trust me, I was so touched…

John – He went on our property and handpicked tall walking sticks and cleaned/sanded them down roughly and then attached a simple tag (well, he stole some tags from my stash) but the message was perfect. ” As you travel through the trails of life, I am always there to help you along” Love, Dad The kids LOVED it and I melted – what a fabulous idea and what a great memento for them. They are proudly in their rooms and I know that they were so touched.

WIll – He is my oldest and the teacher! He has such a patient and calming personality. He took the time to draw each of us ADORABLE pictures with “coupons” for us…mine was to organize my spice cupboard, help me for an afternoon in the barn and have “us time” together for him to help me with my computer.

James – Ever since James was a little tyke I said, “If there were more James’ in the world, this world would be a happier place” At 25 years old…that statement still stays true – he is one sweet person! James made each of us “trivets” with wine-corks. We always save out wine-corks and he cut them in half and strategically made them into a beautiful piece of art.

Hannah – Remember that she was in Switzerland and returned home very late on the 23rd – I totally thought that she would “bag this concept” but she did and surprised all of us! In a way she stretched it a bit as some of her goodness was purchased at hand crafted markets but she also added her own touch which touched us all….for me, she read me a beautiful message about “us” and her thankfulness for the opportunity we have given her etc….and then she had me close my eyes and said, I am giving you a Swiss Bank Account…..it was a pig with a Swiss Flag on it (a piggie bank)


Over this year I have dealt with 2 broken ankles (well, the same one twice and ultimately surgery) and I have had issues with my eyes that have probably been more frustrating than my ankle. I have not share with you much about my eyes but I can say that it made me realize that we cannot take things for granted and that we need to know that there is always someone else out there dealing with their “OWN STUFF”

I had laser surgery on the 14th on one eye and the other last Monday. I am doing great and I am thankful that I am in the right direction as it was frustrating and scary but it did teach me not to take things for granted.

I was SOOOOOO touched that when I reached out to you to help a local Mom of 4….SOOOOOOO many of you sent me cards….books….a handmade prayer shawl to give to her – now that is what I call AMAZING ACTS OF KINDNESS….you have no idea how touched she was…she feels like there are “angels” from all over thinking, praying and just showing a side of kindness that unfortunately our world does not see enough of! She is stable and was able to be at home for Christmas and she thanks you for your sweetness.

In closing, my wish for each of you is a wonderful and blessed New Year ahead. Yesterday when I woke up and turned on the TV while I was working on product shares…I simply had to TURN IT OFF as it was all about the terrible things that have happened to our world in the past year!

I am looking forward to another year of inspiration and “sheer goodness from my heart” to help you accomplish your goals. I am so proud to be a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and to have so many cyber friends all over.

I know that my wonderful Mom is looking down on me and proud of me. It was after her passing and after all of the cards that were sent to her during her illness that I knew that what I am doing DOES make a difference!

Please try to share the kindness that I know each of us have inside of us. It is so easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to have a price tag on it. It just has to come from YOU.


Let’s continue to SHARE HANDMADE KINDNESS as it does make a difference!



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