Hello to all…it is Friday and this is the 1st time that I have had WIFI for me to blog to you. You have no idea how frustrating it has been in getting WIFI and the long story short is – I was super frustrated and sad to let you all down in not having your daily dose of fun and inspiration from me…but the below blurb about this post I typed in Word and then I am doing a  quick “paste” to send it to you!

My intentions were great as I had soooooo many posts ready for you but without being able to edit pictures and sending posts out to lack of an internet connection…I am just going to have to make do with what I can. (looking on the bright side, I will be ready the week I get back) 🙂

We get back to Barcelona on Sunday so I will have lots of time to get posts scheduled so you should not have any delays! (again, sorry….as many of you remember, my time before leaving was filed with graduation fun so the time did not allow me to schedule ahead (I have learned a lesson)

Before we get to the card….I want to say that John and I are having a fabulous time and the weather has been perfect. We have been so welcomed by so many and it is great to meet other SUD from all over the world. I have some AMAZING pictures for you as I did participate in a card swap (25 cards and then 25 3-d’s) and I also took AMAZING pictures that others did….you will smile, promise!

Also, I sent out confirmations for my first wave of Product Shares on last Sunday (May 22nd) as well as confirmations to those that are participating in my June Stamp of the Month Kit. If you did not receive an email from either of these please EMAIL ME….and when I have the chance to get online (it will not be until Sunday May 29th) I will email you back.




Today’s card is a Washi Tape fun card. I know that many of you are a bit weary of using Washi Tape but let me tell you…the new Washi Tape in the new catalog is over the top fun and I think another thing that i love about it is that the width of it varies.

Just look at how easy this card is…it uses 3 different washi tapes all from the Affectionately Yours Washi Tape (5 rolls are in the set) and a simple diagonal pattern did the trick!




This is one of those cards that you really do not need me…you just need the Washi Tape, a stamp and the desire to have fun – now I think you can accomplish all of that…do you agree?


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.23.55 PM


The Stamp of “THANKS” came from the Perfectly Wrapped Stamp Set. The funny thing is that this stamp set coordinates with a Project Kit (I have it and have not put it together yet) but I adore the stamp set on its own as it is so practical – (I think that I have already blogged about this 4 times.)




The flower came from (2) punches….The Flower Medallion and the Blossom Punch, both carried over in the new catalog and then the added touch of a white perfect accent was the “Cherry On Top” to this Flower fun!

One reason that I love working with Washi Tape is the fact that you can easily bend the tape around the back of the card before you POP it up. You could easily not POP it up but you know me….I love this effect!




Well my friends…there you go, many of been asking be to do a Washi Tape card and I think I can say…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I know you have Washi lying around…I challenge you to pull it out and put it to use! I know if I can…you can!




Thanks for popping in today and I need to say that I am “pinching myself” in being here with so many talented people. Everyone has been so sweet in introducing themselves to me when they see that I am a 1st time Achiever for the trip….I feel like a little fish in a Sea of big and experienced fish….but I am taking it all in….I thank you for your support!

By now….everyone should have received their swap cards…I am going to get them up as soon as I can. Darn, I am dealing with a double edged sword…not having technology is great but on the other hand…it feels so weird being so out of the loop!

Stampin’ hugs!

p.s. – I wish that you would see me…I am sitting in a tiny area waiting for the tender boat and I saw the GOLDEN SIGN – WIFI-ACCESS…., I smiled as I know I can reach out to you! John nudged me to take my laptop….I’m glad I did!!! 🙂



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